40 46 features TWO DAYS IN THE GLADES Start with a swamp-buggy tour, do little fly-fishing, camp out under chickee, and indulge in the regions specialty--stone crabs. It all adds up to perfect sampling of Everglades. HOOKED ON FISHING LOCATION MATTERS A national analysis 50 states places Florida as fifthbest fishing destination. Some would ask, Why not higher But agree its an anglers paradise. 54 TRIP AROUND FRENCH POLYNESIA If wanderlust bites you, theres no better place travel than French Polynesia. This beautiful stretch islands South Pacific beckons snorkelers divers crystal waters abundance marine life. 60 AFRICAN ODYSSEY wildlife safari is on many bucket list. Take tour through lens author for view East Southern Africa celebrate incredible animals. SPECIAL SECTION On, Below, at Water 66 Set Sail Adventure Offshore Sailing School 68 Dive In Artificial Reefs Lee County 72 Caribbean Escape Turks Caicos COVER Most countries have two seasons, wet dry. plays major role lives animals, well people. African Odyssey, page 60. Cover photo by Glenn Ostle. 2 TOTI.COM MARCHAPRIL 2022 departments 18 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER MAKING WAVES 10 Up Close Nature 11 Best-dressed Boat 12 COMMUNITY Learning about Local Life 14 FOR KIDS Nurturing Love Boating PETS 16 Fishing Pets 36 OUTDOORS Cathedral Wetlands 22 GULF COAST ZEITGEIST Going Coastal 24 BEAUTY Beauty Trends 26 GARDEN An Invasive that Works 28 STAY TUNED Four Hands, One Keyboard 32 WHATS STORE Whats Hot Southwest PROFILE Ocean Artistry 38 Vibrant Interpretations 76 OUT ABOUT Day Island Hopping TO YOUR HEALTH 78 Skin-saving Strategies Great Outdoors 81 Control your Blood Sugar 84 NATURES NOTEBOOK The Amazing White-tailed Deer 86 CHEERS Spirits Irish 88 EPICURIOUS SWFL Dining Guide 106 RECIPES WE LOVE Cooking 108 BETWEEN LINES Beautiful Friendship 110 112 CROSSWORD JOURNAL 111 SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS Coming MayJune Friends family are heart, so we pack this issue ideas tips healthy living, senior care, shopping home garden, family-friendly travel, pets, much more help you achieve very best those love. 4 age ep e S ers . tom l offer s u c eci lue etB r sp j o f fo gift GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Heather Strudgeon PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Gina Birch Beth Luberecki VIDEO JOURNALIST, FITNESS WRITER Klaudia Balogh OUTREACH MANAGER Emma Eldridge DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Taryn Colburn SOCIAL MEDIA Issac Leach WRITERS Balogh, Birch, William R. Cox, Erik Entwistle, Brian Holaway, Jeff Lytle, Luberecki, Myles Mellor, Dr. Randall H. Niehoff, Oliver, Ann Marie OPhelan, Ostle, Tanis Rhines, Renee Wilson, Diane York, Erika Zuntag PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Tracy Carr, Sam Copeland, Dave Drotleff, Debbie Hanson, Melanie Jaeger, Jarrett Jones, David Korte, Carol McArdle, Keith Mille, Kelly Morrison, Chris Tilley, Wiley, York ADVERTISING SALES Friedrich N. 239-472-0205 ext. 1002 1000 Michael Rawers 1007 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS totimedia.comcontactus Dial 1 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic ENGINE Ostrovsky Ryan Frisch, Locable Publisher Network toti.com totimedia.com timesoftheislands.com rswliving.com gulfmainmagazine.com bonitaesteromagazine.com capecorallivingmagazine.com CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.comtimesoftheislandsmagazine twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia E-MAIL INQUIRIES P.O. Box 1227, Island, FL 33957 T 239-472-0205, F 239-395-2125 Founder Chairman Guy Tober President C.O.O. Times Islands, RSW LIVING, MAIN, Bonita Estero Cape Coral Living ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year TOTI Media, Inc., Sanibel, 33957. Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors necessarily Footprints Kindness Leaving trails snow, sand, hearts H igh season has reached us Florida--a time when again welcome parttime residents visitors from over world our treasured coastal sanctuary. Without doubt, understand why people love coming gulf beaches. footprints sand feels leaving snow. I enjoy seeing along beach because each one tells story journey. fast, others slow. You can tell spacing between prints--the persons stride. There runners, walkers, even crawlers, they leave trail represents came edge. Next walk stop after while look back own footprints. What does say journey unique see youve left. We cant other places. neighborhoods, but paths often hard--cement, asphalt, gravel. where weve stopped chat neighbor, left sidewalk give someone hand, or waited passing car cyclist offering friendly wave. signs were there... except kindness. my last publishers letter, wrote how true happiness fleeting. lasts, experienced now. also overflows truly happy person who leaves kindness behind. Unlike snow soon melt away, get washed away changing tides, forever. Knowing this, shouldnt try incorporate simple acts into daily golden rule Treat want them treat you. That universal application appeal, matter live. Would like healing across Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY OF MEDIA, INC. troubled divided nation ours And Im convinced showing will happen. others. start homes, school, work, volunteer time. Maybe simply inviting go walk. might surprised spending together nature clearly. both back, just able long follow. should especially thankful kindnesses bestowed every health-care professional, staying strong helping weather crisis these past years. personal thank dear friend, Paul Denis Kuehner, passed January 27, 2022. Kuehner served community dedication Enjoy favorite magazine consider life takes forms-- respecting around 60, Trip Around Polynesia, appreciating it yard Coastal, 22. As always, hearing feedback, sure connect social media channels. something kind yourself today 9 BY ANN MARIE OPHELAN ecotour full appreciation areas natural beauty enough great pictures yet always respectful never touching, learning manatees. UPCOMING EVENT OPhelan resident regular contributor Media. Fort Myers Beach Lions Club Shrimp Festival March 12-13, 950 Blvd., 239-451-3425 fortmyersbeachshrimpfestival.com PHOTOS CAPTAIN BUBBYS ISLAND TOURS outhwest blessed amazing life, birds, wild animals--all magnificent environment working hard preserve. Ecotours good way witness importance nurturing maintaining it. Captain Bubbys IsLAND Tours offers ecotours--by land sea--where guests explore memorable Beach, sandy shores Captiva, terrain Pine via tours--such Walk Wild Side Islands--or personalized. Our tours fashioned likes interests deep focus ecotourism. exactly alike, says owner Master Naturalist Bubby Howell. During early spring, participants likely dolphins, manatees, different types shorebirds, nesting birds. They alligators gopher tortoises. Depending type year, learn hatching sea turtles, local shrimp industry, 400 species shells found beaches, shell responsibly. Ecotourism only environment, allows respectful, interactive, way, live lightning whelk right next boat was gently returned water accordance regulations. IF YOU GO 239-558-5522 captainbubbys.com gear vessel Newport Infrared Gourmet Series Gas Grill W WEST MARINE hether kayaking Caloosahatchee River catch largemouth bass cruising Gulf Mexico taking some sun, make gear. West Marine 120,000 products, including latest electronics accessories--online stores. At Marine, boaters boaters, regional marketing manager Lorene Frank. She suggests kinds check Magmas 499.99. grill easy light tempered glass viewing window. Its Anti-Flare infrared technology provides intense, evenly distributed heat. Plus, legs fold fit small spaces. corrosionresistant elements. 2063 9th Street N, Naples 239-262-0206 westmarine.com attractions educational opportunities plants, birds characteristics habitats. lovers inhabitants beyond visiting establishments dedicated conserve, preserve, forms. For 30 years, Ostego Bay Foundation educated Science Center natures Florida. conservation education interactive experiences. encourage children pick items up-close experience, coordinator Eaton. center contains artifacts, mammoth tusk fossil, pirate-era items, turtle nest simulation. Guests touch tank, exhibits, estuarine aquariums, conducts guided waterfront, focusing history San Carlos shrimping fleet. 718 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-8101 ostegobay.org ALSO WORTH EXPLORING IMAG History 2000 Cranford Avenue, 239-243-0043 theimag.org Lovers Key State Park 8700 239-463-4588 floridastateparks.orgLovers-Key friendsofloverskey.org Shell Factory 16554 Cleveland North 239-995-2141 shellfactory.com docent shows future biologists details horseshoe crab. aims promote resources education. OSTEGO BAY FOUNDATION courses teach safety C hildren boating. build their understanding safe boating practices procedures lessons. Edison youth lessons programs powerboating sailing. include high school sailing, school-year sailing September-May, collegiate partnership FGCU, outreach organizations, scouting merit badge activities, powerboat training, adventure more, Stephanie Webb, director programstrainingleadership development. summer beginner advanced levels Shore location offered satellite instruction Mound House Beach. Classes geared ages 8-13. Myers-based packages Seas Resort Captiva Pink Marina These Tweens Teens Learn Free package, three 7-17 free adults. three-day course five-night resort vacation package. RESOURCES 13001 W. First Street, 239-454-5114 edisonsailingcenter.org 16731 McGregor Blvd. Suite 110, 888-454-7015, 239-454-1700 offshoresailing.com uses curriculum developed U.S. Association. FLORIDA BOATER SAFETY COURSE Youth Centers. EDISON SAILING CENTER Fish Wildlife Conservation Commission requires 21 younger operating watercraft horsepower pass approved boater course, online. Boaters encouraged obtain card. Find safeboatingamerica.comlicense Florida_Online_ Boating_Course.html. aquarium makes addition U nlike most fish dont take lot effort, typical dog cat, bring pleasure any home. Yes, need keep eye them, feed clean quiet, attention, odors, relatively affordable. calming watch create relaxing home, Dalton, pet health process lead PetSmart. Another selling point keeping pets variety--from betta bowl full-on colorful aquarium. PetSmart 100 fish, add ambiance fun focal room. semi-aggressive Central American cichlids, koi, fancy goldfish, more. PetSmarts in-house experts choose aquariums--including technologically models market--food, accessories such coral, gravel, plants. testing chemistry troubleshooting. 2255 Ridge Road, 239-598-9889 petsmart.com storesusflnaples-store0324. html PETSMART 5013 S. 239-277-9890 petsmart. comstoresusflfort-myersstore0332.html RENEE WILSON Immerse Audubons Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary lose eyes imagine birdsong fills air instead traffic noise. Where giant trees been growing since before America born surround pristine landscape panthers, river otters, wading thrive. untouched place, roughly midway Naples. extending fledgling National Audubon Society placed first warden wilds protect colony plume hunters. effectively saved thousands egrets, roseate spoonbills, wood storks, bald cypress grow runs deep. Decades later, themselves threatened logging industry had already buzzed Big Cypress Fakahatchee Strand. helped purchase few thousand acres 1954 became Sanctuary. Roseate spoonbills visitor favorites. productive stork nation. TOP TRACY CARR BOTTOM WILEY young alligator clings log Just miles east I-75, sanctuary now protects 13,450 wilderness. Visitors arriving Along entry road, common sights turkeys, sandhill cranes, red-shouldered hawks. Blair Store, bird-friendly gardens, serves gateway sanctuarys world-famous 2.25-mile boardwalk. boardwalk meanders pine flatwood, prairie, marsh, finally largest oldgrowth forest remaining America. Impressive trees, cypresses relatives redwood, towering 130 feet sky girths 25 feet. Their massive branches draped mosses, bromeliads, ferns, orchids. variety songbirds, raptors throughout Ancient 1954, tower sky. 19 2.25-mile-long, famous Wilson communications associate graduate University certified instructor program, she lived 1986. open timed admissions a.m. p.m. Preregistration required visit attend experiences birding walks, sunset strolls, night walks. Guided limited several per month. 20 DAVID KORTE gorgeous painted bunting winter visitors. sight, available turn trail. With staff volunteers, mission preserve support restoration ecosystems western Staff members use science-driven management wildlife, Visiting scientists students habitat living repository, near far rely lush, green space opportunity rest overstimulated brains, sit zen. relies donations support. Pileated woodpeckers, heard seen, leafy canopy. 375 Road West, 239-348-9151 corkscrew.audubon.org Gulfcoast Zeitgeist DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF When smaller bigger To island somehow acknowledge salute small, isolate, humble there question whim mercy sea, which serious argument, being powerful patient obdurate rock... Islands owned loaned us, brave temporary. --Brian Doyle, On Islandness, Yankee Magazine, 2020 L eaving behind mainland coast Florida, climbs Causeway sparkling, restless Mexico. From birds-eye perspective, down gorgeous--like seascape hand artist. Before leading road ahead safely low-lying bridges bound steelmounted concrete man-made buttressed carefully positioned rock jetties--feats engineering created human beings. seafaring tempted prideful conceit think ocean underneath, control, understood. Think again. Seventy-one percent earths surface covered ocean. reflect nitrogen-induced color atmosphere, astronauts refer globe blue marble. average depth 2.4 deepest section 6.8 miles. Dry less third planets space. Such territory things continents seem sticking water. evolved 3 billion years creatures crawled ashore began develop. Still 200,000 known estimated million undiscovered. beating heart planet huge heat reservoir, influencing climate patterns, carbon cycles. behold wonder coastal, bridge list statistical facts awed thats needed still notice--and inspired feelings enjoyment pleasure. Author Toni Morrison reminds worlds becomes enough. photograph, paint remember Yet second movement symphony awe. After initial surprise fascination evoked encounter water, prompted what freshly perceived. First, dawns attentive mind comparison mighty Second, here keenly aware tenuous perch hurricanes rage. Third, concern measurable rise level marks current chapter history. fragility situation resilience thrive pieces enveloped motivates further search insight. Again, wisely observes Bluest Eye could do. Wonder-fueled reflection ignites warm connection fulfillment compelling other, things, processes energize water-washed energized star-shine. sense grateful share earthly minds tools enrich Your self vital really big--and awesome. Ran Niehoff exploring connections 1991. 23 BETH LUBERECKI Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances luxurious lotions, must-haves, everything SUN PROTECTION MEETS SEA Sunscreen necessity parts. Maui Vera SPF Mineral 12.99 thanks organic ingredients lack harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances. Plus ocean, zinc oxide rather oxybenzone octinoxate skin UVA UVB rays therefore doesnt contribute contamination bleaching reefs. forget reapply during day, Veras Sunburn Sun Gel soothe restore aloe vera peppermint. products locally Java Cafe Outlets 239-437-1311, islandjavasanibel.com. GOODIES GUYS Need man Head Man downtown 239-990-6910, manonfirst. com, youll find options Pr de Provences Mens No.63 Collection. shop stocks lines eau toilette 35.95, soap rope 11.25, shower gel 15.95, shave tin 16.50, lotion 17.50, featuring collections masculine fragrance blends elements peppery citrus, cedarwood, plum, leather, tobacco. SMOOTH IT Say bye-bye frizzy hair new Garnier Fructis Sleek Shine Glass Hair 8.99. lightweight, naturally derivedformula infused argan oil vitamin E works detangle, smooth, soften strands. Apply directly hair, massage seconds, then rinse style reveal silky, shiny tresses. silicones,sulfates,and mineral oil, product instantly activates upon contact filled lipids emollients target smooth damaged hair. drug, food, mass market retailers. NEW CHOICES CURLY HAIR Vegan haircare line Imbue specifically made curly, coily, textured Curl Liberating Sulphate Shampoo 14.99, Respecting Conditioner Defending Heat Protection Mist 12.99. UK brand harnesses power coconut avocado cupuau seed butter curls coils moisturized cleansing, conditioning, styling. Curly-haired shoppers collection stateside Target ERIK ENTWISTLE Hong Kong orchid tree grows fast flowering season. rewards plentiful blooms mong numerous fast-growing botanical name Bauhinia blakeana undoubtedly outstanding. familiar sight driving roads, extensively planted median strips large stunning display. landscape, featured specimen rows screening. itself fascinating. implies, identified 1880 sterile hybrid parent bauhinia purpurea variegata native itself. extensive propagation cuttings grafting, associated Kong, flower citys official symbol, design appears flag replaced previous China regained sovereignty July 1, 1997. did room plant property. Then hurricane Irma September 2017 felled number olive fence replaced. goal quickly reestablish- ing privacy screen, decided row apart Less five taller house, having formed evergreen wall November March. difficult producing orchid, win- Even though area, invasive threat, huge, pinkish-purple, orchid-like flowers attract pollinators. ning well. mentioned earlier orchidlike Preferring sun well-drained soil, drought-tolerant bothered pests. spent mess underneath tree, seems fair tradeoff lengthy flowers. planting, site carefully, fill size single mature 20-40 height width. produce suckers periodic pruning, send shoots directions, requiring minor trimming order avoid unkempt look. monitor trunk development direction growth, prune accordingly shape desire. fortunate generous, middle big, bold blossoms months end. Pianist, instructor, musicologist Entwistle teaches Sanibel. He writes Stay Tuned column hobby vegetables fruit using sustainable gardening methods. 27 Hirsch-Pinkas Piano Duo performs Point t said heads one, comes piano, four hands returns recital Points Tribby Arts Center, audience hear concert outstanding piano duet discover creativity possible engaging genre. Music surged popularity 19th century instrument choice among educated, amateur musicians flourished. Beethoven concert, example, work friend member four-hand transcription. Numerous original appeared satisfy demand, designed informal performance composers Franz Schubert 17971828 writing challenging, large-scale duets musical potential pieces. New England-based Pinkas-Hirsch Sally Pinkas Evan Hirsch, acclaimed soloists right, mastered art playing. happen husband wife, extra dimension connectivity enhances well-suited intimate genres. Hirsch upcoming program Schuberts Fantasy Minor 1828, Rachmaninoffs Six Pieces 1894, Milhauds La Cration du Monde 1923. Rachmaninoff his Milhaud turned 31 composing works. death later went compose another half century. spoke whom studied Dartmouth College 1980s duo selections chosen perform. Fantasy, widely considered greatest works, last. movements played pause encapsulate deeply SUSAN emotional, complex, dark describes it, fantasy, movements--motivic connections--and thought abstract piece music. play little, reticent, classical piece. actually harbinger romanticism, heartfelt. fully characteristic set guaranteed please. interesting Rachmaninoff, according Sally, switch positions. Whereas pieces, top keyboard part, reversed. controls. tend pedal Evan, case nicely, notes. theyre remarkably orchestral texture. Theyre beautiful, nice group. transcription jazz-inspired ballet based folk mythology, composer himself described making wholesale jazz convey purely feeling. observes, couple fugues--they beastly trying voices. movements, operatic music weaves storyline. married professionally 29 youre playing same instrument, exposing. come terms similar styles are, different. --Sally read explains Sally. stubborn thickheaded. trick ask nicely... am improvisatory, set. So he become flexible, bit reliable, adds. play, personality another. now, Thats chamber reach modus vivendi. people, fact means dinner rehearsal continue looking forward presenting friends companions, grow, else, shed other. Schubert, Monday, 21, 7 p.m., Point. ErikEntwistlereceived undergraduate degree College. earned postgraduate Washington St. Louis doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. Island. GINA BIRCH HAT Protect wind stylish hat wont flat. 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Produced added sweeteners essence Watermelon Tangerine, Lemon, Pineapple Blackberry. 12-pack, drinkbriva.com 34 Mixed-media artist captures colors rtist got her underwater animals child Cayuga Lake Ithaca, York. Her father, scuba diver, built videocamera enclosures. pre-GoPro, waterproof cameras easier capture world. images took impressed daughter impacted artwork. moved fell below Today mixed-media artwork focuses depictions Based Coral, herself artist, enthusiast, lover, getting clothes. series wood, calls Timber Art. Wood surface, subject, Morrison. Art piece, starts plank, cuts carves paints layers color. whimsical, colorful, fun, realism creature captured. if bright orange flattened caps hand-made beads eyes, clear barracuda grouper. Bridget Barracuda, masonry nails teeth, glass-bead eye. names Mike, purple named scuba-diving loved adventures. Sunset Sue, grouper scene, loves Noah Christy Morrisons son daughter-in-law. couple, together, range 44-350 collectors, inhabit canvas 1. Sue super makes, measuring Acrylic wood. 2. photographs night. pine, measures inches. cap 3. Jackie Blu collectors. 4. Mike memory dad, dive. beads. KELLY MORRISON jewelry line--both 5 Floridas tropical surroundings. galleries, Tower Gallery Bokeelia Harbour View Coral. wooden online ArtworksbyKelly.etsy.com, Instagram, artworks_by_kelly. GALLERY INFO 751 Tarpon 239-472-4557 towergallery.net 14830 Drive, 239-472-2772 2islandsgallery.com 8315 Main 239-738-5280 bokeeliaartgallery.com 5789 104, 239-540-5789 harbourviewgallery.com MORE 239-848-8121 artworksbykelly.com 5. Dont intimidated teeth. 37 Artist McArdle brings arol uncanny ability embellish brilliant blues, pinks, greens. shoreline, oils acrylics. reference, off taken state parks, preserves, areas. transforms real-life paintings subjects. Born Jamaica raised Bristol, England, bills Artist, dreamed moving 1995, thrived environment. myself surrounded saturated vibrancy diverse creative interest grew, motivated study subjects re-create canvas. researches subjects, camera. Next, plans compositions slowly studio. Multiple reference used composition perspective. scenes, grapes mangrove but, unfortunately, beloved altered erosion Sticks Together, x scenes longer exist captured photographs. recall depicted painting scenery recognize location, McArdle. Natural series, focused scenery, shorebirds intruded. subject right. McArdles bird nationally Rose Gold, mixed Sea Grape Embrace, ART IMAGES CAROL MCARDLE recognized greatly sought after. favorites, spoonbill, stands pink feathers confident poses. turtles recently photography reference. sells custom-ordered giclee prints Many giclees embellished, cross print. stretched original. capturing depth, usually cannot difference. High resolution large. 20-inch 60-inch highly suited expansive walls homes commercial shown customers atmosphere does. carolcarolmcardle.com 239-849-4745 carolmcardle.com 39 buggies, fly fishing, stone crabs, scary sounds CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY BOTH PAGES Chickee hut Trail Lakes Ca mpground th 41 M y plan spend days meet Texas that, evening camping wife edge Everglades 41. know two-day trip complete southern cooking crabs boat. begins... My preferred route heading south City I-75 29. Turning interstate, breath blood pressure lower. two-lane highway lined canal. panther-crossing sign, flocks feeling stepping roads peaceful character. Nearing town Jerome, notice thriving tall Australian pines let me closer junction 41, drive Monroe Station onto Loop CGs Buggy Tours. guide, Capt. Bobby Weeks, entrance Preserve road. Chokoloskee Ten Thousand accommodations overnight stay Alicia Janice touring Weeks 42 greets smile. His family, settlers loading ourselves swamp buggy, head uncharted seven-foot gator. ever wanted shares eye-popping stories old poachers hunted area federal park. seat buggy. vegetation slow crawl stops buggy panther tracks. information botany, hydrology, laugh. tidbit hammock hardwood wetlands. Native Americans pull dugout canoes hammock. knew SLEEPING EVERGLADES AN OPEN CHICKEE EVOKES ALL SENSES. SOUNDS AT NIGHT ARE, LETS JUST SAY, PEACEFUL WHILE, THEN BONE CHILLING. hammocks traveled motorists food fuel. firsthand worth minute. Soon disembarking City, Caf, hospitality food. Locals frequent restaurant, taste flavor. lunch guides Chokoloskee. Ronnie Revels, eighth-generation Floridian Chokoloskee, Kent Daniels. Both versed navigating waterways experience. Revels Exploring Darwins Place MELANIE redfish rod, Daniels prime fly-fishing leeward side islands. fifth cast boils strip swims away. pumping. Throwing rod thrilling picks history, leads him books. talk Ed Watson, outlaw, 40-acre mound grew sugar cane Pride syrup. Watson hire nowhere fields. workers end missing. called payday. going day show made. twice. done, dock. While Myers, Camp- 43 chickee Campground ground SkunkApe Headquarters Ochopee. campground throwback quieter Relaxation begins enter gate campground. greeted fellow golf cart hut, Basically platform screen roof palm fronds, sits settle surroundings, deck. goes dies, begin buzz, Glades, stars Sleeping evokes senses. lets say, while, bone chilling. life--a hooting owl baritone call wolf. Once orchestra, mesmerizing. drifted sleep sunshine chickee. Camping experience goodbye daybreak Captains await. navigate Lopez Sunday Bay, Oyster Huston Last Chevalier Cannon Bay. pulls bay side, sign proclaims Place, Park. Jean Chevalier, Frenchman, eccentric taxidermist killed museums. believe hunters west points foundation building Frenchman kept location. Arthur Darwin, hermit claimed direct descendant evolutionist Charles Darwin. legal private According Daniels, liked beer. Definitely step time, realize isolated once was--and is. Fresh Triad Seafood Market City. 44 sightseeing, historian Half-day full-day trips 239-784-8929 captkentDyahoo.com guide 150 Smallwood 863-673-1967 captronnierevelsllcgmail.com 50910 Preserve, Ochopee 239-877-1339 bigcypressswampbuggytours.com Caf 305 Collier 239-695-0003 islandcafeecity.com 40904 Tamiami E, 239-695-2275 evergladesadventuretoursgmail.com skunkape.info East, 800-504-6554 evergladescamping.net 401 239-695-2662 triadseafoodmarketcafe.com Turner Located County, intersection BICY-Turner-River-Loop-Scenic-Road-FINAL_II.pdf nps.gov 25.694011N81.2023W Watsons 25.7104N 81.2445W Holaway. final Chatham River. approach fact, told hop boat, Watch gators Sure enough, is, gator scurries remnants kettle syrup-making days. Farther property, remains automobile brought in. word though, too overgrown passage--especially warns, rattlesnakes big crab floats there. promptly jump Ive seen today. motors bays morning break. Barron All-you-can-eat here, everyone menu. particularly enjoys conch fritters hush puppies. scenic recommended locals. views prairies quote Marjory Stoneman Douglas been, earth remote, wholly known. Nothing anywhere else them... Holaway shelling 1995. charters Sound, Cayo Costa Park, Cabbage Key, Captiva. 45 Kayak tournaments sponsored Hobie County. BEACHES FORT MYERS SANIBEL Hooked Location Matters Which join JEFF LY TLE 47 Two teams sweet success annual tarpon tournament 48 MIDDLE DEBBIE rankings. rankings retire. Best dining. quality happiness. living. Rankings involving sports natural, competing loyal fans argument. Now ranking sport ripe storytelling recreational fishing. boats, equipment, permits, fuel, bait, plenty compiling lists. 2021 determine worst courtesy company, Lawn Love, spokesman embraces outdoors. findings stateby-state criteria shoreline numbers charter guides, tackle shops affordability licenses excitement-generating year. LEE COUNTY VISITOR CONVENTION BUREAU Reeling action Sunshine ranks No. 5, wintry Alaska, Michigan, Maine, Rhode Hanson lands redfish. affair. tier, order, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Alabama. bottom Nebraska, Kansas, Mexico, Arizona, Nevada. low, Jones. capital Estero-based freshwater specialist Debby agrees. somewhat surprising, given 8,436 coastline ranked 2, Oceanic Atmospheric Administration data, says. Given year-round opportunities, expect three. note pandemic-driven boom outdoors, important. before, explains, important toward protecting fresh- saltwater generations sound consistent evaluation HANSON 49 Dana Young, president CEO tourism agency, Visit declines comment pitches positives. State, Young abundant array accessible year-round, whether casting dock, beach, pier, geography, expertise community, U.S., worldrecord caught proud premier destination, reel, equipped Likewise, Beirnes, executive Convention Bureau, hits highlights. spectacular incomparable shorelines, Paradise Coast Paddling ideal inland waters. Participants Ding Darling Doc Fords Tournament CHRIS TILLEY RIGHT LEFT Theres competition tournament. Fishng bass. Successful team 51 popular anglers. Powerboats necessary fishing--a specially WaveRunner too. 52 JARRETT JONES Charter client destination anglers, vast reef backcountry jewel Hamman, commissioner chairs Tourist Development Council, red carpet extends sport. Being terrific, comments. hosted kayak events Matlacha, Pineland, bringing out-of-area reporters. cite meetings writers groups county involvement Tournament. Meanwhile, reel glimpses survey 55 least 600 millions--yes, millions--of lakes explore, fishcation shore Refuge Surrounded Lakes, Michigan boasts longest derives Ojibwe michigama, meaning lake. inlets conducive total shorelines. rev engines seller powerboats. Look coral reefs, delicate ecosystem overfishing. Lytle retired editorial editor TV host Daily News. resides Bonita. 53 Polynesia WATER, WHALES, WANDERING SOUTH PACIFIC GLENN OSTLE Left Picturesque church Tahaa Moorea Belvedere lookout diving coral. Dolphins frequently dives. occasion, dolphins close him. houghts mountains shimmering lagoons occupied partner, Pam Hadfield, Papeete, located Tahiti. ferry ride Moorea, larger Windward joined group photographers snorkel whales. stuff legends. Frances sole overseas country, exotic atolls stretching 1,200 Pacific. August humpback whale 6,000-kilometer Antarctica, whales arrive birth rich, calm waters, encounters. 2002, strict laws dictate interactions must occur. rent, lie anchor sunrise shallow surrounding Moorea. 56 300 twice distance mother calf. Snorkelers freediving, chasing, swimming allowed. Despite size, gentlest world, follow encounters terms. Working 31-foot Zodiac, varying few, captain periodically drop hydrophone singing distance. interactions, Humpback calves mothers months, spends resting calf breathe. unusual 15 minutes flow island. fire dancer entertains cruise ship passengers Bora Bora. 57 breath. 50-foot, 40-ton 15-foot humpbacks, nothing exhilarating surreal. CRUISING ISLANDS Following encounters, Tahiti Polynesian aboard newly renovated Windstar Cruises Star Breeze 10-night Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora, Fakarava Rangiroa Tuamotu Archipelago. Each seated bow coffee quietly approached mesmerized halos clouds encircled cathedrallike straight sea. various ports excursions ashore, included activities diving, snorkeling, them. 58 culture highlights vanilla farms, Tahitian pearls account percentage exports. delve James Norman Hall, co-author Mutiny Bounty, post-Impressionist Gauguin, landscapes 1900s. dives trip, notably dive sites Rangiroa, swam wide fields corals schools manta rays, sharks, Napoleon wrasse. inherited expressive ancestors, display barbecue dancers performed dance. bodies symbolic ray, shark, whale, tattoos, marked Tattooing culture, distinctive designs express identity personality. lush greenery backdrop mountains. Swimming easily exceeded expectations, flew honored respect reside there, Ostle long-time Charlotte, Carolina. almost pursing underwater, photography. Ostles photos articles magazines. photos, featherandfins.smugmug.com. stingray lagoon 59 Odyssey FROM MAASAI MARA OKAVANGO DELTA Top lion pays respects pride lions Maasai Mara, Kenya. Bottom Rothschilds giraffe passes impalas zebras Nakuru 61 frica beckoned partner two-week Botswana, Chobe Okavango Delta. excited, Africa, visiting. meeting Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, elected week Kenya, Naivasha, Nakuru, Mara Reserve, documentaries wildlife. Kenya exceptional. rugged vehicle, photographed zoos, all. Lions, particular, surprise, realized fierce loving within seemingly oblivious presence. walked male shade plopping tire. elephants disagreement hole Botswana. flamingos. Over however, population shrunk drastically. IS AFRICAS LIFE BLOOD arrived late July, More wildebeests rains clockwise loop Tanzania migration 62 Kenyas flamingos white pelicans. hippopotamus yawns tail season, brackish Rift Valley 90 Nairobi, drastically, primarily encroaching urbanization salinity Baboons caring parents banks Reserve saw wildebeests, Kenya--the ancestors animal covering 1,700 drove witnessed congregating holes rivers streams. River, drink, baboons frantic banks. fascinating observed herd preparing Botswana Namibia sweeter grasslands. timid until elephant waded followed. tusks across, juveniles completely submerged poking Savute Safari Lodge, nights, watering allowed going. Late faint gray outlines dozens darkness, standing 63 Crocodiles feared worshiped centuries responsible deaths hundreds pair saddle-billed storks dinner. Toward Delta, typically air, hard-packed dirt paradise, improve seasons. TOURISM, FRIEND OR FOE vehicle rushing vantage photo. tourists cheetah pose giving cubs hunting lesson grabbing Thomsons gazelle letting chase eagle Zambia skilled hunter. 64 worked stressed onslaught obviously badly revenue presence put undue here. said, camps harmony land. result, renewed realization fragile environments treasures find. featherandfins. smugmug.com. Zambezi Zimbabwe. Mounds grass riverbanks Delta 65 OLIVER Doris Steve Colgate freedom peace gliding sleek sailboat. Colgates taught 160,000 sail company fulfilling lifestyle. rewarding employees impact lives. Grandparents return grandchildren, teaching electronic devices fun. Family eager skill activity come. Solo sailors couples another, sending thanks, comments Becoming competent amazes students. operated 1975. Westin Resort. partners Downtown Hampton Inn Suites Petersburg, locations British Virgin Islands. package basic sail, special racing events, bareboat 40- 50-foot monohulls, catamarans. Experienced progress navigation passage-making courses. two-hour OFFSHORE SCHOOL routinely womens weeks companys Fast Track Live-aboard Cruising exclusively women yacht, earning certifications skipper boats Shell. providing bonding fourth amenities activities--swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, parks cultural sites, shelling, shopping, Adventures Croatias Adriatic Jeanneau 439s, fleet 26, naval architect Jim Taylor. high-performance keel training Navy Guard. getaways, incentive programs, get-togethers, regatta events. concept flotilla vacations personally graduates Tonga, Tahiti, Spain, Greek islands, Italy, destinations Caribbean. Martin, Croatia, Seychelles, Thailand, information, 888-454-7015 email offshoresailing.com. High, biography Herb McCormick, Seapoint Books 2021. Oliver VP, sales School. Resort, reefs chance O ff lies system artificial groupers, grunts, jacks, flounder, baitfish neighborhoods. divers, snorkelers, visit. Indeed, Bus, Edison, Dean Hicks, ARC, hide 250 species. Charlotte Harbor offshore. manmade materials steel towers, sunken ships, slabs, limestone boulders, railroad boxcars. Underwater inhabitants, pelagic tiny color, CIRCLE KEITH MILLE, FWC ARTIFICIAL REEF PROGRAM GOVERNMENT Loved ones ashes blocks memorial Poseidons Garden. newer example USS Mohawk, 2012. 165-foot WWII Guard cutter West. Veterans Memorial Reef. provide structural shelter, availability prey resources, improved reproductive biological administrator II Division Fisheries Management, Reef Program, THOSE WHO PLAN VISIT REEFS DIVE SNORKEL ARE ASKED FOLLOW RULES ETIQUETTE PROVIDED SOUTHWEST WATERWAYS COUNTY. Look, Avoid stand slightest damage Maintain buoyancy Practice diving. Return fix equipment problems. Secure allow reef. Keep comfortable bother Do disrupt feeding mating, provoke habitat. remove collect souvenirs 69 boating, opportunities. FWC. relief currents, shelter predators, forage prey, spawning Mille. Compared Keys, generally farther coast. bad thing, Lesli Haynes, environmental Resources Division. Since conditions favorable, area. creates refuge contributes diversity Haynes. this. Spring clarity April, snapper gray, red, gag, grunts white, tomtate, jacks amber- 70 jack, bar sardine, scad, anchovy, butterflyfish, spadefish, damselfish, blenny--all lurking Although purpose durable, stable, complex benefits. economic asset drawn restaurants, lodging, retail businesses feel effects. About statewide funded governments funding construction monitoring. 1940s, 3,800 planned public currently 2,500 documented INFORMATION leegov.comnaturalresourcesmarineartificialreefs 239-533-8109 swflwaterways.com swflreefs.com DIANE YORK close, bout 700 Caicos, southeastern periphery Bahamas chain--so music, mellow midmorning slashing blanket Everything intense bougainvillea vivid shades purple, pink, orange, plumeria fragrant yellow blossoms. pure clear. beaches clearest see. encircling snorkeling rendezvoused son, daughters swimming, reunion. stayed four-bedroom villa Alexandra Grace rated Tripadvisor, Providenciales, populated Caicos. Blue Haven sister Providenciales idyllic. Colorful metal all-inclusive resorts island, pay meals drinks breakfast pia coladas pool. Breakfast buffet dining room, sides gentle breezes. curious mix tastes toffee pudding, fantastic seafood, jerk dishes spice peppa. variety, sushi seafood Dishes snapper, lobster, chicken, crab, rice 73 dance PeppaJoy hot sauce. fritters, ceviche, chowder. drink rum punch strong, Bambarra Rum distilled Middle slaves freelance writer Richmond, Virginia, shipwrecked 1841. lifeA listening nightly sessions regstyle health, arts, gae, drum, rock, jazz, Dance Wobble, Cuban Shuffle, Macarena magazines, medical journals, trade publications. moving. daytime, volleyball, soccer, exploring, excursions. Offshore, delineated distant rim place. provided fee encircle Iguana lizards unafraid humans, up. slide fishes. multicolored sponges shapes menu pork mole, plumeria, frangipani, sizes--some fingers reaching creole rice, beans, jerked fragrant, waxy-looking sky, barrels pairs topped sauce shades, adding explosion. residing inside. constantly sift seawater, cleaning mystical plants barracuda, bonefish, yellowtail lionfish, jolthead porgy, rays. shipwreck dating Columbus, unnamed, garden kinds. prized Only 1,000 Grand Turk Wall, dramatic drop-off 7,000 Divers enticing cave system. Scuba Diving Magazine readers voted to. Miami serviced airlines. Overseas Territory, English speaking currency dollar. emphasis highest vaccination rates lowest Covid cases destinations. resorts, Wall barrier 74 Chilling Costa. Sound gets old. engine neutral shut off. surface. listened watched gulf. park excess eight beach. anchored shells. changing. hours earlier, wonders. talked laughed, occasionally bending treasures. pulled anchors, destinations, historic Key. excited characters riends at, Lets following schedule happens. best-laid McCarthys morning, talking catching idled Roosevelt Channel. tide low. Brown pelicans royal terns stood sandbar channel. picked speed continuing conversation figuring fast. slowed Redfish Pass ospreys nests. calmer ran spotted Mainstay Mary highlight SAM COPELAND OTHER running. salty dockmaster, Godfrey, slip dock house. pace quiet steps frangipani tortoise burrow restaurant welcomed smiles led table dollar signed taped estimate 60,000 80,000 stuck walls. ordered smoked mahi dip, beans cheeseburger. Dessert ice cream sandwich homemade cookie-dough crust, drizzled caramel top. Lunch success. sorts. bid farewell dockmaster pointed south. calmed Safety tied blues outside bar. epic proportions. Called fritter, scallop, shrimp, bacon, pickle, jalapeo, olive, celery. hour faded untied bowline headed hopping tide, low sunny cloudy--just choice. waiting eco-tour 77 TANIS RHINES Staying hydrated pampering ater. molecule comprises body. determines well, cells age-- dictating athletic overall skin. dehydration key rapid aging. essential elixir assumes greater nourishment body embrace warms up, 2.6 sweat glands doing job regulate bodys temperature releasing fluids pores. consumption needs increase replenish lost fluid, participating golfing, cycling heat, additional loss liters hour. Exposure caffeine alcohol consumption, dilemma, tricky quenched supple smooth. Perhaps pamper parched address upping game, solutions Eat water-rich foods cucumbers, watermelon, lettuce, melons stave effects dehydration, dry, flaky waxes perfumes, drying cleansers instead. Steer skin-care contain alcohol. long, showers apply bathing lock moisture. Attuso, Spa, recommends Circadia Light Broad Spectrum 37. wear effective tennis golf. award-winning stabilizer Solastay S1, reduces sensitivity issues UV absorbers, Attuso clients Hale Cosmeceuticals Complexion Perfection BB Cream. tinted moisturizer, combination helps tone, glow specialty tissue. ingredient hyaluronic acid, hold weight Dermist M3HA moisturizer miracle molecule, formula types, blemish-prone skin, protected Spa Tween Waters services. prolonged exposure cover strand, notes proprietor Georgie sunscreen hydrate sun. IMAGE DAY SPA 79 Davines high-end hair-care climate. Pailes. forms discoloration, brittle strands, broken split ends, thinning, founded Parma, Italy. extremely rich beta carotene, restructuring effect roucou cellular Pailes sulfate- paraben-free, smell Skin wearing flipflops barefoot skyrockets risk cracked heels. Ultimate Pedicure ensuring babysoft exposed challenging conditions. treatment sea-salt soak followed vitamin-rich clay mask remineralize Callus-busting eliminate rough patches paraffin envelops tootsies spa treatment. cycling, hitting Participating TWEEN WATERS breaking sandals sunscreen, skin-quenching concoctions services healthiest glow. Rhines molecular scientist esthetician. irreverent esthetic expos, Face Harsh Skincare Truths Esthetician Should Know... You. 80 KLAUDIA BALOGH glucose chronic K nowing certain forever changed eat. example. fruits, bite nearly doubled levels, indulging. do, empty stomach own. diabetic, insulin resistance, tell, healthy, care amount research dysregulated blood-sugar underlying myriad diseases. cancer disease diabetes Alzheimers, abnormal cripple peoples costs 3.8 trillion costs, Centers Disease Prevention. statistics staggering 6 adults condition, cases, genetics susceptible developing conditions, lifestyle choices biggest Blood-sugar fluctuations arent dependent intake. Sleep, exercise, diet normal level. stress, medications, levels. interpretation, Different Fats, protein, fiber cause severe spikes, starches, carbohydrates, sugar-dense result sharper increases. spikes carbs, sugar. happens carbohydrates convert bloodstream. Recognizing pancreas releases usher muscles fat either stored energy. spike, lasting elevated Wanting nap sluggish heavy familiar, highs lows bloodsugar rush, crash. crash individual milligrams deciliter mgdl mgdl. rollercoaster rides, 180 minutes. peaks valleys common, efficient pumping properly absorb glucose. eventually chronically prediabetes, diabetes. Continuous monitoring convenient track 82 mention, extreme physical mental depression, anxiety, brain fog. prevented. regulation, informed decisions basis. believer you-can-manage-only-what-you-measure mentality, game changer measure finger-prick test. inconvenient. discovered continuous CGM, 247 CGMs gather data flexible filament sensor inserted triceps abdomen interstitial fluid. reading, phone device arm, app. appropriate control TIPS AVOID BLOODSUGAR ROLLERCOASTER 1.Eat fats, vegetables, protein starches. 2.Go 15-minute meal. 3.Avoid sweets breakfast. 4.Eat dessert whole 5.Eat fruits juices. wellness 83 NATURE WILLIAM COX benefited white-tailed deer baceous cover, converting Odocoileus virginianus seminolus energy peninsular whitetail rut breeding patch November, 12-inch tail. much-admired Florimammal number-one das mild winters fawning United States. year-round. timing animal, determined exciting factors, enthusiasts shorter daylight lower photographers. temperatures. buck impressive antlers, indicating inches rubbing marking territorial shoulders boundaries. scrapes 125 pounds. female smaller, pawing weighing overhead branch above 95 Bucks larger, scrape. holding mouth 40-inch averaging 175 whitehis antlers rub pre-orbital tails beneficial warmer corners eyes. Several selected older doe deposits scent brief temperature. estrus month prior rut. swimmers leap checked scents fences run bucks, later. bucks activin scrapes, overhanging branches. ities. increased forests cleared selects superior checking agriculture. reduction proscrapes. tection enforcement, reproduction, checking. improvement contributed Mother Natures selective breeding. population. travels thing learned observing behavior local, state, initiates controls rut, buck. agricultural lands. gives fawns. Fawns vines, fungus, berries, spots serve protective camouflage. brush, grass, acorns, soybeans, corn, twigs, leaves, age. deers predators increases population, antler coyotes, bobcats, dogs. indicates remarkable eyesight keen Anything hearing. studying photographing suitable America, amazed sophisHabitat component adeticated senses locate quate herd. mates, predators. regimen prescribed burning, economical tool Cox professional photographer improving Fire nutrients locked ecologist 35 stimulates growth herwilliamrcoxphotography.com. cheers Beyond beer Patricks ts Irelands exports-- Day. Celebrated 17, Pattys party States, regardless birthright. Originally religious holiday honoring patron saint, immigrants States celebration heritage 1600s. backgrounds northeastern states, recorded parade, parade Augustines Francis Field 1601. decades celebrations street parties, parades, lots Irish-inspired corned beef cabbage Green statement day. dyed emerald. beer-based irreverently nicknamed Car Bomb, Boilermaker politically correct, staple parties. Jameson Whiskey Baileys Cream shot glass, dropped Guinness Stout consumed. distilling whiskey recognizable whiskeys. Imports significantly spirit discover. Try whiskeys rocks toast Day, round. Full-bodied hints pear fresh-cut spicy palate hazelnut, vanilla, slight smoke finish. Delightfully Chocolatey Spicy Winter Cocktail ml Clonakilty Single Batch Double Oak Campari drops Mozart chocolate bitters extract dashes cherry mixer stir gently. Pour Tuath square cherry. CLONAKILTY SINGLE BATCH DOUBLE OAK FINISH, 49.99 GRACE OMALLEY BLENDED IRISH WHISKEY, 36.99 family-owned Distillery spirits barley. Cask Finish flagship blend. Three casks maturation finishing ex-bourbon casks, oak, wine Bordeaux, France, hand-shaved retoasted. OMalley blend, combining batches spirit, bourbon ex-rum barrels. COMPANIES resulting blend delivers balanced caramel, dried fruit, peel. finish spices. Hardtack Blended spiced syrup Fee Brothers walnut Peppercorn garnish Combine liquid seconds. Strain cube, Nick Nora prefer ice. Garnish peppercorns. BUSKER TRIPLE CASK SMOOTH, 24.99 combines Buskers Grain Malt Pot matured bourbon, sherry, marsala casks. combined, round, toasted nut sweetness complement Busker Paloma ounces Blend grapefruit soda Mint sprig mint sprig. STACKS DRAM CAN, 18.99 FOUR-PACK producers portfolios. Stacks transform can, marketplace. convenience sacrilegious pop transfer cup. idea access go, cumbersome tow. May troubles less, blessings door. Slinte Mhaith TOTI. lover drinks, well-known 87 KEY B D Dinner SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Wine Vegetarian Food Beverage BLUE GIRAFFE Casual Excellence. browsing Sanibels shops, delicious, island-inspired Sit hand-painted tables Periwinkle sample Sandwich lunch--its menu, signature Giraffe Cake dinner, pan-seared cakes mango salsa, chipotle cream, chili glaze. tempting omelets pancakes, Benedict muffins poached eggs, salmon, spinach, grilled tomatoes lime hollandaise Come locals us. R 2075 Way, 239-472-2525 1100 Par Dr., 239-558-5634, bluegirafferestaurant.com. CIELO Creative Cuisine. sophistication evident restaurants tasteful decor menus. Cielo-tini, curacao appetizers PEI mussels, calamari charcuterie. Entres osso buco, Dungeness ravioli jumbo lump topping Wrap selection after-dinner fine scotches, cognacs ports. Scott McDonald 1244 239-472-5555, cielo-sanibel.com epicurious face creamy cake me. --Audrey Hepburn Jerrys Foods DOC FORDS RUM BAR GRILLE Novel novelist Randy Wayne White develop fictional character, bestseller sandwiches, salads entres. skip mojito. 2500 239-472-8311, docfordssanibel.com GROG SHOP Cigars, More. liquor, liqueurs, beer, cigars, cozy Bailey Shopping Center. walk-in cigar humidor stocked Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, Cohiba premium brands. Grog Shop party-planning assistance, weekly specials delivery. 2485 239-472-1682, grogshopsanibel.com COW Bovine Bounty. pasta, joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, Loaded Omelet. Check bar, Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, sanibelislandcow.com JERRYS FOODS Serving full-service grocery store meat department 7am9pm. lunch, 7am8pm. items. Gluten-free bread buns request. serving beers wines. Coquina Coffee 7am4pm. commitment excellence. Customers priority, deliver perishables, convenience, competitive pricing, authentic neighborhood eat organic, in, sanibelgood2go.com pickup delivery 1700 239-472-9300, jerrysofsanibel.com LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents enjoying classic decades, why. Frittata seasoned scallops crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms artichoke Alfredo Or Lighthouse Grouper Platter lighthouse Call-ahead seating available. BLD 362 239-472-0303, lighthousecafe.com 92 words inadequate. Alan D. Wolfelt Normandie Seaside NORMANDIE SEASIDE Indulge Yourself. Wind Bananaberry Toast Italian Omelet favorites Colombian artisan whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed flair, B, L, D, SB, BW, C, 3345 33957, 239472-1541 310, normandierestaurant.com. GRILL Color. pub fare--juicy burgers, baskets Buffalo wings--and Youll bartenders oftensought-but-never-found feel, spot. 703 239-472-4453, thesanibelgrill.com 93 medicine. --Joel Fuhrman Ceilo THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine grouper, oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack blackened mojo allure trappings, glorious table. Casa Ybel 239-472-9200, thistlelodge.com TIMBERS RESTAURANT FISH MARKET Dine Favorites fried calamari, platters lump. Be adjacent market. 239-472-2722, timbersofsanibel.com TRADERS Experience. Traders emporium entertainment Tuesday Thursday evenings singer guitarist Danny Morgan, icon. gumbo, macadamiaencrusted 1551 239-472-7242, traderssanibel.com 94 Old T2 BISTRO WINE Favorite. Opened owners Bar delicious dishes, trendy tacos savory flatbreads, coastalinspired classics. rotating craft draft selection, envy lively dcor. Outdoor seating, shop, anytime between. 2340 239-558-8919, T2traders.com recipe soul. You, cook, soul recipe. --Thomas Keller CAPTIVA Story Continues. Building continued success, chain Whites character doors Docs Bread entres panko-fried dry-rubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, docfordscaptiva.com KEYLIME Changes Fooditude. picket cheery canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. eclectic includes walnut-crusted CANTINA Nacho Madres Mexican. inside, serape piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style subtly suggest gone border. 14970 239-472-0248, captivaislandinn.com bank account. Good investments. --Bethenny Frankel sausage peppers, escargots baked cheese tomato. 11509 Andy Rosse Lane, 239-395-4000, LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM Upon Time ... coffees, extra-strong Red Coffee, cappuccinos lattes Those tooth scoops Queenies milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint brewed pond. grub. beachside patio gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, muckyduck.com 96 Blanc OLD HOUSE FloridaNew American. Chef Greg Nelsons centers bounty fish. promises breakfasts choices, flair. Wines presentations, Room BF 15951 239-472-5161 421, OldCaptivaHouse.com. RC OTTERS Otterly American.The multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf cravings. Diners seven perhaps pecan-crusted goat salad. 239-472-6200, BIMINI BAIT SHACK Giant Tiki Hut. thatched upper deck, vibe, entertainment. Daiquiris cocktails, plus wine, offerings. plates shucked oysters, juicy burgers ribs smoker. started. 17501 Pointe 239-360-2248, biminibaitshack.com 239-395-1142, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD Inspired Bistro. charming, caf European touch. wood-grilled BLANC Epicurean. Jenga, sauce, modeled 98 uncertain. first. --Ernestine Ulmer entre robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted garlic rosemary reduction, Octopus SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, enjoyed shared entire clean, contemporary ambience savor creations Whitaker chef Claude Roge, whose talents lift peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, blancentertainment.com BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. outrageous tasty diners steak chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 St., 239-362-2843, blusushi.com BROADWAY PALM DINNER THEATRE Than Show. out, show, facility 450-seat theater, 100-seat box Off Broadway Palm Theatre, 120-seat Royal 30-seat Sabal lounge lobby. Shows Broadway-inspired musicals connected change back. Alice edgy performances childrens theater. Evening matinee plated option Friday Saturday. Tickets purchased 1380 Colonial 239-278-4422, broadwaypalm.com LYNQ Linking Through Global Music. dimly lit cavernous cool vibe. Clusters sofas mingling. international offerings poke bowls all-American burgers. Handcrafted Lynq Mules, breweries drinking adventure. Live select nights. 16230 Summerlin 239-204-9345, lynq.life 102 Giada De Laurentiis TWISTED VINE Exceptional Dining. District freshest Angus innovative entrees. Extensive boutique wines glass. Courtyard parties 2214 239-226-1687, twistedvinebistro.com BEACH Sequel. story--a sequel. Matanzas banana leaf baby ribs. 708 239-765-9660, docfordsfortmyersbeach.com Springs Like Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes sliced bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles accompanied fresh-ground reasons Pop Philly cheesesteak, down. 25091 Bernwood Springs, 239-948-4123, old41rest.com 103 cook wine. Sometimes W.C. Fields RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, dozen rotisserie-grilled meats, carved tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, traditional black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. save decadent dessert. Friday-Sunday. LD 8017 Plaza del Lago 101, Estero, 239-498-0018, rodiziogrill.com RUTHS STEAK Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously whitelinen-covered mood. petite filets cowboy-sized rib steaks tender juicy. Choose creamed spinach sweet-potato casserole. Shops Point, 23151 Village 239-948-8888, ruthschris.com ensure date. However, detailed andor reservations establishments. 104 teaspoon ginger, minced sesame pepper Mix Serve chips 1300 Hendry 239-314-3856, oxbowfortmyers.com Asparagus-Rosemary Bisque Restaurant Nosh Serves stick cup flour Vidalia onion, finely chopped bunches rosemary, sprigs quarts chicken broth vegetable cups Salt pot melted, spoon, aside. texture six-quart pot, onion deglaze broth, simmer. butterflour Cloud Marlin vanilla-flavored vodka coconut-flavored ounce Coco flakes, shaker, combine Shake martini Sprinkle flakes immediately. 23150 Fashion 239-947-2203, restaurants-and-marlin-bars Tuna Tartare Nori Chips Oxbow 1-2 sheets nori cold tablespoons cornstarch canola Togarashi Japanese mixture Cut triangles. slurry. degrees Fahrenheit. Dip chip slurry oil. immediately boilbubble. Flip bubbling paper towel-lined plate Toss Togarashi. Ahi tuna, diced cucumber, seeded avocado, chives, Seared Diver Scallops Lobster Crab Topping Brandied Sauce Thistle Lodge Makes lobster carrots, medium chop bunch celery, cloves garlic, teaspoons tomato paste roux tablespoon Spread Bake 350 Fahrenheit carrot, onion. Cook liter hours. Use mesh chinois strainer separate brandied base. base, rum, paste, ounces. Tighten roux. seasoning lemon mix. whisk vigorously. Continue simmer soup blender salt pepper. serve. 1490 5th Avenue S, 239-384-9208, noshonnaplesbay.com BBQ Ribs Round Draft Sports racks Danish brown Las Cruces Rub Pepper coat thoroughly marinate inch roasting pan Seal plastic wrap aluminum foil. 325-degree oven 3.5-4 Remove oven, uncover, Carefully pan. boil, Sweet Baby Rays. brush serving. 1217 Del Prado 239-673-9010, frdcape.com bell pepper, gloves mayo Dijon mustard seasoning, lemon, orange. Bring boil tails. cool, shell. Chop Saut aside cool. mayo, Dijon, meat. desired. Sear Drizzle dish filet mignon mashed potatoes asparagus. 107 Between Lines fox imparts joy wisdom Y ou reading Fox trepidation. premise--solitary woman Montana befriends fox--is fraught heartbreak. Foxes Humans longer. math. book happily-ever-after ending. must, mesmerizing humans interaction it-- bad. Catherine Raven, Mensa, finished Ph.D. biology cottage Yellowstone field classes. temporary prepares move career. Emotionally physically isolated, realizes mangy property afternoon. Eventually, chair, setting dares, settles Little Prince scene repeats next, that. Raven careful pet. scientific method knowledge foxes personalities. friendship develops undeniable-- remarkable. Was imagining Foxs asks book. notion anthropomorphism point, beginning relationship, mostly overcome curiosity. immerses magpies, voles, deer, juniper. learns By story, indeed him, understood appreciated ease insight empathy, resolutely Ravens visits regularly, minutes, curled meters separating unlikely friends. writes. convinced, friendship. finishes Horton Hears Who. friendship, ups downs. disappears, litter kits appears, returns, wildfire, disappears explain detail foxs tears gained emotional toll paid. 109 SAVE OFF PRICE ONLINE SUBSCRIBE website Online internet orders only. Across Flamingos Weeping 9Shelter Keeping pistol Deep Sibling, abbr. NASCAR venue India pale, Bear Underneath shrub Smart, Quarterbacks Down Fuzzy Clouds interstellar dust 4Between 5Veranda Kitchen Ernest Hemingway, 8Ripen 13 Ships command post Go sliding 17 Debtors Poolside enclosures Abundantly Summer month, Rustic Steep-faced hill Rough 1224, e.g. Upland pasture Stomach muscles, briefly PUZZLE N Hidden Word 239.472.6188 2330 Unit PHARMACY Locally Owned Friendly Faces Can Count Needs Are Order Business LOCKSMITH 239.472.2394 Way J-3 sanibellocksmith.com CUBE SMART SELF STORAGE 239.437.6063 11200 Gladiolus Drive cubesmart.com ANDRES LANDSCAPE LAWN CARE 239.887.1233 FREE Estimates Licensed Insured Fertilizer Rock Mulch Plants ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Rd, 122 World Quality Years Call Appointment Mon-Fri 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Parkway ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac Much 239.939.0077 Of SW accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management swfl u-pick farm rewarded basket sweetest, imaginable. sticky prove decide oatmeal scrumptious strawberries--before temperatures skew frozen smoothies Sunrise awake. breathe April fool. Monday Oh no, existential today, pickleball answer Both. bike path thoroughfare. congested Way. Speaking which, T-shirt declaring, survived Seems pretty apropos. busy northerners respite lingering snows craziness. guess busier. be. Saturday gold blesses whats tonight. crazy, Today, me, library, calm, comforting. Wednesday OK, worse causeway, Stop fuming around. Have noticed madding crowds. Peace tempting. expectations. afternoon much-needed serenity. finds farmers morning. German pretzel die for. Wow sweet. coming. Remember ago Well, rising refreshingly icy strawberry smoothies. Slurp... Ill admit involve luxury bedding catered meals, invited waterfront campsite Grassy Key... mind. And, anyway, 400-count camper hers. LIVING REGIONAL FLORIDAS LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE MARAPR VOL. NO. 4.95 Grandest Published VOLUME CREATING UNDERWATER HABITAT DISCOVERING BEAUTY, NATURALLY ECOTOURS TURKS CAICOS CARIBBEAN ESCAPE Display

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