Ad_Page.indd 1 52816 928 PM 2 TOTI.COM JULYAUG 2016 2_RSW_JA16.indd 929 3 RSWLIVING 20 SAINT PETER Clinicians career is about helping amputees overcome devastating loss. 28 FLORIDA ADVENTURES Lobstering in the Keys, our staycation tips, tickle sticks and making plans. 34 HEALTHY RESORTS Southwest Florida resorts are investing millions upgrades that include healthier dining selections. Its a delicate balancing act. ON THE COVER 4 Healthy foods sheer vacation indulgence at Floridas challenge menus. Learn more thinking behind modern resort on page 34. 6116 611 Your Monopoly scratch-off game Natalias best chance to attend medical school. TM E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C A T N. Since 1997, Lottery has been creating brighter future for through Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through this scholarship, than 725,000 students have earned opportunity college. The education they received allowing them give back community boost economy, while fund next generation of students. So remember, you play, wins. Must be 18 or older play. Play responsibly. 5 Departments 10 12 14 GUEST EDITORIAL WORK MAKING WAVES Celebrating Floridians WOMEN YOU SHOULD KNOW Ten movers shakers 54 FAMILY RUN TRIFECTA TURNS 25 Merricks Seafood offers wholesale retail markets, alluring choices 58 RECIPES Discover how professionals prepare great table fare CULINARY 24 22 CLIPPED WINGS Flight attendants retirement many endured tough standards EXPLORE MAGICAL WARM MINERAL SPRINGS Healing North Ports historic spa, waters dating Ice Age BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS GETAWAYS Good as it gets, breathtaking Appalachian scenery 60 EPICURIOUS Guide Dining SW 68 73 74 76 77 78 79 80 CALENDAR Where Go What Do DOCTORED CREDENTIALS Prescription disaster, novel inspired by real life STARGAZING with Elizabeth Joyce HAVE SEEN ME Police agencies use ID kits tracking missing children SEEKING SOLUTION Candidate wants Lake named national monument RED, WHITE KABOOM Short list Independence Day festivities, some Saturday SERVICES PROFESSIONALS PARTING SHOT NEWS VIEWS 33 STYLE 30 32 FASHION Breezy Summer Silhouettes CROSSWORD BEAUTY TRENDS Products help look your 50 LIFE 42 44 48 STOMP EM BOOTS learn country line dancing FOREVER FRIENDS Pets play surprising role Hope HealthCare Services BRACING FOR BANGS AND BOOMS July Fourth fireworks spectacular people but not pets 52 OF BREAST CANCER Survivors talk disease, pushing early detection SHELL POINT RETIREMENT COMMUNITY Active seniors sharing personal wellness journeys In Our Next Issue SeptOct issue, we celebrate unlimited capacity creative expression. They say art eye beholder, aim an eyeful it-- painting, architecture, dance, music more. Plus, well exploring design trends fashion. If creativity thing, issue will both satisfy inspire. 6 RSW LIVING ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. gift jetBlue customers See special offer. 7 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela E. 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Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. 8 Times Islands Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors necessarily those 9 To Health years care solutions Lee Memorial BY SKIP LEONARD years, System, soon called Health, devoted caring community, grows, so do health needs entrusted care. addition million patients every year, LMHS, continually assessing proactively addressing regions most compelling issues. throughout significant state change transitionour LMHS continue enhance culture outstanding quality all serve, recognizing financial political realities. identified five priorities focus enhancing communitys health. However, order so, must philanthropic investment Philanthropy generosity live world clarity impactclarity mission understanding impact community. cannot think impactful Florida. end, Foundation over raising awareness support these strategic areas Regional Cancer Center RCC each since 2008 experienced double-digit growth. five-year success rate cancers diagnosed managed exceeds averages, yet untold story. begin multimillion-dollar expansion RCC, including 24,000-square-foot existing center Colonial Boulevard near I-75 Fort Myers. Shipley Cardiothoracic Surgery Innovation, Education Research Heart disease tremendous growth, new village 247 freestanding emergency room, surgery center, specialty- primary-care physicians, rehabilitative programs. Bonita Estero Life Village This area experiencing continues leading cause death U.S. address management heart lung diseases, 2015 created Center. By using formalized program improve before surgery, outcomes vastly improved. We forefront developing techniques significantly patient vitality. Golisano Childrens Hospital Wellness programs such partnerships physicians groups, local schools, social-service organizations varied neighborhoods, taking grass-roots approach educate initiate healthy living circumvented past. Leonard Chief Officer System 52916 1057 AM PHOTO COURTESY Over youll hearing learning one impacts When Americas newest childrens hospital opens 2017, present different ways quickly fill youngest, vulnerable patients. Envision Many already given their own unique being pulled little red wagons between procedures reasons, label why. want know rooms. funding shift from bricks why can inspire philanthropy mortar annual support. call Little enhances overall serve. Red Wagon Campaign, because everything dollar related story raised spent generations come. 11 Making Waves salute residents, businesses island coast who make COMMERCIAL FISHERMANS STORY NETTING INTEREST wondering sea, retired Myers Beach shrimper stories you. Gustav Gus Bahruth penned Never Met Boat Didnt Love, memoir his time boy gathering clams crabs Yorks Great South Bay big-league shrimpboat skipper Self-published, Bahruths 172-page shares insight boat captains perspective beginning 1950s. He would retire wife wander waterways. family, myself particular, always had love boats, writes book, which he sells festivals, online boating events It taken us lots places, shown hard good times. recounts astonishing exploits Bermuda Triangle dressing crew straw hats resemble Mexican shrimpersthat defy belief. book includes photos shrimping. available Amazon select locations. was good, Bahruth, now 80, says. biggest sacrifice away family. --Craig Retired life. --Klaudia TOP GUSTAV GUS BAHRUTH CLOUD NINE Naples-Immokalee-Marco, apparently, happy place. ranked No. well-being self-reported survey. Port-SarasotaBradenton third. Some 353,000 nationwide responded Gallup-Healthways poll correlating purpose, social, financial, physical wellbeing. Those Florida, California, Texas Colorado appear pleased lives. 13 TEN MOVERS SHAKERS IN SOUTHWEST KIMBERLY PAULUS Women You Should Know McCallion McCallion, word entrepreneur imprinted Susans DNA. Her mother owned estate business Connecticut family invested. its she followed her mothers footsteps, starting 2014, partnering husband. advice forget whats really important life, no matter what SUSAN MCCALLION MELISSA CONGRESS Congress Jewelers, Melissa joined 1989, added value instrumental immediate. Handwritten receipts dated ordering system were still utilized, initiated inventory system. Dont afraid suggestions TRACEY GALLOWAY Community Cooperative, As CEO, Tracey strives take nonprofit Cooperative level, supporting efforts education, hunger homelessness choose passion. --TRACEY GALLOWAY, CEO COOPERATIVE, FORT MYERS PHOTOS MILISSA SPRECHER, MICHELLE TRICCA 15 LIZA CLOUSE TRASI SHARP Easy Caf Island Paws, Sanibels go-to places breakfast lunch, only seasonal tourists year-rounders. Trasi nearly decade. Just few steps Liza owns, offering pet products. Lizas Work funits Trasis should able perform aspect business, knows better. DAWN HILLMAN KATE SERGEANT On founded idea artists. pair niche store consisting items designer towels Joggling Board must-see. Dawn president School PTA, Kate attorney Prairie Risk Solutions. Their consensus let fear stop you, OK feel afraid, just move past it. Genesis Counseling invaluable. profession allows function day-to-day Linda started III 2003. Lindas ropes first branching out own. Nexxus, worked vice Accudata decade ago direct marketing data consulting firm. saw needed filled list, Hollys Surround yourself like-minded follow intuition, dreams vision. LINDA REYNOLDS HOLLY JENNIFER PAGNUTTI 16 Studio RK Salon, Jennifer working Salon almost ago, offered partnership ago. dream come true, says opportunity. back. Support paramount n freelance writer. SPRECHER TAYLOR SUSHIL 17 Clipped Wings meets monthly keep tabs another. hey servers nurses training, single slim, forced age 32. public, couldnt eat, drink smoke wore white gloves tucked into impeccable uniforms, small pinned atop coiffed heads. ready in, always, overnight bags packed, subjected strict appearance screenings work, unusual even Today flight attendants. individuality air carrier generally shaped hostesses, serving plated meals forever smiling bouncing plane, whom public closely interfacedbut restricted outside job. Yet women, later men, resilient fought rights. 1970s movement ended prohibition marriage allowed when chose. remain skyits too job, Mollie Lassy, chapter Wings, club active United Airlines group formed 1941. 35 members. mostly keeping airlines, trading details kids grandkids, Lassy says, also planning Special Olympics, event nationally co-sponsors. sunny morning, Gulf Coast Town luncheon. handful fly, off clock. Other dinTOP CRAIG GARRETT BOTTOM ers gawk women pass by, respectful, perhaps sensing represent something special. are, after all, quite striking 60s 70s. carry themselves glamour intangible cohesion schoolteachers, soldiers baseball team. lessons 1950s that, like fashion career, dealing rules. much now. Group Editor-in-Chief Media. dress, Things changed 1970s. DAY trip, major focus. Check rides constant nerve wracking eyelashes glued place girdles in. walked airport perched precariously two hairdos, short George Washington. required get signature pay purposes. womens halt no-marriage rule. contract signed flying torn up. furiously regarding weight regulations. work company weigh harassed, embarrassed humiliated. challenging aspects career. wonder if today Excerpted Quarterly 19 Saint Looks Like Hanger Clinic Civil War amputee clinician Peter DiPaolo foreground tests prosthetic leg Steve Oliver fitting office. 612 THIS OPPOSITE PAGE TERRY ALLEN WILLIAMS dont saint looks like, do. dedicate others. recently visited met saint, least somebody consider category. Hangers chief Myers, prosthetist orthotist. didnt terms, discover means theyre board certified licensed fit upper lower limbs manage DiPaolo, 41, pleasant looking very bald head big smile, greets me client, Oliver, 74. right leg, beneath knee. His walking motion seems fluid. room followup whose amputated 2015. fusion performed then cyst, tells me. immobilized doctor said see point doing another fusion. bone died. Fortunately, Olivers limband where came 1861 James Edward Hanger, Confederate soldier lost cannonball. Wars amputee. fashioned wood replacement barrel staves patented advanced device 1871. At 1919, J.E. Co. American European offices. there 750 offices, 53 rightfully gained recent fame dolphin tail. fitted Hampshire, connected winter season. Oftentimes, involved traumatic accidents, fittings complicated, conducts examination. Steves wife, broke tears husband spoke relationship Hanger. clinicians with, Paul Jenkins up Hampshire down here, terrific. am extremely result, husband, brags passing driving test month fitted. pain, wiping tears, functioning normal human credits steering him field. knew wanted people, My taught that. But wasnt exactly sure how. went UConn University Connecticut, studying therapy, happened research performance custom sports braces. While research, someone suggested field and, well, happened. do, saying around my success, works clients. technical three interface, touches skin, socket itself, external component case foot. side fitting. lot depends attitude, feeling clients limb lifelike experience possible becomes ultimate goal. naively, getting artificial kind buying TV Walmart. bought device, put simply purchasing body part. actually process, months sometimes doesnt out. sanctioned sense, him, striving day service damaged better pretty darn close. writer, photographer traveler. below left passed shortly limb. soldier. 21 Magical Warm Mineral Springs B KL AUDIA BALOGH ody scars self-consciousness. Robert Bond enjoys showing chest scar open-heart surgery. healing power spring-fed sinkhole Sarasota County helped erase traces surgeons bathing here days pointing dark green Port, miles north four week. Visitors enjoyed generations, 1.4-acre, geothermally heated produces moderate strong sulfur scent. warm springs Juan Ponce de Leon believed reverse time. Early natives used freshwater centuries Tourists buildings influenced Architecture, Cyclorama commemorate Quadricentennial 1959. Julia Rafael Vitebsky visit There submerged caves surface trapped history. CURT BOWEN water earths furnace cooled average 87 degrees surface. 53016 429 KLAUDIA York, instance. native Russians, mineral Eastern culture. arthritis, Bill Goetz, Historical Commissioner Port studied long history Springs, buy mythology Leons Fountain Youth, heard testimonials attributed waters. historical site, Waters 250-foot deep degrees. Underground last 97 source heat mile below. underground opened 15,000 sinkhole, mixed cooling vents, dropping relaxing temperature. purchased 2012. city owns registered landmark. Goetz others suggest could parceled developers, noting signage removed significance discov- ered Royal. Diving Royal recovered skull intact tissue, scientists linked activity eastern States 10,000 4,000 estimates. cleaned remaining artifacts. percent fully explored, leaves questions mystery surrounding so-called Youth. humanity way thats unavailable anywhere else. Editorial Assistant non-resident adults, 6-17. mineral-rich 250 feet covers 1.4 acres. 23 Blue Ridge Mountains Getaways LIBBY MCMILLAN HENSON ery caf. Georgia Wine Country Festival June. Dahlonega Spa Resort lodging option mountaintop yoga. glamping yurt Cedar House Inn Yurts eco-minded innkeepers cozy rooms available. Downtown chock-a-block boutiques galleries. getaway fly fishing, golf, hiking cycling. Seek Smith family-style Southern menu. hen summer starts oppressive, cool mountain temperatures, drop-dead laidback vibe await nearby Mountains. Heres quick rundown inspiring destinations escape car Atlanta, Greenville Carolina Asheville W RIDGE, GEORGIA Former chef Danny Mellman staked culinary claim tiny chic northwest Atlanta. anchored gorgeous Harvest Main restaurant partner Michele Moran helm, towns farm-totable movement. apple picking Mercier Orchards autumn, fish, Oysters acclaimed rod shop. Oyster welcoming Cast Blast Street. Luxury cabinsmany fireplaces hot tubssurround lovely hours rafting, horseback riding Trail. HIGHLANDSCASHIERS, NORTH CAROLINA inviting HighlandsCashiers western gem along scenic Route 64. Cashiers rambles several directions heart, Bucks Coffee brims temptation. iconic High Hampton Inn, makes delightful base families. Highlands Street presents abundant options. Mountain Fresh Grocery Market gourmet takeout front-porch picnic tables. Old Edwards fills block bucolic Half Mile Farm home luxe cabins spacious hotel rooms, space roam. Hike Horsepasture River Trail waterfalls Gorges State Park go paddling Sequoyah. less seven wine tasting 39-mile loop takes visitors wineries, tastings, tours win- BREVARD, college townoddly known squirrelsis throwback, soda fountain O.P. Taylors toy store. And miss D.D. Bullwinkels mercantile Wolf Gallery. Scenic downtown Asheville, Carolina. options paddlers inset skills. INSET DAHLONEGA, Yummy farm-to-table favorites. Enjoy flatbread pizza Marco Trattoria adjacent Pisgah National Forest, DuPont Recreational Forest easy hike waterfalls. Caesars Head jaw-dropping vista. Nearby Hendersonville Flat Rock fun explore. ASHEVILLE, whatever be, stay Grove glam lodge private cabin stellar views. Leaf peeping sublime October. Craft beer operations pepper city, Sierra Nevadas breweryadjacent airportis hangout ever massive dog-friendly patio firepits, terrific food. Book ahead dinner downtowns unexpected Nightbell, pop Battery Exchange Champagne Vanderbilts Biltmore Estate depicts Gilded Age. Jocassee middle Green Knob Overlook Parkway natures wonderment region. Bar unwind. sets exploration Estate, hosts concerts guests paddle, picnic, ride horses cruise bikes. holds sexy Grand Bohemian Hotel lobby bar, dozens tempting shops, bars restaurants. LAKE JOCASSEELAKE KEOWEE, SOUTH Geographic magazine deemed Earth. panorama crystal-clear either lakes, agree stunning, entire area. Sassafras Mountain, states highest, nearby. undeveloped shoreline, Keowee largely encompassed luxury neighborhoods rentals. Reserve affordable surprisingly nice two- three-bed villas Devils Fork Park, Jocassee. kinds watersports lakes Upstate, rentals Author Greenville, Carolina, resident, regularly departs foothills weekend explorations 26 27 Lobster Fever Gearing mini-season, bug Keys NANCI THEORET lanning summertime Be catch dose fever, cured plunging turquoise-tinged armed sticks. end kicks twoday spiny lobster mini-seasona prelude full session Augustand delicious dinner. Middle Islamorada Marathon, prime hunting grounds lobster, clawless crustaceans nicknamed bugs tangle appendages. Seventy lobsters harvested Monroe County. season typical vacay, especially wee-hours nightlife Key West early-morning crow citys roosters. Stay Hawks Cay Duck enjoy fitness amenities, marina expert hunters. booked Jessica Pritt, shop manager instructor Dive Key, dive charter resort. mini-season consecutive Wednesday Thursday 27-28, begins promptly minute midnight concludes day. gives recreational divers snorkelers start commercial fishermen. Unlike cold-water kin, lack claws, additional gram fat calories cholesterol. grow feet, although pounds, Pritt per person, dayexcept marine sanctuaries parks. regular Aug. March 31. warmer snorkeling shallow bayside. destination5 offshore 30-foot free-diving bay shorelinelobstering isnt leisurely activity. Poke wrong 2-foot stick, might lose Startled backward quickly. stick coaxes hiding protecting reef. Hunters typically wear DIVE DUCK KEY HAWKS CAY RESORT above add theres sunset Resort. lobster. mesh bag basket, aka hotel, waists. Theyre fast, lobsters. famous large population That reason former buddies Michigan, instance, 29-hour road trip annually week grilled tails melted butter upon return. friends parents house hang night. traditional suites four-bedroom scattered property. amenities relaxation rejuvenation bucket-list experienceswimming resident dolphins. Theres adult-only pools, tidal-fed lagoon beach, Calm OTHER Marker 61 features other oceanfront goodies. limits mini-seasons daily person. treatment Vichy shower, exercise classes specials. bikes, paddleboards kayaks exploring. scuba trips, provides onsite certification. inquire lobstering overhearing conversations Guests season, walk ask try it, Pritt. consolation luck runs restaurants offer dishes, sliders, tempura, thermidor, mac cheese ceviche, according executive William Ryan. Theyll cook catch. travel fishing diving indulge fresh seafood for, Ryan Complete quest town Marathons no-frills Fisheries Marina, sign keeps running tab sales Reuben sandwich. travel, lifestyle food writer Nanci Theoret contributes regional publications. newspaper reporter editor recognized writing photography Kentucky press associations. 29 RENE NOVELLE nder scorching August, thing heavy fabric layers apparel. Which weve fallen light, airy Aqua Beachwear Bursts color enough pieces wear, transition night accessories. Pair kimono simple crop top bikini look, step evening dramatic maxi jeweled clutch favorite sandals stunning ensemble beat style. La Moda Maxi Dress, 98 Lovestitch Tote, Double Strand Tassel Necklace, 24. Ale Alessandra White Sands Pants, LSpace Kimono 299 Shore Road Pooja 148. Young, Fabulous Broke 207 African DiscsCharm 330. Subtle Kimono, Black Wrap 39. Gottex 318 Antik Batik Clutch, 243. ALL AVAILABLE AT 2075 Periwinkle Way Fashion Editor 31 FIND HIDDEN GET YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINE COMING ADDITIONAL YEARS SAVE OFF PRICE Year Years 39 SUBSCRIBE Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Online rates apply Internet orders only. Visit Web site TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions SubPage_JA16.indd32 452 Are lipstick lover face cream fanatic Then youre Every lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup in-between. Because whether laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, beautiful feel. BETH LUBERECKI FESTIVE FINGERTIPS SinfulColors Star Struck Collection 1.99 comes handy celebrating all-American spirit. shades hues Bangin Haute glittery topcoat effect. made-in-America polishes free ingredients toluene, formaldehyde camphor. Grab bottle retailers Bed, Bath Beyond, Walgreens SUMMER ESCAPE cards bring continental routine Lancmes Bliss collection. Inspired colors landscape France, boasts ranging neutrals corals. Belle Teint Liquid Glow Trio highlighting fluid 38 Power bronzer 42.50 skin radiant, sun-kissed Vernis Love long-lasting nail polish Orangeade Glace 15.50 adds bright digits. draw attention eyes Ombre Hypnse Stylo eyeshadow 27. Pick collection Lancme products Saks Fifth Avenue Bell Tower Shops 239-4890980,, Dillards Edison Mall 239-936-1441, Sephora Coconut Point 239390-9889, dry ultra-sensitive, probably skin-care chemicals unnecessary ingredients. JSNs Gentle Basics any parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, sodium lauryl laureth sulfates fragrances. Instead, facial cleanser 11.99, lotion 16.99, cleansing towelettes 6.99 16.99 borage oil, omega-3 fatty acid aids hydration. mild lotions provide all-day moisturization, cleansers gently remove dirt, oil makeup. Find JSN Target KEEP IT SIMPLE 430 405 Teppanyaki healthful entertaining Shima Japanese Steakhouse Sushi Bar. located Sundial Sanibel. outhwest amenities. hundreds dollars poured renovations providing facelift redesigns brought changes appeal growing demand meal choices, splurges vacation. intentions alterations guests, managers chefs fresh, thoughtful lure locals whove found elsewhere. ownership late, February intimate Chefs minimal sauces hibachis. fish served sustainable, meats hormone free, vegetables heirloom possible. create artful plates Sea Breeze Caf. Executive Criss Menassa hopes sushi demand. She stays here--local produce. Andreas Singer, Hyatt Regency sees toward eating groups banquets. completed renovation banquet meeting space. Singer general, bit egg omelets, steel-cut oatmeal quinoa porridge, casual spot, Tanglewood. upscale GINA BIRCH preach message resort-- lives it--having diet cleaner one. led discoveries guests. asked day, made salad romaine, crab, spicy tuna, masago, yuzu vinaigrette ... Oh God, menu refreshing, filling, fires pistons. Ive bunch salads, dressing. entre proteins starch vegetable. notes, kept clean simple, portions. People arent portions anymore. poolside Turtles Slice Paradice, grouper sandwich Harris Ranch burger, salads Breeze, bowl mussels wine, garlic butter. hand-tossed dough ice Working Cow Sarasota. explains, natural, preservative. Im thrilled Tarpon Bay, tries produce serves grass-fed beef well-known, sustainable California Monterey Aquarium Watch Program, requires Jackson, Parus Sammy Chainanat, Rigo Velacsay Denny Cho meals. Artful rolls chefs. LADY PINK PHOTOGRAPHY Patrons find atmosphere Springs. Popular dishes ceviche right. commitment sell environmentally responsible seafood. Marriot Resort, Golf Club final stages ambitious three-phase adults-only tower. Included project MAIA, bright, focusing unbelievable buffet. opposite spectrum ARIO, designed rich wood, stone finishes fiber optic lighting ceiling sky. natural decor dinners expectation experience--and ARIO delivers. Chef cuisine Gerald Sombright aims simplicity preparation, flavors spices carefully sourced dry-ages serves, impressive operation. waterfront often built-in clientele--because effort mentally physically leave beach Holding 36 930 HYATT REGENCY COCONUT IS CHALLENGE THESE CHEFS TO LOCAL PRODUCE BECAUSE ITS TOO HOT GROW SOME ITEMS. Naples, however, Fifths restaurant. vintage wins patrons among establishments lining popular avenue. Dave Nelson hotels diners things prepared, steamed lightly seasoned, acid, want. grown exponentially couple years. gluten-free craze, higher-end from-scratch kitchens, gluten menus anyway. Very rarely flour thicken sauces. reducing things. 5s Simply Prepared Fish popular, entres. pick method vegetables. kitchen guest successful trip. Favorite MAIA clockwise Farmers Salad, topped Goddess Honey Almost Granola Parfait, lavender-scented blueberries Caesar kale. Spa. MARCO ISLAND MARRIOTT BEACH RESORT, GOLF CLUB SPA 37 PEOPLE ARENT LOOKING THOSE BIG PORTIONS ANYMORE. --Sundial wanting indulge, stuff too, occasion. Most balanced. everybody. undergone goal local. eat showcase said, items. winter, crops drowned unseasonal rains. out-of-state farms, shipped picked. healthfully pricey. These faced difficulty costs, daunting finding purveyors. Samson inspects dry-aged Dry-aging specialty One steaks ARIO. scratch kitchen. delivers trendy 5th Naples. pays dishes. Tuna Stack bottom delicious. bigger picture, somewhere. adds, sit restaurant, cant impact. gonna anywhere. influence cooks underneath me, become grows. Thats sentiment close Rashty, Jacks Fork, Pink Shell Marina Beach. number trend shouldnt sourcing anyway, Rashty system, member health-conscious, food-related boards reach consumers but, importantly, Once demanding products, better, too. AVENUE sources chicken Marina. Beachbased establishment Also Watch, champion market lionfish. dumped aquariums, predators damage reef rid lionfish establishing demand, explaining easier source. initial push there, companies nets byproduct, save similar hog snapper Jacks, Rashty. sold 40 pounds apart unique. problem deal poisonous spikes bottom--hence predators. uses pairs easily cuts spikes, assuring poison meat. felt Shells newly expanded Bongos Grill. COMMODITY PRODUCT MASS-PRODUCED ITEMS WE SOURCE KILLING US. --Chef grains Jacks. balance, sprinkled indulgent desserts decadent risotto passionate educating chefs, commodity mass-produced killing us. paying front bills work. vision shared evolve 300-mile radius. is. Birch well-known broadcast journalist frequent contributor Read musings locally nationally. beet mouthwatering creation. spot Beach, fantastic views Gulf. MARINA 41 Stomp em Boots Instructor Carol Jensen leads class wanna-be dancers Concert Hall Saloon. Class size reaches people. ive, six, seven, eight left, together, cross turn. sound complicated. With Luke Bryan background roads, remember other, dancing. style tradition Johnny Cash picked guitar. audiences sang hands, stomping boots familiar tunes. Not much. OK, trying. danced girl, coming Europe, dance spree yeeha Saloon Dixie Roadhouse Cape Coral Friday, nightlife. set mood evening. theyve birth, confused Wait, Wait. Turn. Oh, facing again. discourage learning. Jensen, Ranch, teaching ages tends beginner routines intermediatelevel choreography. capture levels dancing, prepares teach sequence steps. loves shes doing, besides fun, exercise, Following Jensens moves, agree. floor, music, Connie Arebalo, 75, dances going girlfriends October 2014. From November April, Arebalos friend, Karen Powell, 73, joins Shes snowbird Pittsburgh, Powell Dancing burns calories, notice flies fast floor. owners Rusty Roepke Jim Heckler draws nights Fitzwater photo 2011. DIXIE ROADHOUSE operated variety venues target entertainment, acts organize. ourselves Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts twist, Stomping bridge Friday night, learned Cathy Vary Fitzwater. lines shoulder beginners standing side. 50-50 mix men women. front, seemed courage join party. military 1987. matter, 21-year-olds, gentleman week--I Grandpa. literally 82 old. direction, matter. mistakes, variations. lost, cheat person --Karen dancer IF GO 2158 Blvd., 239-985-9839 Dance 715-9 p.m. Wednesday, Cover 1023 SE 47th Terrace, 239-541-7900 730, 830, 1130 ladies 43 Forever Friends Association 2005 demonstrated therapy dog visits improved functions decreasing anxiety failure. Beyond literature, first-hand evidence benefits care, Objartel Caution program, however. Prior visits, animal behaviorist wellbehaved, clean, friendly startled situations sounds. facility time, accompanied friend. sudden departure companionship affects pets, them. responding open eyes, staff struggled answers. volunteer Bella visit, changed. shih tzu puppy lifted lap, woman gave huge smile told cute dog, Amy Objartel, director missions Everyone tears. bringing joy meaning Hospice Houses residing assisted senior nursing facilities. suffering dementia bedroom refused beduntil Rebel, fear. Rebel jumped onto bed, smiled guess Rebels lead. four-legged Pet Program creates maintains connection pets. 1980s, when, volunteers walking, changing litter playtime. Volunteers companions patients, adding everyones Hospice, helpthe costs maintaining mount. limitations caused feed animals, need, notes began flea prevention vet services afford Science According Journal Alzheimers Disease Dementias, residents showed statistically decrease agitation increase social interaction weeks therapy. Another study Lois Barrett welcomes Loretta Bartoletti Joannes Bonita. unconditional comfort, everyone --Amy ALISON BEYER Aneysha Shanelles Vasquez hello Tally, Clydesdale. Romeo kid favorite. visitor Sami staffer Gerry Louima brighten Browns RIGHT GWEN GREENGLASS 45 alone, facilities neglect situation. homes companion deliver veterinary grooming appointments. Furthermore, cases longer dies ownership. furry animals company, wish without. listeners, get. Knowing patient-pet is, finds cherish relationship. togetherespecially matters most. Christopher Wavershak Missy, golden retriever. Lucky Ian Brents Hopes 1980s. 46 47 Bracing Bangs Booms Dogs sensitive, thus prone loud noises displays. Doughboy home, thanks Humane Society. JEREMY SPINK ANN MARIE OPHELAN soothing channel mask noise fireworks, Galloway. refrain pets-- festivities--as slip collars pull leash run off. safe, plan ahead. Collars up-to-date tag, microchipping highly suggested. Also, flyers distributed. Society Prevention Cruelty bang, boom crackle colorful canvas skies forward to. dreadful. Dogs, cats pocket hamsters, gerbils guinea pigs alarming, unnerving hair-raising. adverse reaction hoopla partly fact suddenly occurring. sounds hurt ears--a true dogs. capable perceiving frequencies twice humans, distinguish humans. Thus further amplified. course, holiday States. fact, Pyrotechnics Association, roughly 14,000 displays light sky across during Fourth. Unfortunately, nations shelters. July, busy shelters fireworks. Sadly, injured lost. innate response, beloved called. respond mom dads calls. Or far hear calls, explains Galloway, Luckily, alleviate fears First safely inside noises, Ria Brown, information officer Domestic Animal Brown comfortable comforted secure noises. soothed blankets wearing ThunderShirt, shirt wraps cat applies gentle pressure relief fears. over-the-counter ideas Remedy D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone--both calming aids. Mutt Muffs, protection Veterinarians prescribe medication anxieties extreme. radio television Cats affected festivities. Myra awaits adoption GCHS Walk right, jogged shelter dogs Martin Luther King Jr. Galloway sits Zeke, Wil Acheron. GULF COAST HUMANE SOCIETY Animals, half action owners. gets check immediate missing, distribute shelters--many post pictures descriptions ASPCA app assist featuring recovery kit digital flyer. Download aspca.orgpet-caregeneral-pet-careaspca-mobile-app. Although shows on, careful consideration turn blast all. OPhelan contributor. INFORMATION PET ADOPTION Myersbased adoptions, spay neuter services, licensing, training following adoptable cats, Maindogs, skills, rabbits, ferrets smallfor vistas seemingly corner nook. spayed neutered, vaccines microchipped. Each on-site clinic, clinic licensing 2010 Arcadia St., 239-332-0364, 5600 Banner Drive, 239-533-7387, 49 Breast words were, breast cancer. Bridget Howards expression reflects pain diagnosis. anything Eyes flushed restrained 37-year-old thought immediately 7-year-old son. divorce separated dad, double whammy adjusting this. nation pink-washed flood meant raise cancer disease. throw statistics, never affect communityor Until happens. America thousands yearincluding 41,000 ultimately battle completely. thousands. situation lump. prior, Though Howard complaining physician 35, ignored symptoms denied mammogram, Finally, necessitated exam. honestly bad think, mammogram myth. facade, painful. Childbirth Mammograms nothing compared diagnosis mastectomy rounds chemotherapy struggling function. kicked butt bed week, Howard, hair falling realized wig. sisters shaved head. dad cried shaving his. Tears threaten flow again memory. eyebrows. realize eyelashes, until prevented earlier topic days. recommendations Preventative Task Force mammograms 50, regarded organizationsthe College Radiology, Imaging Comprehensive Networkeach maintain doctors delayed underwent chemotherapy. Son Colt journey mom. Radiology Mobile Coach helps schedules. BRIDGET HOWARD RADIOLOGY REGIONAL CENTER Tina Gilbert 41. Husband Mark step. 3-D mammography painful preventive treatments. Dr. Mary Kay Peterson Womens Springsteen founder Words Coral. 40. reports invasive younger 45. chemo treatments, lady old, appears shaken discovery. baby. breast-feeding. Recommendations screened scare crap Gilbert, turning agrees. cringe. imagine wouldve Id waited diagnosis, considered herself way. industry, assumed educated normal, every-day itd happen After surgeries. wrong. Still, silver lining. interact calm remind here. stress detection, obviously prevent point. enough, agency lessen Center, physician-owned Among programs, mobile screen workers remote communities. Mammo coach health, does lives, Palin. director, believes skip schedules hectic. barely primary doctor, schedule. statistic recommends checkups. Skipping LEFT TINA GILBERT SPRINGSTEEN sentence, Palin amazing detect earliest treatable stage. team discovered Springsteens 20s, treated avoiding serious consequences. catalyst project, Foundation, assistance type ability alive greater anymore wont author enjoying NEED 3660 Broadway, 239-936-2316 PO 150305, 239-887-9264 51 Retirement HEATHER BATTEY Rehabilitation Dotty short-term goala four-hour birding excursion organized Caloosa Bird Club. dimensions incorporated trod nature boardwalk Countys Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve. enthusiast combined environment, educational, physical, spiritual, emotional dimensions, satisfaction hard-earned accomplishment. Down road, reinforced ongoing rehab plans Galpagos Islands. s aging reluctant tendency. LifeQuest, adopted positive promotes growth living. Anyone LifeQuests principles achieve results. TAKING WELLNESS RIDE Points rode all-terrain vehicle 85. admits skill adventurous. age, Pauls Carolyn. relies support, attends yearly Senior Fit Test, SFT, gauge success. scored segments framed results show proof journey. TIRELESS ADVOCATES HEALTH UP OUT NEW KNEE Morrison 56, Photo Club, Church Choir, challenged things, Dotty. go-getter nature, slowed knee 2016, advocates connecting supportive resources. Will Marcia OHara, motivated Wills bladder cancer, action. OHaras rallied participation build attendees representatives. live. answer, knowledge power, Community, Battey manages LifeQuest oversees diverse activities sponsored trips residents. year. OHara life-changing ATV program. Hes RICH CERRINA TROY WELLS 1053 Family Run Trifecta Turns Kerry Kreig arrived prepared market--from 70. Youll seafood, freshly Make Bake Best-sellers crabmeat-stuffed grouper, various nut-encrusted groupers generous seafoodstuffed portobello mushrooms. cooking tins instructions foolproof aspired lunch populated bar admits, grin, goal, process organically. tables wait orders. selections increased, dine remembers silverware anything. sister market, waitress. trays kinda started. Having attached Krieg, access everything, took crme la quarter-century mark, supplying restaurants, managing delighting restaurant--Fish Tale platters stone-crab claws highlight yummy 613 FISH TALE GRILL Richard Joan Santorico moved imagined providers Santoricos daughters, Kreig, intention accounts done players affair Debra Keen, Amys Keen. Merrick, Long father plotted neighbor--owner York--on grew, south help. Looking today, crazy, definitely dad. exploded. 55 noshing outside, tasty Stuffed Dover Sole Grill resurgence dining. Pratillo concurs. server opened, patrons. fabulous, treat Covering mouth lowering voice, summer, rib specials Sunday, Twilight Dining--dinner price. artfully plated, flavorful. plentiful--making decisions difficult best. housing harmonious now-flourishing Cape, awesome hold pricing, complement other. securing highest-quality imports world. representative competitive auction Hawaii. specific, Keen conscious fisheries. Spending nice, heads committed core, fighting same goals. agrees trying sure. blood, actual tips 1229 Terrace 239-257-3167, Open a.m. 56 57 FRUIT ARUGULA SALAD Serves Recipes Made arugula orange sliced cup peppers grapefruit, sectioned Sliced cucumbers, desired amount Dried cranberries sprinkle Sesame seeds Dressing balsamic vinegar extra virgin olive 8-ounce package Salt, taste pepper, Cinnamon sugar pecans Place blender mixed. Wash disinfect arugula, drain. Put top. Pour finish sprinkling sesame cranberries. 5323 Airport Pulling N, Naples 239-596-3276, LIONFISH CURRY Cook 6-8 ounces lemongrass sous vide 142 Celsius minutes. Pan-seared alternative. Curry tablespoons veggie teaspoon cumin teaspoons coriander fennel black peppercorns poppy plain yogurt 2-3 seeded chilies micro-planed ginger dried coconut cilantro medium onion madras curry JACKS FARM FORK Toast spices, grind coffee grinder. Blend Sweat curry. minutes cool. Add blended mixture. Reduce low heat. Rice basmati rice cinnamon cloves cups approximately minutes, fluff fork. Lentils pancetta lentils shallot render fat, water. tender. Spoon plate, rice, spoon rice. quartered tomatoes uncooked, garnish microgreens. 275 239-463-6181, processor blend smooth. thick, tablespoon Toss peanut Mix plate. Top blackened shrimp. BUCKINGHAM FARMS 12931 Orange 239-206-2303, GOAT CHEESE CHEESECAKE GINGERSNAP CRUST For Crust box gingersnap cookies brown butter, pulse fine. combine eliminate clumps. crumbs 9-inch spring-form pan reached -inch crust. 350 Filling pound goat sour vanilla extract granulated eggs cheese, electric mixer. paddle attachment mixture flour. Continue setting smooth, pour bake hours. Allow cheesecake pieces. SWEET MELISSAS CAFE ASIAN KALE Salad lacinato kale, washed shredded carrots almonds, toasted bell peppers, med-small diced purple cabbage shrimp, Peanut chunky blossom honey garlic, minced ginger, ounce soy sauce Sweet Melissas tops chopped pistachios. creativity. 1625 Way, 239-4721956, 59 FORDS GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Henry Ford parts, burgers Model Low Carb-uretor. Angus fried water, craft names Kona Big Wave Goose 312. 2207 Street, 239-332-3673, SWFL DINING GUIDE Breakfast Lunch Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried true. Salads, steak pasta pleasing palates 1982. Soup accompany dinners, old deals 530 Cozy booths, nautical seafaring vibe. 13451-16 McGregor 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY Class. crowd theater-goers balance steaks. BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. An incredible outrageous cocktails menu, prefer chicken. 7790 239-437-4377, 13451 239-489-1500 2262 239-362-2843, COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE SANIBEL HARBOUR Beefed Up. Refined brass, leaded glass subtle theme, steakhouse tastiest butchers breed Diners opt buffet aboard elegant Princess yacht. 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-466-4000, DARUMA Wish teppan-style, Classic favorites shrimp tempura offered, combinations Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 1719 East, Coral, 239-540-3673, LOBSTER SEAFOOD MARKET BISTRO Eclectic Coastal Cuisine. Whether Shrimp Grits Le Bouf Bacon Wrapped Tail dinner, freshest extensive raw fine selection burgers, sandwiches landlubbers. entertainment 13499 Cleveland Ave., 239-344-0037 241 North, 239-591-1200 5459 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, 941-342-6600, FIRESTONE Four fun. Brick atmosphere, tires moving walls Firestone. Try paella Grille Room tapas Sky Bar, Martini Saturday. 1715 Pkwy., Units 3, 239-471-0136, MONKEY BAR STEAK Silly Name, Serious Food. Nico Bogert food, palate, Monkey pork chop relish Rum Pepper Painted Grouper, mango Ahi Salad. 2224 239-334-3473, steak, eatery title Best Indoor outdoor seating available, nightly. 1428 Lafayette 239-5498800, DOC RUM GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. second based fictional Randy Wayne character view Matanzas Pass banana leaf baby-back ribs. afternoons. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, NERVOUS NELLIES Neurotically Time. gator bites zesty buffalo salad, salmon Oscar, wild tender baby asparagus, please. Uglys Waterside upstairs, prettier, allday hour. 1131 1st 239-463-8077, OLD Home Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles fresh-ground Colombian breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak, hands down. 25091 Bernwood Parkway, 239-948-4123, Carburetor. 62 63 10801 Corkscrew 519, Estero, 239495-3673, RODIZIO Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience Brazil, choice dozen rotisserie meats, perfectly seasoned carved tableside Rodizio Gauchos Feijoada, bean stew, Abacaxi, glazed pineapple. dessert Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza del Lago Suite 101, Estero. 239-498-0018, RUTHS CHRIS HOUSE Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously linen-covered mood. petite filets cowboy-size ribeyes, juicy sides creamed spinach sweet potato casserole. Point, 23151 239-948-8888, Novel band folk novelist develop best-seller sandwiches, entrees. mojito. 975 Rabbit 239-472-8311, COW Bovine Bounty. omelets pasta, joint, despite cow references. choice, unless breakfast, omelets. 2163 239-472-0606, JACARANDA Local Legend. romantic, relaxed, open-air energetic nightspot Food ranges splendid 64 65 lounge, 1223 239-472-1771, LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents classic decades, Start Ocean Frittata scallops krabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms artichoke creamy Alfredo lighthouse walls. Call-ahead 362 239-472-0303, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, hearts wood-fired pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal round 1200 239-472-1998, PINOCCHIOS ICE CREAM GEPPETTOS FOODIES Institution. institution Pinocchios repertoire 130 homemade daily, creams Krunch Dirty Sand Dollar. gelato, sorbets, sherbets yogurts Geppettos Foodies shop, Pinocchios, surprises croissants, baguettes, souffls, pastries, breads, panini, focaccias 239-472-6566, STARFISH overlooking palm tree-studded beach. citrus mahi cherry meat lovers. Casual flame-grilled Burger aged cheddar. Holiday 1231 239-472-7827, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. Creative oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack yellowtail 66 mojo allure trappings, glorious table. breath away. Casa Ybel 2255 239-472-9200, TIMBERS RESTAURANT Dine Yourself. Favorites calamari, crab cakes door market. 15951 Captiva Captiva, 239-472-5161 4, CAPTIVA Story Continues. Building continued chain Whites brings doors Seas Docs Bread entrees Oriental panko crusted dry-rubbed ribeye. 703 239-472-2722, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders shopping emporium Tuesday evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, KEYLIME Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery blue canopies setting, Jimmy Buffett beat. eclectic walnut-crusted snapper, sausage escargots baked tomato. 1551 239-472-7242, 11509 Andy Rosse Lane, 239-395-4000, FloridaNew American. Jason Millers always-changing centers bounty plenty fish. Wines presentations, Sunset ensure guide date. encourage readers detailed andor reservations visiting establishments. 67 WHERE WHAT DO Celebration 930am hometown parade 930am, picnics beverages Baileys Jerrys centers. islanders noontime Optimist Rally, scavenger hunt Timbers Road. Fireworks Causeway. 239-472-1080, Red, Boom 5pm Celebrate Bridge, booths foods, rock climb, 300-foot zip obstacle painting balloon art. Finish display bridge. 239-573-3128, 4th Parade 10am Broad 10am. wide floats costumed performers traveling party winding 8th South. Pier. Lowdermilk pier viewing. Simulcast WAVV 101.1 FM. Sightseeing boats cruises watch Pier, 239213-7120, Display Festivities kick Boulevard. Fishing Restau- rants, lounges festivities Square Boulevard, 239-454-7500 Fest Laishley Punta Gorda 11am Live around. Nesbit Gorda. 941-6375953, District Freedom 12pm celebration District, fest games throughout, culminates river sunset. 855-732-3836, Fishermens Annual Includes activities, concerts, vendor booths. All-day Morris 123pm, trop-rock vibes Jimi Pappas 3-6pm, tropical Roush 6-9pm, blues, harbor 9pm. Village, Retta Esplanade, 941-639-8721, Adventures Paradise Cruise 730pm tranquil San Carlos Complimentary soft drinks, bottled snacks provided. Reservations required. Paradise, 14341 Comfort 239-472-8443, Business invites members meeting. Spa, 1451 Kids Free Fridays Rookery Environmental Learning Fridays, 1-Aug. 5, Admission adult. adult safe pleasurable experience. Scheduled feature film, crafts touch tank. Sizzle Truck 11am-2pm snacks. Estuarine Reserve, 300 239-530-5940, Paint Escape TuesdaysSaturdays, 10am-6pm Ladies Night 6-9pm Ceramic adults. cheese. 808 239945-2006, Conch Mondays-Thursdays Saturdays, 630pm Fridays,7pm Sundays, original friends, beverages. materials provided artist assists. 1242 Pine 239-673-6660, Third Drive 19, third weather permitting Crossroads school foster boys drive-in movie Gorda, City admission, concession stand donations accepted. Movie 121 Marion MangoMania 16-17, mangos ABWA Sanibel-Captiva 12, 530pm Chapter fruits, recipe contests, contests ages, drinks. Sample fruit beverages, advantage Sponsored Greater Chamber Commerce. German Social 2101 239-283-0888, Muscle Car Citys Monthly Bike Show 20, 9am 9am-1pm Show. Toms Traveling Tunes entertains trivia prizes. Trophies awarded entries. registrants spectators. Superb diner 8am4pm. City, 3811 Tamiami Trail, 941-575-5959, 3rd Bowling Bash 21, Enter 5-7pm 7-9pm. alley, shoot pool games, cornhole. Raffle prizes cash bar. Prizes winning team, worst scores. Bowl Pelicans Arcade, 17651 Blvd. 239-454-7500, Music 22, 715pm Pure Caloosahatchee listen Jon Dunnicliff watching Departs Ford, 2360 W. 239-919-2965, 69 1054 PBR Pro Touring Division 2930, 8pm Germain Arena Professional Bull Riders Division. riders risk bones against 2,000 raging bull endless seconds. 11000 Everblades 239-9487825, Mic French Press Wednesdays, 630 pm heard, relaxed environment. Afterward, out, coffee, pastry talents 5789 239542-0212, Stage Blues Jam Buckingham Sundays Wednesdays 8-11pm Tommy open-mic welcome. 5641 239-6937111, 6pm month. More participating talent. Last Hot Lovers 1-30, Wednesdays-Sundays, matinee Barney Cashman, middle-aged restaurateur married high sweetheart. yearns extramarital faithful over. Realizing apartment vacant afternoon, attempts 70 seducing women--only succeed sinning. Broadway Palm Theatre, 1380 239-278-4422, 101 Dalmatians 1, 1pm Based Disney animated funfilled musical fur-raising adventure Cruella De Vil adorable heroes paws Menopause Musical 2, lingerie sale common except lace bra memory loss, flashes, sweats, sex, sex Hilarious Change tunes 1960s, 70s 80s laughing aisles. 239-2784422, Wizard Oz 7-Aug. 13, Follow yellow brick movies, Oz, stage Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion Toto, Lewis Tribute 22-24, Cultural Theater internationally tribute Dean Jerry Lewis, hottest act straight man, comedic flair. Tom Stevens Tony 71 laughter fans converts alike. Theater, 528 239-7725862, Frank, - Ultimate 5-7, late Frank Sinatra, Minnelli Davis Event Superstars individuals, vocal talents, humorous banter, drew crowds wherever performed. stars. wading birds. Manatees waters, birds pelican eagle. Narrated knowledgeable captain mate. Soft Shelling Tuesdays, Thursdays, 830am Climb powered catamaran dolphins shell collecting. Take Barnacles Captiva. swimsuit, shoes shelling bag. chairs, umbrellas, drinks GreenMarket Alliance 9-acre campus, vendors grown, caught cultivated foods--along sampling purchase. kids, gardening demos Barter encouraged backyard trees, tomato garden, berries gathered outing, trade need. 10091 239-939-2787, Walking Tour Thursdays 1030am 90-minute tour educates history--and founding fathers mothers. Tours Franklin Shops, 2200 239-945-0405, Haunted History reveals darker history, residential reputed paranormal 9, Come motorcycles displayed streets--while listening bands 6-10pm. event, Budweiser, public. 26, pet-friendly fourth month, Hendry expected leashed souvenirs. registration Cruise-In 27, 4pm cool, streets lined sight cars 4-8pm. Music, 855-7323836, calendar attending events. Art 10-Year Anniversary 8-July 30, Opening reception 8, Arts, Habitats Members Exhibit 5-Sept. 6-10 pm, galleries invite self-guided core Gardners enthusiasts Meet Artists demonstrations District. 239-337-5050, Dolphin Wildlife Daily, largest populations 72 Doctored Credentials DOUG GALLOGLY PEGASUS PUBLISHING ENTERTAINMENT esmond Donahue ocean. stood beside desolate cliff Irelands hed heaven. Wrong A. OConnor Pegasus Publishing Group, 14.95 convoluted Donahue, Irish poor survived government checks 1940s. everyone, though, proved Donahues salvation. graduation, traveled London friend Starting construction advanced, eventually America. General Chicago, epiphany doctor. application Ireland accepted, informed attend. Unwilling dream, deception. attended lectures participated clinics students, acting belonged necessary skills guile deception practicing Ireland, later, minor accident, diligent investigator uncovered past, web lies fell apart. man integrity aside pursuit paid ends justify Desmond surely no. fascinating lesson Jackie, ELIZABETH JOYCE moon natal chart astrologer smile. born 1776, sun Cancer, falls 0 6. 240th birthday, indication election president. 19th Capricorn disruption Uranus-in-Aries square. Uranus rather bully, forcing directions, not. square--sun, moon, Uranus--indicating pushy disturbing energy completing difficult. August 2nd Leo complete project. strengthening track. vitalized spare celestial signal certainly beginnings. March, 18th Aquarius new, exciting perspective. charm magnetism dealings anyone, boss, banker ARIES MARCH APRIL spend loved ones. Around concerning redoing current having money end. resolved spontaneous love, Aries, permanence predictability. Consider romance level. TAURUS MAY Personal Signs cookouts gatherings content comfortable. concerned review, worry about. reasons. need relationship, so. goodbye, alone long. GEMINI JUNE perfect outings kids. news arrival. Recreation priority maybe romance, money, stability restored 20th thereafter. youve elderly, August. mid-month, cancel together her. Any disputes battles JULY enjoy. warn chauffeur drastically cut. Get grill. relationshiporiented problem, hugs order. usually supportive. same. Generous Jupiter siblings, neighbors oldest receiving LEO AUGUST June, Leo, normally argument homefront point, attention. Ready pat higher-up, Prepare convince anyone seem temporarily endowed superpower. Please good. VIRGO SEPTEMBER opens, leadership currently leaderless. Becoming den well. allow skirmish 11th, count speak. housing, 20th. rest hobby, full-size business. LIBRA OCTOBER Libras involving fun-loving, romantic trysts. Youre attractive star show. perform, regardless whom, expect contact elder mind. goes rough problems ignoring matters. errors wind solving SCORPIO NOVEMBER promises wonderful Scorpios. single, meet flame married, cookout. lonely, puts refreshed rejuvenated walks finances, pickle. impulsive saving. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER hanging ones love. ruling planet, Jupiter, excellent J loving gains, friends. specialties. Needless say, vacation, Mars start. Time CAPRICORN JANUARY puttering nest garden spruce sections coat paint. strikes fancy. 18th, anticipation exciting, experiences. bored, earn bread, Luck AQUARIUS FEBRUARY closeness delightful, surprise brand-new member. seeing under wraps, introductions. relationships of. money. overspending plastic. group. Yes, socialize, mingle share kindred spirits. PISCES Pisces. planets signs, expressing feelings. attached, romance. arrival high-ticket item, putting deposit distant assured remotely feels force income Could animals. Expect boss psychics worldwide Haitian Philippines earthquakes Twin Towers tragedy City. Thousands witnessed psychic powers Unsolved Mysteries, Chance Psychic Detectives, CNN News. country. books online. website services. appointment, 215-996-0646. 75 431 Have Seen Me N o likes tool Act 1982 enabled entered police searching child FBI databases. Recovery percent, updated photographs fingerprint cards, sort advertisements milk cartons, Amber Alerts, media technology effort, drivers license. databases federal report. retrieve information, document children, likely youth sheriff emergency, officials say. agencies. Mom, guardian supply parents, waiver photographed schools kits, identification card thumbprinted. locating children. Completed returned parentguardian safekeeping photograph, fingerprints, characteristics record databases, Chapelle Parents features, relevant advised discuss stranger-danger strategies details, Christine Collier Sheriffs Youth Relations Bureau Kits County, issued thumbprint families secured ready, aggressive elementary Cpl. Sandra Sprenger preschool locations Office. visiting. information. Weve Local, law enforcement kit, FBI, Football Coaches Association. tend detailed, crimes involve trafficking exploitationinkless fingerprinting, wallet card, DNA envelope. 800,000 estimate fraction due strangers. runaways disputes. exploitation trafficking, shows. Missing Exploited Children 4.2 circulated billions 218,000 reports. 1980s abduction 6-year-old boy, astonished tools track him. enacted DANIELA JAEGER Seeking Solution FREEMAN pril Freeman figures end-around petition signatures Okeechobee declared monument. forces solution issues affecting beaches wildlife, tourism. Freeman, candidate seat, weary aqua murky runoff released rainfalls. designations eligibility disaster relief. petitions whitehouse. gov. Obama review deadline. authorizes designation monuments Antiquities 1906. campaign dovetails bill Rep Clawson proposing, fix problem. feedback activists Democratic April tourism industry fix. tourist back, done. C.G. entering Mayaca Lock Dam, Kaboom honors celebrations websites White, festival held Del Prado foot Lower Bridge. crafts, giveaways patriotic pie baking split contest Keep mind, closed 4. Small Store Plaza, float judges, dogs, scouts, post-parade rally hosted San-Cap Spangled golfcart parade, carts decorated colors, Chadwick NAPLES PARADE PIER two-hour a.m., South, filling organizing Municipal Pier 20-minute choreographed station dates Sugden Kicks p.m., 915 afternoon Riverside beverage dusk. Miromar Outlets 17th plaza Saturday, 2. entertainment. Lawn chairs hour Grape Square. Going evening, dusk pier. Bridge closes till once again, oncoming traffic, vendors, event. River. ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving Of CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Cost Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Trust Termite Treatment Pest Control ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 211 World Quality Call Appointment Mon-Fri Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom Central Vac Much Locally Owned Friendly Faces Can Count Needs Order RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481 .2949 8941 239.472.6188 2330 Unit PHARMACY MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Thru Dry Cleaning Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Done Premises Chic preps demands AVENUE5 927 JULAUG VOL. NO. 4.95 Published 6916 839

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