Ad_Page.indd 1 53017 930 PM 2 TOTI.COM JULYAUG 2017 2_RSW_JA17.indd 53117 420 3 RSW LIVING 24 SUMMER GETAWAY SPECIALS Florida hotels and resorts are offering all kinds of off-schooloffseason packages discounts. Get in while the gettings good. Hes an Eskimo from Greenland standing about 5 feet inches tall, but when he walks into a room it feels like youre presence giant, gentle one called Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, translating to man who looks his uncle. Uncle is shaman born small village youll find at top globe. His quest save our planet. 18 THE MELTING ICE HEALTH WELLNESS 33 Teri Hansen, Faith, Family Business 34 Golisano Hospitals Unsung Heroes 38 Living 200 39 Wet Spots No Sweat 40 Surviving Joint Implants 41 This Is Spinal Tap 42 Nick Gonzalezs Legacy 44 Bad Boys Guide Health 46 Nesting Home 48 Online Therapy 45 Back Roots, DIY Farming Natural Air Fresheners A messenger native people on climate change, or what calls big ice glaciers that melting world, Uncles message also includes changing within, heart man. Read more this modern shamans spiritual plant starting page 18. Cover photo Courtesy Gina Birch ON COVER 4 12 Departments 10 14 16 PUBLISHERS LETTER WORK 32 68 MOJITOS, MARGARITAS AND MORE Cooling cocktails for summer heat 72 RECIPES Fresh From recipes 74 EPICURIOUS Dining SW 82 84 90 92 93 94 96 PLANNING FOR LONG-TERM CARE Differing choices, your best strategy thinking ahead AT YOUR SERVICE Concierge doctors, imagine house call, alternative busy offices MIMI SECOR Bodybuilder writer, never too late start fresh REBIRTH OF BLUES Colorful Cayman iguanas rebounding, saving species, work still CALENDAR Where To Go What Do DEADLY HEADLINE If bleeds, leads, hang hat CROSSWORD SERVICES PROFESSIONALS NEWS VIEWS 60 LIFE 50 52 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA July celebrations Southwest Florida, lots choices LEE HEALTHS UNSUNG HEROES Financial assistance eases road recovery SANITY IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA Politics paradise, hard charging versus stepping away 64 HISTORICAL SOCIETY Little Yellow House, baseball toss Midpoint Bridge PARTING SHOT EXPLORE 54 57 LUXURY AMONG LEGOS Central vacation destination built kids pleasing adults SLIPPING DISC Shuffleboard regaining its charm, game ages SPIN CITY Indoor cycling, practically addicting, heres better health CULINARY EATING WELL HAVANA Cuban culinary scene thriving In Our Next Issue SeptOct issue, we celebrate mans unlimited capacity creative expression. They say art eye beholder, aim give you eyeful it--painting, architecture, dance, music more. Plus, well be exploring design trends as fashion. creativity thing, issue will both satisfy inspire. gift jetBlue customers See special offer. 6 ISSN 1521-1207 2017is published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 7 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Elizabeth Grimm MANAGING EDITOR Brigid OMalley COMMUNITY OUTREACH MANAGER Melanie Heisinger DIGITAL CONTENT ENGAGEMENT Mandy Carter CONTRIBUTOR Kevin Haslam SENIOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund GRAPHIC DESIGN Dana Long PROOFREADER WRITERS Birch, Carter, Nicholas Ciletti, Douglas Gallogly, Garrett, Kathy Grey, Norma Hagan, Dayna Harpster, Luberecki, Glenn Miller, Novelle, Jacob Ogles, Ann Marie OPhelan, V. 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Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 8 6117 405 9 regions future has looked healthier FAMILY AFFAIRS W hile known population retirees snowbirds seeking sun relaxation, surprised younger families choosing make their homes here. The Lee County Economic Development Office, fact, tells us fastest-growing age group through 24, demographic thats outgrowing rest Florida. Many these young have children families, so needs different. makes community leaders take notice respond. shining star region new Childrens Hospital which began treating patients May. state-of-the-art medical facility 128 beds, 400 highly skilled pediatric nurses, 98 doctors specialists, bringing very care area. hospitals physicians beginning 34. As mother two boys, I can only how technology available impressive made life little easier bear was parent. One my sons required specialized treatment intensive unit. think wonderful would been 1991, same hospital where born. Not having Miami Tampa relieve parents some stress, children. It thrilling tour gleaming childrens before opened and, wow, truly impressed saw, felt. layout building sincere, caring demeanor everyone encountered, theres no doubt outstanding hands. Its touching am composing column Mothers Day, finish Media publications JulyAugust. encouraged continue see healthy influx vibrant whose goal raise along sandy shores, futures here bright sunshine. Thanks facilities Hospital, assured ultimate ones, cant compelling reason call home. Just brought necessary improvements community, unveiling digital platforms magazines magazines. We hope use websocial media tools another way discover whats happening beyond. You, exchange, help shape coverage now able share thoughts comments faster. Check out let know think. Enjoy Us Out Group Publisher, PHOTO COURTESY MEDIA 11 Planning For Long-Term Care O BY STEVEN GREENSTEIN ne largest threats financial stability independence potential costs long-term care. Since studies show most need type care, something consider planning. There different ways address individual plans should reflect capacity, personal preferences family resources. cover self-funding. First, examine assets determine liquid they are, order liquidate them if actually enough money easily exceed 25hour non-skilled home example, even higher professionals. Insurance defray costs. traditional longterm much auto insurance with annual premiums. Another option combines rider. Policies confusing terms features vary widelywhen benefits begin, long last, maximum daily payout services covered. Before deciding, agent plan within current budget. there underwriting requirements, premiums affected health. resource. Often spouse assist Even options, ask yourself could additional help, want burden them. You moving retirement facility. Moving emotional stressful tiered communities centers eliminate moves. qualifications, sure research options early possible. progress active living, extended temporary needs, assisted nursing dementia hospice wide range associated various centers. Find suits meets Long-term planning goals estate concerns protecting preserving substantial Sound protects independence, prove greatest loved ones. LEGAL, INVESTMENT TAX NOTICE information intended treated legal advice, investment advice tax advice. Readers, including professionals, under circumstances rely upon substitute own obtaining specific counsel. Steven Greenstein Executive President, Wealth Services, Captiva Trust Company, independent trust company 1.5 billion management provides office wealth services. 13 At Your Service ANDY OAKES-LOTTRIDGE, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. Andy Oakes-Lottridge Private Physicians says concierge private medicine. n last few years, news stories practice America confusing. Regardless fall political spectrum, argument changes Obamacare, efforts changes, left questions than answers regarding face United States. doctor sees patients, Ive seen reimbursement system incentivize--indeed, forcedoctors each day remain solvent. had faster reduce duration visits, average mere seven minutes American primary serves 3,000 4,000 patients. quantity quality incompatible practice, increase volume resulted predictable decrease quality, similar satisfaction doctors. While dont solution ... Id running partners found 1990s, movement simultaneously Fort Myers Seattle. Creative physiciansincluding partner, Dr. Gary Pricedissatisfied status quo, opted insurance-based invent serving reduced patient panel size hundred instead thousand, increased length visits 30 established direct relationships conflicts interest re-empower came sometimes medicine, boutique just 20 years grown couple outlying practices opposite corners country thousands mainstream ones throughout land. Today, schools medicine curricula, giving students pathway career momentum continues build, accounts growth simpleconcierge model. restores doctor-patient relationship lofty level enjoyed being constrained degraded government insurance. receive payments companies, pharmaceutical industry. uncompromising unhurried, respectful setting. Because interest. short, you. Imagine reach any time question, schedule visit today, it. How unable go guide PHOTOS THIS OPPOSITE PAGE GARTH FRANCIS complex maze specialists hospitalists, selecting you, compromises excuses. That world Marcus Welby, alive emphasize prevention proactive enjoy lower rates hospitalization emergency utilization, saves money-- lot money. product good people. model everyone, allowed me kind always dreamed ofhaving treat treated. relationship. So, prognosis currently up air, excellent. model, Oakes-Lottridge, practicing physician Myers, Bonita Springs Sanibel. Visit him Doctors L. West OakesLottridge M. Price administer 15 Mimi Secor got hugs her daughter, Katherine, after receiving trophy. Someone Should Know BODYBUILDER WRITER, NEVER TOO LATE TO START FRESH TM secret weapon MS Yes, newfound discipline. Describe transformation. difficult resistance every other human. didnt weigh measure food, goodies night, accountable amount cream put coffee. used cry over make. rewarding seeing completely change. physical look reflection living. Why choose bodybuilding competition pinnacle transformation hide extremely exposed youve developed body. And because daughter IFBB International Federation Bodybuilding Fitness pro bodybuilder, she helped finally courage plungenothing ever, ever thought do. off radar, completely. incorrect stereotypes describe fitness competitors bodybuilders everybodys taking steroids, true. Im league totally natural. women trying build muscle guys. true, either. going happen lift weights female, quickly. Having beautiful. did feel stand stage When came, fairly calm until realized were was. then became pretty anxious. But real prideful experience. honestly believe doing really drive lifestyle diet. unless do sustained basis. problem. People once get goal, program, eat normal person, M RENE NOVELLE imi crash burn. Into doctoral program suffering sleepless nights, weight gain constant anxiety, recognizing pattern yo-yoing, longer served goals. Determined set example Secor, nurse practitioner, managed amazing earn trophy 62. She champion bodybuilder. today national radio personality, speaker writer mission others transform, writing inspirational memoirfitness guide, Debut 62, encouraging 50s beyond keep striving toward asked story. Youre forward full force slowing down. careful scheduling. fritter watching TV, pretending tired. excuse. Now, priorities context life. DR. encourages gym membership, fine. understand works. Whats biggest takeaway book anything possible dreams. impossible 50s, 60s, 70s, probably 80s, right plan, knowledge next July. exciting inspire men journey. literally transform Details Fashion Editor Media. 17 Uncle, Greenland, passionate outspoken ice, world. SVEN NIEDER GINA BIRCH 19 H HES AN ESKIMO FROM GREENLAND often brings hoping change minds open hearts Ceremonial rituals below using fire drums teachings. stands Angakkorsuaq. Translated, means Those affectionately Uncle. pronounce. shaman, Kalaallit Nunaat, Shamanism ancient healing tradition connecting worlds. Among many indigenous cultures, ceremonial leaders. traveled five continents, countries, spoken Nations General Assembly, met religious healers worldwide featured documentaries. why, international itinerary, smiles says, places invited. On serious note, adds, comes. coming back become state hope. gatherings typically occur course weekend held circle. foundation belief circle, ending, belong, says. beauty circle cannot backs, strength beauty. Judi Macy first invitation meeting workshop 2004. My marriage ending wanted way. back, communication creating ice. relating husband changed me. Now organizes events States uses wisdom shes gained teachings Rolfing Myers. bodywork reorganizes connective tissues, fascia, permeate entire body, according TOP BOTTOM tremendously do, center myself rather head, Growing remote village, grandmother recognized shamanic calling grooming age. He tapped runner elders. kid elders gave direction tell melting. now. 1975, topic hotly debated environmental issues grew vast. given front influential difference, none did. tired changed, went saying, quit. changes. ovations Ecuador either not. decision-maker, healer, themselves shamans. it, takes true meaning, Melinea Holman, holistic practitioner energy. difference between someone hes carried lifetime. breathes Holman himself guide. many, walk path. father path out, come yourself. talk looking clock. suggested approach. told me, learn melt Only man, chance begin wisely. changed. Sacred Mountain officially entered enter needle, tradition. back. job. commitment, word things people, Ruth Henry, massage therapist energy worker Tennessee travels participate circles. Energy understand. Traditional energy, medication water taught plants guys knew ago, arrived, extraordinary seeing, feeling reading Everyone common thing heart. side story story, is. far heart, holds struggles. tend down, necks bent, shoulders heavy. carry burdens friends 21 ceremonies honoring ancestors. Both land human spirit critical parts SHAMANIC TRADITION IS NOT WEEKEND JOB. ITS COMMITMENT. --Uncle 22 RIGHT helps shift energies. chants, gently putting hand body close physically removed. circles drum teaches sounds simple, apply. seeks teaching yourself, speaks miles Greenland. earth population, impact enormous. responsibility. Every us, scheduled events, regular contributor wellknown personality lands emerge bring challenges environment. 23 BETH LUBERECKI shining, warm wanderlust setting in. season Which might urge pack bags head explore city-- relax beach book. matter Sunshine State getaway be, hotel deal special. Here check out--located everywhere Panhandle South Beach. MARGARITAVILLE HOLLYWOOD BEACH RESORT PALM MARRIOTT SINGER ISLAND SPA BETSY SOUTH Jimmy Buffett tune ideal theme song, Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. Situated well-known Broadwalk, resort inspired lyrics singer-songwriter. beach-level family-friendly pools, rooftop pool bar plenty dining drinking spots enjoying cheeseburger paradise namesake cocktail. Through Sept. 30, Great Summer Fun package nightly 249 free breakfast under. 25 per night Bucks, on-site recreational activities hanging ten beachside FlowRider Double wave simulator. Looking romantic Love Stories Could Tell 399 welcome margaritas chocolate-dipped strawberries, 50-minute Swedish couples St. Somewhere Spa, credit, valet parking 60-minute paddle boarding Intracoastal Waterway. 844-562-5625, three restaurants, infinity lagoonstyle waterslide. Guests Loggerhead overnight accommodations two-night minimum Marinelife Center, nearby nonprofit focused ocean sea turtle conservation. participation Adopt Sea Turtle certificate name theyre helping support. 294 night. Kids Time four guests half-day access Club, plus lunch stay. 449 561-340-1700, Recently named Cond Nast Travelers favorite Betsy offers stylish dark walnut floors, marble bathrooms, mirrors incorporate flat-panel TV screens action-packed location. luxe amenities ranging sunrise yoga Ocean Deck lemonade Courtyard Pool LT Steak Seafood, showcases award-winning chef Laurent Tourondels seasonally menus. 31 Oct. 31, residents RESPECTIVE ESTABLISHMENTS Located oceanfront spot, Palm Marriott Singer Island Resort Spa condominium-style suites fully equipped kitchens getaways. ALFOND INN PGA NATIONAL HAWKS CAY parking, percent rate, booked. twonight stay required, blackout dates Use booking code FLRES resident ID check-in. 844-862-3157, Take swing National Spa. golf courses, designed Arnold Palmer. Champion course, redesigned Jack Nicklaus 2014 hosts Tours Honda Classic spring, considered challenging state. golfs game, Gardens boasts European-influenced, full-service spa, tennis courts several drinks. Escape Play Unlimited Golf package. round Fazio, Squire Estates courses surcharge play complimentary replay daily, 35 cart fees person day, clinics, Waters World mineral pools breakfast. Rates 94.50 double occupancy 174 single occupancy. 561-627-2000, extension fine arts museum, Alfond Inn Winter Park owned Rollins College displays rotating installations works Collection Contemporary Art. collection 300 paintings, photographs, sculptures, mixed-media pieces donated alumni Cornell Fine Arts Museum college. Albin Polasek Sculpture Charles Hosmer Morse Art featuring worlds comprehensive Louis Comfort Tiffany, making city spot artsy getaway. Inns Night starts 239 nights accommodations, artinspired cocktails, passes museums selfguided iPod inns installation. staying Wednesday month Happy Hour weekly guided tours offered Sundays p.m. 407-998-8090, midway down island chain Keys secluded Duck Key, 60-acre Hawks Cay 427 rooms villas offer views families. underwent recent renovation Angler Ale, seafood craft beers. 26 Amenities include saltwater lagoon, swimming spa. marina hook fishing charters, Jet Ski water-based activities, Dolphin Connection allows interact swim marine mammals observe training sessions. During summer, fourth free. Stays 888-395-5539, SONESTA COCONUT GROVE MIAMI Sonesta Coconut Grove travelers approach visiting citys action quieter escape midst neighborhood. eighth-floor contemporary artists such Frank Stella Robert Rauschenberg. Panorama Restaurant Sky Lounge, diners Latin fare sweeping Biscayne Bay. Spring gives rate. Blackout restrictions apply promo SPRING booking. 305-529-2828, high-style high-end eats. hotel-- collaboration Tampas legendary Berns House--includes restaurant, wine shop, lounge pastry classroom everything cupcake classes cooking demos instruction pairings. May September, rates, 169 limited number promotion, 855-8292536, DELRAY SANDS low-key Delray Sands occupies quiet stretch Atlantic shoreline Highland 115-room property recently refresh. Guestrooms boast beachy color schemes custom bedding premium feature kitchenettes beachfront patios. Latitudes restaurant coastal cuisine space cues views. 159 subject availability excluding fees. Valid 866-790-2198, EPICUREAN HOTEL important sleep, Epicurean Hotel. trendy Hyde historic district Tampa, 137-room blends HILTON SANDESTIN GOLF Northwest Hilton Sandestin million 2015. Walton, 27 PLANTATION CRYSTAL RIVER LAPLAYA Gulf Mexico views, spots, indoor outdoor variety programs day. easy located Scenic Highway 30A, character charm. popular Bed Breakfast package, Wi-Fi. booking, mention RPFLR2. 800-559-1805, Staycation Deals doesnt mean wouldnt resorts. Book staycation rich fun-filled encounters local wildlife. Part Noble House situated Naples, 189-room LaPlaya great place connect outdoors. again Suite conjunction nesting season, runs October. 2,400, Gulf-view suite, chef-tested, turtle-approved dinner Baleen adult tickets Conservancy Floridas Nature adoption tweets alerting on-property sightings kit bag stuffed toy. donate portion proceeds protect 232-acre, eco-friendly resort, Plantation Crystal River jumping-off point folks interested Kings Bay, federal passive observation manatees beings. result, opportunity swim, snorkel dive alongside creatures. marina, 18-hole nine-hole executive scalloping grass flats hunt tasty shellfish. cook scallops discount Thursdays, during timeframe Discounts availability, 800-632-6262, 28 preserve areas land, Stay visitors hitting links. tee credit. 800237-6883, HYATT REGENCY POINT Hyatt Regency Point Spas addition Last threestory waterslides--two speed slides inner-tube slide-- 1,095-foot heated lazy river. wet-and-wild supplement propertys existing 2,700-square-foot Waterfall Pool, 5,000-square-foot Adventure 140-foot corkscrew slide adults-only pool. fifth rate 259, fee covers self-parking, bottles guestroom, ferry transportation island, chairs umbrellas beach, bicycle rentals. isnt valid groups conventions combined 239-444-1234, golfers 125-acre 7-mile lessons spa classes. fees, parking. Paradise promotion. third stays week, 800-237-7600, TWEEN WATERS Tween acres Pine Sound. prime location options--and postcard-worthy inn 1931 cottages suites. Holidays excluded weekends reservation whether seven. 100-value coupon book, continental buffet, 800-223-5865, NAPLES CLUB Tee Naples Hotel completed total redesign championship done architect John Sanford. Non- DIAMONDHEAD DiamondHead freshened look. 2.5 suites, final phase resort-wide enhancement included lobby 29 WEST WIND FIFTH SEAS resurfacing pool, tile deck. Suites granite counters bathrooms kitchenettes, walk-in showers updated dcor. Dec. 21, based shorter stays, advantage dwellers. Similar SunStream Hotels Resorts properties 844-652-3696, kitchenettes. Relax drink Upper bar, rent bike Sanibels paths. Normandie Seaside Cafe menu winter season. bonus reservations excludes holidays. 800-824-0476, Set amid boutiques, restaurants galleries Napless Fifth Avenue South, Treat Club Level Suites, 516 1,200 square bedding, furnished balconies downtown service retreat. 24-hour Prime renowned restaurateur Cameron Mitchell. savings Sunday Thursday Friday Saturday stays. 888-403-8778, Venice, Florida-based freelance responsible packages, alterations tip Seas multigenerational vacations. Lodging ninebedroom homes, ages. golf, charter, sailing lessons--or simply sites picturesque Getaway 250 savings. 866-565-5089, try world-famous shelling, islands Wind Inn. 500 beachfront, standard guest studios Birthday, merica 241st birthday 4, Tuesday. Floridians occasion parades, festivals fireworks. Heres list Independence Day festivities mark calendar. FORT MYERS BEACH, Parade a.m. Estero Boulevard, School Street Square Matanzas Pass bridge closes Festivities area beach. Evening fireworks viewed Fishing Pier. Free. 239-454-7500, BONITA SPRINGS, Star Spangled Bonita, Riverside Park, 10450 Reynolds giant waterslide, bounce house, amusement rides, Slip N slide, tag, train facepainting, wrecking ball, high striker Watermelon eating contests. Free admission, food beverages purchase. coolers pets. 239-949-6262, MARCO ISLAND, Fireworks display, p.m., Residents Beach, 130 Collier Blvd. 239-389-5000, NAPLES, a.m., Broad South. floats costumed performers, finishing 8th Pier synchronized patriotic musical selections simulcast WAVV 101.1 FM. 239-213-7120, Sugden Regional social begins pets, lawn blankets. 239-252-4000 CAPE CORAL, Capes Red, White Boom 5-1030 foot Cape Coral p.m.. Stage fun stuff expect large turnout. Storm Smart Spectacular Cat Country 107.1. fireworks, pets outside alcohol. North end Parkway closed 5. Freedom 5K Run 730 239-573-3128, PUNTA GORDA, Laishley 11a.m. Waterslides, 941-637-5953, Fishermens Village a.m.. Live dancing, Harpoon Harrys crafts, treats face-painting, bathing suit Hula Hoop Admission 941-639-8721, CAPTIVA, only, course. View Alison Hagerup Sanibel-Captiva Road, MYERS, District Fest Patriotic Auto Show 4-10 Trim cartruckmotorcycle red, white blue motor show, District. 855-732-3836, SANIBEL, Celebration pancake Community Church, parade Periwinkle Way Optimist Road Rally scavenger hunt, Timbers Causeway, admission. 239-472-1080, HELLO TERI HANSEN Priority Marketing guru cherishes giving, driven faith, business CRAIG GARRETT especially nice unsolicited love note lipsticked onto bathroom mirror. CEO Hansen knows comparisons. staff could, load warehouse spontaneous trophies citations decades earnedBest Overall that, professional awards. Yet achievement seems prize induction Junior Achievement Hall Fame, peer confirmation taken shares award Sandy Stilwell, businesswoman former chair PACE Center Girls board directors. JA Fame laureates notable givers retiring Jim Nathan Hope Hospice Samira K. Beckwith precede rare air among involved executives. humbled list, fellow laureates. counted group. innovative successful firms field. staffers, instance, handled public rollout Healths major event inside marketing communities. Director Year Building Industry Association, Public Relations Association PR Professional 1999. all, honored 150 local, state, behind clever packaging Norman Confections, chocolatier. integrity elevated company, tastefully purposed headquarters conveys affluence Youd hold statuette sun, whatever drives entrepreneurs succeed. commercial success, confide winning wonderful. native, premier builder, transitioned television media, opening 1980s survived cancer, existential challenges, fortified innate yielding stronger gratifying guidepost, will, grasp throat beam flawless smile. gold figurine chooses share, however, citizenship, dozens awards gifts consideration cash. gets old, giving. Never old. Editor-in-Chief PRIORITY MARKETING 423 1_TOTI_JA17.indd HealthPark Medical campus CARING KIDS heroes JESSICA KOVARIK, M.D. Board certified ophthalmology CLINICAL INTERESTS Eye disorders Amblyopia Retinopathy prematurity ROP Childhood cataracts glaucoma Ptosis Nasolacrimal duct obstructions Ocular injuries WHAT SHE SAYS deliver meet visual way, tiniest, fragile premature babies NICU neonatal ERIC EASON, cardiology pediatrics Arrhythmia diagnosis Cardiomyopathy Pediatric congenital disease diagnosismanagement Adult Non-invasive imaging Fetal echocardiogram Prenatal cardiac abnormalities GOLISANO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL baby boomers defect, usually meant short cardiologists identifying defects wombin cases, child With brand-new, 300,000-square-foot, May, complement specially trained nurses support staff, beacon critically ill injured planned hospital, providers already doing, expand greater degree service, Emad Salman, regional officer hospital. HE chest pain, syncope, palpitations murmurs. expanded adults. Offering well-rounded home, significant comfort MACARTHUR, pediatrics, hematologyoncology, palliative Cancer Bleedingcoagulation Brain tumors Leukemialymphoma Neuroblastoma Palliative Sickle cell Soft tissue approximately 2,000 inpatient year, 5,000 outpatient year. hematologyoncology cancer blood disorder travel treatment. locally together, treatment, family. Eric Eason, sick children, infancy unit 1994. Jessica Kovarik, MacArthur, ROBERT MINKES, general surgery Surgical repair birth Diagnosis surgical Gastrointestinal laparoscopy Neonatal Oncological thoracic past years. proud expertise talented surgeons dedicate Minkes, AMY STANFILL, Advanced minimally invasive surgery, relaxed cooperative. examination waiting rooms, toys, videos materials create comfortable non-threatening environment child. explain details prepared ease. Amy Stanfill, trauma da Vinci robotic provide quickly Technological advancements, robot single-incision laparoscopic less smaller incisions, complications scarring, recovery. 36 Evans Valerie, M.D 424 EVANS VALERIE, Portable Oxygen Want ALL-NEW Inogen G4 delivers portable oxygen concentrator smallest, lightest, quietest user today. jump car run errands, trip family, away, travel, 247. therapy terms. Weight - 2.8lbs JUST 2.8 LBS. TRY RISK FREE DAYS CALL TODAY 855 843 3136 2016 Inogen, MKT-P0052 37 BIRTHDAY 200-year happen, three-cake S omeday cakes birthday. living newspaper mention, advances parts, ageless bones cameras diseases, live centuries, researchers predict. Noah off. Science replaces organs, knees ligaments. Eyes, skin dicey point. Side decisions Social Securityretirement eligibility, bet workers wont taxes supporting retiree Ethics factor scientists pick lock aging. must limit vision science predicted. longer, retain normalcy touch feel, warning device. Some artificial skins here, outer layer, patches, proving challenge. INTERNAL ORGANS Composite powders, metals injectable protein clinical evaluation. key, again, regeneration flow. Substitute tested sheep. Artificial hearts, livers, lungs, kidneys vital organs pancreas study, perhaps bodies. Bio-engineered essentially, regenerative genetically modified. Biohybrid combine devices tissue, vascular now, say, destruction Prosthetic eyes restorative new. technology, replace cameras, sending signals brain implants. old tongue implants restore taste, least replicate sense taste. An likely keeping yours healthy, disease, electrical impulses strong. neuronsnerve cells damaged cells, providing memory storage quicker processing, well, adding chips computer. Ultimately longevity, history. Will heavy smoker, qualify lesser perish naturally hisher wealthier neighbor lives super-ager Again, decision ethicists. DISEASE Erasing biological greatly improves longevity. 560,000 Americans die cancers, 600,000 230,000 diabetes-related factors, tens stroke, Alzheimers, influenza, obesity, pneumonia, lung infections. reports 2.6 die. REPLACEMENT PARTS key replacement regeneration, harvesting hybrid mix devices, sensors, synthetics, liquids, inflatable pumps, implants--you craziest saying reverse aging stasis words Fountain Youth horizon. Skin organ. synthetic grafts available, mostly burns, cancers. Wed regenerating WET SPOTS NO SWEAT Wave good-bye excessive underarm perspiration quick procedure BRUECK, B ecause cherish drawbacks. moist cause axillary hyperhidrosis, term sweating. Heavy embarrassing tremendous burden. First ugly marks leaves clothing, launder blouse shirt, realize stubborn stains out. So countless garments relegated garbage cost replacing toll Most sweating classified primary, i.e., cause. fix miraDry solution. outpatient. MiraDry microwave destroys sweat glands eccrine odor producing apocrine. axillar, affect bodys ability regulate temperature. hour half anesthesia office. Patients shave axillaes days wear sleeveless shirt relief procedure, post-op over- thecounter drugs Motrin, request prescription painkillers. instructed fill Ziplock icing advised shower downside soreness, tingling arm, obviously swelling, moderate enough. Usually relieved rid socially stigma Judy Dennison arms horrible. wore tank outside, stain. After experienced month. second 80 percent. sore swollen days, nothing Motrin Icing hours helped. Kristin Brantley, perspired heavily cooler weather, apprehensive therapy. Knowing numb done, excited kept arms, alleviate swelling bit comfortable. Within week pain free, gone perspiration. good, therapy, arrange consultation Bruecks Punta Gorda. Financing available. ready information, contact 239939-5233, Brueck boardcertified plastic surgeon MIRADRY BECOMING BIONIC whole hip SANDY TEGER ou hip, wasnt upset. Lumbar radiated leg, tried pills internist, acupuncture. puzzled Teger symptoms sent Implant Surgeons figure diagnosis. bad suffered months needed walker around. problem approached idea anticipation dread. rational said, Youll over. voice Theyre one. goes wrong experience excellent surgeon. Edward Humbert does knee replacements guy. waiting-room walls covered poster-sized pictures engaging pastime riding horse, skiing, scuba diving playing tennis. thrilled participating sport choice. Was Yes counts. popular, hurdle getting appointment surgery. Fortunately, winding waiting. moment wished happy prepare. attend preliminary lecture owl, ungodly Check-in smoothly, operation. Although foggy woke recovery, snapped thumbs-up selfie Facebook page. bed sitting recliner, started room, post-surgery. Memorial joint-replacement U.S., beds orthopedic section. Y part-time consultant System Dynamics Shes four, Heart Walk garden enthusiast. week. catch reading, couldnt concentrate. piece preparation renting cocoon iced slept watched TV. watcher, couch potato. fortunate attentive needed, empathized appropriately took household tasks. worst mistake cutting opiate painkillers sleep sit still. Ill again. guess becoming bionic woman. shoulder. untreated compression fracture obvious symptoms. Kyphoplasty pictured performed inserting hollow needle skin, inflating Bone cement injected correct compression. KYPHOPLASTY OPTION spinal fractures KATHY GREY re OK crouched freshly varnished floor. know, replied, rolling side. Let move legs. petrified. fall, hardest taken. onto, lessen blow. indeed, legs, breathe later learned happens torque spine. innards supposed rib cage, slogged around blunt accident, or, case, fall. deeply injury plagued later, chop carrot write lie MRI requested grueling. morning hurt much, fist By mid-morning, though, ibuprofen brunch debilitating, spent evening friend, pack. expected normal. announced almost glibly, Well, why pain. broke Technically, T8 wedge height loss. heard kyphoplasty. requisite neurologist onset referred Frey Pain Management Spine Specialists near oxy prefix, kyphoplasty option, for. video literature. injury, life, shot 75 better, promised. procedures. Under imagery, sedation, inserted balloon inflated compressed vertebra height, bone polymethylmethacrylate Post-op, injection site dot inconvenience bending, twisting lifting weeks set. kyphoplasty, restarted therapy--and Grey frequent MAYFIELD CLINIC NICK GONZALEZ islanders wife explains legacy icholas Gonzalez journalist-turned-doctor pancreatic enzymes individualized nutritional regimes. died wife, Mary Beth, husband, publishing posthumously released July, Conquering Volume Two62 Protocol. case report histories 62 covering types cancer. companion One50 Pancreatic Breast Nutritional Protocol, September 2016. motivated pursue truth. Either signup sheet Institutes truck, line hours. stood steadfast compromised beliefs. witnessed miracle saw adored him. grief MBG Protocol controversial. widely criticized conventional despite classic training. achieved results. islanda healer belong critics stop worrying Nicks asset faith God. enjoyment vacationing explored 20s budding naturalist fell serene nature wildlife island. Ding Darling CROW lectures. paradigm releases Gonzalez, controversial GLANCE James graduated Brown University English literature, subsequently pursuing premedical Columbia. received 1983. postgraduate immunology fellowship A. Good, immunology, study evaluating aggressive advanced books Amazon, Macintosh Books Paper Sprout RUSTY FARST MARY teacher, author, healer. Shortly unexpected death 2015, wrote exist parallel universe scratch nutrition, diet, psychology spirituality. death, founded Foundation, 501c3 committed promoting evidence-based, natural primarily food-based solutions enzyme pursuit vitality self-healing ability. 43 scare, hopes Maria TERRY ALLEN WILLIAMS BAD BOYS GUIDE crazy denial. bout melanoma undergo shoulder deadly beat Surgery job devised tips complete massive involving God, first, thinking. dermatologist. strange phone doctor. Uh-oh, discolorations sun-caused blistering sores. news. Turns idea. nearly Apparently all. blew decisions. scared, turning internet dermatologist dealt machine zapper. exterminator cure myself. Processed enemy ourselves learned. cockroaches. event, zapping decided fasting. church eroding determined Dont waste harmless, Over pushed ignored smartest handle fear, push Pretty biopsy this, dumb, statistically. proceeded cut quite painfully, ultimately add, Wow, imagine. trips Colombia. reasonably immediate fearing worst. email test results, cautionary scan. forwarding address. simple recommendations Instead, letter. Two created ordeal concluded. shown suspicious growth. recommended removed soon Thinking procedurewhich removal Mohs centerwould trick, mistake. Accept fact seriously, have. procedure. said. God someday HimHer. showed there, was, immediately examined follow neither pronounce nor spell. Nobody yet. instructions, Ritter Melanoma Bonita. ended loves Colombian Maria, comforting. redo positive saved deeper. problems. her. asked. Colombia Allen itinerant traveler inconvenient, agreed, 1. 2. 3. 4. BACK ROOTS backyard farming, California grassroots t farm box. Roots moved initial homegrown mushroom kits. California-based sells herb, veggie sunflower kits, edible, patio urbansustainable farming movement. purchasing relatively concept. 2009, founders coffee grounds grow edible mushrooms. itself mushroomed, selling ready-to-grow basil cilantro cans, organic seeds, cinnamon clusters purple corn flakes. website lists vegan snacks. City schools. said forget banking, consultingurban is, co-founder Nikhil Arora interview. partner Alejandro Velez investments further B2TR, records. urban organics nutritious sprouted decades, research. Federal agricultural agencies pressing urgency, well. U.S. Department Agriculture refashioned pyramid guidelines veggies fruit school plates, instance. coincides concept Health, agriculture chefs low-income neighborhoods farm-to-table message. university classroom, learning gourmet mushrooms grounds. pitching growing kits grocer. Rejected, reshuffled market products retail outlets online. Urban rolls activists abandoned towns Detroit. Chicagos Windy Harvest prototype feeding produce. These projects hundreds work. root accessing so-called deserts, livestockpygmy goats, chickens miniature pigsraised 4-H Future Farmers youth cities, example. Organic farms springing across country, 15,000 acres, estimates. Certified sod juice livestock. Integrity database processors accredited Growers Gainesville, fact. core, sustainability, successfully evangelized. products. Co-founders formed kernel college classroom. NIGHT NESTING Staying spice ANN MARIE OPHEL Gordas Fat Brewing Monopoly originally Landlords Game. remains geographic variations. deck cards ball. Poker, rummy, FishCrazy Eights, bridge, euchre black jack favs. PENCIL ME hot trend coloring bookspencils, crayons. Research form meditation, reducing anxiety. books, paint-by-sticker popular. tiny stickers art, Rebecca Binkowski, store manager MacIntosh Paper. Binkowski adds theme. Top wine, Freys Syrah, take-out pizza, zenning. mood, cue classics Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Lawrence Arabia online Movies Unlimited, rentable Amazon Hulu. Also Library Systems musicvideo catalogues. HOME BREWED Grab selection crafted Therere bunch, Old Soul Ybel Co. Brewing, Big Blue Mr. Brews Taphouse Cape, Momentum Gorda, Thrillist states brew pubs, containers Choosing indoors, break chesscheckers set, cards, boardvideo games, trivia, doodling, puzzles, magic origami gather coffeetable. Crafting guy tasking huge, Pinterest, Juxtapost, Dribble, Gentlemint Dudepins games since 1900s. Jackpot TEA OFF Trip old-fashioned tea. Instead slice lemon, tropical fruits mango, FAT BREWING HASBRO OPHELAN hese surprising cluster cars driveway glow tiki torches entertainment ourselves, nesting, norm, gas, certainly dollars. often, Corals Jones. converge friends. wishing try, weve scenarios Token Madness, others. Remember charades, pantomime, whisperinglip-reading Or instruments, joking blink-first matches added fun, Troyer Market popcorn, Baileys Store Theres streaming music, Pandora, Spotify, Slacker Soma FM, mood. 5, MACINTOSH BOOKS PAPER FREY 8,9 wrapping foil cobbed cornveggiessweet potatoes, fishbeefpork, flavorful oil leaving atop coals. Yummy. Rekindle fondue pot, roundabout Asian takeout spark fun. Dunk melons, strawberries apples melted chocolate, extra smoothiesa quart raspberries, banana, ripe mangos, cup orange juice, cups blend. Nice conversational topics Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi Supreme Court nominees, storytelling. Storytelling tips. Light go. rather, OPhelan nester dragon fruit, guava. Iced-tea lovers tea, power solis heats stuff. Place tea container, cap. Three perfect. And, yes, spike Pull ottoman, light sweet-smelling candles, Handmade Soap pizza again--for delivery, GARDEN EATIN outdoors croquet, horseshoes bocce. dunkbucketing, twisters, cornhole bean-bagging, balloons, capture flagflag football, pickle older played seem vanished clean courteous drivers. Then BBQ grill Along skewered steak shrimp, add pineapple, kiwi, mangoes, grilled. pencils markers. Paper, Paint Sticker challenging. 6. riddles, teasers, mind Zentangle blast. 7. wines, 8. Candles intimacy evenings festivities. 9. Fruit BBQ, yummy dessert, dunked chocolate. 47 HEAVENLY SENT fresheners, citrus great, roses freshness, mom fragrant flowers lovely vase. blossoms floating crystal bowl. Cheryl owner Enchanted Florist Coral, pink Sorbonne lilies Pink Floyd roses, colorful hyacinths, favorites. Scented herbs rosemary, lavender potted indoors. dried tied twine ribbon. placing peels oranges, tangerines, limes, grapefruits lemon bowl counter. simmer sticks drops vanilla. Flameless candles awesome, too. Bill Sommer, Candle, Wax pottery bowls fragrance. beautiful scents Seascape Sage Lavender Chamomile. ONLINE THERAPY Distance counseling, ever-changing INFORMATION Stacey C. Counseling 800-347-6647, Brown, 239-275-3900, Laura Streyffeler, 239-822-1699, Streyffeler LAURA STREYFFELER MIDDLE STACEY BROWN counselor arent over, conferencing professionals fast alternative. Flexibility convenience reasons distance counseling appealing Myers-based therapist, explaining sessions connected relocate diversions. Meeting phone, chat Skype, Google FaceTime. However, prefers clients digital. face-to-face interaction best, tends interruptions distractions bay, facial expressions language read, convey everything. surge Twenty-five mentor William Westel Make rapid Streyffeler. Communication rapid, reinvented. cybercommunicating illness emergencies arise. member session. stresses. schedules Clients, cyberworld sell, conduct business, meetmake explore, seguing transition. ADVANCED HEARING AID Less Than amazed Sounds hadnt -- Don, January TECHNOLOGY hearing aid answer strides Hearing Aid Technology, reductions passed Until now... MDHearingAid PRO Technology incorporated aids fraction price. 75,000 satisfied agree High-quality, FDA-registeredhearing fortune. spend medical-grade aid. sophisticated high-performance box time-consuming adjustment appointments. specialist conveniently on-line sale cost. extensive know... pay believing invite invisible annoying whistling background noise satisfied, return period 45-DAY RISK-FREE TRIAL TAKE ADVANTAGE OUR Nearly Invisible refund purchase BIG SOUND. TINY PRICE. 1-855-408-7620 Code Lowest Call READY USE OUT BOX BATTERIES INCLUDED DOCTOR DESIGNED AUDIOLOGIST TESTED FDA REGISTERED Batteries Plus Shipping MDHearingAid, Rights Reserved. BX99 49 KALI LYNCH grants chemotherapy expenses charitable funds CAT computerized axial tomography scans, MRIs magnetic resonance specialty Between Healthcare, Way, Healthcare Salvation Army others, OBrien working together affordable Personally, team with. difference--we fears, anxieties focus better. needing team. customer a.m.-430 Monday Friday, questions. Appointments Help applying Medicaid, disability Affordable Act hospitals. Florida--regardless status. Patti More Assistance Policy Kali Lynch relations elicits anxiety stress. hardships compound But, expensive, unsung Policy, FAP, residing Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Glades Hendry counties, OBrien, director Receivables Operations. medically persons pay. eligibility requires uninsured certain income levels. Depending falls poverty level, expenses. gross bills. FAP Physician hero navigate options-- establishing payment plans. OBriens fields 10,000 incoming month, 220 fiscal Deidra Belton, Assistance, Adrienne Jones, Sherisse Washington, Patient Services 421 row, 51 Sanity JACOB OGLES mania cycle, outrage corner. varied calendar town hall meetings marches, campaign celebrations, hospitable relaxing. Nevertheless, step cable channels, Otherwise, critic Common Core standards finds peace Democratic leader boating Caloosahatchee. Trump volunteer grabs Bible teach school. Chris Quackenbush, news, politically. Republicans success November, yet conservative activist lost bid Board. politics enjoys doses waterskiing Colonial helpful, sunny sky. clouds see. humor, sides aisle. Cathy Michiels, committeewoman Party County, organizing Awake rallies traveling Womens March Washington gathering nations capital, balance full-on involvement son husband. Modern values, however. Administration, hear paying attention Doris Cortese differently. woman president Republican Women Federated, vice Committee. worked Mitt Romneys presidential run, Trumps campaign, pleased candidate odds electoral votes surprise victory. candidates Gov. Rick Scott Sen. Marco Rubio. apolitical causes Empowering Achievements, underprivileged skills assistance. steps fray, library calm, congregation Evangelical Presbyterian Church keeps spirits high, Whatever politics, control. grandchildren commonalities, cadre differences. tumultuous politically charged atmosphere, Coast. Ogles journalist --Cathy relaxes Dennis, 53 Luxury MANDY CARTER LEGO-obsessed dream Haven, east LEGOLAND unique hotels, park divided themed park, kid-friendly vacation. cram relaxation luxury Legos. benefits, buffet. Each excite atmosphere safety parents. WHERE REST HEAD OR CASTLE-- YOU DECIDE Retreat, village-style hotel, April LEGOLANDs worldwide, Retreat hotel. brightly colored bungalows shores Lake Dexter, freshwater lake Any drive-through check-in car. car, breeze blowing lake. coves 83 patios, perfect playground. beach-like zeroentry playground adjacent fenced-in area, Volleyball, sand castles chairs. drinks Bricks Bar toddler-friendly. expansive LEGO blocks shallow, lifeguards duty vests imagination five-story Castle impress. expensive original kids, pit creations shelf enormous castle ogre, drawbridge Skyline Bright bungalows, pre-checked monsters lurking underneath, accommodate guests. Lighthouse. 55 relaxing view. Master Model Builder Workshop exclusively Builders daily. interactive elevator creates ride flashing lights, sound effects music. floor dedicated Pirate, Adventure, Kingdom Friends theme, evident everywhere, carpeting models eight room. choose, same, admission enabling NINJAGO World. rides preschoolers adults, shows, MINILAND USA station unlimited. Cypress hidden peaceful stroll shade. Throughout holiday specials Brick Wars days. warmer months, cool safe youngest visitor. parks 12. attractions mature 2-year-old, absolutely toddlers. kid-focused dcor mind. passion blogger blog Acupful. com Digital Content Engagement above Tampa. nexus 56 Slipping Disc COUNTY SHUFFLEBOARD GLENN MILLER sports Kudro speak Clearwater championshiplicense plates Broward, Pasco, Manatee Pinellas York, Illinois, Ohio, distant Canadian provinces Ontario Quebec. elite tournament, Landy Adkins, Association. 1913. centuries sliding coins. players Stephen Biaggi Helen other. married shuffleboard court Jan. 9, 2010, coldest recorded chill wedding tracking Weather Underground, temperature 52. Biaggi. friend. ere rumors waft open-air spring shufflers discs, eyeball strategic moves tabulate scores. Discs schussed clink, clack clatter collide. Forceful shots clobber disc authoritative clunk, discs veer thunks alley, shuffleboards version bowlings gutter. Shufflers, called, Tournament Champions. Theyve Estero, Port Charlotte against counterparts Unseen sport, booming playing. comeback, Dave Kudro, Friendship camaraderie draws. sport. excel compete easing 80th 90th birthdays, desires tamped havent extinguished. Rev. 80, Bradenton, hardly novice, tracing roots 1946 boy Kentucky. 105 asks. Dianna hasnt reverend. tournament 77-year-old Sam. Sam strenuous game. --The Bradenton shuffleboarder Lakeland Monroe keeper records association. 6,800 registered Sebring Petersburg. shuffleboard. hotbed shuffleboard, Zephyrhills, central community. enough, attribute concentration, apparent court, determining next, away. laser focus, adds. Ray Buck, 76, minor 1960s, 2003. question Joan 90-year-old Buck smiling, tournament. wins losses, championships Miller 58 59 Spin R CILETTI wanting pedal metal. riders class amazing, Jennifer Jensen, Cycle Station owner. worth Jensens minutes, excuses restrictions. worry showing poorly seasoned rider pedaling youd lion eyeing lunch. ride, Jensen resembles dance party wheels, exactly that. Jensen. Music ound round, beading forehead, tucked drivers, burning calories buddies. perfect, wonder spin cycling classestheyre waistline ankles. search shows gobs on, studio, dozen untold numbers McGregor ago SpinCrazy, spinning safer dodging --Jennifer Station, CYCLE STATION gyms sessionsinstruction. BENEFITS INDOOR CYCLING Continuous cardiovascular activity risk coronary artery lowers pressure LDL cholesterol, overall resting Lowered stress endorphins euphoria, enhance immune response. Strengthens muscles, tendons ligaments, increases workout everyday endurance, limits damage bike. Major calorie burner. friends, traffic risks. 61 walked person. --Bill Valenti, triathlete biking enthusiast Valenti reconnect himself, reliever. BILL VALENTI unfortunately. throw Erin Cantwell Around Clock decade, motivation routine, explains. cardio endurance. harder class. Cantwells typical hour, warmups, sprints, climbs, intervals, jumps cool-down. instructor, DJ, motivate. playlist songs styles challenged, triathletes avid compromise workout, Sixty Biking prep, time, cleanup dangers traffic. 2012. squeeze miles, hooked. Camaraderie, strong effort together. encouragement another. triathlete, allowing himself. outletI Ciletti freelancer Phoenix ABC affiliate reporter anchor. 63 Eating Well Havana thriving, ex-pat returns downstairs grill, upstairs Mediterranean options. limited, Vista Mar, Garciga wine. stores Havana. table overflowing dishes, velvety pumpkin soup, delectable grilled octopus, hearty beans chorizo, mouthwatering mahi ceviche, perfectly seared filet mignon creamy plantain pure pepper mojo, platter generously loaded lobster chunk fish. Restaurants fisherman fork bright, flavorful. Ingredient shortages import restrictions, served. Take, famous sandwich. Finding rare, flour endangered ingredients, bread supply. f consists beans, rice, plantains pressed sandwiches, inventive, cuisine. complaints Cuba were, not, disappointed food. Clearly places. paladares, endorsed taxed government. Culinary experts compare governmentowned establishments chains hospitality momand-pop Mar paladares Havana, ago. dined 1950s waterfront groovy spectacular view water. owners cooked, Aymara Garciga. chef. returned abroad, tourism climate. Expect mixed dish poolside mojito Nacional comes rum floater ironically, sandwiches find, Santy show. 65 sandwich Nacional, elegance glamour equally, delight terrace listening gazing lush gardens waters Mexico. mojitos Historico topped dash bitters. scoop sugar, lime yerba buena mint muddled splashed soda shouldnt anywhere 2.50 alleged birthplace Ernest Hemingways haunts La Bodeguita del Medio Known improved wall leave. walking Sloppy Joes gritty Key iconic El Floridita--two examples cocktail op, dining. meals frituras de malanga, taro shredded balls, fried crisp honey sauces. one, Frente. Owned proprietors OReilly 304, Frente street barely turn sought-after dine rival bars stunning exception, cooked perfection. juicy churrasco plate guiso maiz pico gallo. empanadas meaty, dipped tomato preserves Sophisticated Cocinero chic peanut factory, Fbrica Arte Cubano, tower bar. stairs treacherous, Piles buena, left, signature mojito. tuna sashimi inset Santy. Flan rice pudding dessert Medio. 66 Hours Open Days Week flip Santy, Seafood speakeasy Off Boat, mouth Jaimanitas Freshest River. unmarked door seasons, fishermen, narrow, passage, crabbers trusted assure unauthorized paladar. grouper, snapper, handful tables crab round. forks, chopsticks, Specialty platters lobster, snow crab, stone soft shell king frog legs meal order. tataki ceviche delicious, EAT IN, SHIP crabs 10. octopus garlic olive 15820 Tamiami Trail 239482-0433 averaged tip, generous ordering. value penny some. dictated government, prices up. SkipOneSeafood_Ver2_MJ17.indd 32917 things, shows. SKIP ONE SEAFOODS 1047 AM contributor, lover drink, 67 Mojitos, Margaritas hen refreshing king, queen origin wildly Mexican cocktail, lovingly margarita. Tales elixir dancer frequented Tijuana, Dallas socialite Acapulco. Bars spins citrusy although make, equally wreck ingredients subpar proportion. recipe tequila, Cointreau orange-flavored liquor juice. Simple proportions breaker. Cointreau, basically top-shelf triple sec proof. brands alcohol content lower. proper measurements, Bartenders IBA, 1.18 ounces .67 ounce squeezed IBA centiliters measurements roughly converted amateur mixologists experiment margarita lovers, agreeable tequila Salt rim optional. Using success--100 agave reposado. taste test, Pasote blanco reposado, layers flavor latter provided undeniable. enjoyable straight chilled. Like margarita, origins. Hailing Cuba, Hemingway, claims Ways Move Residential Corporate Long-Distance Movers Quote Match Beat Prices Start Low 799.00 Premier Speak Relocation Specialist 555-555 1-855-669-2493 69 birthplace. Tourists flock author drank beloved mojitos. Cuba--upscale dive--serves classic. routinely glasses containing sugar finished hundreds. fancy strawberry, raspberry like. mojito, rum, Gently muddle teaspoons sprigs glass. Add Cant decide smash margaritamojito combo. Build shaker blanco, pineapple chunks, sprigs, syrup. Muddle, shake vigorously, strain Collins glass garnish pineapple. shy spirits, chillers sparkle. Cinzano Prosecco fruity subtle flavors apple melon. mixing bellini mimosa, spritz Campari, cranberry, Prosecco, leaves. sweet, Asti Moscato honey, almonds peaches. Float float experimenting consuming cocktails. Smash Chiquita 70 PASOTE TEQUIL reposado dry Curaao Ginger beer Put tin. cap tin vigorously seconds. Strain Fill ginger lime. Mojito 71 ARUGULA, BERRY CITRUS SALAD Serves Recipes salt stir coat. Remove pan allow cool. medium-sized arugula, oil, combine. Plate dressed arugula evenly berries greens. goat cheese salad candied pecans serve WARM CINNAMON-ORANGE CIDER cider allspice tablespoons Heat cider, boiling heat. minutes. sticks. Stir warm. Candied Pecans butter teaspoon Preheat medium toast fragrant, butter, FRESHFROMFLORIDA.COM Arugula Berry Salad rinsed drained sliced orange, peeled segmented cheese, crumbled juiced 1-2 ground pepper, 73 masterpiece flavor. incredible backdrop experience, evening, L D 17501 Harbour Pointe Drive, 239-466-5377, UNIVERSITY GRILL Head Class. crowd theater-goers dinner. club steaks. Early deals 4-7pm. SWFL DINING KEY Lunch Dinner SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Wine 7790 239-437-4377, CENO GRILLE History. Try homemade spanakopita-fresh spinach, feta, wrapped phyllo dough baked, chicken Marsala, drove founder George Lukas Ceno Grill. Order gyro souvlaki meal, feast parmesan, resist cannoli miss Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. Closed Sundays. BLANC Food Epicurean. Bread Jenga, toasted sauce, modelled entre Robata Lamb Lollipops roasted rosemary reduction, Octopus SS, sweet habanero sauce. Blancs Almost Entrees, shared table. clean, ambience savor Whitaker Chef Jean Claude Roge, talents Blanc peers. 1715 W, 239-549-2366, FORDS GARAGE details. 1920s, Henry Ford burgers Carb-uretor. Black Angus beef egg water, names Kona Goose 312. 13451 Blvd, Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. sushi outrageous highlight menu, prefer chicken. 1719 East, 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY SEAFOOD MARKET BISTRO Eclectic Coastal Cuisine. Whether Shrimp Grits Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Lobster Tail dinner, freshest raw burgers, pasta landlubbers. Be Blvd., 239-489-1500 2262 St., 239-362-2843, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. Salads, fish, palates 1982. Soup accompany dinners, Cozy booths, fish nautical seafaring vibe. Pkwy., Units 3, 239-471-0136, MONKEY BAR STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Nico Bogert proof palate, Monkey pork relish Rum Pepper Painted Grouper, mango sauce Ahi Tuna Salad. steak, earned eatery title Best Steakhouse Coral. seating nightly. 13451-16 239-489-2226, SUMMERLIN JAKES Deserve This. Richard Howzes depth displayed plate, Filet Mignon Captains Coubion, medallions stock, gulf clams, highest- 1428 Lafayette 239-549-8800, PARADISE DELI Heavenly Taste. Greek omelet Philly Cheese difference. Reuben Too take-out, catering array hit 2378 Surfside 239-292-2378, DOC RUM Sequel. story--a sequel. fictional Randy Wayne banana leaf snapper Texas baby-back ribs. afternoons. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, OLD Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes bananas Carbons malted Belgian waffles accompanied fresh-ground Pop cheesesteak, hands 25091 Bernwood Parkway, Springs, 239-948-4123, RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, choice rotisserie meats, carved tableside Rodizio Gauchos Feijoada, bean stew, Abacaxi, glazed decadent Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza Lago 101, 239-498-0018, 76 sun-kissed sun-desirous alike, plate. Ft. 2500 Rd. 239-472-8311 Wharf 239-765-9660 5400 239-312-4275 Available Weve Got Game 77 1249 239-463-5505 RUTHS CHRIS HOUSE Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously linen-covered petite filets cowboy-size ribeyes, steaks tender creamed spinach potato casserole. Shops Point, 23151 239-948-8888, BLUE GIRAFFE Casual Excellence. browsing numerous shops, island-inspired Sit hand-painted inside, sample Giraffe Fish Tacos Chicken Panini lunch, Mahi-Mahitruly tempting omelets pancakes, Eggs Nantua poached eggs crispy cake, Hollandaise Come locals 2075 SANIBEL Novel Local folk joined novelist develop character, best-seller salads entrees. skip 239-472-8311, COW Bovine Bounty. pasta, joint, cow references. dinners choice, breakfast, Loaded Omelet. drinks, Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, intimate relaxed, energetic nightspot, ranges splendid 78 79 lounge, 1223 239-472-1771, PINOCCHIOS CREAM GEPPETTOS FOODIES Institution. 1980, Pinocchios handcrafts frozen confections batches. mecca foodies please cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, yogurts Italian custards repertoire, portions. Stop Krunch Dirty Sand Dollar. Geppettos Foodies sister shop surprises authentic croissant baking. 362 239-472-6566, SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Good Thing, Small Packages. Melissa Talmage prepares entrees portions, multiple duck breast oven cobia. 1625 239-472-1956, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack blackened yellowtail mojo allure trappings, glorious Casa Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders shopping emporium Tuesday evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, ensure date. encourage readers detailed andor establishments. 81 Rebirth Blues OSTLE ongoing Grand iguanaone worldback brink extinction. Encountering iguana intimidating. dragon-like lizard Cyclura lewisiwhich length, pounds humanis animal Caribbean Cayman. Once roaming freely habitat conversion, hunting, introduction non-native species kill toll. 2002, fewer wild, 2005 regarded protected set-asides, 1,000 roam paradise. plight identified Fred Burton, 1970s mosquito curious reptiles Queen II Botanic warden Alberto Estevanovich restoring Caymans population. collect breeding creatures incubators. Recovery Iguana Program, operating auspices Islands. Saving wide-ranging conservation protection, captive release, monitoring education. Captive earnest 1990 QE East End. objective generate release diverse hatchlings survive wild reproduce naturally. 1995-96. Fourteen holding pens added, enclosed cages secondyear juveniles. operates releasing areas. 160 reside estimated 900 prowl Salinas Reserve. well-being mainly wardens Karen middle Kirkland Nixon Visitors Centre below. 73-year-old Estevanovich. job, Sometimes iguanas, perform screening, DNA microchips skin. photograph backs beads visually identify Interestingly, normally gray noticed. Diet important, Estevanovich, fed endemic Islands, favorites papaya, Ganges rose, yellow Indian mulberry. Iguanas them, attacks free-roaming dogs, feral semi-domestic cats, rats. dog killing situation lately gotten bad, dogs hunting killed animals, prompting confinement areas, threat exploding green Says iguana. Hurricane Ivan ravaged 2004, replanting America, contained hatchlings. Efforts surpassed expectations. efforts. shrinking populations, largely accomplished, asking photojournalist Carolina. 422 GO DO SoCo Second Aug. 12, 5pm Boulevard gallery receptions, vendors, artist demonstrations talks, theater performances, exhibition receptions tastings. Self-guided tour, Alliance Royal Square. Afterparty Broadway Theater 10pm. 1400 84, 239-590-8645, Nutty Yacht 6pm Join Scientists handson related STEM science, engineering math. Activities snacks guardians 5819 Driftwood 239-574-0806, Muscle Car Citys Monthly Bike 19, 9am-1pm Third Saturdays, Toms Traveling Tunes, trivia prizes. Trophies, registrants spectators. 8am-4pm. City, 3811 Trail, 941-5755959, 9am Edison Fords 154th programs, presentations cake. Estates, 2350 239-334-741, Steve Band Peter Frampton 15, pm. Frampton. Germain Arena, 11000 Everblades Estero. 239-948-7825, 18, 7pm Fridays, venues talent. Shell Crafters Mondays 10am3pm Year-round watch crafting, promptly. lessons, supplies. Limited space. Adults encouraged, crafting. 2173 239-4722155, Conch Mondays-Thursdays 630pm Fridays,7pm Sundays, 12pm artwork beverages. Materials provided, artist. 1242 239-6736660, painting TuesdaysSaturdays, 10am-6pm ladies 6-9pm Ceramic decorative items gift. Ladies Fridays cheese. 808 SE 47th 239-9452006, Mic French Press Wednesdays, 630-930pm. Press, 5789 No. 239-542-0212, Improv 8, 4pm Saturdays shortform long-form improv audience suggestions. Moe Auditorium, Performing Arts, 10150 Springs. 239-4958989, Poppins 1-Aug. Wednesdays-Sundays, matinee Everyones nanny Irresistible unforgettable songs, breathtaking astonishing stagecraft. Theatre, 1380 239-278-4422, Right Bed, Wrong Husband 1-29, allowance, bachelor Ted writes tight-fisted uncle married. unexpectedly mistakes Teds complicated. Theater, Myers., PAW Patrol Race Rescue pm 2pm Bay Bays Mayor Goodway Foggy Bottoms Humdinger, Goodways nowhere found. rescue Barbara B. Mann Hall, 13350 FSW 239-4814849, Presents Grind, Tribute Alice Chains 9pm tribute headlined Vela Panama locations. band SanJan 11515 SE, 239-389-6901, struggle PERFECT SOLUTION Arthritis COPD sufferers mobility struggles Anyone MENTION AD PURCHASE NEW ACORN STAIRLIFT Acorn Stairlifts Rating Better Bureau, stairlift Ease Commendation Foundation. 1-866-875-9914 NOW KIT DVD previous purchases. refurbished models. towards Stairlift directly manufacturer. applied orders. Please ad calling. AZ ROC 278722, CA 942619, MN LC670698, 50110, CCB 198506, RI 88, WA ACORNSI894OB, WV WV049654, MA HIC169936, NJ 13VH07752300, PA PA101967, CT ELV 0425003-R5. 85 galleries, self-guided core Gardners Park. 239-337-5050, motorcycles streets bands, 6-10pm. specials. Mystery 11, event. Iberia Bank, 2247 6pm, 10pm clues cash Cruise-In 26, cool, lined cars, 4-8pm. Music, 855-7323836, Bat Kayak Tour departs GAEA Guides-Guided registration. creek wilderness estuary system, animals. Rotary Environmental 5505 Rose Garden 239-549-4606, Pet 25, Fourth median. Pets leashed souvenirs. Free, Clubs 37th 4th Rally, scavenger-type noon. 9pm. Cruise 730pm puts awe-inspiring join cruise San Carlos pass Bird sunset Complimentary bottled Adventures Paradise, 14341 239-472-8443, 730am Bridge. Post-race refreshments Chamber Commerce 2051, Red Parks Recreation single-day Begins 5pm, establishments, 930pm, broadcast Shelling Tuesdays, Thursdays 830am powered catamaran Captiva--dolphins shells picnic Barnacles restaurant. Bring swimsuit, shoes shelling bag. chairs, umbrellas, Reservations. Caloosahatchee Mondays, 1130am Lance Harry Julian draw generations maritime tourism. 90-minute dolphins, mangrove forests, bald eagles, bird rookeries manatees. River, Thomas Ford--all MV Explorer. 2360 W. 1st 239-919-2965, Sunset 2, 715pm 4-19, 645pm Relaxing river cruising, hue sunset, roost ritual settling Street, Wildlife Daily, Wild dolphins magical populations wading birds, seasonal birds pelican eagle. Narrated knowledgeable captain mate. 11am Save Date 7am 1740 7-9am hometown 930am. picnics Jerrys Laughter Medicine Comedy Sidney Berne Davis Comedians Palascak Pat McGann perform, Commissioner Prather, Theatre. Proceeds benefit SalusCare, provider behavioral healthcare 86 XFINITY INTERNET Performance Starter varies 99 agreement Today Pay 855-466-2819 Voice Internet Triple 89 FULL TWO YEARS 2-year Disclaimer Offer ends 62117. Restrictions residential only. service. Equipment, installation, regulatory Broadcast Fee 6.50mo., Sports 4.50mo. applicable charges extra, promo. promo, cancelled downgraded, Comcasts charge 59.95mo. 61.95mo. outlet. offers. Basic subscription levels Wi-Fi claim Allion Test Labs. Actual speeds guaranteed. hotpots select Requires compatible hotspots enabled laptop mobile 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee applies recurring installation 500. Comcast. trademarks respective owners. 87 Display 930am kick approaches, 239-454-7500., tricked-out adorn vehicle flair afternoon freedom, 1-855-732-3836, PBR Pro Touring Division 28-29, 8pm Countrys bull toughest hombres Chapter Solutions Avoid Tide Watermans Ball House. STARTs environments. Tickets attendees. 239472-8585 attending events. 88 Deadly Headline DOUG GALLOGLY Jackie. KENSINGTON umors Cleveland Heralds impending demise common, suicide Davis, copy editor, surprise. forensic investigator Maggie Gardiner arrives, evidence murder. Unpunished Lisa Kensington Books, 2017, learns darkest headlines. investigator, solid editors invites anger, decides print placement paper. angry Her Renner, lead detective hides compulsion knows. secret, motive Jerry Wilton advertising, savage murder clear targeting employees. Renner forced differences aside lead. deadline swiftly approaching, forfeited unknown killer nears goal. Blacks thorough industry forensics authenticity match. translated languages, reaching Sellers List, optioned film series. Black, hat, HIGH-SPEED AVAILABLE ANYWHERE WHY HUGHESNET High-Speed Anywhere Phone Line Required SIGN UP INSTANT SAVINGS Standard Installation Speeds 15mbps Packages Starting 59.99mo Minimum required. termination Usage Fair Access Policy. vary. Speed uninterrupted HughesNet trademark Hughes Systems, LLC, EchoStar company.Free Lease subscribers Purchase option. Limited-time 1-877-736-5948 91 SAVE PRICE Years SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN RECEIVE FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEAR INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Bag exp. 93117 orders Web TOLL fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions SubPage_ND16.indd 910 857 ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving Of CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Termite Treatment Pest Control Sales Security Alarm AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom Vac Much Locally Friendly Faces Can Count Needs Are RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481 .2949 8941 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge Unit PHARMACY MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Drive Thru Dry Cleaning Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 211 Quality Appointment Mon-Fri Historical Societys president. Society m conference Sara Nell Room mild morning. History virtually jumping screaming walls. shelves. filing cabinets. display cases. Everywhere. 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