Ad_Page.indd 1 10416 1048 PM RSWLIVING 36 FLORIDAS FASCINATING RESTAURANTS You dont have to be an architecture buff enjoy eating in a beautiful or intriguing space. Determined double the dining pleasure of our readers, we sought out Floridas most architecturally interesting places which meal. Most us visited museum. But how many spent night one The Derag Livinghotel De Medici Dsseldorf, Germany, is town hall, monastery, palace hotel, journey through time, homage great art treasures Europe. 42 DERAG LIVINGHOTEL DE MEDICI 50 SWFL CULINARY Southwest Florida about lifestyle. food at heart appeal. variety chefs and restaurants astonishing. We invite you browse Culinary guide discover diners, recipes kitchen tips that make this wonderful place live, work play. ON THE COVER holidays are best for discovering new flavors on menus. Check special culinary selections starting page include gorgeous Doc Fords Rum Bar Grille Sanibel exciting Rodizio Grill Estero. On cover Pan-roasted Gulf snapper atop stew potatoes, cherry tomatoes, marinated artichoke little neck clams, prepared Mad Hatter Sanibel. Cover photo By Julie Glenn 2 TOTI.COM NOVDEC 2016 2_RSW_ND16.indd 1013 3 16 Departments 8 PUBLISHERS LETTER WORK 10 18 MAKING WAVES Celebrating Floridians 76 EPICURIOUS A Guide Dining SW 80 SERVING SANGRIA FOR HOLIDAYS Wine with festive punch 82 TRI COUNTY LANDSCAPING Readying holidays, growing business 20 years STYLE 22 32 HOLIDAY GLAMOUR No better time show your stuff, vintage popular BEAUTY TRENDS Products help look TRAVEL MADE EASY Technology apps manage travel track memories NEWS VIEWS 84 CALENDAR Where Go What Do 91 BEAUTIFUL DISASTER One familys from death life 92 94 STARGAZING Elizabeth Joyce SHELL POINT CONCERT SERIES Calendar features mixed performances, venue upgrades EXPLORE 23 26 90 CROSSWORD TIMELESS TULUM Mexicos hidden gem, short hop FINDING FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH healing waters, oldest tourist attraction, originally resolving disputes 46 28 WHISTLESTOP WONDERLAND Holiday train getaway, meeting Rudy tanker, Santas iron sleigh GATEWAY TO FUN Central Kissimmee holiday adventure 95 96 SERVICES PROFESSIONALS PARTING SHOT LIFE LEST WE FORGET Veterans Day honors service members, 11th day month, safe secure In Our Next Issue JanFeb issue packed activity Well find ways all natural wonders area famous, whether do by going quiet hike, playing round golf, hitting tennis ball, paddling kayak participating something more extreme. gift jetBlue customers See offer. 4 RSW LIVING ISSN 1521-1207 2016is published six times year TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTRIBUTORS Dana Long, Heather McAreavy PROOFREADER EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Gina Birch, Gallogly, Garrett, Kathy Grey, Maria Hayworth, Hilary Hemingway, Henry Hermann, Libby Boren McMillan, Joyce, Luberecki, Renee Novelle, Jacob Ogles, Kimberly Paulus PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Shar Day, Casey Fleser, Arnold Gatllao, Glenn, Hill, Marit Hinnosaar, Jaeger, Joe Mills, ONeal, SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING 100 Friedrich N. 102 Christine Stuart 112 Dru Anne Doyle 109 108 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.comrswliving twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 T F 239-395-2125 New York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. Times Islands Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 6 10516 229 ITS G N I V L E M RETIR C O P AT THATS Campo Felice Retirement Living contemporary high-rise independent-living suites luxury resort-style amenities like Concierge services Valet parking Full-service salon spa Gourmet Private transportation 49-seat private theatre Fitness wellness centers Ballroom Billiard game room Zero entry resort-inspired pool stunning river city skyline views Explore after 55 Historic River Districts incredible destination. NOW ACCEPTING DEPOSITS Ask Founders Club--our exclusive group original residents. Receive added benefits name plaque family wall, participation naming rooms spaces Living, invites parties, rewards referrals OR CONTACT DAY PRIVATE TOUR 888 743.1242 RESIDENCE ADDRESS 2500 Edwards Drive, Fort Myers, 33901 CENTER 2485 First Street, 7 AND COUNTDOWN BEGINS ... snt it unbelievable will soon count seconds into another It feels as if flew strong summer storm. myself breathlessly looking back over past 12 months, accomplished Media. entire team worked tirelessly bring only magazines, were very proud Cape Coral lineup. working hard passionmakes difference. Only then can succeed offering you, reader, true quality product. magazines filled shopping, stories, yet set mind certain direction, am sure inspired check some would take opportunity thank loyal readers advertising partners. Many been these years. believe whatever do, passion turn successful powerful could been. Talent fortuitous luck play their part, but personal dreams fade. Because Media strive ultimate print online publications, presenting perform excellence each issue. publishing inner workings good watch just piece performing correctly, nothing time. so writers, editors, proofreaders, photographers artists, designers, sales distribution people, accounting staff, well management team. Together performed finely crafted timepiece, proudly say never missed deadline since was introduced 1996. Being timebeing professional fascinating feature For example, section 50. Soon celebrate loved ones types experiences create lifetime memories. moments, please let think who no longer us. Lets hope people open eyes see things life, hearts happiness, love joy. Its my harder offer others, live sanctity dedicated advancement real human spirit. Everyone wishes blessed season, healthy start year. Group Publisher TOP PHOTO BY BRIAN STROMLUND Your Gold Rush gave Kirsten her shining moment. RY AY S R D U Since 1997, Lottery has creating brighter future Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through scholarship, than 725,000 students earned attend college. education they received allowing them give community boost economy, while helping fund next generation students. So remember, play, wins. Must older Play responsibly. 9 Making Waves salute residents, businesses organizations island coast CRAIG GARRETT CHANNEL CLEARINGS SHOULD END DECEMBER up three Sand moves around, McBride says. West Coast Inland Navigational District established 1947 assist U.S. Army Corps Engineers. small property assessment Lee surrounding counties funds agency. communities face similar issues. Captiva Erosion Prevention regulates such inlets Blind Pass beaches, instance. owners 2014 invoiced 5.7 million project replace beach sand lost erosion. Cost WCIND 2.5 million. xpect relief key spots along south County beaches inlets. Dredging bids Big Carlos areas September choked should finish end, officials District, WCIND, report. Drifting channels passes shallower, pinched, affecting navigation, water flow marine says Justin McBride, WCINDs executive director. Property had also complained pinched lower values. broad widening relieve BIG CARLOS PASS FORT MYERS BEACH SUE MONK KIDD BOTTOM COURTESY FGCU CONFERENCE RETURNS Island Writers Conference returns Nov. 3-6. Keynote Sue Monk Kidd. conference hosted University offers workshops fiction, journalism, poetry, song screenwriting, readings other activities relating craft. Social events planned. Details fgcu.edusiwc. 11 WICKED GOOD Wicked Dolphin Emerging Business Leader award County. Economic Development office commendation lauds rum distillers steady growth its practices. Founded 2012, revenues rise 60 percent, company announced, attributable products marketing. NORMAN LOVE CONFECTIONS PHOTOS DOLPHIN CHEF IS CHOCOLATIER Molly Cook Norman Love Confections named Chocolatier Year Pastry Live competition Atlanta. She Audience Choice Award. Judges August event included pastry chef Dunkin Hines. created white chocolate molded piecebanana cheesecake hand-dipped piecealmond raspberry made 49 percent milk chocolate. Cook, Chris Botterman, competed country showcase abilities innovations. Bottermans coconut, his Snickers-inspired, peanuts caramel. five years, Botterman seven. confectioner Myers founded Mary 2001. former Ritz-Carlton chef. Love, following awards, extremely dedication demonstrated competition. They both artistic passionate craft, industry. FLORIDA SOUTHWESTERN Richard Botthof appointed SouthWestern State College Foundations Investment Committee. Foundation scholarships programs total annually. vice chairman Naples Trust Co. co-founded Regional Alliance Florida. He active Philharmonic Center Performing Arts Lutgert Businesss Advisory Council University. committee position college two-year term. STATE COLLEGE FOUNDATION RICHARD BOTTHOF 13 Horizon chair Larry Antonucci left, iBERIABANK market president Gordley commissioner Kiker. MODEL CITIZENS CHAMBER acknowledged Citizenship Award Development. Staffers Estero offices improve County, donating off-work hours select causes. Winners Hyatt Regency Coconut Point luncheon winners unique stories truly reflect diversity spirit Countys culture, Lawrence Antonucci, chair. iBERIABANK, earn distinction, financial, volunteer involvement philanthropic organizations. entering 2009, supporter community, employee hours, branch fundraising direct financial contributions. bank last causes ranging health care education, 50,000. public-private board 1991 advise Board Commissioners economic development Mike Briers Bonita Springs Area Chamber Commerce, replacing Bob Rosier BriersCPA. Incoming members Suzanne Bradach, Tim Carson, Cindy Cedeno, Len Egdish, Scott Flagel, Kim Hastings, Ben Nelson Javier Pacheco. Second-termers Marshall Bower Patrick Vanasse. 14 LEE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BONITA SPRINGS 15 Tri Landscaping hris Baker 8-year-old kid pounding door asking mow grass. Some follow path. Three decades later owner Landscaping, firm maintains lawns, countless commercial residential outdoor kitchens, garden pergolas, fire pits lighting. 65 workers completed thousands jobs business. landscaping, Baker, season making homes welcoming, perhaps renewal. meaning he acquired professionals understanding trees, shrubs, flowering plants landscape designs subtropical heat rain. us, festive, wintering clients even natives dressing lush tropical colors palms, particularly backdrop highlight lanai. add evergreens, irrigation remind northern climate. really always helpful educating go another, designing ideas using technology, before shovels hit ground, allows client looks, heights, judge what suits outside, screenings enhance privacy, Stones, rocks hardscape borders option, islands, layering, pathways, sanctuaries clean My job explaining down road. --Chris designs. used attract butterflies, hummingbirds critters joy garden. Optimally, says, want lowmaintenance where advice planting layout necessary. road, That sometimes visualize. Editor-in-Chief ABOUT Maintenance divisions provide properties Monroe, Collier counties. Irrigation techs evaluate test monthly basis, ensuring trees receiving proper amount maintain appearance. Malfunctioning clogged heads dead grass beds. Tree trimming, corrective clearance pruning, hazardous limb full removal, canopy reduction, stump grinding pre-hurricane cleaning. Bilingual staff. LANDSCAPE TIPS HELLO Greet visitors assortment flowers shrubs say, Happy Holidays Low fencing inexpensive smart device building wall flowers, vines hanging plants, according gardening experts. VINE TASTING Vines colorful and, when tended carefully, forever. Grapes classic vine fruit, tough grow Muscadine grapes, however, grown Sunshine several hundred There options. GRAND ENTRANCE Pulling driveway lined plantings Santa Claus guests. idea textures colors. standby bougainvillea, bird-of-paradise, ornamentals, lilies bromeliads solid recommendations. THIS OPPOSITE PAGE PLANTERS BASKETS Varying poles limbs height dimension landscaping. Experts recommend native mint, orchids, chain hearts, string pearls, dipladenia, caladium clivia, example. BLOOMING CRAZY containers planted, hydrangea, impatiens, amaranthus, canna, ginger lily, Mirabilis jalapa four oclock flower, firecracker plant Mexican cigar blooming awesome. YEAR-ROUNDERS Ultimately last. seasonal guides stars azalea, daffodil, dogwood, wisteria, bearded iris, gardenia, crinum, lantana, crepe myrtle, rosemary, saucer magnolia, quince crocus recommended. 17 Glamour RENE NOVELLE wardrobe. Slip unique, jewel-encrusted design statement, laugh away flirty lace form-hugging silhouette. Short long pieces equally trendy year, heavy emphasis details, sleek cuts daring side slits. Weve teamed Kelly Chase Couture latest style. With options, rest assured looks remembered tinsel gleaming, wreaths hung door, aglow nearly every window. upon tis get dolled soires cheery galas filling calendar. Theres revel sumptuous glamour unprecedented stylewhich exactly designer hopes This seeing dramatic colors, rich course, plenty sparkle way off runway Stephen Yearick dress, 4,125. Available KELLY CHASE COUTURE, LLC 19 Jovani 625. 1,065. 4,800. Fur wrap, 1,250. 4,375. 1014 990. 5,250. 21 Are lipstick lover cream fanatic Then youre right place. Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup everything in-between. laid-back surfer babe product junkie, know thing feel. BETH LUBERECKI SOOTHING SUDS Developed men, borrowed women. Thats tagline Anthony grooming products, wouldnt surprising sexes lathering Exfoliating Cleansing 17. makes pre-shaving exfoliation shave cream, thanks ingredients exfoliating jojoba spheres moisturizing shea butter coconut oil protect razor burn. Cucumber extract essence grapefruit refresh soothe skin. Pick sulfate- paraben-free bar Ulta Bell Tower Shops 239-334-0659, 239-992-0361. MAN UP Need guy Floridabased Sugar Bay Soap Companys Self Made Man Grooming Kit 60. Packaged wooden box, includes kinds shaving smoothing essentials, including pre-shave oil, soap, pumice scrub post-shave moisturizer. comes scents oakmoss sandalwood mint cedarwood teakwood cardamom vanilla amber. Find kit, giftworthy Company items, Savvy 239-2651591,, Vintage Market 239-872-2775,, Salon Platinum 239-791-8389, Franklin 239-333-3130,, Myers. GET THAT GLOW now getting tan isnt fake golden glow Sun Bum. Using black walnut leaf vitamin E, easy-to-use Sunless Self-Tanning Towelettes 15.99 exfoliate moisturize adding sun-kissed color body. If cant resist thing, apply normal SPF, rub Bums Natural Browning Lotion 15.99. Infused Kona coffee kukui nut, argan oils, moisturizes accelerating skins sun-triggered tanning process, reducing need extended exposure damaging UV rays. Grab Bum local retailers Surf Shop 239-472-8185, Mate Bait Boutique North 239-599-2536, Ron Jon Town 239-482-8888, Timeless Tulum PIXABAY ccasionally there world locations brink explosion estate discovery moment Tulum, Mexico. Mayan fishing village, directly north Belize near Cancun Mexico, known sugary, picture-perfect turquoise warm waters Caribbean, yoga, ancient ruins perched high cliff ecological vibe. bungalow-type hotels use solar energy, often opt candlelight. Regulars hippies backpackers. started shifting 1990s, change obvious few Following trend Riviera Maya region, Playa del Carmen flourish, rapid pace. Tulums employment levels 2008 doubled, population tripled 2000. state rail network, visible sector hotels, restaurants, tourism developments. news air jetBlue, lovers tranquil, mesmerizing atmosphere, eco-vibe remains undestroyed. affordable fun packages. visitor list changing Hollywood celebrities Demi Moore, Heidi Klum Jude Law. Little beachfront remodeling, prices rising season. Luxury boutique Be elevated level accommodations available. Hartwood, Simple Casa Banana, popping drawing lines eco-chic tourists, mostly Yorkers, evening. Despite change, biggest land around underdeveloped, though for-sale signs left right, far Clear huge attraction. Mexico still mix modern. vibe dominate landscape. FOREIGN REGULATIONS Any foreigner buying within miles coastline 64 international border uses means trust fideicomiso, buy establishing corporation. GLANCE Quintana Roo, located, consistently 15-20 From 1970 2010 main cities Roo villages families cities. increased 88,150 1.4 2010. significantly affected network connects Roo. expected 2019. property-value investors 7-8 per properties. 24 Raminta Lilaite, partner director communications Consultants Tulum. companies, run foreigners complete buyers purchase value, architectural design, construction management, quite important meant investment profits average, value increase figures investments coast, Lilaite considering choices living, investigate timeless 25 Mossy St. Augustine first Fountain Youth. An early 20th-century postcard inset attests attractions Youth Archaeological Park. Finding HIL ARY HEMINGWAY f 50, chance silver hairs grace head wrinkles bracket eyes. And youll swear happened overnight. puzzle somehow slowing aging process. Perhaps famous remedy dates 500 explorer Juan Ponce de Leon entangled tiff between Christopher Columbus son, Diego Colon, Spains King Ferdinand. To keep peace, Ferdinand offered governorship claiming lands. led sail 1511. fact, mention correspondence Spain. Instead, quest magical spring arose deck Leons own ship. came young father bathing freshwater Bimini, east coast. Though boy story said fascinated ships stopped islands Western Bahamas, springs. speculated explorers keen interest impress Ferdinand, taken considerably younger wife. Others fresh easier colonize. today 900 springs Silver Ocala, Green Cove Spring Jacksonville, west Daytona Beach. Each boasts agua. Leon, discovered became major attraction selling, else, bottled water. guest-book House located Park shows paid began 1868, officially continually million-dollar question any abilities. minerals fact healthier tap water, chlorinated filtered kill bacteria microbes. These treatments remove come tested is, instance, vintage, ONEAL OTHER WIKIPEDIA artesian Punta Gorda above considered locals powers. Today 19th-century depicts searching mythical waters. Johns Water Management Palatkathe fed Aquifer 17,000 26,000 establish colony, did him young, 1521 Timucua Indians tired being enslaved Spanish. chief directed toward Indian legend healed drank it. again rough map, headed call Port Charlotte. didnt Charlotte Harbor already occupied Calusa, fiercest tribe. clear knew result besending visit arch enemybut historical records Calusa attack landing party devastating. sailors killed himself struck poisoned arrow. die wound Cuba. legacy does end there. turns blocks Harbor, Gorda, corner Marion Avenue Taylor well. Locals consider Youth, least, Better Living. delivered 1894, pump handle replaced 1926 hose spigot serve lining two abreast street jugs filled. Who knows old might lived peace drunk Hemingway writer TV film, books produces mixed-media works life. RIGHT ILLUSTRATION 27 Whistlestop Wonderland JACOB OGLES ore lights form shapes reindeer snowmen alongside Canadian Pacific Cottage Grove, Minnesota. crowd gathers experience railway winter CP Train literally rolled town. Parents hoist children onto shoulders sight hatch freight car suddenly swings Murphy bed, revealing concert stage rock performers yield Nick rendition Coming Town. late November begin 150-stop loop tracks provinces Chicago York, raising banks. trains good. visual impact lot forward to, Andy Cummings, spokesman Pacific. Kansas City Southern Railway sends KCS Express stops Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Illinois historic Union Station City, Missouri. Visitors line days free tickets tour resting train, Doniele Carlson, railways assistant VP corporate affairs. 2001 devoting 8,000 convert retired railcars Christmasthemed delight. labor employees 150stop beginning November. CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY Trains boast undeniable connection giving. 29 village. operates. --Doniele operates, she At stop, donations collected Salvation Army. Vacationers regions ask stops, Kristen LeVan Travel Wisconsin, states office. doesnt happen day, weekend. once-a-year trip, crowds Families anticipate Express, watching tanker Rudy, bearing lighted bright smile. Also six-piece flatcar carrying sleigh, miniature village model gingerbread boxcar, rolling workshop elves, stable animals decorated red caboose. Free visiting Santa. annual builds multi-day Station, draws country. big prominent events, Toni Alexander, manager tourisms Visit City. heavily serviced Amtrak, remain regional character. Lauren Hypse, opened 1914 entertainment complex, event, reservations houses station science center, hosts holiday-themed games six-week express rolls among Dec. 16-20, draw area, Hypse 28,000 went chunk 300,000 Station. Both companies tradition continuing positive profile When kids perspective, theres wonder enthusiasm Cumming running under Christmas tree, natural. Ogles journalist living dip Chicago. raises ALL ABOARD 30 KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN COMPANY 31 Gateway Fun K MARIA HAYWORTH issimmee ages. addition excitement Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando SeaWorld LEGOLAND theme parks, home complementary thrill imprint parks arent Kissimmees off-the-beatenpath adventures fit bill. zip-lining alligators Gatorland, taking fighterpilot-for-a-day program Warbird Adventures, hot-air balloons, rush worlds tallest sky-coaster Spot America. Or Wild Florida, cypress grassy swamp, soaring birds, sunbathing gators, nesting bald eagles amazing wildlife airboat tour. park 200 Other operators Boggy Creek Airboat Rides, Marsh Landing Spirit Swamp. During central temperature ideal exploring Old beauty. Shingle Feel glide across headwaters mysterious Everglades. Park, perfect bird-watching, biking walking trails landscapes. nearby Paddling vista canoe, enjoying serenity calm waterway feeding glimpse pioneering heritage cattle ranching thrives todaythen Osceola Welcome History Museum visit. Before Disney, largest industry, evidence attesting cowtown past. February June, Spurs Rodeo showcases authentic cowboys action rodeo Mississippi River. fancy yourself cowboy cowgirl action, Zip-line gators Gatorland paddle scenic waterways stay Vacation Home Capital World. golf challenging courses. EXPERIENCE KISSIMMEE all-new Cowhand Forever you. spend ranch foreman does, rotating cattle, fixing fences, ear-tagging cows, animal distress, rescuing escaped property, horses, birth calf whats day. Get ready crack cow whip lariat, tools trade. Whether angler beginner, bite Kissimmee. Among 80,000 acres Lake Tohopekaliga Toho, trophy bass. rather swing club suit fancy, off-thebeaten-path may. 33 drop line, dozen championship courses Leadbetter Golf Academy ChampionsGate, Celebration ANNIKA Reunion Resort. After sun, relax home. Known World, options style point six- 14-bedroom houses, beautifully three- five-bedroom villas, two- four-bedroom townhomes condos. fully furnished gourmet theaters, rooms, pools more. takes shape, plan States Fun. Hayworth freelance lifelong resident. Take horseback soar balloon. IDEAS Mickeys Very Merry Partya celebration entertainment, spectacular fireworks oh-so-jolly parade. ICE Gaylord Palmstwo pounds hand-carved ice sculptures tell Charlie Brown snow tubing, Gingerbread Decorating Corner, Elf Shelf Scavenger Hunt Grinchmas Universals Adventuretransforms Seuss whimsical Grinch. Now Snowingmonthlong Winter Spectacular featuring rink, strolling Charles Dickens carolers, performers, photos Santa, horse-drawn carriage rides, nightly snowfall. Macys Parade Studiosthe streets alive balloons floats beyond imagination. SeaWorlds Celebrationa wintery, watery wonderland POLAR EXPRESS Experience, encounters. Epcots Candlelight Processionalnarrated celebrity guests accompanied choir hundreds orchestra. Bricktacular Florida30-foot-tall LEGO tree 270,000 bricks, life-size Festival Lights Paradehistoric downtown entertainers, marching bands, beverages 34 35 LIBBY BOREN MCMILLAN Ice Plant top below voluminous industrial renovated Prohibition-era inspiration. CONWAY JOE MILLS CASABLANCA CAF Y As architect, restaurant intrigue eat essential served. large small, charming, grand, indoors out, Destin 37 space enhances flavor intensifies perception experience. -- Owens, AIA principle Studio AJO 2017 president-elect chapter ou resource recommendations American Institute Architects. robust components State, focus shaping engaging various possible. further ado, heres glovebox hungry eye candy Back Porch Seafood Oyster once two-story A-frame stilted shack beach. Along way, converted seafood oysters view 1740 Scenic Highway 98 850-837-2022 Lauderdale ever built Lauderdales beach--Jova House, circa 1927--remains structure. lovely stucco dwelling architect Francis L. Abreu holds todays Casablanca Caf. Reflecting Mediterranean Revival style, caf patrons charming environment spiral staircases, decorative tiles, arches wrought-iron details. 3049 Alhambra 954-764-3500 Originally roadhouse saloon, wonderfully casual Rustic Inn Crabhouse enjoyed current purpose Outdoor seating practically inland waterway, Inns motivates stream patrons. 4331 Anglers Ave 954-584-1637 component gives props chef-driven tapas S3, seat view. external structure patio match Hilton Caf reflects Beach S3s sleek, dark interior scheme visually contrasts landmark 505 Blvd. 954-523-7873 Gainesville Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Cross hamlet inspiration behind Yearling Restaurant. rambling cracker-style eatery oozes rustic charm. Adding old-fashioned dishes catfish, cooter turtle, gator frog legs. Trend magazine Top Restaurant row. 14531 Road 325, Hawthorne 352-466-3999 AIAs open-air Ballyhoo 3700 W. Ave. 352-373-0059, thatched roof Satchels Pizza 1800 NE 23rd 352-3357272, table actually inside van Mojo Hogtown BBQ SE 2nd 352-727-7871, exposed brick ceiling beams inviting atmosphere. enthusiasts sports roll-up doors brewing produce different beers facility, tours, Jaime Sobrino, AIA. interesting, plus nice catch 10400 NW 33rd St., Doral 786-801-1721 Collective designed entries EAST Hotel 788 Brickell Plaza 305-712-7000 Quinto la Huella, bold modern organic elements, Uruguayan menu Sugar, 40th-floor rooftop garden, oasis urban sky, replete Asian tapas. Nearby, Four Seasons Miamis Edge Steak 1435 305-381-3190, gets nod Miami retro furnishings Handel Seaspice 422 Drive 305440-4200, Santiago Jose Pelaez River-front post-industrial warehouse sophisticated globally-inspired Iconic oceanfront resort hotel Fontainebleau Beachs mid-century inspires pilgrimage. Within riveting Hakkasan, winner awards Michelin Guides, Spectator Zagat. Hakkasans Cantonese dim sum delights served amid carved teak walls hues. Designers Gilles Boissier knocked one. kudos resorts ocean-view Scarpetta, Collins Studio. 4441 877-326-7412 Two renovations John Pawsons Matador Room, Seville Hotel, 1955, EDITION 2901 786-257-4600 27, on-site Freehand 2727 305531-2727, deco thats restoration 1930s Hotel. Jacksonville dazzling hub buzz Moxie Kitchen Cocktails, encourages Atlanta-based AI3s mixes elements log 1800s century-old logs metal, leather. Mouth-watering surprise, James Beard Award-nominated helm. 4972 904-998-9744 M.I.A. Beer ditched careers shared interest--brewing. industrial-style fellow beer S3 38 SUN SURF SAND HILLSTONE HAKKASAN Orlandos East End kitchen. inspiring collaborative eateries folksy. case, drives model. 3201 Corrine 321-236-3316 Hillstone sits banks Killarny upscale featured pavilion dock, relaxing diners strings sunset lake. 215 Ave., 407-7404005 Killarny. Palm Delray Flaglers Breakers resort, 1926, grand confines, public Road, 877-724-3188 Hakkasan won multiple awards. 39 Veranda occupies joined together. DaRuMa Japanese steakhouse. second National Register location--Sundy Swinton 561-272-5678 house Delray. church schoolhouse, settling restaurant. Renatos 87 Via Mizner, 561-655-9752 lies Addison Mizners wonderland. Created 1923, Mizner medieval Spanish castles winding walkways lead dinner. Steakhouse Sushi Lounge Myers-based teppanyaki tables anchor 13499 Cleveland Ft 239-344-0037 Space Melbourne got lift eye-popping Matts Casbah. patios, unexpected sun shades, textiles lighting night. globally sushi. 801 Haven 321-574-1099 mattscasbah. com. Up street, 1905 Queen Anne-style Mansion 1218 321-345-5800, Claude Beaujean. Floridian Bahama shutters wood buildings Cellars shop sells wine, espresso. Sarasota Gulfshore concur Shore Diner, Armands Circle, must. uber-cool destination indoor-outdoor transition Californian why here. 465 Ringling 941-296-0301 Appealing Louies Modern, Solstice Planning Architecture, stunner, cosmopolitan Note windows, Patrons bar. 1289 941-552-9688 upped cool factor distillery combo Plant, drinks cut 300-pound slabs, origins. Youll coastal fare Preservation Outstanding Achievement RestorationRehabilitation. 110 Riberia St Architect Poormans plans turned gas DAmicos Continental Provisions Craft Bar. steakhouse dine integration indoor spaces, courtyard. 1203 Third S, 239-659-0007 1900s 70 later, Peter Putlizer, son illustrious publisher, 1978, transformed Veranda, longtime occasions. 2122 Second 239-332-2065 Tampa Smith-Dalia Architects Oxford Exchange. English brickwork heralds 1890, edifice Restaurants fine art, coffered ceilings 40 LEFT VERANDA RESTAURANT DARUMA JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE SUSHI LOUNGE LOUIES MODERN luxe, English-style bookstore scene memorable 420 Kennedy Blvd 813-253-0222 Beck wowed conversion Works Ulele, Native American-style brewery edge Tampa. High ceilings, abundance windows ambience Ulele thoughtfully restored 1903 Hillsborough River, Headland, amazing. 1810 Highland Heights 813-999-4952 Vero Resilient hurricanes, Ocean Atlantic. Built reclaimed barn siding fitted fixtures world, advantage oversized windows. Expect steak. 1050 Sexton 772-231-5409 Freelance McMillan frequent contributor Preservations Modern 41 CULTURE SPLENDOR DSSELDORFS FINEST ACCOMMODATIONS Opening Dsseldorf chain, situated middle Dsseldorfs well-known Altstadt. ost possible Germany. era, Anna Luisa 1667-1743 brought culture splendor her. 2010, 17th-century extensively restored, celebrated opening March 2015. chain-- currently Germany Austria--the sensational Andreas Quartier, Deutsche Oper, Knigsallee Rhine embankment promenade. EXPERIENCES RENAISSANCE listed influenced hall Jesuit order, royalty, municipal administration. location citys cultural highlights, proximity. travelers appreciate quick access Messe trade fair, airport station. Artwork seen excavated alcoves windowsills Prussian tract tapestries decorate ground-floor spaces. possess mixture history 43 extensive repository replica objects extending range Middle Ages period. Bertold Reul, general manager. courtyard, centrally positioned allusion Renaissance. 15th-century Italy fountains rediscovered element, example Villa Pratolino outside Florence, famously, dEste Rome. INDIVIDUALITY COMFORT IN CENTRAL LOCATION apartments individual interiors. distinguish themselves details cross vaults, star-parquet flooring marble. courtyard terrace connected Brasserie Stadthaus, glass wine French cuisine. Stadthaus itself stands wooden-coffered ceiling, providing comfortable Strolling Mhlenstrasse galleries Grabbeplatz, inevitably drawn neo-Baroque frontage Courthouse, massive, monumental dating Wilhelminian era. refreshing contrast slender, elongated volume Hall opposite street. impression reinforced unassuming simplicity classical faade, planner painter Karl Schinkel. 44 complex buildings, housed monastery serving administrative center government, Medici. abuts Baroque Andreaskirche, burial Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm II 1658-1716. spatial proximity symbolic continues benefit much-loved elector Wittelsbach dynasty--known simply affectionately Jan Wellemwho married instigation picture gallery class instituted, present-day fame metropolis attributed. 58 ground-level Wiener Kaffeehaus Viennese coffeehouse Movement Spa deraghotels.dehotel-de-medici-duesseldorfen 45 Lest Forget HENRY HERMANN gratitude society exemplifies freedom. because wounds sustained battle, honor country, enlisted infantryman Vietnam Ranger-qualified captain helicopter pilot. Air Mobile, originated changed concept soldiers B. Instead driving foot, troops airlifted spots, risk terrestrial airborne soldiers, Harwood Patriotic pride, brotherly well-executed teamwork crucial tactic successfully, Vietnam, Purple Heart Bronze Star medals heroism. office, pictures medals. Asked strongly patriotic, n demanding forget ignore heroic deeds sacrifices exhibited brave men women armed United citizens secure. protectors freedom, veterans steadfastly altruistic behavior, giving nation stand for. occasion highlighting trio calling BRUCE HARWOOD exceptions, outstandingly patriotic. Corals Bruce Flying Stars Stripes Capt. book tours duty. realizes free. War veteran. FRANK MRAZ Frank Mraz LaBelle entered Force, commission subsequently retiring rank colonel. during War. owes respect freedom services, earning doctorate man 1960s, reason war. instead pledge loyalty fight enemy. experienced overwhelming battle conditions, he, many, understood Over 58,000 died War, More 150,000 wounded, least 21,000 permanently disabled. others fought battles understand atrocities war anguish fighting develop conditions. writing Vietnam. decorations soldier medal awarded wounded military. nations second-oldest decoration, designated Badge Military Merit George Washington. 47 Alpaca fleece less itchy wool. Yarn produced STARanch Alpacas Alva fashioned scarves socks. Former Sgt. 1st Class Rodney Van Ness Staff Jonathan Ramirez Department Affairs 1.6 veterans, age 18. reminders valor sacrifice sprinkled BOB BAIR Bair Gen. Courtney Hodges Korean conflict. Army, felt honored serve, strengthened incentive broaden perspective realize nature genuine overcome strife. glimpses wartime struggles millions States. rationality statement dubbed wars Korea, throughout given deserve undying support unselfish contribution national stability. remember 11and always. Hermann veteran, spending Pusan, Taegu Kimpo, Korea adjacent 38th Parallel. editor base newspaper Kimpo Mosquito Observer, Fukuoka, Japan, journalistic editorial capacity. lives 48 shopping explore. defined easy lifestyle, recreation, Atmosphere fundamental romantic date nights, masterminds, JULIE GLENN FOODIE TRIP BRAZIL-- NO PASSPORT NEEDED Enjoy cuisine RODIZIO GRILL GINA BIRCH oving gauchos Brazilian wielding knives larger skewers meat highlights Mall Billed Americas steakhouse, churrascaria, locally much anticipation April. 300, waterside seating, here cozy, friendly feel celebration--Rodizio celebrations founder Ivan Utrera PepsiCo Latin America, executives meet Brazil churrasco-style remembers asked, How anything stayed Utreras mind. plan, took leap faith. heard Youre gonna fail, money concept, closing mark. youve must put foodie bucket list, spot. bigger chains dining, Gauchos owned same soul. mother, Utah ground. pulling hair saying learn, recalls laugh. learn. menu. 24.99 salad bar, unlimited meat. signature salads, meats, cheeses, vegetables like, daily. neighboring hot favorites beans, rice, yucca, pasta collard greens. Executive Duda Goulart try traditional. recipes, moms grandmas. bars vegetarians cavort carnivores. course desires stomach handle. Heres works. servers parade sharpened knives. join party, signal 51 Grills Rosana Tormena provided mother Utah. fine-dining Renata Zocante Takeo Yamashita. cooked matter yours, gaucho able slice tri-tip, tenderloin, sirloin beef flap, few. turning block green. finished break, flip red. throw towel, neutral position. Those rules. encouraged things. Not butchered in-house, staff trained skewer flavors, calls package. skewered pork, fish fowl, wildly pineapple, salty ham. Brazil, where, Ive homemade desserts flan pastries, crme brle guava paste. brunch buffet Friday, Saturday Sunday. serves mimosas bloody Marys. treat, sangria orange, lime lemon topped guaran soda, melon liqueur, triple sec, brandy wine. recipe. sinfully creamy limeade, sodas caipirinha, countrys cocktail lime, sugar cachaa liquor distilled cane. selection wines. producing tannat world. IF YOU GO 8017 Lago 239-498-0018 rodiziogrill.comcoconut-point MMonday-Thursday 5-9 p.m. Friday-Saturday a.m.-10 Sunday a.m.-9 done churrasco kid, doing barbeque weekends salt seasoning, explaining, bringing muscles, protein. meat, taste. sheer puts radar glutenfree diners. gluten free, Goulart, perfected mouthwatering gluten-free cheese bread. struggle real, save word alegria lot, although difficult translate, happiness feeling, family, joy, fulfillment blender. experience, mission accomplished. Birch regular contributor, drink, media personality 52 1015 DANIELA JAEGER 53 CREATING HOME Chef Hill brings KATHY GREY August, booking January. Traveling foodies, whom relied Hills prowess more, airline integral ingredient paradise. creates home, traveling together families, girlfriends vacation, escapes couplefriends. Clients advance menus duration stay. goes work, morning dinner soup, salad, entre dessert. custom magic, too, occasions birthdays anniversaries seasonal. niche multifaceted career clients. middleman. politics. feedback feeds soul instant gratification. client. servers, Im DAVID HILL 54 personalized homes, finish. record, 40-year-old hails Detroit, dishwasher 16. saw ability promoted prep finally, sous His Detroit mentor, Eric Pilot, suggested cooking school fill gaps, graduated Oakland Michigan, having studied languages French, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese others. Knowing wanted aim profession, learned memory repetition, database brain. moved graduated, eschewed flooded Beverly Los Angeles. Sometime seven-year Twin Eagles Country Club Naples, light-bulb Hosting lessons introducing chefwine dinners realized become profession. Today, affluent residents Captiva, Sarasota. parties that, flexibility, fewer higher pay. salary, physically work. reason, fitness routine weight training buoy speed efficiency, moving house, celebratory experiences. couldnt naturally seasoned editor, copywriter, contributes number publications. appetizers desserts, meals MORE INFO, website, eight ago., celebrityMiami, commutes taxi,, catering inquiries. Facebook PrivatePersonal Hill. 56 desireous alike, vaction plate. Ft. Rd. 239-472-8311 708 Fishermans Wharf 239-765-9660 5400 Seas Plantation 239-312-4275 Music Hour - Us Online Got Game 57 1249 239-463-5505 Signature mojitos, Caribbean-inspired atmosphere signatures eateries. DOC WILL SEE landmarks digs, dream kitchen, wow MIDDLE FORDS RUM BAR GRILLE digs. Rabbit iconic Tarpon roads. Co-owners Marty Harrity Mark Marinello operating concepts fly. 2003 novelist Randy Wayne White. deal Fords. eventually expanded Captiva. Fast 2015 bursting seams, lease negotiations falling through, timing becomes accommodating. parcel Sanibels Harrity. bought maybe seven ago move. regulations pushback neighbors challenging. Harritys council easier. gone scrutiny has, approval granted, envisioning actual Ford like. character series White fictional ex-government agent biologist solving mysteries crimes. backdrop. Working Benchmark General Contractors airy, upstairs Room seating. vision lots light, tin wood. 59 radio television regularly contributing founderchairman congratulates option locations. Anderson, wood, outdoorsyfish-house place, co-owner Brenda focused interior. nautical, weve Docs weather screens fans. front enough constant breeze, round. open, airy walk in, eye-catching, wrap-around striking overflow improvement see--the huge, Harrity, back-of-the-house oven, joins flatbreads. Caribbean-inspired, from-scratch same. Labor Day. standing-room dignitaries While regulars gushed exclaimed, magnificent building, is. nothing, mortar people. agrees, commitment employees. them. hospitality keeps resident Steve Turner coming back. kind explains smile Kimmie McGonnell. McGonnell thrilled location, saying, generate bit shut Wendys mecca now. hasnt agreement reached, sleevebut theyre spilling beans yet. boat lines, outrigger hunt stuff eyebrows raised, know. 61 SHOWS UNIVERSITY Eddie Vozzella whole introduce martini menu, preceding swept later. return grills carefully crafted, eclectic martinis. pour drinks, proclaims, noting 17-year 10-year bartenders. Indeed, secret enduring success attributed Vozzellas mentoring repeatedly garners reviews. Donna reported Yelp, server attentive. cleaners acknowledgment. Pam M. reviewed cuisine, wrong mlange offerings customers--mostly locals--into regulars. week lose customers, them, chase cards absolutely, positively satisfied, me Boston-area native, master haddock, 600 week. taste order baked reports Yelp. generous portions. Cooked perfectly lunch wide healthy, lighter fare, appealing. salmon grouper kale, quinoa definition, person Vozzella, 62, 10. attended Boston degrees science, study gastronomy microscopic level. clear. Cooking fortunate owners. kitchens run. product, experiential title innovation. entrepreneur, Massachusetts specializes launched area. 1993 helped Matzaluna Blust, operations Prawnbroker, portfolio. Opened specifically site selected combining cuisines satisfy palates ZIP code audiences Barbara Mann Hall. autumns Colleges arena grill busier ever. 62 EDDIE VOZZELLA customers. --Chef greens, provides attracts seeking reasonably priced, Customers report social exceptional groups that--even notice--the wait solicitous gracious. Thanksgiving reports, Were busiest town, hours. Highlights tenure pleasing personalities Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Sinbad, Pete Rose Tops. regardless fame, goal serve. restaurateur enjoy. passion. adds, good--good me. Group, 7790 Cypress 239-437-4377 Lunch Monday-Friday 1130 a.m.-3 Dinner Sunday-Thursday 4-9 4-930 63 OILS, SPICES VINEGARS, OH MY Great treats, evolving OILS ven bewildered crazy dipping spices vinegars available kitchens. compiled unusual category. Let buds decide yummy cocktails, appetizers, desserts. GRAPESEED OIL contains polyunsaturated fats low saturated fat. versatile healthy. excellent drizzle. SUNFLOWER all-purpose tolerates temps. SAFFLOWER helps cholesterol. distinct chicken pasta. AVOCADO monounsaturated smoke chicken, beef, pork fish. PEANUT medium light sauts frying. ALMOND substitute dessert whipped cream. OLIVE flavorful foods pesto sauce dressings. FLAXSEED source omega-3. point, heat. mixing meals, dressings, smoothies. WALNUT omega-3 fatty Flaxseed Red sherry bump flavor. Cinnamon coffees, glazes, cider, tea veggies fruits. Turmeric curry powders pastes, sweet Eastern dishes. Sunflower acids. sauting low-medium CANOLA reportedly health. medium-high point. Of recipes. BASIL pairs sauces. VANILLA orchid heavenly spice baking applications. SAFFRON traded centuries. cuisines. BAY LEAVES aroma marinades soups. FENNEL savory AMCHUR amchoor powder unripe mangos. commonly souring cooking. CINNAMON prized bakers GROUND CUMIN popularity spicy bean, veggie NUTMEG sauces stews, potato, pasta, pudding, pie biscuit veggies, onions, veal. THYME dated Egyptians aromatic medicine. paired soups, oils. OREGANO herb pastas, pizza, sauces, etc. handful spices, sure. CARDAMOM queen member flavors. lemony. TURMERIC too-merick, cousin, VINEGARS RED WINE SHERRY BALSAMIC salads marinades, potato limit sodium zest. FRUIT vinegar apples, grape, raspberry, plum blackberry types. QUINCE type pear tastes beets tomatoes. HERB avocado grapeseed TOMATO CHILI excitingly fresh. YODERS AMISH VILLAGE Worth wait, tradition, ome worth wait. Yoders Amish Village Sarasota, entrance foyer stretchhhhh especially shops 7,000 pies week, average 50,000 sold waiting rollercoaster, queasiness. smells heaven, clock hand barely crawls. treasure, sampled Channels Adam Richman, thousand newspapers, lauded politicians chambers associations, ownership pride ours. reasoning reign simple hot, homecooked imagine generation. patience, hour, slowly sliding sated exit pleased nourished. appetizer Yoders, share strangers intimacies normally backfire incite hostility. everyone equal mid-1970s, involves 15,000 transactions Dessert mandatory family-style 66 deli, store. 67 vacation trip mashed potatoes. Emrich, businesss third-generation family. Even astonishing, gathered 1975, almost deliberately homespun, breakfast, basket bread tide blessing, until arrive, genesis Levi Amanda Closed Youd expect plasticware. Yoder Indiana farm brisk intimate. housecleaner, particular, juicy batter carpenter. Circumstances prompted couple tasty. servings ample. invest savings 3434 Bahia Vista moneys Main Street 1975. Emrich lasting connections Amandas 941-955-7771, cooking, Thanksgiving, assembling smallish Yoders. mountain combination crews Moms surges. 150 kept again, Village. Shannon marketing production--the physical 1984. heat--gains centralized 1986, open. too. Life numerous commendations Best Restaurant, Homemade Value Meal, 68 230 69 Edible Arrangements 1,200 franchises. Fruit dipped success. EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS OFFERS Why MARIT HINNOSAAR W hy arrangement dazzle eaten thinking Arrangements, amazingly fruit bouquets, baskets presentations flower arrangement, purchaser munch petals. transaction, Kubicek, Jennifer Palma. recently corporations multi-unit owner. evolved Haven, Connecticut, store 1999. decade 1,000 stores parts gifts upside down. immediate acceptance purchasers shaped resemble daisies, chocolate, arranged sticks hearts. companys goodies multitude occasions, get-well congratulatory events. crown Valentines Mothers Car dealerships, purchasing vehicle, Kubicek. solution. Jim Burt South Tamiami retiree, enjoys smoothies shop. parfaits, go, fresh-squeezed mocktails strawberries, pineapples, oranges, ARNOLD GATLLAO SHARDAY 71 parfaits treats. bananas apple bites. price, Tartaglia, logistics overwhelming, triplecrown around. accepts deliveries, goods sets process cutting bouquets goodies, days. compliments, Tartaglia Kubicek feeling happy. Lisa Dolan daughter, Mallorie. pair regulars, sampling debating treat purchase. Theyre yogurt smoothie. purchased friends confident gift, 72 CASEY FLESER 73 EXECUTIVE ANDREAS SINGERS PRIME RIB Serving sizes vary Recipes Easy Select desired size boneless prime rib. Trim amounts cook bone, fat juice. Seasoning garlic, onion coriander, pepper, cayenne, kosher salt, sea paprika. Mix generously temperature, 225-250 degrees, internal reaches 115-120 degrees. minutes retain juices carving serving. TANGLEWOOD HYATT REGENCY COCONUT RESORT SPA 5001 239-444-1234, teaspoon minced chestnuts Cholula chopped parsley juice ounces Paprika dusting CHARLEYS BOATHOUSE Preheat oven 350 Rinse mushrooms stems. Spoon gills stem deep cups. bowl combine filling. Fill mushroom caps rounded teaspoons filling, ungreased shallow dish. Sprinkle tops Bake minutes. Remove immediately. 6241 Blvd., 239-765-4700, YUCATAN SHRIMP Serves tablespoons unsalted clove limes, juiced tablespoon Indonesian sambal Kosher taste, ground pepper pound unshelled shrimp jalapeno, seeded optional cilantro SEAFOOD STUFFED MUSHROOM CAPS 4-6 saucepan heat, melt butter. Add garlic cook, stirring remaining saucepan. melts, crab stir juice, chili sauce, pepper. Turn rest. 74 Bring pot well-salted boil. pink. overcook. Drain colander shake sink excess moisture. bowl, toss chill sauce. jalapeno desired, sprinkle again. 239-472-8311, cup eggs marinara extra virgin olive cups hands, gently Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, dry ensure blended overmixing. Whisk separate meatball mixture, gently. pat meatballs. slightly loose, firmly packed. Heat skillet meatballs, lightly browned crust formed sides. Transfer oven-safe pan meatballs 350-degree approximately hour pressed reached 165 seconds. BUCA DI BEPPO 4125 Edison Mall, 239-332-0957, MARKER WATERFRONT BISTRO CLASSIC MEATBALLS MARINARA Classic carrots, grated onion, 28-ounce cans San Marzano Roma diced tomato paste oregano basil thyme garlic. Saut translucent. tomatoes stir. Stir oregano, basil, thyme, Reduce simmer, occasionally incorporated. simmer frequently avoid scorching, begins thicken. needed incorporate. Continue thick spoon. chuck Italian breadcrumbs CHAI COCKTAIL Chai tea, steeply brewed oz. Amaretto liqueur vodka Syrup, splash Half Half, tall amaretto. Syrup Half. chai Garnish cinnamon Westin, 5961 239-541-5600, 75 239-437-4377, CENO Family History. Try spanakopita-fresh spinach, herbs feta, wrapped phyllo dough baked, Marsala, drove Lukas Ceno Grill. Order gyro souvlaki meal, feast parmesan, wont disappointed tasty cannoli Dont miss Hour, M-F, 3-6pm. Sundays. DINING GUIDE KEY B Breakfast SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails 1715 Pkwy W, Coral, 239-549-2366, GARAGE dcor 1920s, walked parts, burgers Model Carb-uretor. Fresh Black Angus arugula fried egg mouth craft names Wave Goose 312. BLANC Food Epicurean. Start Bread Jenga, toasted tower modelled choose Robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted rosemary Octopus SS, habanero Blancs Almost Entrees, table. Relax clean, savor creations Whitaker Jean Roge, whose talents Blanc peers. 1719 Parkway East, 239-540-3673, LOBSTER LADY MARKET Eclectic Coastal Cuisine. Shrimp Grits breakfast Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Lobster Tail dinner, freshest raw burgers, sandwiches landlubbers. pick 13451 McGregor Blvd, Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, BLU Cobalt Cool. sushi outrageous cocktails prefer steak chicken. Pkwy., Units 3, 239-471-0136, MONKEY STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Nico Bogert food, proof palate, Monkey chop relish Pepper Painted Grouper, rice mango orange Ahi Tuna Salad. steak, Coral. Indoor available, nightly. 239-489-1500 2262 239-362-2843, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried true. Salads, fish, dishes, 1982. Soup accompany dinners, Early deals 530 Cozy booths, nautical seafaring 1428 Lafayette 239-549-8800, PARADISE DELI Heavenly Taste. better. variations Eggs Benedict Philly Cheese award-winning Reuben Too busy take-out, array 13451-16 239-489-2226, Head Class. theater-goers happy balance steaks. 2378 Surfside Boulevard, 239-292-2378, TARPON LODGE Set pristine Pine Sound, architecture, building. green blackened tacos black-bean salsa fraiche. Local clam exquisite Diners boaters four-star bay views. Come elegant treasure nestled Lodge 13771 Waterfront Bokeelia. 239-283-3999,, 26.39.562, 082.09.180. MONARCAS AUTHENTIC MEXICAN fooled. Tex-Mex, great, blending cultures Monarcas Authentic Cuisine pure selections, shrimp, scallops. accounts deeper delightful setting booths doors, metal-art exterior--and accessible boat. Tortillas chips salsas pico. Monarchas Aztec favorite specialty Michoacan dish corn tortilla tomatillo tip Jimbos 1604 46th 239-5409533, 77 Sequel. story--a sequel. based Matanzas banana Texas baby-back ribs. music Wednesday nights afternoons. Wharf, Beach, 239-765-9660, OLD Just Like Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes freshly sliced strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles fresh-ground Colombian breakfast. Pop cheesesteak, hands 25091 Bernwood Parkway, Springs, 239-948-4123, Steakhouse. Experience choice rotisserie grilled tableside Feijoada, traditional bean stew, Abacaxi, glazed pineapple. decadent Friday-Sunday. Suite 101, 239-498-0018, RUTHS CHRIS HOUSE Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray meticulously linen-covered mood. petite filets cowboy-size ribeyes, steaks tender sides creamed spinach casserole. Point, 23151 Way, Estero, 239-948-8888, SANIBEL Novel folk 78 character, best-seller sandwiches, entrees. skip mojito. ISLAND COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets joint, despite references. choice, unless omelets. Mango Sangria 2163 Periwinkle 239-472-0606, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, intimate relaxed, gathering energetic nightspot ranges splendid lounge, 1223 239-472-1771, PINOCCHIOS CREAM GEPPETTOS FOODIES Institution. institution Pinocchios repertoire 130 daily, creams Krunch Dirty Dollar. gelato, sorbets, sherbets yogurts well, Geppettos Foodies shop, Pinocchios, surprises croissants, baguettes, souffls, breads, panini, focaccias 362 239-472-6566, THISTLE Victorian Rendezvous. Creative grouper, oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack yellowtail mojo adds allure trappings, glorious Ybel 2255 239-472-9200, information date. However, encourage ahead detailed andor establishments. 79 angria thought libation, fruity, festive. nature, plethora combinations, suited soires. Spain Portugal credited mothership sangria, traditionally white, sweetener honey sugar. punch. Although repurpose losing edge, decent bottle inexpensive, unopened preferable. Another time--time marinate alcohol pack party. strictest research, gathering, pitchers overflowing twist. contain 750-ml carmnre sangrias fresh, fruity characteristics, frankly bottles hand. spiked rum. creation, kiwi, wine--a pleaser. rum, pint lime. Several chunks NOVDEC2016 overdo whisky, indulge tasting--a someone pierced cloves spiced flair lemon-lime soda sweetness effervescence container noise recipe Emeril Lagasse. Slice Grand Marnier, serving, sparkling moderately emptied. Fireball Whisky, seemed Chop Granny Smith apples oranges. half hour. pitcher, Fireball. adjust evening continued, soaked whisky plucked popped--out pitcher mouth. beloved cava, cinnamon, decidedly subtle. syrup dissolved, touch spice. mimosa steroids, brunch. cooled syrup, OJ, oranges 2, chill. leaves ringer, labeled Surprise Sangria. wagered surprise were, none guessed box made. Beso Del Sol single-serve Tetra Paks 3-liter boxes, boating fix pool. acceptable unwitting partygoers. tempranillo, hint cinnamon. pinch Cocktail Company. premade additives preservatives. delicious socializing sipping gatherings, charcuterie trays, meats SALUD 81 s technology explodes, navigate holidays. managing schedule. Highlighted Android Apple lists tech bloggers. CityMaps2Go Download maps destinations. WeatherFree airline, cabin class, takeoff times, weekly chart climate locations, interface. TripAdvisor Goby TripCase Organize flights reservations, tabs updates. Pinpoint neighborhood hotspots museums, vicinity. Use crowd-sourced search establishments explore type, rating contact airfares. WiFi Finder Snapchat Share funny videos wireless enable Wi-Fi scanner locate nearest hotspots. LiveTrekker Keep record travels, map geotagged photos, audio. Google Translate BringFido Map dogs welcome pet-friendly hotels. paragraphs spoken word. Say phrase English, repeats foreign language choice. Expensify Bravolol modern-day Rosetta Stone basic phrases languages. HotelTonight Track expenses, photolog receipts import info credit IRS-validated eReceipts photograph receipt read computer automatically generated expense. last-minute rates vacancies. Airbnb CurrencyXE Currency Skyscanner finances, currencies advertisements apps. Compare airlines, links agents airlines. Flights 34,000 countries. Uber ride-share 83 WHERE WHAT DO 30th Sculpting Championship 18-27, 10am competitions, demonstrations, children. visitors, sculptors Wyndham Garden 6890 239-454-7500, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, 19, 8pm Favorite Grammy winner, Chip Davis multimedia effects setting. Hall, 13350 FSW 239-481-4849, 8th Boat 6pm Last boats participated promises exciting, passing Bootleggers Barbeque, Parrot Key Caribbean Grill, Bay, Nervous Nellies, Bills. chamber. Laud Nativity 9, Celebrate Renaissance-style pageant, Ottorino Respighi, Ceremony Carols Benjamin Britten. Sidney Berne Art Center, 2301 239-529-3925, Paradise 17, Nir Kabaretti conducts Symphony Orchestra favorites. 239-418-0996, presents Deck Halls 18, 7pm Includes Symphonic Mastersingers, Kellyn Irish Dancers, carol singalong Angela Pierre Motown Special 22-23, backup singers Motown-style classics. Foulds Theatre, Arts, 10091 239-939-2787, Moscow Ballets Russian Nutcracker 28, 3pm Direct Russia, props, 60foot Russian-made costumes sets. 239-4814849, Salute Vienna Years Concert 30, Stunning waltzes sweeping melodies operettas orchestra, acclaimed European singers, ballet ballroom dancers. villains Father Time Lady Terrible. Featuring script creators Odd Squad music, songs Soundcheck. Nov.1013 Carnival rides carnival food. Friday bands show. Splash festival grounds, 239-573-3128, Artists Work Series Sketching Leo Johnson 1-3pm Saturdays Court Claires artists disciplines palm-frond performance painting mixedmedia. Novembers artist Johnson, discussing demonstrating points painting. sketching basics drawing, anatomy, abstracts. Octonauts Deep Sea Volcano Adventure 1, Features fan-favorite crew underwater explorers, intrepid Captain Barnacles, Lieutenant Kwazii Medic Peso. Join embark aquatic adventure, interactive must-sea surprises. McGrain Decembers McGrain, accordion musical player. percussion instruments sing dance tunes. 2pm Team brand-new Owen Ophelia adventure. Ms. HQ, STEM skills decode, decipher unravel clues stop 239-9392787, Gavin DeGraw Grammer 7, 730pm Sing performs classics Wanna Chariot, smash Honey, Good. 239481-4849, Annie Moses Band 11, entertaining decade, Carnegie Ole Opry. Masterworks 12, 2016-2017 I, conductor Kabaretti, pianist Fung. evenings Shostakovich Festive Overture, op.96 Rachmaninoff Rhapsody Theme Paganini, op.45 Saint Sans No. op.78 minor Organ Symphony. present pre-concert lecture 7pm., Walk 16, pm Fridays, venues talent. 855732-3836, Bluegrass Theatre acoustic beyond. Presented partnership palmgrass.orgthe Acoustic LETS TALK CHILDREN FOUNDATIONS 15TH ANNUAL Save Date Talk About Children 15th Annual Count blessings common phrase. 1999, decided reach Brazil. Their donation supplies children, born. 2001, organizing fundraisers, strength Lakes shelter D-1, 12-4pm, raise cause, awareness plight kids. Adel 239-633-7094. 85 Society SWFL. First-come Doors 1pm. Dylan Band, 20, remained influential musicians. Inscrutable unpredictable, deified denounced shifts interest, schools musicians ideas. lyrics seriously regarded literaturebecame Jimmy Carter Vaclav Havel cited influence. sounds desperate oppression--and finally triumph spirit--Shostakovich brilliantly captures conflicting moods 5. Prokofievs Romeo Juliet Ballet world-premiere orchestral composer Jeff ROBERT CACIOPPO, FOUNDER PRODUCING ARTISTIC ARTSTAGE STUDIO THEATRE HISTORIC ARCADE ENEMIES BESTOF MARK ST. GERMAIN MOUSETRAP SINGLE TICKETS PLAYING NOV 15-DEC 29-DEC RIVER DISTRICT STREET BETWEEN JACKSON HENDRY 239.332.4488 877.787.8053 FLORIDAREP.ORG Schedule uninsured suffering cancer. 7th Betty Bireley ROCKIN Ribbons Blues Marine Max Sponsorships Guests merchandise certificate auction Proceeds Memorial Health Systems Cancer Center. 239-343-6059. 86 1016 Martina 8, wins female vocalist Association, rarefied Boys 14, band birthed torrent singles albums tens millions, greater significance profoundly pop act debt. Junie Jones, Musical 1-18, matinee Adaptation Parks comedy Jones firstgrade adventures. Broadway Childrens Theater, 1380 Colonial 239-278-4422, Evita 1-19, Tuesdays-Sundays, Andrew Lloyd Webber Rices dynamic masterpiece tells Argentinas controversial lady. Rising driven ambition charisma, Eva Peron saint reviled aristocracy mistrusted Erma Bombeck Wits 1-6, Allison Margaret Engel, writers Hot Patriot Kick-Ass Wit Ivins, comic voices. captured frustrations asking, cherries, ArtStage Rep, 2268 239-332-4488, Woods 2-16, DiPietro, author You, Perfect, Change happens Nick, single Italian-American, doting grandparents hes Arcade Les Stroud, aka Survivorman Evening Music, Conversation Video 4, producer, creator star Survivorman, Strouds passions outdoors filmmaking. amazed Sweeney Todd 4-6, matinees infamous tale, Todd, unjustly exiled barber, 19thcentury London vengeance against lecherous framed ravaged unforgettable chilling stage. Tempest 400th anniversary William Shakespeares death, Barry Cavin. Long lyrical plays, Prosperoa magician enchanted islandpunishes enemies, daughter terms supernatural power. Tobe Recital Building, University, 10501 239-590-1000, Famous Reindeer 2-24, Funfilled twist wishing in. encounters Sammy Snowflake Ike Elf, faces Evilla Witch. calendar attending 88 89 SAVE OFF PRICE ONLINE SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN GIFT CERTIFICATE SHOP PURSUIT STORE SANIBEL, RECEIVE YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL YEARS. exp. 13117 Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Internet orders only. Web TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions SubPage_ND16.indd901 215PM Beautiful Disaster DOUG GALLOGLY ELIN HILDERBRAND history, either comfort curse. difficult, convoluted painful Deacon Thorpe. Us, Elin Hilderbrand Little, Co., June 2016, accept gather cottage Nantucket scatter ashes. Thorpe chef, classy, highpriced Public adoration erase pain abandoned old, though, drug abuse ended marriages third rocky dies unexpectedly, contacts final request weekend goodbye. Unfortunately, ex-wives widow hate adult harbor secrets. related strangers, secrets hidden. persons reader bears witness Thorpe, demons lives. conflicts escalate Deacons ashes, him. Is best-selling romance novels, best. Alternately sad, paints touching celebritys short, rebuild pull punches, it, captivating page. wife Jackie ELIZABETH JOYCE 14th moon Taurus fifth supermoon intense previous. rough, tides usual, darkness light. wake-up call. 29th Sagittarius political thriller. Connected Neptune, uncovers immoral disreputable acts news. December 13th Gemini supermoon. endings, two. unmistakable message finale, curtain. close harmonious way. 28th Capricorn stock 2017. Mercury retrogrades 19th ARIES MARCH APRIL adore, havent awhile, pays new, accent, catching fancy. arrives. love, warmth sharing. overuse plastic Remember, paper bills arrive TAURUS MAY Personal Signs 11th, force reckoned authority, changes surprised long-distance knocks decisions months end. heart-warming Prepare month visitors. expenses up, careful Eve. GEMINI JUNE definitely November, Gemini, universe Watch slow mid-month. lover, relationship. socially, pleases far-off places. shortage hugs yous. CANCER JULY mood minute distance. fling serious cash. distracted loose change. Also, schemes. usually month. celebration, Eve, else driving. LEO AUGUST travel, Leo. not, fun, rule admirer different. wanting cash, seems merry. mid-month, presents. paperwork job, needs redone. GPS, planning VIRGO SEPTEMBER Virgo. wants sharing job. fine, except relationship level, urgent situation, child. relaxes matters arranges significant promotion. ring already. LIBRA OCTOBER Libra. sweetie getaway. drive unknown. Luck awaited win lottery. ticket mystery needed. argue turkey trying. Put distance remembered. guests, hugs, gifts. Ringing safety bet, SCORPIO NOVEMBER desire meditate, intuition high. sweets, treats abundance. splurge too scheduled stellar Scorp. fondly ones, feelings mistletoe. Finances tight, mid-month bonus favor cautious safely, can. SAGITTARIUS Sag. Could ocean. hold distance, cannot miss. finances opens, substantial raise, plans. favor. cheer Might found door. spoil partner, succeed, warmly Lovers, playmates dealing agenda. CAPRICORN JANUARY pretty Capricorn. rekindle dear heart. practical, feet Have spark plug possibly arms, tempted. treasured moments parties. drop-ins folks doubted youd Oh, yesone paycheck. travel. Passports Good, packing. specialize friendships, passionate, like-minded side, grows lottery ticket. gatherings relatives tendency overspend now, reins. Gifts nice, most. retrograde 19th, wheel, PISCES FEBRUARY AQUARIUS expand horizons. visited, sign learn language. Romantically, settle whos friend. money, Pisces. Sometimes restraint. strain well-deserved matters. Someone help, ask. Eve come. Born identical twins, psychic birth. Bergen Jersey, housewife internationally respected healer. personally believes divine teachers. darkest believed carry burden emotional abusive traumatic childhood, invisible appeared. caring, guidance, heal accurate successes documented media. 93 Shell Larsen Ju Cantus Jive Aces Freshmen ime Communitys Series, Points campus series, Fine Concerts Conversations, retirement 1968 2,500 acoustical aesthetic upgrades. linear solid, sound-diffuser panels greatly acoustics clarity sound, resulting concertgoers, Woods, minister worship Church. Tickets, anyone, 15-35. Packages series. 239-454-2067, shellpoint.orgconcerts. Freshmen, Saturday, 730 Cantus, Tuesday, 6, Portraits, Dallas Brass Daniel Rodriguez, Thursday, Jan. Brass, Feb. Aces, Monday, Bonus Barbary Dixieland CONCERTS CONVERSATIONS Larsen, flutists, 21, Lee, pianist, 5, Fred Moyer Jazz Trio, 24, Danut Muresan, violinist, April SHELLPOINT PARTNERSHIP SOUTHWEST SYMPHONY Pops Paradise, Small-Stage Gloria, Choir, Concierto Aranjuez. ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Recovery 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Termite Treatment Pest Control Sales Installation Security Alarm AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac Much Locally Owned Friendly Faces Can Needs RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481 .2949 8941 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge Unit PHARMACY MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Publix Shopping Thru Dry Cleaning Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Done Premises ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Rd, 211 Quality Call Appointment Mon-Fri WILSONS AUTOMOTIVE 239.772.7337 953 ASE Certified Technicians Complete Automotive Towing Courtesy Shuttle month24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty 621 VIEW FROM ABOVE RSWLiving complimentary subscription qualifying passengers. aerial peek hotspot Cancun. 620 1049 REGIONAL LIFESTYLE VOL. 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