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No matter or lifestyle, health most important thing you have. We will show best ways make healthier happier you. GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Alexis Bailiff PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Gina Birch Beth Luberecki OUTREACH MANAGER Brian Hatley DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Stephanie ONLINE Francesca Block WRITERS Birch, William R. Cox, Dave Drotleff, Holaway, Kylie Ireland, Luberecki, Myles Mellor, Dr. Randall H. 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Subscription price 24.00 for one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. part this publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those Like Bees community working together Y ou have probably heard phrase, You bees knees. Its origin unclear, but it seems entered common language 18th century became popular 1920s. Originally, knees referred something that does exist, like striped paint left-handed hammer. Later, represented excellence if someone was knees, he, she, considered best. Through years, English adopted many phrases words describe greatness cool, awesome, excellent, fab, out sight, sick, lit... As change, so our language. So, now wondering Do really I assure they do. Each their legs five sections, between femur tibia yes, these too definite knee. do exist. Here some other interesting facts about body three sections head, thorax, abdomen. honey home called beehive, different kinds live inside worker, drone, queen. Sadly, worker only weeks summer, months during winter. fly 15 miles per hour. wings beat 200 second. One bee visit 50-100 flowers foraging trip however, one one-twelfth teaspoon its lifetime. To pound honey, two million individual blooms collect nectar. Now, why am telling this. Well, asked few days ago how positive amidst changes here Florida. we move closer end second Hurricane Ian recovery, think beehive. In local communities, groups people beehive residents, workers, visitors. busy bees, contribute toward building new even better place enjoy. rely on each keep hive healthy productive. as business, provides services jobs, also visitors, businesses provide shared hive. everyone there who hard, Id say, Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY OF MEDIA fragile, resilient. need other. Without every one, none us would where today. Of course, us, still long way go recovery. Rome built day, either. get there. poet Blake wrote, no time sorrow. helped through pain loss. forward, lets remember Reach family, friends, neighbors, start just take opportunity become volunteer wonderful organizations serving communities. more thoughts this, please read page 25. involved. Be Thats believe makes thrive, thats positive. Speaking keeping busy, Whicker, worked than his first novel. If youre looking next beach read, scan QR code check Planet Eden. Enjoy favorite magazine, friends Zeitgeist BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Loneliness dissipate spent outdoors Once young began carrying entire Internet pockets, available them day night, altered daily experiences development pathways across board. Friendship, sexuality, exercise, sleep, academics, politics, family dynamics, identity--all were affected. --Jonathan Haidt social psychologist, NYUs Stern School Business n early 2010s, mental plummeted among adolescents loneliness increased--and teens grew enter work force, struggles continued. Born 1996 2012, cohort individuals given label Gen Z well IGen Centennials. Currently aged generation exhibits an increasing rate loneliness. While from time, when ignored damaging physical well-being. U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, says growing trend disconnection associated greater risk cardiovascular disease, dementia, stroke, depression, anxiety, premature death. mortality impact...is similar caused smoking cigarettes obesity inactivity. This problem doesnt belong so-called epidemic adults increased 1976 2019 average amount Americans spend alone rose nearly 50 minutes 2003 2020. which to, problem. several factors blamed virus disconnection, researchers medical sciences agree diagnosis particular addictive attraction smartphone screen. Jonathan Haidt, psychologist New York University Business, sums main reason phone-based childhood harmful because pushes aside everything else. Screen-focused living robs kids vital learning such discovering independence playtime interact others both supervised unsupervised activities. And face it, same true decade life--because smartphones experience blockers. Turning away machines scene actual inspires gratitude sense connection others. Researchers least prescription cure green space. There strong link being outdoors. American writer conservationist Terry Tempest Williams puts bluntly whole. complete. Wildness reminds means human, connected rather separate from. Florida, spring into summer wave goodbye visiting snowbirds, things always occur 1 recall frequent statements winter bask, warm sunshine fresh air spaces blue water locals begin again outside wild spaces. Northerners alike renew trust medicine heals human good nature side side. Thus, focusing Going feel sailboat aware held lies beneath feet, entranced buffet colors shapes seen, alerted sounds carried invisibly ears, reminded creatures whom share circle life. Our goal should remove screens entirely create scenario anchor real world while join hearts hands flourish digital age. delightful example reaching revealed longitudinal study life entitled How Couples Meet Stay Together. Until 1990s met future spouses work, bar, via grade school, college order. With widespread arrival computer 1990 couples relationship online. At fewer percent did then, graph line rocketed 60 2020, meeting-up methods dropping seven less. fruitful partnership natural Ran Niehoff been balance screen since 1991. 11 BETH LUBERECKI book inspire notice winged around K en Janes decades general vascular surgeon. When he retired, traded operating room Many doctors biologists heart biology somewhere along line, Janes. interested nature, birdwatching, stuff that. He maintained interest adult, noticing birds saw travels. But retirement gave him combine birdwatching hobby developing photography skills. Excellent eyesight helps osprey dive catch fish talons. reversible outer toe carry headfirst minimize wind resistance. BOOK PINEAPPLE PRES BOTTOM KEN JANESCOURTESY PRESS hes captured readers attention, wants convey importance protecting habitats feathered spotted relatively easily include wading herons egrets, raptors hawks owls, beach-loving gulls terns, waterfowl. Janess birds, roseate spoonbill, landed cover book. Theyre beautiful fun watch, says. recent addition list yellowthroated warbler. recently flamingoes had shown Merritt my wife jumped car drove them, wild. kind fit, started taking pictures. great hobby, able enjoy, getting field, challenge photography. Those dual interests led 2019, Life List Field Notes Maine Birdwatcher, collection photos taken Kennebunk Beach, Maine, moved after retired. spending winters Vero latest book, Birdwatcher Discovers Sunshine State Pineapple Press, 29.95, last fall, proved follow-up. Both books aim diversity bird area, often experienced backyards, pretty close nearby. right live, Anybody goes takes walk see almost day. arent designed authoritative field guide anything that, continues. dont claim expert photographer. What Im trying whats going neighborhoods. TOP JANES Almost hunted extinction beginning 20th century, limpkins today edge ponds apple snails food. 13 large concentration nesting bald eagles, build nests pine trees near bodies return spot year. People never look somehow sparks Birds, shares creature pictured, coloration behaviors, tips find stories photos. quiet, foggy morning, adult eagle flew road perched feet me, recounts excited could barely gear shot. photograph ones Ive taken. hopes Floridians them. lot guys play golf with, thought lives, laughs. sudden, say looked Territorial barred owls hunt night hide PHOTOS short-billed dowitcher typically brackish water, preferred habitat. 14 That includes endangered protected species featured burrowing owl, northern crested caracara, Wilsons plover, scrub-jay. inevitable--were coming try preserve areas, crowded completely. starting pay attention land management, thing. Theres conservation on. Besides neighborhood, likes spotting places Sebastian Inlet, Fort Drum Marsh Conservation Area Stick Critical Wildlife Fellsmere. On west coast Celery Fields Sarasota prime birders. cant talking Everglades, adventures, recommends reliable pair binoculars. binoculars 500 so, Youve got little bit money. Downloading mobile app Cornell Lab Ornithology Merlin Bird ID help identify encounter sight sound. easy, walk, track seeing. inspired photographing observe, bridge camera, option sophisticated cell phone affordable expensive telephoto camera. possible, youve put effort. want pictures osprey, hope are, stand theyre landing hunting for, sure shadows way. planning. Nokomis, Floridabased freelance whos contributor Media. Learn her bethluberecki.com. KYLIE IRELAND full challenges, Better families safe turn nowhere go. difference S outhwest parents Danielle Nate Flood dedicated faith community. introduced Together, Naples-based nonprofit serves crisis children foster care. love fellow strength supportive Floods host providing loving, temporary focus addressing root causes struggle. sat down talk family. open learned CEO Megan Rose came speak church group. she knew wanted praying said myself, God, tell husband us. tend overcommit needed serve sweet people. hosting 45 days, 90 reunited BETTER TOGETHER know whether support need, resource creates welcome faces judgment. --Danielle Flood, HELPING FAMILIES FLOURISH hard care, themselves, address struggle reunite tools system thrive. Whether job loss, serious illness, disability, substance abuse, themselves unable stable home, adequate food, child steps nonthreatening safety net children. Since 2015 served 9,000 kept 98 mentoring state system. Parents lose custody timeline back reassurance loving guardians whose concern surrounds 42,000 seekers employment church-based fairs states, matching employers employees simply hand chance. fairs, two-thirds attendees interview, four receive offer spot. These programs possible network partners 700 volunteers families, mentors, coaches, supporters. day-today process commitment. youngest years old. told kids, God calling over visit. must older attend daycare school Luckily uses match fit current situation. complete, any help. FLOOD FAMILY community, state, together. 17 hostings vary weekends everyday, reasons hospital stays financial insecurity. Luckily, daughters son, set bedrooms spare bed child, clothes unexpected situations arise. nice mine cook, eat dinner, ready bedtime Usually, couple nights hardest, comfort items let parents. Sometimes situation availability difficult, figure stay place, until reunited. Can memorable story, moment, particularly meaningful impactful moments volunteering different. Three ago, hosted girl mom pick extra shifts work. later mothers mentor, meet once week. Recently shoulder surgery plan case, forbid, went wrong. She me kin daughter happen her. My blown heartwarming trusts much, heartbreaking else to. showed power biblical hospitality assured doing embraces own, welcoming activities quality finding solution struggles, rest considering blessed, vocation. planted, neighbors are. Serving capacity, completing mission home. After all, lasting relationships. MORE INFO 15275 Collier Blvd., Naples 239-470-2733 bettertogetherus.org 18 GINA BIRCH PASTA PERFECTION pasta Eppicotispai easy messy bonding kitchen. starter kit instruction Italian-made rolling dough, hand-cutting shapes, cooking 84.95 surlatable.comeppicotispai-pasta-starter-set PRO-3660362.htmlstartNaN COMFY JUMPSUIT Carolina Jumpsuit La Peony Clothing timeless active moms womans wardrobe. Made sustainable sourced fleece, soft stretchy, durable, comfy. Created woman using women artisans, versatile piece comes colors. 138 lapeony.com PACK PICKLEBALL Get hottest bag sport season. colorful pickleball Scout Bags spots paddles, balls, bottles, game essentials. mesh zip pockets personal items, clean. Available color schemes. 75 scoutbags.com SAVING STOVE SPACE StoveShelf, handy magnetic organizer, space maximizing convenience. sits above stove, adding frequently used spices oils. heat-resistant stainless steel, fits flat curved stove tops. 39.99 stoveshelf.com BROWNIES RuleBreaker snacks ultimate guiltfree goodness. wont bad splurging treat giving kids. They vegan, gluten free, top allergen free. protein, thanks chickpeas. Best good. 4.99 rulebreakersnacks.com ANN MARIE OPHELAN Support grandparents raising grandchildren W hile enjoying round hobbies, role--becoming full-time grandchildren. role becoming increasingly common. According Census Bureau, under 18. one-third fully responsible happening multitude reasons--from parental abuse incarceration death parent. units sometimes grandfamilies grandparent grandchild. joys rewards position, hardships, including strain planned age, legal issues guardianship, emotional exhaustion caregiver likely experiencing trauma upset moving, shift lifestyle. responsibilities. Valeries House, opened doors 2016 share, grieve, grow, twice month Myers locations. lost grieving loss navigating grandchild, Jill Taylor, House staff member leads Not regular grandparent. disciplinarian well. group dealing challenges are--grandparents double-duty members deep appreciation another, adds Taylor. house participants Donna granddaughter, London program volunteer, Jeanne Petronio son daughter-in-law apart grandson, Jason. Jasons father died 2018. him. shock, explains Petronio. meeting attended before break. returned placed connect away. ON ALL PAGES VALERIES HOUSE Petronio, Bishop, attending mother passed square very supportive, participating sessions training facilitator groups. Two third Wednesdays month, totaling participants. Most teenagers through, Some topics discussed grieve focused making surviving grandchild OK freshman FGCU. GRANDFAMILY RESOURCES Grandfamilies.org national offering information adoption, HelpGuide.org Offering coping insights helpguide.orgarticlesparenting-familygrandparents-raising-grandchildren Administration Children Providing resources advice caregivers acf.hhs.govhelpparents-caregivers National Reinvestment Coalition various ncrc.orgresources-for-grandparents-raising-grandchildren. 23 Bishop Angela Melvin, founder House. apply Social Security better, guardianship adoption choice grandchilds grief questions, facilitator, steer graduated Verot grandmother, direction. Also, Catholic High School. forward week, states Losing brought cry laugh together, funny ifs. fortunate 3551 Shoemaker Lane Way, enough travel, mother, fall skills 819 Myrtle Terrace, Gulf Coast FGCU joined Other locations fraternity. techniques Punta Gorda Pensacola. himself proud him, 239-204-5804 valerieshouse.org OPhelan resident Grandparents Raising Grandchildren First Wednesday 6-8 pm Contact Melody Madigan melodyvalerieshouse. org enroll Myers. Mary Cross maryvalerieshouse.org Naples. 24 DANIELA JAEGER homes islands damaged wiped Ian, Sanibels churches, temple, chapel, congregations navigate heartbreak, cleanup challenges. word resonated Interfaith program, sticks hope. Though faiths, diverse spiritual leaders unified service Toward panel took questions comments attendees. Maria Espinoza, executive director FISH SANCAP, organization. thank deeply messages HOPE. raised hearing Sharing caring. struck then event straight hearts. sharing caring, share-givers caregivers. owe guidance storms nature. WATCH EVENT CHIP ROACH SUE VAN OSS privilege Shared Scholar Program, Learnings Natural Disaster Faith Communities Post-Hurricane Congregational United Church Christ Sanibel. Charitable Foundation Islands funded earliest efforts. private donations island congregations. special Bat Yam Temple June Rosner Leo sponsoring event. Pat Boris, founding Outreach San Cap, provided introduction detailing history program. Janice Chaddock, Yams president, moderated event, included reflection disasters impact touched handled preparations storm, evacuations, watching news afar, buildings survive, aftermath, contact congregation decided island. Left Cap president Island Rev. Bill Oss Saint Angels Rabbi Sunny Schnitzer Miller Christian Science Doug Dortch Chapel Sea Mark Boyea UCC. Programmed Bright Star Touring Theatre bring sigh relief parents, theres homework parent pickup lines, dreaded hate hear bored. number occupied playing video games television. Library Systems annual Summer Reading Program library branches. free celebration reading ages offered events libraries months. theme Begins Your Marquelle LaRue, youth programming coordinator System. Participants choose online paper-based chance prize drawings branch runs 1- August 3 kick-off parties, participants, featuring guest performers. Plus, branches baby, preschool, story throughout Find leegov.comlibrarybranches. Windell Campbells performance Pine Public Library. puppets immerse storytelling songs, props, audience participation. teen Northwest Regional teaches oysters oyster garden interactive LEEGOV FLORIDA DEPARTMENT AGRICULTURE CONSUMER camps whole week two. Parks Recreation offers park recreation centers county. 1,000 weekly sessions, Mack Young. Historically, camp sought-after department offers. Camp sports, arts crafts, activities, trips, specialty environment wildlife, junior lifeguarding, fitness projects, sites participate countywide initiatives, service-learning fitness, wellness programs, Park Month, encouraged sign early. registration ongoing available. Veterans Middle camp. Traditional completed kindergarten fifth grade. sixth eighth graders. Specialty needs vary. middle cost child. price. Dance class, North Myer. Weekly County. range sports trips. Wa-Ke hatchee gymnasium. SUMMER BREAKSPOT SUPPLIES FREE MEALS saying, bored hungry well-nourished months, District partnering Floridas BreakSpot meals younger. Breakfast lunch 80 school-based late July. income requirements registration. Meals consumed on-site grab-n-go option. breakfast May summerbreakspot.org. 27 OTHER WAYS KEEP THEM OCCUPIED DURING Create playground. Play treasure hunt. Grab chalk patio art. understood.orgenarticlesstuck-athome-activities. Plant garden. Keep small simple pots choosing easy-to-grow vegetables beans peas. Institute Food Agricultural Sciences UFIFAS helpful gardening website gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edugetgrowinggardening-with-kids.html. Reorganize rooms toys. Donate theyve outgrown. Toss broken tidying organization Kondo konmari.com. Go hike bike ride. Check path. Remember helmets bicycle. nearby trails leegov.comparksdocuments bike_facility_map.pdf capecoral.govdepartmentparks_ and_recreationhomebike-ped index.php. Polish baking Use recipes love. Tasty no-bake cookie candy delicious options. kid-friendly allrecipes. comrecipes453everyday-cooking family-friendlykid-friendly. Volunteer. Picking trash shows clean environment. supply bags picker-upper. Join Beautiful 5th July Cleanup area beaches. Volunteers welcome. supplies provided. klcb. orgevents5th-of-july-cleanup. city roster themes art lovers, science adventure lovers. Register early, fill fast. 28 CITY CAPE CORAL register centers, obtain membership location. facilities, location selected. household account webtrac.leegov.com locations, camps, amenities, events, leeparks.org, call 239-533-7275, email leeparksleegov.com. ages. Themes eco-adventure tennis fine arts. Austen Youth Center Sessions speakers, plenty indoor outdoor recreational Eco-Adventure Rotary perfect enjoy science. Art Fine Arts Kids, source self-expression, craftsmanship, imagination. Prices depending activity information, capeparks.com desired business hours. Springtime happenings 6-12 learn manners, proper introductions, handshakes, two-hour etiquette class Edison Ford Winter Estates Students workbook certificate completion. pm. Cost 85 non-members 95. Space limited. Gardenia am. During 45-minute students varieties gardenias--from shrubs trees--and summary L plants sale ECHOs nursery. ate festivities time. quite yet, fun-filled music lovers shows, farm tours. everyone. 22, ECHO Family Fun Farm Tour, 5-12. teach earths surface usable food production. Special discussion contextualize poverty security understand, stronger force world, assistant advancement. tour, bookstoregiftshop nursery grow Tour keeps occupied. DAN OVERTON discount coupon estates renowned Shoppe. non-members. Advance necessary. Banyan Caf. Corals public presents babies toddlers. Baby Rhyme birth Wednesdays, 1, 8, Preschool Story 3-5, Tuesdays, 5 Thursdays, 2, 9, 16. run 1030 1130 Countys System--from Springs Captiva --offers branch. Springs, example, engage chess Thursdays pieces boards supplied--just leegov.comlibraryprograms. Alliance 10091 McGregor 239-939-2787 artinlee.org 17391 Durrance Road, 239-543-3246 echonet.org 2350 239-334-7419 edisonfordwinterestates.org award-winning touring duo, Jennings Keller, System leegov.comlibraryprograms 30 EDISON FORD WINTER ESTATES ACMA Music sponsored America Association ACMA. town showcasing original intimate listening atmosphere musicians. Every greet artist, Alice Schaefer, 12-year-old organization, Weve listeners musicians, truly succeeded. Spring Keller 18, 7-9 bluegrass-influenced quartet, Passerine, performances Faiths Unitarian Tickets 12-18. Film buffs might movie Arts. feature documentary 1946 Mistranslation Shifted Culture 6-9 follows trace anti-gay movement mistranslation Bible 1946. commentary critical scholars opposing pastors, challenging, enlightening, inspiring viewers. Also guests Night Market, occurs 12, 5-8 Highlights produce, art, music, trucks, beer wine. IF YOU GO Venue Unitarian, 2756 ACMAMusicInfogmail.com americanacma.org VANESSA RUIZ Normal Overrated highlights first-hand experience, question-and-answer session professionals, Progress Panel founded Carly McGovern, student advocate resources, awareness, conversations health. personally eating disorder McGovern Nearly illness lifetime, half seek treatment. through. listen Now Minds Matter, 2016, advancing pediatric behavioral services. By clinical patients, enhancing awareness education, lobbying systemic change funding, Matter aims align providers, agencies, judicial system, law enforcement, schools, faith-based organizations. creating minds hearts, explore deepen understanding acceptance compassion, continuing raise promote involved, donate kidsmindsmatter.comnio. Golisano Childrens Hospital Child Advocacy manager, licensed Overrated. Student speakers 2023 left Cassie, Madison, Colton, Layla, Abigail. MINDS MATTER marks Is Overrated, empowering stigma issues, SouthWestern College Myers, created shine light face. Mental essential persons Hesitation notion topic taboo. Normalizing surrounding allows empowered need. longer conditions untreated, severe become. community-wide inviting adults, advocates, partners, busting walls shame alienation inclusivity. Are lipstick lover face-cream fanatic Then place. issue, give lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup, between. HAND Dionis Goat Milk Skincare already much-loved cream. Boosting Hand Cream pamper nourish aging skin. Ingredients squalane peptides vibrant youthful, smoothing lines wrinkles skin supple. dermatologist-tested, paraben-free cream scents Lavender Blossom, Honey, Vanilla Bean tubes made post-consumer recycled plastics. dionisgmskincare.com. PROTECT PLUMP Give boost suns rays Refreshing Water Plumping Gel Serum Coola. lightweight formulation SPF protection plus Coolas plantderived BlueScreen Digital De-Stress technology reduce damage exposure environmental stressors pollution. serum plump appearance stimulating collagen production hydration. coola.com. BRIGHT IDEA Puffy eyes dark circles Try EltaMDs UV AOX Eye tinted sunscreen 50. multitasking eye mix antioxidants strengthen repair barrier wrinkles. zinc oxide coverage, delicate UV-related radical damage. Protecting perfecting-- eltamd.com, authorized EltaMD retailers Face Botox Bar 239-688-2899, faceitbotoxbar.com Aesthetics 239-245-8899, abamedicalspa.com. CAMERA READY Anyone starlet Charlotte Tilburys Hollywood Icon Lipsticks 35 each. red shades pink hues, lip tones. buildable, long-lasting Vixen Fame Flame 3D-effect pigments, subtle options Candy Chic light-diffusing, filter effect. shade choose, pout hydrated. charlottetilbury.com. ANDREA STETSON Where canines frolic freely surf P ongo races kicking wake spray dashes dogs. Nearby tumble keep-away stick. stopped areas dog-friendly debris washing up, crowds returning. fenced-in dog parks, beach. off-leash beach, Pass dogs shallow, calm water. falls jurisdiction Recreation. Rosemary Avignone drives vizsla, Milo, come crowded, low tide, mucky, Everybody nice, dogs, exercise. Gwinn rottweiler, Buddy, regulars Beach. row, morning. high tide wade it. owners socializing Park. Buddy loves His spends morning standing letting coolness penetrate fur. prefer parks. Last park, beautiful, therapy too. scenery. Early spoonbills amble sandbar. Pelicans overhead swoop Mangroves peaceful setting. Pongos owner, Lorelei Sowa, brings can, here, Sowa happiest planet gem anywhere EXPLORE Jessa, labhound mix, Khloe, Rhodesian ridgebacklab Dogs running causeway north Bridge. mid tides mucky trail parking higher highest moon tides. short path mangroves low-tide wide strip sand stretch soggy leading surround sides tucked mangroves. Chris Williams, supervisor Recreation, pleasant fences, supervise times, tides, accessed facility. yourself, 36 Pongo, Portuguese dog, romps behavior. facility depends upon ability self-monitor. dog-rinse shower, hurricane. stresses Pet waste uncollected degrades quality, states. estimated 134,000 154,000 cats County, results washes waterways, bacteria nutrients. bags, garbage cans located entrance. Please in, adds. writing magazines newspapers 1995. 37 Vacations much V acations usually mean packing heading recently, spurred pandemics disasters, opting home--prompting portmanteau, staycation. bask famous beaches, parks preserves, observe native wildlife. record all. Locals staying appreciating backyards. staycation opens relaxation away, saves money lessens impacts travel. rediscovering immediate backyard, unused pool, dusty trampoline, overgrown Become immersed hobbies pastimes board games, crocheting, reading, gardening. Enroll classes workshops hometown Or refresh declutter organize gives reconnect old cultural shop farmers markets, countrys refuges backyard. J.N. Ding Darling array hiking trails, tours, events. ROUND JIM BENNIGHT MIDDLE CHELLE KOSTER WALTONDING DARLING WILDLIFE SOCIETY Schools guided beachcombing walks educational pleasurable. sightings memorable. nonstop rhythm everyday life, Refuge seem yet far Given hours staycation, easy. Here, slow view year-round residents spoonbills, ibis, herons. Right now, season, chicks fledging Education Boardwalk, yellow-crowned exit Drive, manatees warmer waters, supervisory refuge ranger Toni Westland. Drive driving, biking, hiking. kayaks rented concession, Tarpon Bay Explorers, Bailey Tract Road open, Self-Guided Mindfulness Trail. June, starts eight details. walk--a blend exploration. schedules casual marine educators 9 am, embarking Inn West according Shannon Rivard, education director. gain SANIBEL SEA SCHOOL turtle patrols monitor 39 knowledge hidden treasures sands surroundings meaningfully. guides encourage transforming stroll shore adventure. unpredictable sea ensures unveils unique surprises. shells, Rivard October 31. participant public. biking style, paths rental Periwinkle Way. Indoor exhibit BIG newly reopened Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum. known family-fun venues Sun Splash Park, cool off Gator Mikes--a filled go-carts, mini golf, arcade. interconnected bicycle -- groups, commuters. below Trails right, Coral, entertaining 40 trails. bicyclist leisurely ride children, Kaitlyn Mullen, senior specialist Coral. playgrounds use facilities spaces, benefit Mullen. fostering inclusivity promoting activity, engagement, well-being generations, City capecoral. gov. Leegov.com. websites municipalities, chambers commerce, Visitor Convention Bureau visitfortmyers.com lee-vcb, Visit visitflorida. complaces-to-gosouthwest. Youll 239-574-0401 capecoral.gov 239-472-1100 fws.govrefuge jn-ding-darling 455 239-472-8585 sanibelseaschool.org 41 CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY Alva Cayo Costa, Capt. Peter Nelson imprint ometimes history, cracks, letters lost, yesteryear slowly forgotten. future. hold close. ever person forgotten, Nelson. mariner Denmark arrived accounts 1867. mentioned Manatee census 1870 boat, Spitfire, cargo Peace River valley Tampa south Caloosahatchee region. banks liking residence Monroe 1878 persuaded county officials 600 school. F.A. Hendry. 1879 worshipful master Masonic Lodge 72. 1881 Spitfire enchanted white river. purchase post office, trading named Alva. sold acre 1886 8-year-old schoolhouse burned down. handful traveled seat Key ask denied Costa. Above, portrait Museum, housed 1909 erected ALVA MUSEUM ELEANOR H.D. PEARSE establish Alva, boat harbor Boca Grande Pass. thankful Danish decades. Holaway Master Naturalist shelling ecotour charters Sound, Costa Cabbage Key, buried Within denial funds townspeople county, 1887. longest-serving commissioner formed sent accusations governor intoxicated unfit perform job. Nelsons attempts defend fell deaf ears. suspect rebuttal office disappeared. Whatever commission. Because squabbling newspaper articles subject, relocate another acted pilots guiding boats postmaster teacher period fishing guide, Esperanza Woodring, born 1901, Nelsons. former guy, history. schools offices, AUDOBONS CORCKSCREW 43 WILLIAM COX Learning images respect intensity, color, transparency reflectivity subject subjects generally viewed either greens blues yellows reds. Warm sunrise sunset. Images dramatic scattered clouds scene. Cool overcast days. direction big image. shoot sun behind back, front light. Front lighting showing details scene, portraying saturated contrasting mammal Exposure readings reliable, bracketing minimum. sharp stop-action shutter speeds relative intensity Sidelighting landscape illuminates side, texture form pronounced. produces reveal ridges Sidelit mixture highlights, determined midtone verified cameras scrub jay lighting, expressing detail. U sing display natures cameras. Contrary photography, photographer minded adapt suitable another. choices, increase field. Backlit yearling doe bokeh upper rim head body. stands against background. Everglades wet prairie sky BOTH refection image spoonbill. histogram. Priority retain detail allow block contrasts surpass camera sensors dynamic range. Backlighting challenging directional abstract type illumination. contre-jour touch translucence glow within. background--for appealing fringe translucent flying insects grasses. background, out-of-focus, specular mirror-like highlights. reflection. Calm acts mirror, reflections clouds, mountains, animals, buildings. Add color--a sunset, autumn leaves, night--and transform special. Cox professional ecologist years. williamrcoxphotography.com. Adopting cat joy ets cuddly comforting. companionship. therapeutic. Studies pet reduced symptoms self-confidence, less isolation, structure meaning lives. pets plethora owners, animal. allergic cats. Others types pets. those, aquarium, bird, hamster. Local shelters shortage adoptable longing deal beat. Humane Society Mall Mutts visits malls monthly basis. Domestic Animal Services package sterilization, age-appropriate guarantee. valued 600. vaccinations, license, microchip ID, deworming, flea Adoption fees animals 100, certreatment, tests heartworm feline AIDS tain fee drops more. leukemia adoptee 10-day Adopt-a-Cat waived approved application. counselors discuss suggest match, Karen Frick, Services. clinic microchipping Monday-Friday. greatly chances reuniting separated. stray shelter within Finders adopt claimed. holds vaccine clinics month. GCHS, vaccinated, spayed neutered, microchipped. fee, ranges 400 110 GCHS thorough enjoyable Wierima, relations works forever animals. coordinator. Kennel technicians trained costs certain discounted further. COAST HUMANE Meredith Featheringill Whitt, animal control officer Sara Clem, meet-and-greets. meet-and-greet familys potential around. operates veterinary spayneuter clinic. GCHSs furry ambassadors. Miromar Outlets Thursday Bell Tower Tuesday interaction patrons socialization stimulations. 2010 Arcadia Street, 239-332-0364 gulfcoasthumanesociety.org 5600 Banner 239-533-7387 leegov.comanimalservices Laura Warling ambassador Dingo past 47 Bees, Backyard Beasties GLENN OSTLE wren feeds chick nest wrens potted hanging yard Charlotte, Carolina, bluebird wooden birdhouse, male material female traveling flower gathering pollen. cardinal pauses budding tree. Searching unusual critters, occasionally interrupted perpetuating species. 49 M strange, armored bug glass-top table deck chick. y partner, Pam, scuba diving exotic world. 2020 Covid, travel slowed considerably housebound before. Fortunately, backs onto walking wooded area. deck, noticed photo hand. feeders, deer, rabbits, racoons, chipmunks, squirrels regularly cavort yard. Even lone opossum surprise closer, realized smaller visitors frogs, dragonflies, weird, macro-size forms favorites cute jumping spiders bodies, multieye stares, brazen personalities. extreme closeup cicada emerged predicted trillions cicadas emerge 2024. visitor, two-lined spittlebug, atop deck. Soon seemed accustomed presence fawn retrieve Hummingbird moths manner hummingbirds. smoked-glass apparently confuses tiny mistake attractive land, rest, across. above, black glass resemble dragonflies skim thinking pond. So appear sitting outfitted powerful macro lens, document strange travelers. ranging plain referring Covid Critters. new. didnt laps table, searching grasshopper rests leaf 51 Jumping seen naked eye. watch fascinated sewing stitched elaborate webs seamstress proud. followed swarms flitted pollen, familiar stuck-up tails red, blue, yellow flashes cardinals, jays, finches. spied bugs mating, intrusive. scenes witnessed resting dropped off. hit neighborhood gone following leaving honored acceptable babysitters. drama fight hummingbirds feeder, resulted injured juvenile. weak carefully exhausted ground cradle gently anoles southern U.S., sprint gardens lawns, climb walls, insects. Flowers glistening raindrops. 52 moth perches daisy. hummingbird pose Bluebirds nested hard-working established nests, occasion plants. fascinating forth, ferrying twigs straw feed squalling chicks. Later watched fluff feathers growth adulthood, and, birdbaths, spraying directions, flapping feathers. Over witness dramas small. impressive sights red-shouldered train juveniles later, hunting. macro-world unwary webs, caterpillars, snail, crawl tabletop. ended generations baby soon resume global travels, fondly studying looking. wonder perhaps be--almost despite mystery beauty found, search farther Ostle contributing publications Pam Hadfield Carolina. photographs Critters, featherandfins.smugmug.com, galleries beasties, More...bees, beasties. orange caterpillar crawls limb table. 53 TRAVELING OFFSPRING HAS TREMENDOUS BENEFITS Matleys children--Jack, Bridget, Drew--to Croatia. TRACY MATLEY hen markers dry Walmart rural Peru markers, instruments drawing. recess sporting equipment, ball. Instead, cat-and-mouse tag game. eye-opening visited ago. amphitheater Croatia stone seats gladiator century. immense Great Wall China is, caves Turkey. alive somberly walked Auschwitz Poland. climbed castles England chateaux France. Thermal springs geysers Iceland erupting volcano Rica illustrated parts BESIDES QUALITY TIME, THERE IS IMMENSE LEARNING EVERYTHING FROM SCIENCE HISTORY CULTURES TRADITIONS. THEN ARE LESSONS EMPATHY PATIENCE. Travel Keys Minnesota. incredible. cultures traditions. lessons empathy patience. Matley husband, John, Jack, 10, Drew, 4, Croatia, loved Split Dubrovnik, hopped climbing bell tower seeing castle Dubrovnik islands. liked touristy European countries. explains. impressed was. blew existed country founded. tried chips, instead fried fish, sardines individually, boys platter them--even eyeballs. surprised author icebergs 55 plans pyramids Egypt, Galapagos Iceland. African safari, Cambodia Thailand, believes experiences. younger religions, tolerant understanding, stresses. appreciate bubble. professor University, Her oldest Hungary. Italy, Dominican Republic, Rica, Montreal. interesting, Giambo beyond traveling, lots unexpected. happens wasnt planned, Brothers Che Tony Garrido-Giambo Italy. authors delve pictured small-town Jelsa waterfalls Plitvice. 56 DEBRA GIAMBO Among internationally transportation Rome. missing changing plans. GPS save everyone, remote GPS, map. Zuni Reservation Mexico, culture, country. poor linguistic, deficit opportunity. Clearly trips develop sensitivity differences, Claudia Gordon, owner Luxury Advisors, multigenerational families. Lon- don Paris China. planning Kenya Tanzania, helping vacation Thailand summer. Japan extremely Gordon Mt. Fuji, gardens, London, France, Italy destinations navigate. benefits. memories. gets routine. countries interact. 57 investigates insides Queen Elizabeth II Botanic botanic Grand Cayman blends beauty, anole clings park. 1994, Britains officially Cayman. conserve environments present generations. Today 65-acre rich biodiversity stunning flora fauna. Only 40-minute drive George Town, capital islands, Displays medicinal Caymanians ailments, Caymanian circa 1900 surrounded adorned conch Blue Iguana Facility protect FLOWERS lilies thrive attractions Floral Garden, Orchid Xerophytic Heritage Woodland Trail, Centre. native, regional, cacti succulents thus require maintenance. consists displays laid rainbow colors--pink, orange, yellow, white, purple, lavender. heliconias, gingers, crotons. Boardwalk orchids banana orchid Caymans flower. educate gardeners techniques. Proceeds establishment butterflies, endemic Islands. ecologically major pollinators numerous trees. addition, bright twinkling lights highlight landscaping gardens. butterfly inspects plant Garden. snake Cayman, non-venomous. 59 LAKE originally donated wetland developed three-acre lake habitat aquatic birds. rivers relies solely rainfall replenish itself, size rainy season times. Close contain koi rafts floating striking flowers. birdwatchers photographs. parrots roosting Large bananaquit sunny disposition mirrors spirit iguana, finds haven iguana successful captive breeding reptiles, facing extinction. BLUE IGUANA Trust formation 1987. March King Charles III, Prince Wales, Behind-the-scenes tours rare reptile offer, must-see more, botanic-park.ky. featherandfins.smugmug.com. 61 trip, Ramiro Placencia Zamora examines Historical Society. B appeal utterflies flit bush bush. Caterpillars cling bottom leaves. Nearby, aroma lavender permeates humid air, buds bananas appear, alyssum snowflakes. historic McSwain Home downtown bringing sights, smells, sounds, tastes, planted house. Seminole Indians authentic chickee hut classes, workshops, Jacque James, vice historical society charge charm interest, sit butterflies becomes gardener, approach designing rows type. Instead James mixed fruit trees, herbs, plants, Derrick Botana, Society, teachers Chinese lantern plant. pot. acres. Visitors butterfly-friendly milkweed, coffee, passion vine, Dutchmans pipe nectar administrators dream Monday Friday tour Home, 1915 furnished era. wandering venture district city, Maikol Henriquez. box societies in. benchmark president. Roxanne Johnston Sean Yun trip. bursts purple golden dewdrops. vegetable grown homeowners. tomatoes, understand tomato pot lanai. basil, oregano, peppers pots. eggplant, moringa bananas, papaya, mango, avocado, rosemary, fussy, gated look. cottage tomato. hung fussiness gardening, mix. Beside 20- 40-foot presenting workshops. seeds teaming Shangri-La organic gardener lead rain barrels, orchids, exciting see, council Carr. basically empty exciting. exploding, center. destination, finally. Gate Elementary magnifying glasses chrysalis, senses smelled lemony leaves bay rum plant, marveled lanterns, felt softness taste fruit. Henriquez, Home. 27451 Old 239-992-6997 bonitaspringshistory.org 64 KOA privately owned, open-to-thepublic campgrounds pages. C resurgence camping NaplesMarco AMPGROUNDS AMERICA amping travelers, personal, affordable. 2021 Kampgrounds households consider campers, campers previous year, 6 2019. doubt nationwide, solos millennials boomers. breathe unplug, unwind, connections campers. Camping forms--from primitive, pitch tent fire, luxurious, RVs amenities courts, playgrounds. cabins--some primitive basic shell structure. words, comfortable cots, pillows, comfy sleeping rest. chair Holiday St. PetersburgMadeira evening fire. cast-iron cookware fire stove. lanterns add solar-powered. coffee French press. limit musts comfies Bass Pro Shops owned campgrounds. largest Petersburg open-to-the-public Madeira Canada. swimming pools, childrens volleyball clubhouse crafts DJlive music. petting zoo BradentonHunsader Farms Kamp K9 OrlandoKissimmee Holiday. Sugarloaf KeyKey Resort kayak, paddleboat, rentals, shoreline, full-service marina, hot tends snowbirds flock notes Saskia Boogman KOA. unsure camping, cabin renting RV. youll comforts having access camping--including campfires smores Campgrounds spread RVers. full-facility campsites electricity, grill, picnic centralized showers, restrooms, dump station. 67 Having key experience. SMORES marshmallow graham cracker 1.5-ounce thin chocolate bar roasting stick Pierce heat brown melted. Break marshmallow, sandwich. melt chocolate. Allow smore eating. 68 CAMPGROUND PRODUCT BASS PRO SHOPS excellent opportunities fishing, hiking, birding, swimming, boating, bicycling, Highlands Hammock Sebring, campground 9,000-acre ancient flora. available, one. Silver Ocala glass-bottom Americas spring. Rivers Sneads Lake northwestern 100-foot pier lake. rustic site. 9.7 multiuse Jane Martin prepared. prepare offers, Fido. organized bin Orlando way, ponchos, flashlights, batteries, aid kits, Frisbees songs Martin. tent, cozy cabin, RV, nothing koa.com floridastateparks.orgcamping Reservations reserve.floridastateparks.org 800-326-3521. a.m. sundown, 365 Maximum RV lengths visitflorida.com places-to-staycampgroundsand-rv-parks. 69 boring efore added title distiller resume, Levi John bands artists Grammy Award winner Louie Vega. released records, enjoyed worldwide vodka. vodka crafted Port Richey. travels name spirit. IslandJon universal, Caribbean, tropical flavors vodkas. classic spirit, Apple Gwayav guava, Coconut Vanilla, Mango Peach charisma does. tropical-infused spirits cocktails, smooth sip ice club soda. mixologists experimenting these. tropical-flavored vodkas portfolio. talks cocktails author, aficionado radio personality Birch. burn--one sit, sip, relax ones, men women. corn mash, corn. combination sweetness finished product. distilled filtered charcoal micro-coconut husks effort floral sweet. base lends itself IslandJons flavor infusions. solo performer project. Kevin partner. Florida-made pleasing, value 24.99. ISLANDJON Blueberry Spritzer ounces Butler ounce lemonade mint lime wedge tablespoon blueberries tonic syrup mint, lemonade, syrup, rocks muddle. vodka, garnish mint. Hibiscus Sour hibiscus sour egg Dry ingredients shaker ice. Shake vigorously. Strain shake Pour coupe glass, garnish, serve. VODKAS TRY Blacklion Cotswold, England, debut March. grains corn, sheeps milk. Farmers milk cheese leftover whey. operation completely sustainable. 71 Tim Spittle wife, Tanya, secondgeneration distilling sustainability longevity generation. Swiss Valais blacknose sheep primarily cheese. whey Vodka. dozens distillations, done, crystal clear, floral, mouthfeel. ice, martini, complementary cocktails. Eight Settlers Distillery Utah settled Salt 72 BUTLER VODK BLACKLION layers flavors, batches Utha. triple distilled. mash mostly sweeter hints vanilla. medium-bodied smooth, clean, crisp palate. martini twist, others, 28.99. stayed harsh boring, cocktail contributor. drinks, well-known media 73 SWFL Grilled Salad Chef Jeff Mitchell Restaurant Serves Honey Mustard Vinaigrette 3-4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced cups mirin olive oil cup lemon juice sprig rosemary tablespoons mustard Place garlic, shallow sixinch pan, 350-degree oven, roast minutes. Let Next oil, mixing bowl whisk dressing emulsify. Rub sugar cardamom teaspoons ginger pinches salt Combine sprinkle quartered peaches. cook grill marks. firm, refrigerator. arugula pinch salt. Plate. goat crumbles salad, grilled chicken breast, crushed pistachios, finish drizzle honey. CARONCHI PHOTOGRAPHY districts E ducators librarians classics. popularity graphic novels, steering action-packed, illustration-heavy books. earlier elementary, middle, selection hardcover, gold-leafed backdrop nationwide ban titles shelves. copies beloved Secret Anne Gables, Heidi, Black Stallion elementary shelves Adventures Tom Sawyer, Wizard Oz, Lord Flies Huckleberry Finn, Eyre, Expectations schools. selected lower level. initiative priorities lifelong literature, Melanie Fike, administrative Professional Instructional Resources Man Captain Underpants exposed promoted LEE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY COLLIER SCHOOLS sticking shelf enough. novels. posters, specialists spotlight incentives Board videos Alves, chief academic Schools, spoke Stallion. copy talked Alves read. reading. texts message. values story. --Elizabeth officer, Part idea knowledge, classics movies texts. enable text background purchased classroom selection. checked out. fiction, manager Rebecca Modys. waned Modys ordering newer editions covers. Selected expose literature. demand, design beautiful. neat covers, lived publishers caught update abridged versions suggests Read aloud, higher-level loud stop explain means. classics, antiquated vocabulary, audio listened requests Listening actor checked-out Roald Dahl books, Chronicles Narnia, librarian Winnie Pooh, read-aloud do, steers elementary-age action Pan Heidi. Poppins Anything magical adventure-- Treasure 20,000 Leagues Sea, Hobbit, Little Women teens. Eyre romance, circulates 78 CLASSICS SELECTIONS Grades K-2 Bear Called Paddington Corduroy Ramona Pest Ferdinand Ugly Duckling Amelia Bedelia Frog Toad Friends Stone Soup Tale Rabbit Sidewalk Ends Brown Six Giving Tortoise Hare Fables Pooh 3-5 Gables Matilda Paul Reveres Ride Monkeys Casey Mr. Poppers Penguins Pippi Longstocking Heidi Side Mountain Strawberry Girl Boxcar Lion, Witch Wardrobe Robinson 96 Miles Bridge Terabithia Sawyer Red Umbrella Maxis Secrets Cricket Square Scattered Wonderful Oz Words Fire Brians Long Lost Roll Thunder, Hear Cry Pauper Tuck Everlasting Finn Grapes Wrath Cheaper Dozen Capture Castle Pride Prejudice Illiad Frankenstein Dolphins Cities Odyssey Scarlet Letter Wuthering Heights ADVENTURE ALPHABET TREE DAVID DROTLEFF MarApr presented continuation pages artist David Drotleff. continues covering U, V, W. 83 84 J tale poaching retribution alligator currently endangered, numbers these, again. Species populations tipping point, careful, plentiful decline happening, writes Renner. compelled write Country, focuses FWC undercover burrow industry perpetrators. ournalist Renner, swamps Central identified alligator. Fish Commission, poachers, Known Operation Alligator Thief, multiyear arrests alleged poachers 2017. charges illegal hunting, capturing farming gators, poaching, involved excess 10,000 eggs harvested illegally. fashion industry, hides shoes, belts. Renner tracked reluctantly, willingly, intriguing Using Curtis Blackledge, DeSoto players Chief Robert Albritton, prison paying restitution spins writer, weaving dangers near-misses Blackledge experienced. conveying personalities perpetrators, discovers likable. theyd understood cared relates. Throughout intersperses tales obsession legend Peg Brown, poacher mid-20th gators stories, shape folktale wily hero, worse, powers be. Although rangers violence, battled cunning humor instead. Country ends being, besides gripping violations, ode Everglades. lovingly folks treated glades playground, thousands lives hamlets, poorest country, inundated smoke sugarcane burning toxins algal blooms, peoples shouted louder.... Destroyed maligned, swamp fought back. stubborn RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Parkway ronandsons.com Sales Installation Alarm AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom Vac Much 239.939.0077 accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Termite Treatment Control Across Outdoor 9Beer river ____shine Struck, 14Seasoning Popular terrier Workout target 18Above 19 Pitchers blazing pitches 21 Cookbook amts., abbr. 2009 Pixar Slow-moving reptiles Small salamanders Oolong, studies seas center Lisa, Bart Simpson Venus Mars, e.g. Down Okeechobee Seminole, greatest boxer 3Snuggles Colorful bulb Emeril Live exclamation singer 7Flash Male geese Wedding D.A.s group, Edible mollusks depth measurements Beachgoers goals, Hitters equipment Chicks sound Leaping mackerel waters Landscapers planting 102 Roman terms 33 Rifle revolver PUZZLE O N Hidden Word ought horse runs, vine bears grapes borne. --Marcus Aurelius commodity crops blueberries, watermelons, cucumbers onions produce bee. COVER surgeon scalpel turned State. 12. Cover courtesy LIVING REGIONAL SOUTHWEST FLORIDAS LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOL. NO. 4.95 BIRD SHOTS moves OR outdoors, LETS resist VOLUME miracles Published showcases Happenings Display

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