features 34 THE COLORFUL WORLD OF BETTE BLANK Life hinges on coincidences. In Bette Blanks case, her future was changed when she introduced to an extended family member of childhood friend and the author this piece. Today Blank is artist whose imagination sense humor are evident in work-- for example, painting angels riding up escalators. 38 44 TREASURE HUNT Mark Lorens 40-year career designing innovative jewelry, he has looked ancient artifacts, Burmese pythons technology inspiration. WANT TO TAKE BETTER IPHONE PHOTOS After years lugging heavy camera gear, photographer Scott Kelby discovered his lightweight iPhone could take professional-quality photos. Now wants share that knowledge with others. SPECIAL SECTION WEDDINGS Beautiful Places Big Day 48 Captiva Sanibel 52 Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Springs Estero 56 58 Cape Coral 60Naples departments 18 PUBLISHERS LETTER 10 GULF COAST ZEITGEIST An Artistic Design Progress MAKING WAVES 12 Architects Think Deeper 14 Love Art 16 BEAUTY Beauty Trends ARTS Gods Synth Rock 22 YOUR HEALTH Anti-aging Revolution 26 GARDEN The Prolific Wax Jambu 28 STAY TUNED A Musical Journey 32 WHATS IN STORE Whats Hot Southwest Florida 64 CHEERS Celebrity Wine Spirits 66 RECIPES WE LOVE Cooking SWFL 68 EPICURIOUS Dining Guide 83 BETWEEN LINES Perfect Hideout 84 NATURES NOTEBOOK Scrub Jay 86 OUT ABOUT Paradise at End Road 88 FOR KIDS Transforming Childrens Bedrooms 90 PETS Its a Dogs 92 COMMUNITY Occasions Never Coming NovDec 94 CROSSWORD 95 SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS 96 JOURNAL Get dressed, eat well travel safely. issue definitely you. Well give you lowdown some most interesting food fashion trends. Plus, if youre planning next getaway, youll find great ideas about where go beyond. 4 TOTI.COM SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2021 ers tom offer. s u l c lue ecia etB r sp j o 3 fo ift f g age 8 p See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger ASSOCIATE Kathie Smith CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Heather Strudgeon PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Gina Birch Beth Luberecki VIDEO JOURNALIST, FITNESS WRITER Klaudia Balogh OUTREACH MANAGER Emma Eldridge DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Taryn Colburn SOCIAL MEDIA Issac Leach WRITERS David Acevedo, Balogh, Birch, William R. Cox, Erik Entwistle, Brian Holaway, Luberecki, Myles Mellor, Kathy Montgomery, Dr. Randall H. 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Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those BEAUTIFUL MAGNIFICENT SWFL, can get it all W hat summer been If anything like me, turned out hot, busy strange. Have enjoying outdoors Here Florida, all, good bad hot sun, cooling rains, annoying no-see-ums, refreshing ocean breezes. Some people just want stay inside during hotter months, but dont let weather bugs keep from our beautiful environment magnificent wildlife. outside. Breathe deeply. Enjoy life around Why your favorite magazine month beach reading here enjoy sand sea. And who doesnt cozying one famous thunderstorms Whether home, outside, poolside or plane, will help unwind, escape even do little planning. Group Publisher, Media PHOTO COURTESY MEDIA, INC. Our special section wedding venues inspire filled many places host wedding. From simple extravagant, there options everyone. Wouldnt fun guest these locations, festive atmosphere Speaking being guest, learn tips taking photos event issue. Todays mobile phones have excellent capabilities, article Want Take Better Photos show professional tech expert achieve shots. On different note, children grandchildren living their bedrooms use sprucing up, inspiration Bedrooms, story turning rooms into places. More than ever, kids become multipurpose rooms. You them create uncluttered uncommon space techniques personalize while keeping functional fun. Despite what think, we change seasons Florida. I hope fall time rest rejuvenation As continue work past pandemic uncertainty caused, remember remain considerate toward others do. By looking protecting each other, stronger closer. Find ways come together--to understand another--instead drifting apart. Unity beautiful... magnificent. gulf coast zeitgeist DEPARTMENT NAME BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF XXXXXXXXXXX HEADLINE GOES HERE Science art common mandate--to surprise ordinary seeing unexpected point view. --Howard Bloom truth isnt always beauty, hunger is. --Nadine Gordimer Ignatimod iam, peribus, tam occhuit, notem deto forward withfacioraes leap tweak ponlos,Moving utem ini co cis efac sea et inte tereste D ifficult problems given human life. Where extraordinarily new solutions Although scholars admit remarkably data issue, biologists Elena Miu Luke Rendell University St. Andrews UK argue cultural evolution answers. Human beings willing search gradually accumulate concepts methods resolving thorny issues balancing innovation thinking outside box, leaping imitation adapting workable ancestors, tweaking. two studies vast computer coding competition reported journals Nature Communications 2018 Advances 2020, more 45,000 entries offered produce code simpler effective. contestants fell three groups mavericks, lone genius tried something completely leapers 2 copiers, imitated successful small changes tweakers pragmatists, deftly switched back forth between imitating innovating. Overall, leaps were much less likely tweaks, they did led better whole sets ideas. What teach us solving actual societal That need combination occasional singular plentiful steady, diligent tinkerers. Put metaphorically, both daring dancer gymnast quiet, careful tweaks editormechanic. face challenging troubles, too often belittle appetite truth--expressed derisive quip, When door closes another opens, probably prison. Instead, should affirm Cynthia Ozicks observation To imagine unimaginable highest imagination. Confronted long, hard creating strategy tactics positive change, tweaker discouraged witness snide comment, start brand day Im off herd turtles. We ought acknowledge insight filmmaker Federico Fellini visionary only true realist. Since live Floridas Gulf Coast made keenly aware inspirational vision embedded countrys founding documents affirmation men created equal inalienable life, liberty pursuit happiness government governments job protect preserve order form perfect union as goes by. observed other ugly demonstrations rioting, looting violence spun peaceful protests. anger fueling such uncivilized behavior evidence blindness progress thus far impatience path gradual improvement. Such revolutionary fervor dangerous adherence radical left right ideology seems promise quick, sweeping solution. Fortunately, experienced petulant disruptions encouraged, organized shared gatherings community meetings plan American ideals. black civil reformer W.E.B. Du Bois wisely advised unusual development amid peace order, mutual respect growing intelligence, call social surgery once delicatest nicest modern history. Twain, artistic bluntness, summed Progressive improvement beats delayed perfection. Ran Niehoff inspired tangible signs since 1991. ANN MARIE OPHELAN Members AIA consider elements Local architects meet State Senator Kathleen Passidomo center, Republican Naples, Legislative Tallahassee. BOTTOM ARCHITECTURE JOYCE OWENS LLC TOP AMERICAN INSTITUTE ARCHITECTS esigning building home requires attention here. South look how design construct buildings homes combat greenhouse effect, resilient and, inevitably, sustainable future, says Joyce Owens, award-winning architect principal Architecture aka Studio AJO. Owens also director large regional representative Institute which helps provide resources education pertinent topics. advocates takes stands climate equity, diversity inclusion, school safety, infrastructure more. Headquartered Washington DC, 200 chapters world. organization founded 1857 13 now 95,000 members. benefits membership extensive wide ranging, Tinder, senior manager media relations AIA. Beyond legislative advocacy federal, state local level, Tinder explains, offers networking access continuing courses supports careers enhances practices, advances architecture profession connects members exclusive resources, along opportunities drive real, transformative change. Membership vital every stage career, adds Tinder. engage variety activities, workshops seminars. chapter, Southwest, all-volunteer group run Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Glades Hendry counties. network, socialize recognized outstanding designs. They participate education, lecture series events architects. advocate policymakers level committed environments society, country planet. Theres plenty talk days, lots questions asked effects gases, designs homes, commercial spaces minimalist interiors. Climate utmost concern AJO passively actively respond rising levels elevated, creates shaded exterior areas below houses, increasing livable, usable outdoors. often, its huge bonus. free real estate, Owens. Orientation critical maximize daylight minimize sunlight, glazed openings ensure connection These deep overhangs shelter sun. Also cross breeze reduce dependency mechanical systems air conditioning units, resulting reduced energy use. must considered specific Construction practices humid wet sun melt roof, wind rain blow 170 miles per hour, notes Buildings strapped together tied ground damage caused strong winds, explains. Impact glass doors windows resist flying debris smash incredible force. potential year-round plays big role. wreak havoc rot any house, small, so thorough understanding correct materials proper waterproofing prevent decay, It makes economic low-maintenance energy-efficient structures built longevity future. saves maintenance costs long run, reduces running deters insurance companies premiums risk fluctuating situation. larger hour. --Joyce MORE INFO 1735 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006 800-AIA-3837 aia.org Miromar Center, 239-332-1171 aiaflasw.org 2281 Main Street, 1630 Periwinkle Way, 239-362-1688 architecturejoyceowens.com AIAS STATEMENT VALUES stand equity rights. strengthens communities. communities impact opportunity. investing speak listen. no lack J Centers Arts campuses--one visual arts performing arts. CENTERS BONITA SPRINGS oining socialize, learn, knowledge, participate, volunteer there. wealth this. One CFABS, galore explore art, music, theater, film dance classes attend concerts, films, performances lectures. CFABS consists dedicated Center Visual multiple fine galleries, fully equipped studios, gift shop, library, sculpture garden painting, drawing, clay, more, according marketing creative Christine Elzinga. Meanwhile, Performing Arts, patrons dance, comedy, film, lectures youth classes. Following organizations catering galleries. Centers, Leagues Associations Alliance 10091 McGregor Blvd., 239-939-2787 artinlee.org League 1451 Monroe 239-275-3970 artswfl.com BIG 900 Dunlop Road, 239-395-0900 bigarts.org 516 Cultural Park 239-772-5657 capecoralartleague.org 26100 Old 41 239-495-8989 artcenterbonita.org 10150 Beach Association Gallery 3030 Shell Mound 239-463-3909 fortmyersbeachart.com Naples 585 239-262-6517 naplesart.org Pine Island 4577 Matlacha 239-283-4432 pineislandart.com 15 BETH LUBERECKI Every fabulous fragrances luxurious lotions, beauty must-haves everything SMILE PRETTY might ready lips LOral Paris Infallible Pro Gloss Plump 9.99 that. Available universal shades, long-lasting nonsticky lip gloss make pout fuller soft flexible applicator easy contouring sculpting. formula infused hyaluronic acid nourish soften lips. drugstores massmarket retailers. DAZZLING COLORS Urban Decays Vice Lipstick line 17 100 shades ranging bold brights moody darks trendy neutrals. finishes--Mega Matte, Comfort Metallized, Sheer, Sheer Shimmer Cream--the long-wearing lipsticks offer creamy texture rich color dispersion. Ingredients aloe vera, jojoba avocado condition Ulta Beautys locations Bell Tower 239-334-0659, ulta.com, Cypress Woods Shopping 239-766-4107 Town 239-766-4283 stores Coconut Point 239-992-0361 Coralwood 239-458-3522. SEASIDE SCENT Tommy Bahama again newest mens fragrance, Maritime Triumph 82. spicy-woody eau de cologne top fresh bergamot juicy mandarin, middle cedar leaf, warm nutmeg vibrant pimento berries, dry patchouli saffron. Like scents Collection, limited-edition offering comes bottle topped metal cleat nautical rope design. Pick store 239-947-2203, tommybahama.com companys several locations. INSPIRED IRELAND surprising fragrance described capturing feeling sunny popular item Blue Poppy downtown 239-990-6910. unisex Cologne Spray 42.95 Irish company Inis western Sicilian lemon, heart geranium lily valley base sandalwood, oak moss clove. Housed frosted cap styled after pebbles beach, clean scent feel ocean, arent moment. shop carries Voyager Gift Set 31.95 travel-sized version plus hand cream, body lotion shower gel. KEEP IT CLEAN Indigo Wilds Zum Hand Soaps 7.50 tackle dirt harsh chemicals preservatives. lemongrass lavender, plant-based, biodegradable vegan soaps feature ingredients natural olive, castor coconut oils hands hydrated theyre getting clean. Aromatic essential oil blends pleasing handwashing enjoyable relaxing experience. Look Adas Natural Market 239-9399600, adasmarket.com Whole Foods 239-935-6550, wholefoodsmarket. com, Publix stores. DAVID ACEVEDO Cobress band listening ON BOTH PAGES COBRESS oF kind magic lost playing especially play with. --Frankie Orion Lead Guitar SynthsVocals, Xid Drummer, Mariani VocalsGuitar synths, Frankie Vocals BassSynths, Colin t Friday nights needed loud rebellious music. Lucky extremely venue night. disappointed. fact, mesmerized inspired. Lights, glam, sound creativity--the recipe rock concert. late 2017, lead singer bassist musicians backing Colts solo project EP release. Colt, Orion, popularity scene--a enchanting audiences alto vocals self-designed glitzy garments. Later year, decided name Cobress. synth master recording recruited 2018, officially born. married February 2017. Their love music performance bonded spirits. met stage, first stage. Later, proposed weve lived deal lives stages ever since, Colin, accomplished tat- artist. sense, really matter before would together. couple performs together, writes bands songs. night saw perform, chemistry everyone else audience. refined loud, melodic thunderous same time. Songs Ritual Superblood Wolfmoon 2019 Neon Royale, Chapter Fire define poetic, ethereal, hard-rock 19 machine--hungry expose very unapologetically lyrical souls think futuristic playfully calling witchwave, Frankie. Yeah, describe dark, sexy, electronic rock, acknowledges addition yet influential aspect sound. explains writing process song different. Sometimes songs app then send produce, structured needing lyrics melody, says. styles quite different, making uniquely Cobress, performers, setbacks, months. still able perform connect audience way best, Frankie, virtual world touch fans. Resiliently, managed finish release album Four Air 2020. doing shows gaining momentum, suddenly nothing, Xid, had adjusting virtual-only didnt see person half having over Zoom. bizarre, songwriter. now, rehearsing preparing long-awaited return sparkle eye. Void, enigmatic ballad powerful alluring lyrics, exemplifies power songwriting. Remember played over, because enough Exactly attribute 20 friendship craft. with, considers healer. try full spectrum can, auditory representation that, cant Id it, Colin. Angela Page, creator Your Rebellion zine nonprofit fellow musician, once. unique combines cannot anywhere area, former Young Dead band. stay. Fans me wait again. Cobress.com. Acevedo writer He founder owner DAAS CO-OP Gifts Union Artist Studios. bachelors degree Puerto Rico, Mayagez Campus. 21 KLAUDIA BALOGH Anti-Aging age--or concept aging whether inevitable changing. born, entire ahead unknown, except thing clock stop ticking. beginning humanity, however, quest slow down reverse clock. But possible Countless remedies, procedures drugs look, younger. How 60 30 book, Lifespan Age--and Dont To, Sinclair, renowned professor genetics Harvard Medical School, important distinction extending prolonging vitality. calls disease, actually perhaps cured, prevented. Before mind starts wonder theres going pill immortal, no, thats exactly works. Aging, does pain, memory loss disease. intensive skin-care regimen mean longer, well. WHAT IS AGING Aging complicated biological influenced myriad genetic epigenetic environmental factors. Recent research established nine hallmarks aging, DNA mitochondrial dysfunction accumulation zombielike cells called senescent cells, stem older unhealthier decisions make, occur, leading faster deterioration. According Disease Control Prevention CDC, adults least chronic health cancer, Alzheimers disease diabetes, four conditions. prevented lifestyle choices--and picture, becomes staying healthier longer opposed medication last 23 LIFESPAN VS. HEALTHSPAN Red light therapy thought aging. Neil Paulvin, physician study medicine, told ago healthspan unknown term most. People mindset Paulvin lot early mid-30s proactive approach terms, lifespan length health. bedridden ones dream, idea healthy happy one, case worlds longest-living cultures, momentum. advanced modalities mentions hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapies, exosomes, peptides, red therapy, found benefits. Additionally, various research-driven supplements NAD, spermidine curcumin lower inflammation optimize metabolic cellular function. MEASURE MATTERS Regardless live, role quality step slowing buying therapies. begin baseline status. suggests testing gut health, methylation, genetics, micronutrients, metals mass composition, inflammatory markers heart. Then, professional, incorporate based bioindividual physiology, best results WAYS PROMOTE LONGEVITY Proper nutrition key healthspan. Occasional fasting Exercise Cold exposure--cold showers, cryotherapy, ice bath Grounding--being barefoot earth Meditation Healthy diet 24 Most anti-aging treatments focused cosmetic youngerlooking belongs young body. CHRONOLOGICAL VS BIOLOGICAL AGE younger-looking tell wrinkles will. born 1971, 2021, chronological 50, less, depending Until recently, measuring objectively challenge. telomeres, caps end chromosome, used go-to metric. accurate prediction put 2013 Steve Horvath, UCLA, naturally occurring methylation. attach detach throughout response factors nutrition, exercise stress, Hannah Went, operations TruDiagnostic, company. gene expression changing structure, Went basically, acting sticky DNAs reads recipe, slower treating wellness Media. 25 ERIK ENTWISTLE sweet, abundant fruit thrives hether wax jambu, lembu, makopa, java apple, champoo, jambu air, bell fruit, jaamrool, rose apple name, taste sweet--and tree produces Syzygium samarangense delightful landscape. Native Malay peninsula nearby Southeast Asian islands cultivated region extensively, finds itself equally mainland While never encounter aisle grocer, grow exotic enticing yourself. specimens obtained FruitScapes Nursery located Island. First planted white, unnamed cultivar surprised quickly became established, care irrigation organic fertilization. Furthermore, evergreen pruning handsome round. few initial planting, added variety. Both thriving white already prolifically, maturing. trees behold, textured, reddish bark short, branching trunk. showy flowers stunning numerous, attractive honeybees pollinators. flowering period usually May. Fruits follow, forming numerous hanging clusters. sheer quantity strik- Clusters ripening June May difficult fruiting grows prolific jambu. ing indeed, ripe, fruits pull easily tree. Many chance harvest them, simply retrieved ground. liken water. juicy, crisp similar pear lighter delicate. edible skin looks polished shiny, hence names. center contain seed, gauzy, comparatively tasteless. peel discard core. Alternatively, sliced lengthwise salads. gorgeous prodigious amount delicate perfume leaves. crushed, aroma resembles itself, resting production. guava papaya, susceptible flies. With tree, crop infestation problem certain ripen unblemished, enclose developing clusters protective mesh bags, done commercially native region. adventurous space, try. undoubtedly winning attributes. Pianist, instructor musicologist Entwistle teaches Sanibel. Stay Tuned column hobby vegetables using gardening methods. 27 trip Venice via Mendelssohn S ometimes escape, secret ability transport away everyday reality lives. said musical journey metaphorical sense. pieces owe physical location spark ride. Mendelssohns Venetian Gondola Piano. place Ive privilege visit, seen number images videos once-storied republic. seemed my minds eye listened composers own arrival city canals lengthy European sojourn him write gondola song. Writing parents siblings October 1830, describes boat ...We went calmly city... under innumerable bridges, landing lively ships lay theatre gondolas... waited lines masters Grand Canal, Marks Tower, Winged Lion, Doges Palace, Bridge Sighs obscurity increased joy heard familiar names dark outlines, was, Venice. Within five days letter family, composed sent copy Delphine von Schauroth, pianist composer whom fallen failed relationship. vocal genre frequently operas time, conceived visited, novels poetry read, politics personal struggles, fair game exploration. contribution Without Words piano famously lifetime. Venetianisches Gondollieder years. nocturnal, atmospheric minor characteristic rocking rhythms compound meter conjure water-based imagery. modest serve examples tendency program notes, absolute hallmark romantic style 19th century. Composers increasingly experiences sources 29 today accept unremarkable, resistance worth--a chief depict anything, loses integrity aesthetic value tries so. prevailing skepticism hesitancy, travels helped open floodgates soon followed, Ill column. pieces, Italian Scottish symphonies, travels, function viewed generic barcarolle-type symphonies perfectly disregarding descriptive titles. piece entitled Song, inevitably listener direction, invites feelings interacting encounters works history--not turn Venice, era. Thats escape. kinds journeys us, limited willingness engage. lives, journey. taken received undergraduate Dartmouth College. earned postgraduate Louis doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. 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Berkeley, paints escalators heavens Who fascinated geometry bathrooms alligators cousin marriage, Blank. Brooklyn seventh grade. bicycling, Coney talking endlessly boys. things. Her encouraged creativity, nurtured Museum. Bettes cousin, Stu. second floor house floor. friends, cute. visited occur hoping diverged colleges, although intersected Stu family. century later, portrait painted words background bedroom furniture 13. She recalls sweater arranged neatly drawers, books read finalist Talent Search. recall astounds me. 35 type hierarchical organization. invent individuality. engineering, math, physics backdrop, course, Review, prepare students College Admission Test MCAT. continued develop Fine Work Provincetown, Massachusetts Summit, Jersey Woodstock School York. Frequent trips Madison, Jersey, museums galleries Manhattan gave broad exposure scene. 2007, canvas, 20x 16. Annunciation War Iraq Temple Nails II , 2004, 30x 40. electric blue stripes Bette. shrinking violet. 36 IMAGES Bather 2015, ink clayboard objects events. subject nail salon, dentists office, salami sandwich pair pajamas, through eyes perspective. titles tongue cheek Sushi Palace Japanese restaurant, salon George Bush TV screen announcement. Family art. mothers condo Hollywood, woman soaking tub geometrically tiled bathroom, palm sky visible window. details polish bathers toes, colors. avoid alligator Alligator. Visiting paintings alligators. Portraits icons culture frequent subjects Marilyn Monroe, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Ayn Rand, touch. Refrigerator black-andwhite photo clipped refrigerator, groceries. scientist, hair beard sweater, contrasted blackboard obscure equations. image Freud placed against theories. teaching business, painting. retired paint ago. permanent collections Jewish Museum York, Hunterdon Prints Newark Public Library, private collections. represented Schlesinger, Adam Baumgold believes started reflect started. waiting next. betteblank.com Instagram betteblank. Alligator, 11x14 Refrigerator, 2010, linen, 40x 30. full-time resident 2011. previous articles technologies telemedicine autonomous vehicles. 2012, x inches 37 Treasure Loren brings history, nature one-of-a-kind jewelry KATHY MONTGOMERY MARK LOREN n describing training apprentice Frederick Prete, jeweler, goldsmith designer Chicago, Ren Lalique, establishing voice. undisputed Nouveau movement. greatest Lalique patron material, Loren. allowed whatever wanted ENHANCING HISTORY buy regardless. 1980s, freedom business industry fixated Kristin Hummel, concerns focus Atocha coins, silver wearing perfecting gold Spanish coins recovered Designs. strives shipwreck Nuestra Senora freedom. Keys waters treaa tremendous volume custom-design sure hunter Mel Fisher. area saturated repairs, am privileged like, clientele support network buyers overseas, came work. artist, liberating soul level. across artifacts interesting, Egyptian, Hunt 39 Viking, Roman items dating Crusades. Decommissioned museum included fragments Byzantine 17th religious icons, crosses Judaic materials. Ancient bronze statue fragments, Sumerian stone seals mosaic tesserae hand. fragile present challenge, however. Unlike coin, encased frame, jewelry. technically innovative, artistically adept 3,000 4,000 old, At first, fragment bed gold, re-creating missing parts diamonds. putting wouldnt expect, artifact, item, couldnt replicate it. cardiothoracic surgeon Hummel wife, Kristin, popped hand-carved model. surprise, mold impression intricate cross. launch Designs Historic Impressions Collection. Hummels fragment. creation clients Tom Linda Crider international award-winners accidents, impressions cross, cast editions, uniqueness original pleased discovery mirror wife. Hes genius, transcend bring studio 40 catch snake outing, motivated trained hunt predators himself. Also, Roepstorff showed wallets belts snakeskin, patterned skins incorporated additional awareness python sale donate Clinic Rehabilitation Wildlife CROW challenge method pliable skins, took dozen attempts proprietary durable Earrings pendants proven popular. cufflinks, ITS TECHNICAL NATURAL AWARENESS intrigued Geoff Roepstorff, years, certified licensed remove invasive Everglades. jumped accompany stunned mammals, CEO Edison National Bank Islands. believe devastation wreaked animal population Two celebrate 50th anniversary client, Crider, engineer, sketching ring planned Linda. His diamonds represent couple, surrounded 50 stones signify including 42 eight birthstones children, seven grandchild. Quite grouping elements, traditional hand-carving blocks design, computer-aided CAD, allows three-dimensional com- hunting snakeskin. designed shown Linda, anniversary. modified team assistance CAD left, allowing prototype 3D printer. --Mark 13351 239-482-4664 marklorendesigns.com puter, photorealistic final product. ensures structurally last. Designing head, angles picture like. gap expect deliver. heirlooms perfectly, meaningful cherished generations. execute Criders concept, client made. bit clumsy wasnt thought, Tweaks versions. Instead round diamonds, suggested pear-shaped completed, model size, look. involve custom-designed pieces. means staff country, sharing text emails. absolutely families will, legacy Montgomery book advice picture-taking ubiquitous device ALL SCOTT KELBY photographer, equipment just-right hes shooting. noticing wife shots iPhone. carrying shes crushing Tampa area. Shes got light, breezy thing, rolling backpack. closer iPhones contain. pretty sophisticated, newer models. cameras spend money ago, So sink camera. seriously, shares learned Photography Book Professional-Looking Images Using Camera Always Rocky Nook, 29.95. photography wanted, this, secret. shoots most-shot Teaching Kelby. Do Photoshop Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques Photographers editor publisher User magazine. cohost weekly Grid leads digital seminars DNA, guy know Tampa-area loves released earlier focuses photography. pictures. hear friends good. --Scott Oh gosh, youve burger place. sickness cool, wound teacher, continues. realized stuff happy. excited run. why teach. regular basis--Apple claimed billion active earnings call--he hands. 45 Exposure Compensation option 11 later bright dark. Shooting video mode fill subject. photos, documenting history say, Man, Especially judged, Back media, someones house. everything, immediately photo. post photo, crickets, react photography, nicer reaction. proponent people, shooting above, phone selfie. better, jawline, hides extra chin flattering. Everyone high angle. Learning tricks improves overall technique. tilt head way. say arms bunches in, gaps heads. close. tilts heads close loving rather convicts line. TECHNIQUES TRY packed tips, obvious importance holding magnifier super closeup pictures landscapes food, editing biggest, basic mistakes shoot intention, treat cameras. thinking, camera, spending cut tops peoples portraits. needs intentional, one-third hair. 46 connected. Good photographing harshest, meanest, nastiest source universe, direct thing. Go shade awning, flattering game, recommends purchasing one-stop diffuser. Professionals diffuse bucks Another tip height day. dawn sunset, light. low beautiful. Cities beautiful, advises advantage users improve either afterward. brightness Just tap face, finger drag until gets brighter darker. control walks photo-editing provides. number-one forget sharpen sharpening, sharpness. sign gone crunchy. vacation unnecessary Try tourists pictures, Tourists kill possible, patience. technique front Cinderella Castle Walt Disney World, minutes capture moment castle. split lifeguard tower around. Those things tourist Kelbys applies encountering fewer people. early, out, trick Be 645 morning, portfolio work, visit scottkelby.com. freelance Nokomis, longtime contributor Learn bethluberecki.com. PHOTOGRAPHING FLORIDA grew Lakeland, shots, spots Key West, Tampas Ybor City Sunshine Skyway. birds photograph likes there, figure taken, 47 weddings Wedding wow plans formal ballroom leaning casual bells joyously. favorites. TWEEN WATERS ISLAND RESORT SPA, CAPTIVA Tween Waters Resort embraced Mexico side Sound other. So, wherever breathtaking view, Nicholas Royka, sales coordinator. resort groups, immediate family-only intimate dinner Garden Terrace House married-at-sunset large-scale tented reception 250 full-service coordinating. connections planners, florists vendors dreamed of, Royka. Spa historic charm luxury amenities. Spa, 15951 Drive, Captiva. 239-472-5161 tween-waters.com. Contact nicholassancapbeachresorts 458. LETTERS COMPANY TWEN SOUTH SEAS OTHER MATT STEEVES PHOTOGRAPHY Seas provides fitting backdrop saying paradise. RESORT, imagining beachfront waters, building, green lawn golf course 300 guests, accommodate. specialists plans--from entertainment, choosing views Mexico. Resort, 5400 Plantation 239-472-5111 southseas.com. contact 800-524-7601. 49 old-fashioned elegance Casa Ybel overlooking Choose packages specialists. LOCAL WEDDING VENUES Cruises 11401 Andy Rosse Lane, 239-472-5300 captivacruises.com Dunes Golf Tennis Club 949 Sand 239-472-2535 dunesgolfsanibel.com Inn 937 E. 239-472-3181 theinnsofsanibel.com Sea Oats Luxury Estate 16623 800-787-5829 seaoatscaptivaisland.com Sundial Middle 239-472-4151 sundialresort.com West Wind 3345 W. 239-472-1541 westwindislandresort.com CASA YBEL SANIBEL Romantic indoor sandy lakeside gazebo reception--and spot choose, wrong. overlooks restaurants ceremony spaces, water, Jessica Cardinale, catering. Event managers assist meals wedding, guests. 2255 239-472-3145. casaybelresort.com. catering, 866-748-8958, 1351 jessicacasaybelresort.com. PINK SHELL MARINA, FORT MYERS Right beaches Matanzas Pass sits Pink Marina. 12-acre property site memorable weddings. paradise, coordinator Dony Rivera. areas. stress-free wont lift finger. Overnight guests sands Beach. MARINA SEBRIE dolphin tours kayak rentals fishing excursions--right 150 Marina, 275 888-222-7465 pinkshell.com. Rivera, driverapinkshell.com. HYATT REGENCY COCONUT POINT MIDDLE HUNTER RYAN SET FREE tropical settings nearly size. Royal Palm Courtyard secluded experience greenery setting North island--located Bay Mexico--and courtyard ballroom, Hyatt Regency all. 53 ride ceremony. resorts bars entertainment possibilities Cove Tarpon accommodates dining guests--all tropical, Belvedere Banyan cocktail event, handle Ballroom adjoining terrace Calusa divided styles, Kevin Hodder, Stylish get-ready available. 5001 Springs. 239-444-1234 hyatt.com. Specialists, 239-390-4240. DiamondHead 2000 888-865-5844 diamondheadfl.com Grandzza 11481 Grande Oak 239-948-3569 grandezzacc.com Lovers 8771 888-704-6411 loverskey.com fort-myers-vacations Trianon Hotel 3401 Commons 239-948-4400 trianonbonitabay.com 54 KELSY STIRZEL SMALL SPA SYDNEY BERNE DAVIS ART CENTER, Sydney Berne Davis River District. PHOTOGRAHY Located District, promises memorable. example neoclassical remarkable features, tall columns arrive. There spectacular 10,000-square-foot Atrium Conservatory--perfect reception, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, engagement types celebrations, office managerbeverage managerspecial Stasi Gonzalez, Melody Giaime dreams. 2301 Myers. 239-333-1933 sbdac.com. Line Ranch 18500 Creek 239-872-9751 alineranch.com Buckingham Farms 12931 Orange 239-206-2303 buckinghamfarmsonline.com Burroughs Home Gardens 2505 239-337-0706 burroughshome.com Colonial Country 9181 Independence Myers, 239-768-9421 colonialgolfclub.com Crowne Plaza Shops 13051 239-482-2900 ihg.comcrowneplaza Grace 14524 Riverside 239-322-7053 graceriverislandresort.com Heitman 2577 239-850-1171 heitmanhouse.com Holiday Ft. Arpt-Town 9931 Interstate Commerce 239-561-1550 ihg.comholidayinn Landings Yacht, 4425 S. 239-322-1106 landingsygtc.com Lexington 16257 Willowcrest 239-437-0404 lexingtoncountryclub.com Misty Morning Barn 18810 Chrissymistymorningbarn.com mistymorningbarn.com Marriott Harbour range ballrooms verandas, MARRIOTT HARBOUR Causeway Spa. Here, fairy-tale place--thanks choice floor-to-ceiling windows, verandas beaches. anyones needs, proposal, ceremony--from gathering 500, Leia Sobieralski, On-site dream true. 17260 Pointe 239-466-4000 marriott.com marriottsanibelweddings. cateringadmin146marriottsales.com 57 WESTIN CAPE CORAL AT VILLAGE, Dreaming lush, Or scenic balcony Westin 26,000 square sizes venues--some overlook VILLAGE Cabaret 4725 Vincennes Blvd. SE, 239-549-3000 capecabaret.com Yacht 5819 Driftwood Pkwy., 239-574-0806 capecoral.net open-air Marina Village Coordinators city, Lexie Matinog, spokesperson Resorts. coordinators assisting venue, dream-worthy hour farewell brunch. grand spiral staircase lobby, wraps waterfall cascading ceiling, waterfront inlet connecting Caloosahatchee River. Village, 5951 Silver King Coral. 239-541-5000 Captain Pauls Charters 1225 SW 53rd Terrace, 239-357-8448 captainpauls.com M 43650 Bermont Punta Gorda 239-872-4726 cypressmranch.com La Venezia 4646 SE 10th Place, 239-945-0034 laveneziaballroom.com Palmetto-Pine 1940 9th Court, 239-574-7262 palmettopinecc.com. Lodge 13771 Waterfront Bokeelia 239-283-3999 tarponlodge.com Hall 1313 47th 239-945-0822 terracehall.com 59 RITZ-CARLTON RESORTS NAPLES Ritz-Carlton largesized weddings--two 500 people--at dramatic RITZ CARLTON venues. debuted 3,600-square-foot main patio, weddings, Annie Jones, public Ritz Carlton Resorts Dedicated onsite dcor, audiovisual expectations exceeded. goal seamless working team, Jones. 2600 Tiburon Drive. 280 Vanderbilt 239-598-6621 ritzcarlton. comnaples. Lydia Redmond, Olde 7165 Treeline 239-596-4797 oldecypress.com Strand 5840 239-592-7710 thestrandclub.com Heritage 10154 239-353-7056 golfheritagebay.com Kensington 2700 Ridge 239-649-4440 kensingtoncc.comt Princess 550 Port Call 239-649-2275 naplesprincesscruises.com Zoo Caribbean 1590 Goodlette-Frank 239-262-5409 napleszoo.org Vineyards 400 239-353-1500 vineyardscountryclubnaples.com picturesque choices 61 LaPlaya 12,000 versatile Bay. LAPLAYA GOLF Situated Bay, honeymoon. Ballroom, holds 350 Bayview setting, lush personalized service fantasy reality. Couples exchange vows walk foliage choose array Jenna Rogers. day, staffs guidance expertise, prepared supervision classically chef. 9891 Shore 239-597-3123 laplayaresort.com. weddingslaplayaresort.com 239-449-1175. OPhelan Hilton Marco 560 Collier Blvd, 239-394-5000 hilton.com JW 239-394-2511 Ocean 480 239-393-1400 marcoresort.com 1400 239-394-0199 marcoislandyachtclub.net 62 REAGAN RULE Adult beverages star C elebrities amounts endorsements, convincing appear younger cool behind wheel car, athletic particular shoe. brands, stars enjoy, roles crafting labels. folks adult beverage radar. NICK JONAS JOHN VARVATOS, VILLA ONE TEQUILA BRUNO MARS, SELVAREY RUM Singer television celebrity Nick Jonas John Varvatos tequila friends. agave Villa Tequila lowlands highlands Jalisco layers appealing flavors. Three classifications bottled blanco, reposado anejo. 45-60 Pop superstar Bruno Mars 24K Magic moves Panamanian rum. owns brothers, man royalty rum world, Francisco Don Pancho Fernandez. Packaged slender bottles rum, chocolate Owners Reserve, blend aged POST MALONE, MAISON NO. 9 ROS BOB DYLAN, HEAVENS DOOR WHISKEY Legendary rocker Bob Dylan co-creates whiskey blender Perry Tennessee. Named iconic 1973 Knockin Heavens Door, includes straight bourbon, double-barrel bourbon rye. Dylans talents beyond studio. Bootleg Series limited-release collectible featuring artwork. ros considering tattoo-covered singer, rapper actor Post Malone. songs, ros-sippin vibe. French Riviera embodies lifestyle. Light, fruity, grenache noir, cinsault, syrah merlot. Malones tarot card, Nine Swords. 21.99 YAO MING, FAMILY WINES Houston Rockets NBA Famer Yao Ming critically acclaimed wines vineyards Napa Valley. participates blending trials winemaker Hinde. Mings stature, big, finesse. Cabernet begins 588 Chop. chop Chinese seal, embossed Only 282 made, numbered. 2016 vintage recently released. REYNOLDS, AVIATION GIN Not Reynolds sip gin Aviation, owners bought business. grown substantially. Aviation distilled botanicals, juniper predominant flavor. website humorous irreverent promoting gin. DAN AYKROYD, CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA comedian Aykroyd, vodka turns heads, literally figuratively. crystal shaped skull. Packaging alone unique. filtered Herkimer diamond crystals, purification, healing properties. Crystal Head artfully special-edition MICHAEL JORDAN, CINCORO innocently enough. Basketball legend Charlotte Hornets Jordan dinner. Discussing characteristics liked spirit, embodied them. sipper, blanco 80 end, top, anejo 1,600 range--when KATE HUDSON, KING ST. Actress Kate Hudson martini. Inspecting contents bar, questioned spirits women. Realizing women producers industry, one. GMO-free corn smooth, finish. street City, hosted parties. 65 oven 2-3 pink flesh almost white. Remove flip crispy skin. medium saucepan oil. garlic shallots sweat. artichokes fingerlings. Cook minute moving continuously. slightly. butter simmer. vegetable stock simmer, clams. Continue simmer 5-8 broth formed. plate, bowl. Place snapper up. 6467 239-472-0033, madhatterrestaurant.com CHI BEAN SALAD BRUSSELS SPROUTS RED SNAPPER Restaurant Brasserie Serves 2-4 cups Brussels sprouts teaspoon shallot, minced garlic, grapeseed tablespoon unsalted cup Salt pepper tablespoons grated Parmesan Saut sprouts, shallot 6 minutes, browned. cook lightly translucent. Toss remaining bowl serve. 2200 Edwards 239-314-3800, luminaryhotel.comtaste silver-king-ocean-brasserie Mad Hatter canola four- six-ounce filets snapper, on, scored cloves, peeled chopped shallots, marinated artichoke hearts cherry tomatoes roasted fingerling potatoes steamed littleneck clams Preheat 450 degrees. Heat saut pan hot. fish, down. Once fish filet, stovetop Diner 4-6 cans garbanzo beans, drained rinsed English cucumber, seeded tomato, onion, ounces virgin olive ounce balsamic vinegar Optional olives feta garnishes herbs basil, parsley, mint serving mix. 957 Pondella 239-599-8877, gogodiner.com BAGARE EGGPLANT CHEF ASIF Spices Indian eggplants mustard seeds curry yellow onion paste teaspoons ginger powder chili Thai chilis milk plain yogurt cream peanut salt bunch cilantro 5 sugar kasuri methi Slit eggplant intact. Fry degrees minutes. heavy-duty pot fry paste. powder, chili, milk, cream. Mix butter, salt, cilantro, methi. Pour gravy fried top. Serve warm. 4270 Tamiami Trail E 21, 239-919-8830, 21spicesdining.com AVOCADO TOAST Omelets slice bread, toasted prefer wheat eggs avocado, meat, bacon, chicken, chorizo, etc. grape tomatoes, cubed Olive parsley garnish toast plate stacking starting eggs. Next meat. edges. Garnish drizzle parsley. 14261 Trail, 11, 239-313-6476 239-673-7545 1201 Piper 239-631-6402 houseofomelets.com 67 KEY B Breakfast L Lunch Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Vegetarian BAILEYS GENERAL Sanibels Headquarters. fullservice grocery hardware covered. Youll selection meats seafood, deli, in-house bakery bar. stocks gluten-free online shopping delivery, service. Store Baileys 2477 239-472-1516 Captiva, 239-472-2374 239-395-6016 baileys-sanibel.com CIELO Creative Cuisine. sophistication tasteful decor impressive menus. Start signature Cielo-tini, curacao cocktail. appetizers PEI mussels, calamari charcuterie. Entres osso buco, Dungeness crab ravioli jumbo lump topping list. Wrap evening after-dinner drink menu scotches, cognacs ports. McDonald p.m. 1244 239-472-5555, cielo-sanibel.com DOC FORDS BAR GRILLE Novel restaurant folk joined novelist Randy Wayne White fictional character, bestseller sandwiches, salads entres. skip mojito. 2500 239-472-8311, docfordssanibel.com GROG SHOP Cigars, More. liquor, liqueurs, beer, cigars, cozy Bailey Center. walk-in cigar humidor stocked Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, Cohiba premium brands. Grog Shop party-planning assistance, specials delivery. 2485 239-472-1682, grogshopsanibel.com epicurious Cow COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets pasta, beef joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, Loaded Seafood Omelet. Check cocktails drinks, homemade Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, sanibelislandcow.com LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Best Breakfast. Residents visitors decades, why. Frittata seasoned shrimp, scallops crabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms Alfredo sauce. Lighthouse Grouper Platter view lighthouse walls. Call-ahead seating 362 239-472-0303, lighthousecafe.com MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Gorgonzola, ricotta, spinach wood-fired pizzas. Fresh pastas, seafood veal menu. 1200 239-472-1998, matzaluna.net NORMANDIE Indulge Yourself. 70 Lets nice cake --Audrey Hepburn lunch Bananaberry Toast Omelet among breakfast favorites served Colombian artisan whole-leaf teas. Relax cafes old-world Curry Chicken Salad Pressed Cuban Sandwich lunch. island flair, B, L, D, SB, BW, C, R 33957, 239472-1541 310, normandierestaurant.com. GRILL Color. Grill serves typical pub fare--juicy baskets spicy Buffalo wings--and bartenders oftensought-but-never-found neighborhood bar feel, spot. 703 239-472-4453, thesanibelgrill.com THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. cuisine grouper, oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack blackened yellowtail mojo allure trappings, glorious table. 239-472-9200, thistlelodge.com TIMBERS RESTAURANT FISH MARKET Dine Favorites calamari, platters cakes lump. adjacent market. 239-472-2722, timbersofsanibel.com 72 bank account. investments. --Bethenny Frankel Normandie Seaside Caf TIPSY TURTLE Relaxed Stylish. Light airy rustic barn-style doors, appeal. cocktails, margaritas mojitos mimosas martinis, headline Starters crabcakes ahi tuna nachos. Tasty tacos, steaks housesmoked pork ribs, desserts. 1223 239-472-1771, tipsyturtlerestaurant.com. TRADERS Experience. Traders emporium Tuesday Thursday evenings guitarist Danny Morgan, icon. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, traderssanibel.com 74 T2 BISTRO Favorite. Opened Bar dishes, tacos savory flatbreads, coastalinspired classics. rotating craft draft beer selection, list envy Floridian dcor. seating, lunch, anytime between. 2340 239-558-8919, T2traders.com CANTINA Nacho Madres Mexican. inside, serape colors, piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style walls subtly suggest south border. 14970 239-472-0248, captivaislandinn.com CROWS NEST Great Food, Fun appetizers, chicken wings always-popular spinach-and-artichoke dip, entrees Saltimbocca, sage leaves, lemon prosciutto-wrapped linguine. Live excitement keeps room hopping. 423, crowsnest-captiva.com. Crows Nest Grille 75 LATTE DA COFFEE ICE CREAM Time ... coffees, extra-strong Eye Coffee, cappuccinos lattes sweet tooth indulge scoops Queenies locally milkshakes sundaes. 11508 239-472-0234, MUCKY DUCK Quack Up. pint beers brewed pond. grub. Visit beachside patio sunset gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, muckyduck.com OLD HOUSE FloridaNew American. Chef Greg Nelsons centers bounty season fish. breakfasts choices, flair. Wines eclectic complement presentations, Sunset Room breath away. BF 421, OldCaptivaHouse.com. RC OTTERS Otterly American.The multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas meatloaf satisfy cravings. Diners week BLD 239-395-1142, Story Continues. Building success, chain Whites character Resort. Docs Bread entres panko-fried shrimp dry-rubbed ribeye. 239-312-4275, docfordscaptiva.com KEYLIME Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies daily Jimmy Buffett beat. walnut-crusted sausage peppers, escargots baked tomato. 11509 239-395-4000, SUNSHINE SEAFOOD Inspired Bistro. charming, caf wood-grilled salmon, pecan-crusted goat salad. 239-472-6200, 76 Blanc BIMINI BAIT SHACK Giant Tiki Hut. thatched roof upper deck, vibe, entertainment. Daiquiris offerings. lovers plates grouper freshly shucked oysters, meat burgers ribs smoker. 17501 Dr., 239-360-2248, biminibaitshack.com BLANC Food Epicurean. Jenga, bread sauce, modeled Then entre robata grill, Lamb Lollipops rosemary reduction, Octopus SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entres, clean, contemporary ambience savor creations Chris Whitaker chef Jean Claude Roge, above peers. Closed Sundays. 13451 Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, blancentertainment.com BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. sushi outrageous highlight menu, tasty diners steak chicken. 239-489-1500 2262 St., 239-362-2843, blusushi.com 78 BROADWAY PALM DINNER THEATRE Than Show. show, facility 450-seat 100-seat box Off Broadway Theatre, 120-seat 30-seat Sabal lounge lobby. Shows Broadwayinspired musicals edgy childrens theater. Evening matinee buffet plated Saturday. Tickets purchased online. 1380 239-278-4422, broadwaypalm.com LYNQ Linking Through Global Music. dimly lit cavernous sofas encourage mingling. offerings poke all-American burgers. Handcrafted specially Lynq Mules, breweries drinking adventure. select nights. 16230 Summerlin 239-204-9345, lynq.life TWISTED VINE Exceptional Dining. District freshest Angus entrees. Extensive boutique glass. parties 2214 239-226-1687, twistedvinebistro.com Sequel. story--a sequel. banana leaf Texas baby ribs. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, docfordsfortmyersbeach.com Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles accompanied fresh-ground reasons breakfast. Philly cheesesteak, 25091 Bernwood Springs, 239-948-4123, old41rest.com RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience flavors Brazil, rotisserie-grilled meats, carved tableside Rodizio gauchos feijoada, black-bean stew, abacaxi, glazed-and-grilled pineapple. save dessert. Friday-Sunday. LD 8017 del Lago Suite 101, Estero, 239-498-0018, rodiziogrill.com RUTHS CHRIS STEAK Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously white-linen-covered tables mood. petite cowboysized rib eyes, tender juicy. sides creamed sweet-potato casserole. Point, 23151 239-948-8888, ruthschris.com information date. However, readers detailed andor reservations visiting establishments. 82 PERFECT HIDEOUT Finding evading villains old-style motel distract hurricane season. good, easy-going Newcomer, Mary Kay Andrews. True, murder. hooked get-go. gentle dog-paddle satisfying conclusion. likable heroine adorable four-year-old niece, heroic interest, mother figure, eccentric supporting characters despicable villains. converge charming throwback mom-and-pop near Pete. Murmuring Surf Motel sort deserves. Letty Carnahan flees finding secretive sisters fashionable apartment. faded dead belongings points town. grabs niece runs. job, eventually makeshift motel, trying solve herself prime suspects. murderer ex-boyfriend, Evan, justice. Evan crooked estate tycoon rings warning evil adversary. Rooney, lurking news happens son Surfs cop, falls Letty. scenes her. undercover FBI agent arrives scene, down, threatening arrest cooperate. Sprinkled mishmash grumpy good-hearted snowbirds inhabit upon Letty, newcomer, suspicion. queen reads, reputation. headed ending, suspense pages. appearing authors Patti Callahan Kristy Woodson Harvey pm. info, macintoshbooks.com. WILLIAM COX Threatened habitat scrub jay upperparts, gray back, underparts, blue-gray streaked breast, throat, whitish forehead eye-ear patch. long. sexually mature age, though females percent offspring. Sexual vigor peaks remains 14. monogamous. Breeding pairs normally clutch breeding unit size three, nonbreeding helper. units helpers. helpers nestlings defend territories yield year. courtship male hops female arc tail fanned dragging sometimes gently nibbles toes. Copulation infrequent secretive. averages sometime March June. oaks preferred nesting, myrtle selected. nest edge clump dense shrub. diameter istorically, Aphelocoma coerulescens scattered associated fragmented habitat. exists destruction fire suppression, suburban development, citrus conversion agriculture operations. states endangered habitat, land development. recovery plants animals depends actions residents visitors. jays current subpopulations northern County northward Clay County. estimated 7,000 11,000 birds, mostly Merritt Refuge Brevard County, Ocala Forest uplands north west Lake Okeechobee. U.S. Fish Service federally listed threatened 1987. Commission 1972, upgraded status in1975. specific, requiring bare sand. Taller vegetation turkey pine consist canopy cover suitable well-drained fine, siliceous deposited Pleistocene sealevel comprising Chapman oak, oak. Other pine, rosemary, palmetto, crookedwood silk bay. scrubs categorized scrubby flatwoods. twigs lined sabal palmetto fibers. sexes build young, incubating brooding. Clutch greenish, brown-spotted eggs, incubation Fledging 12-25 Predators eastern coachwhip indigo snakes. Raptors bobcats prey adults. omnivore, plant material. Examples acorns, seeds, fruits, spiders, ants, wasps, grasshoppers beetles. reptiles, amphibians nestlings. spends considerable December eating caching acorns Territory nonmigratory persist defined defended acres, density ranges acres. observe jays, mentioned, Archbold Biological Station Placid, Canaveral Space Force Station, Spring Park, Jonathan Dickinson Oscar Scherer Park. mid-morning nesting Recovery species learning facilities manage bird. Cox ecologist williamrcoxphotography.com. 85 CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY quiet getaway Chokoloskee sidewalk ends begins, grass burns crimson bright, moon-bird rests flight peppermint wind. --Shel Silverstein Sidewalk Ends Left Relaxing marina Parkway interior hokoloskee road. Connected causeway Everglades mainland, fishermen centuries. pre-Columbian shell mound elevations Ten Thousand Islands My destination outpost relax recharge 1950s, eighth-generation guide, Kent Daniels, dock. Robert Smallwood, descendant Ted postmaster 1906 Smallwood Store, Peter Matthiessens Shadow trilogy, retelling legendary occurred operated ambitious individuals, Ardlean Aaron Tabor, fourth property. improving updating paradise checking Parkway, asked, Coors Miller Lite Amstel handing ice-cold key, said, Grab dock pulled carts emanating portable speaker machine. Stories ranged caught, golf-cart batteries, Pandora commercials, before. Conversations anecdotes old stories retold, found. Enjoying felt succeeded Tatum, says, tank, gas ice, go. highway 29. hospitality ends, smiling faces road, troubles behind... Capt. Holaway naturalist shelling eco-tour 1995. charters Sound, Cayo Costa Cabbage Key, IF YOU GO 1180 239-695-3261 parkwaymotelmarina.co rooms, cottage modular lodges rent. handful slips boats feet, sells Chokoloskee. Nearby attractions Havana seasonally. road Hole Wall Pizza eateries, Triad Caf. 87 sleeping edrooms head. becoming rooms--places study, play. reflected decorating trends bedrooms. charging stations activity Monica parent elementary-school-aged agree homework pile spilling onto room. messy, organized, Monroe. clutter crisis, desks, chairs, lamps devices. Because opt Clive Daniel Nbia Rosa hangoutstudy childoriented emphasis teenage come, outgrown soon. Longer-term money. Kalea duo Charlie Hansen Rebekah Errett-Pikosky, incorporates mix sophisticated inhabitants Errett-Pikosky Home. princess mind, Rosa. CLIVE DANIEL LORI MANNING CIRCUS MURALS SPLASHES HOPE touches coastal elegance, palm-patterned wallpaper. collective trend space. letting imposing areas, Allowing greater input design--from layout--helps effort happier outcome. bedrooms, chairs lamps, bonus seem studying Making under-bed storage, shelving, benches bins, boxes carefully closets clothing accessories tidy bunk beds, trundle beds loft comeback. Lori Manning, ownerdesigner Manning Designs, completed custom bunkbeds twin bottom. station electronics. bunks lights reading, Manning. artwork, incorporating storybook superheroes. murals carried bathroom. Bill Kreutz, children-themed murals. Splashes Hope, pleasant medical challenges rough times. adding metallics--copper, silver, brass, gold--are frames fabrics accents frames, mirrors chandeliers. sophistication, shimmer shine. daughter requested bubble-gum bling. address wall bathroom finished dust, sparkle. lighting reflecting magical feeling. designers bedroom, showrooms accessories, Mega Kids Rooms Custom-designed siblings. Murals Hope Showroom 2777 N., 239-261-4663 clivedaniel.com 239-541-8720 lorimanningdesigns.com 160 Street South, 239-434-5437 megakidsnaples.com 5370 Cleveland Avenue, 239-689-5319 roomstogo.com PO 537, Huntington, NY 11743 631-424-8230 splashesofhope.org 89 hile dogs cats scratch, nap treat, pampering spa. Pet spas services--a brush bath, trims filings, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, haircuts, facials conditioning. away, well-pampered pup pick Fido Maria Gomez lab mix, Max, Gomez. pet spas, cats. Weve gathered spa showers. pampering, healthiest dog cat foods treats 21740 239-948-2287 paw-radise.net GROOMING Grooming Of drop pooch salon--from bathing clipping pedicures. 695 1, 239-472-7297 sanibelislandgrooming.com PAW-RADISE Paw-Radise Trail. grooming, baths brush-outs, puppy trims, brushing ROYAL PAW Paw blow-outs ears filing la carte services from, treatments, whitening shampoo, brushing. 1923 Winkler 239-291-0613 theroyalpawgrooming.com DOG pets Dog pampering. grooming cats, all-natural dry, toenails paw trimming, haircut style. polish, medicated shampoo pawdicures. 28901 Trails Edge 102, 239-949-2726 thebonitadogspa.com door-to-door groomer. storefront salon. Kathies Mobile blueberry facial scrub, conditioner type. files nails uses alcohol-free wipes. Owner Bebo opened May, pounds process. from. Friends Keeper 941-500-3033 bestfriendskeeper.com Gucci Pooch 239-471-9212 guccipoochmobilewpcomstaging.com 239-789-5250 facebook.comGulfCoastMobileGrooming K ATHIES MOBILE humans--shampoos conditioning, styling brushouts, 612-210-2556 kathiesmobilegroomingspa.net Ken Montgomerys Hair 330-808-3254 hairofthedog240.com 91 HOME eases autumn, activities showing calendars Heres sample inspire, educate dying latest pool, miss. products, services, landscaping, furnishings, remodeling formulate home. 25th Annual Show, September 18-19 am-4 pm Caloosa Convention formerly Harborside 1375 239-321-8191 expomanagementinc.comfort-myers 11th Lowes Improvement 1651 NE 239-573-6377 expomanagementinc.comcape-coral Show fun- draw. CRAFTS expansive Crafts Fair selling dcor gifts. Talented artists sell candles more--all forum. holiday shopping. Fair- 19800 llsnevents.com wood sculpture. everyone, ranges, Patty Narozny, executive Works, organizes show. budding awards ages 5-13. pm, Youth Awards presented exposed rules entrepreneurship living. winner receives same, two-foot-long ribbon receive, Narozny. ambiance JetBlue free, parking fee Education IAE, arm arts, diversity, enrichment fostering youth. 23-24 am-5 1500 Fenway artsandeducationinc.org infohotworks.org ESTERO FINE SHOW GARDENING Voted America, 2008, juried artists. disciplines, glass, fiber, ECHO valuable resource food. Locally, hosts Gardening sales. Specialty Farm Tours applies, communications Danielle Flood. Make check shop. Clockwise G. Todd Vaughn, sculptor interviewed Artists SallyBright, Fandel Scot Buccina, Container option. date announced 17391 Durrance 239-543-3246 echonet.org REMODELING TWO CHOURTESY Billed Biggest Remodeling opportunity open-floor redo sunroom, useful tips. Top-name exhibitors, educational featured giveaways three-day held consecutive weekends Lee Civic 29-31 November 6-8 pm-4 11831 Bayshore tsnn.comeventsfort-myers-home-remodeling-show-2021 eventalways.comfort-myers-home-remodeling-show 93 SAVE OFF COVER PRICE ONLINE Year Years SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN RECEIVE FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Online rates apply internet orders only. TOLL-FREE fax 800.472.0635 subscriptions Across Pancake syrup flavor Fishing Undertow, Picture Eagles claw Man __ behold gems Opposed Pat Fashionable Vacation Way 31 Champagne nickname Baseball club Sour Horse pace Down Golden-flowered Seedy Riddles returned Felicianos instrument Popular 7 Syrup Deface Obtained Boat overhaul Rowboat Little bird Become still, Rainbow, brook speckled Atlantic, Dusky brown hue Laughter internet, abbr. Piece luggage Are ___ PUZZLE O N SAN-CAP MEDICAL CENTER 239.472.0700 4301 Sanibel-Captiva 239.472.6188 2330 Unit PHARMACY 239.472.4888 SanibelCaptiva islandtaxi.com rideislandtaxi.com TAXI ANDRES LANDSCAPE LAWN CARE 239.887.1233 Estimates Licensed Insured Fertilizer Mulch Plants SERVICE 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN 239.472.2125 HR Towing ASE Certified Complete Mechanical Repairs sanibelservicecenter.com ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 122 Quality Appointment Mon-Fri 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac Much 239.939.0077 Serving accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Management swfl Wednesday Summer winding highly off-season. full, roads full--is normal Saturday forgot mention--the too. Boats everywhere Labor weekend. bow stern Point. No, ball. silly ball single Ahhh, weekend beaching, boating barbecue. leftover beans Easy-peasy. mention mango sorbet. spur-of-the-moment decision Boca Grande. skies banyan Packing SUV day-long mountains. Looking hopefully chilly evenings. northbound I-75. Everybody scenery then, beat backdrop. jack-o-lanterns glow guess spooky cools teensy tykes cutesy costumes. Monday mountain refreshing, hikes invigorating--but nothing coming causeway. raccoon 1100 afternoon 500. punctual critter. Yesterday reacquainted stick toes saltwater. Pickleball reappearance schedule. snowbird fanatics raring pound Wiffle balls. tennis week. Wow, havent court while. racquet fuzzy sweaty goblins knocking tonight. reference Hershey accidentally lanai. Well, move. hit dimpled enough... LIVING REGIONAL SOUTHWEST FLORIDAS LIFESTYLE VOLUME SEPTOCT VOL. 4.95 YEARS JEWELED MAGIC Published CELEBRITY SPIRITS STARS COME TRANSFORMING DECOR MULTIPURPOSE ROOMS PARADISE BEGINS... TROUBLES ARE LEFT BEHIND Display

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