Ad_Page.indd 1 12515 1042 PM Features RSW LIVING 36 SUPER BOWL Americas most anticipated game reaches its 50-year milestone in February. 42 TENNIS THE MENACE Getting ready for spring conference play, the FGCU mens and womens tennis teams are on heels of their best season university history. 46 GREAT OUTDOORS Investigate hiking trails, waterways safety tips before making your outdoor activity plans. 50 OUR DING DARLING A documentary profiling Iowa volunteers salvaging a dying lake premieres Feb. 9 at Sanibel wildlife refuge named honor films central figure, Jay Norwood Darling. ON COVER 2 TOTI.COM JANFEB 2016 2_RSW_JF16.indd America will cross significant cultural goalpost Read about Super Bowl Sunshine States many contributions to pro football page 36. Miami coaching legend Don Shula above is woven into mythology. 12715 326 Your MEGA MILLIONS her big chance attend college. E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C T N. When you play favorite Florida Lottery games, portion ticket sales goes support education our state. In fact, youve helped us raise over 28 billion money that helps K-12 programs funds Bright Futures scholarships, which have allowed more than 700,000 students realize college dreams. So keep playing, because winning. Must be 18 or older play. Play responsibly. 2015 3 1021 Departments 8 20 PUBLISHERS LETTER 72 LOOKING DOWN ROAD Three questions women need answer retirement WORK 10 12 16 MAKING WAVES Celebrating Southwest Floridians SANIBOLD Small islands national rise credited Mayor Kevin Ruane MILLENNIALS MOVES Young professionals groups provide venues growth 74 FLORIDAS RIVER OTTERS One natures lovable faces 75 BASKETBALL HERO Bonita businessman shows others how bounce back from lifes challenges 76 30 24 SOUND SOLUTIONS Audio Interventions creates custom sound systems TOUR COMPANYS AIM IS TRUE Combining history paranormal tales downtown Fort Myers FEELING COMPOSED From ragtime Rachmaninoff, song offers comfort, experiences linked musical memories CULINARY 78 82 BERRY GOOD Strawberry Festival has celebrated harvest since 1930 BOURBON BOOM ... And connections STYLE 58 26 34 35 RENAISSANCE BEAUTY Artist Lia Martino depicts fusion art, fashion style PASSION FOR ISLAND FASHION Solitude attitude define island couture WHATS IN STORE The scoop local retailers TRENDS Products help look 86 RECIPES Discover prepare great table fare 88 EPICURIOUS Guide Dining SW 96 98 THIS APPS YOU Mobiledevice technology inspires, reveals millions exciting possibilities CALENDAR Where Go What Do NEW VIEWS CITIES 54 56 GAME CHANGER Luxury hotel expands visitor choices Seminole Casino Immokalee HEIGHTENED EXCITEMENT Bradenton treetop course body mind endurance 104 CHASING DESTINY Prequel novel 1950s coming age Floridas Gold Coast FLORIDA TROUPERS Sarasota dance company worlds finest ballet productions 106 STARGAZING with Elizabeth Joyce 108 COMMUNITY 111 SERVICES PROFESSIONALS 112 PARTING SHOT 62 66 68 SHOW AND SELL Lauderdale boat show ripple LUCKY CHARM Mascots roof, symbolic home-field advantage LIFE HAVING BALL Subtracting bucket list sporting adventures Our Next Issue ocean, Gulf, rivers lakes--this where we long be, least near. We bring all things water-related, boating fishing seafood. plan curling up MarchApril issue letting thoughts ocean breezes inspire you. 4 ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. gift jetBlue customers See special offer. 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo Rene Novelle Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund DESIGN CONSULTANT Andrew Cantor GRAPHIC DESIGNER Patrick Sanders PROOFREADER ONLINE Heather Gray EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Acevedo, Balogh, Gina Birch, Ed Brotak, Cathy Chestnut, Nick Ciletti, William R. Cox, Erik Entwistle, Gallogly, Garrett, Dayna Harpster, Joyce, Luberecki, Marsha McDonald, Dana Mirman, Ann Marie OPhelan, Thompson, G. 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No part this publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 12815 927 AM 7 ometimes, even though signs right front us, fail get message. recently took photo an islander--maybe seen him. He often running alongside road my way home office, waving sign simply says Love. found out he calls himself anonymous runner, apparently decided take it upon spread little love. If ever driven down McGregor Boulevard Myers, likely neon-lettered God Originally erected 1943, had deteriorated was repair. But 2013, philanthropic foundation generous got together make sure message love refurbished, so once again illuminates simple but inspiring Although these two examples seem small, imagine power results if attempted pass around daily lives. Personally, some goals new Id like share readers Positive lead positive actions. Dont let negative situations people down. Cherish--and mean really time appreciate every minute--that able family close friends. Try 8-8-8 method managing day. Eight hours each work, sleep. Believe me, does always practical, Im going effort follow rule. run business, treat employees same respect dignity own family. Youll pleasantly surprised results. Theres no question todays world can full stress, frightening events uncertainty future. Yet when awaken day, ability choose see day ahead. It choice alone, Will This Be Year whether embrace peace, allow dark drama encounter dictate demeanor. fantastic here feel extremely grateful blessed good experienced. equally excited prospects awaiting year, as reach 20th publishing, hope same. Perhaps we, individuals, made mission face hearts real desire do something someone else, harmonious joyous 2016. there--all them. Group Publisher PLEASE SHARE YOUR LOVE PHOTO AT FACEBOOK.COMRSWLIVING 12615 1217 1022 Making Waves salute residents, businesses organizations coast who community LOCAL CHEFS CELEBRITY BENEFITS KIDS HOSPITAL errick Peltz giving his television success ripples outward. Estero High grad applying notoriety MasterChef contestant fund Golisano Childrens Hospital Florida. Peltz, 29, prepared private dinner October benefit Golisano. meal cost winning auction bidder 15,000 applied funding effort. project 250 million construction ends 2017. product Lee Memorial Health System self-taught cook runner-up culinary reality series. asked proceeds, didnt think twice it. started career rock drummer, heading Los Angeles bandmates. Cooking just entertainment, says, until friends recommended audition MasterChef. seared-scallop recipe. Finishing sparked instant recognition, leeway choosing what causes support. Visiting Golisanos treatment center changed life, says. blew mind. Theyre amazing. --Craig DERRICK PELTZ WILDLIFES BEST FRIEND GREENWAVE SINGERS FORT MYERS CHOIR VISITS BIG APPLE School Greenwave Singers visiting Big Apples Carnegie Hall. Director Matthew Kollers choir perform Music Paul Mealor, featuring premiere Stabat Mater introduction Distinguished Concerts International City performance 15 Isaac Stern Auditorium. student performers elated invitation. They were screaming excitement crying, they thrilled, initial reaction. Grammy-nominated conductor Dr. James Jordan clinician residency well performance, while Welshman one prolific composers, composer-in-residence. rehearses class period bell bell. group annually commissions composers members performed several premieres--but different, Koller once-in-a-lifetime opportunity students. --Klaudia Ozzie memorable patient. Barron, hospital director CROW, Clinic Rehabilitation Wildlife treated thousands injured anDR. HEATHER BARRON imals. bald eagle different. knew healed him wild three months, she Ozzie, sadly died further injuries after release. For days alike, thats keeps interesting. am come morning, years ago, work veterinary medicine. CROW treats 4,000 patients, Barrons role much healing wings, tortoise armor raising orphans. She shares shes learned collaborates scientists advance protection habitat. also stays tuned patients. Lot times, first lets know environment, canaries coal mine scenario. --K.B. 327 TOP COURTESY BOTTOM LEFT RIGHT 11 Sanibold BY CRAIG GARRETT generations, Sanibels leadership deliberately off Countys political social radar. As tourists snowbirds stormed beaches, resorts shops--and washed tide--islanders jolly isolation. remote town amending foreign policy. relishing detachment--Fort example, regarded overseas-- i s grabbing roles directions quality, rule, flood insurance, pedestrian bicycle safety, vitality tourism, planning other matters State. citys elected corps spent compounded weeks Tallahassee Washington, cajoling prodding, staffers advise communities natural resources urban planning. Sanibel-Captiva Chamber Commerce busy regionally Gulf water quality theme push involved. Locals small fewer 7,000 year-rounders, packing punch statewide issues. say murky beach closings place unfavorable light. There tens dollars stake drawing Captiva account sizable percentage taxes County. Many point mayor signed state tourism boards, League Mayors, committees investing tax revenue worker pensions. appeared federal lawmakers hold insurance rates down, example. His furthers credibility--many agree Gov. listens saying, MAYOR KEVIN RUANE 13 mayors high visibility, oddly, almost Sanibel. candidate County Board Commissioners, pulled race suddenly Sept. 1. expected poll First District race. did decision lightly, wrote letter suspending candidacy, know, primary responsibility continue be. Also, please returning campaign contributions. Despite pulling commissioners race, moving ahead steam affecting adopted hometown. vision better live At end leveraging relationships. voice isnt fluke, time. became active issues Hurricane Charley cleanup volunteer 2004. moved Charleys arrival, having sold business landing soft 44. later repurchased today daughter. joined city council 2007 become second-longestserving mayor. Others involved advancing city, course, including vice mayor, Mick Denham, dozens public jobs. figurehead. politics past, Councilman Jennings pretty divided Ruane, bitterly. highly thought now, lot that. Hes very likable knows stuff. Larry Schopp board member Committee Islands, formed 1975 functioned both advocate preservation committee, start. recalls spoken, shy, Ruanes early term. drawback heightened influence scheduling Ruane--and arranged, keeping checking text messages huge wristwatch directing toward self-evaluation instead. com- Editor-in-Chief Media. 14 DANIELA JAEGER fortable talking Ruane--until topics wife kids, father integrity surface. These hot buttons. proposed Council receive salaries. dropped idea complaints surfaced. especially angered media postings paytravel Questioning character unwarranted attack taught observed child, never relationships clients, father, John. handshake, clients clients. Its learned. n Millennials Moves KLAUDIA BALOGH networking ideas formal basis, goal growing personally professionally. County, Professionals Cape Coral Association offer various opportunities monthly. Laura Richardson, founder group, young realizing cannot wait actively engaged community, learn network, build focus professional development. finishing school joining workforce, looking affiliated with, exist current meeting needs, realized own, illennials swapping cards ever. go-to experts parents grandparents stuck iPhones iPads. Millennials-- known Generation Y Net, born between 1980s 2000s--are now reaching theyre figuring careers building successful futures. only rather and, importantly, been spot American Dream plan, increasingly seeing open move positions. generation seeks office gatherings late-night bar scene congregate like-minded M Melissa Shannon checks participants Business Social After Five event Coral. 30, June 2015, makes newest such inspiration starting job January noticing wasnt Millennial working islands. met few came attract visitors large there. played professionals. Since June, Richardson already participation month month. impressed attendance, brings them next Each 530 attended. own. --Laura SHELBY PETERS 17 Top left Trent Peake, Sarah Lathrop, Darrin Grotrian, Rebecca Grotrian Robin Roberts network Captiva. Attendees include top Tyler Leleux, Jonathan Martin Dan Sinclair, bottom Ricardo Rodriguez Favorite Shiden Kafei Stephanie Tinoco. meets restaurant however, plans participate variety events, fundraisers gatherings. Kasey Albright, raised estate agent Naumann Associates, Network Realtors 2014. needed organization promoted generation. My mom during 20s 30s getting age, wanted experiences, Coral, founded 2002 Sinclair. Sinclair gathering. ran couple friends, recent graduates, chamber function, Editorial Assistant OTHER PHOTOS area, Everyone except 60s, find environment age. result, born, then established reputation attendance excess participants. there groups, generations recognize Amber Maines Paige Wood, 25, attended event, Five, September. trainers Sit Means South Florida, dog-training franchise Estero. Wood explains, sounded business. Mission accomplished. 19 1023 Sound Solutions W DANA MIRMAN ant exceptional audio system car An How music installed golf cart Wherever dream listening music, Mario Castro, owner Interventions, team create solution. drive along Tamiami Trail Springs, cant miss fire-engine red exterior Interventions. enter doors welcomed proprietor, quickly becomes clear Castro committed providing nothing less perfect personalized solution any specific needs. centered customization. addition cars system, stereo, CD player, subwoofer amplifier, staff provides services seeking everything GPS radar detectors iPod integration, Bluetooth integration backseat DVD installations kids. While focal range places install broader. solutions homes, theater audio, hightech use mobile phones control everything. marine services, ambient businesses, carts. iPad mini dashboard source Dodge Ram 3500 Mega Cab Dually. Basically, anywhere youd want music. challenge. overcoming challenges. 16, struck Trail, meant must rely wheelchair mobility. basketball player prior accident, trauma limit eventually Barracudas, not-forprofit organizes competitive team. Now nearly years, helping overcome physical frequent speaker University Hodges related being person disabilities. relied solving problems obstacles launched 2008. Ive interested cars, saw gap specialty installation, Castro. Springs area serve clientele cater customers. People travel Naples opened OPPOSITE PAGE AUDIO INTERVENTIONS --Mario 21 856 would put wanting back, Customers expect commitment complete customer satisfaction step process, beginning consultation. That client devise possible solutions, process technician Domanski embraces. enjoys challenge taking picture turning consumers interact enjoy Once determined meet self-described perfectionist, professionalism products leading brands JL Audio, Focal Dynaudio. complete, spends training operate systems. To educate consumer, stay cutting edge trends. Domanski, ongoing job. researching date latest changes technology. With educated laserfocused phase fulfills owners exceeding expectations, experience back. Mirman freelance writer producer. hard bright Springs. focuses automotive MORE INFO 239-495-0586 22 undeterred faced economic downturn. market crashed nobody opening hard, concedes, experiencing strong growth. expand bigger location market, remaining serving attributes rebound economy loyal base built through focusing products, service. important aspect listen needs exceed expectations. service 23 Tour Companys Aim True KL AUDIA Taylor, Tours, Haunted History designed corny ghost tour. blend activity, 90-minute tour starts Franklin Shops Street, 930 p.m. Wednesday Saturday. Roaming streets River following guide Farmer, heard stories me buildings stopped H aving lived personalities whose still felt--from Thomas Edison Henry Ford Teddy Roosevelt. side well--or should paranormal. went explore Tours humid, stormy evening. give goose bumps leave walk alleyways District. Farmer raises possibility old courthouse Myers. ROLAND Hotel Michigan burned November 1914, rebuilt Greystone closed 1970s. matter anyone worked renovations sick unfinished. time, psychic hired find, could explanation mystery--Ill story tell. creepy historical evening credible, Taylor adds reliable sources tell details. reputed prove it, validity adding component accurate, stop, guests cameras start snapping photos, hoping fully explain peering windows. Not everyone eager, though, photos. Seventeenyear-old Katie Melzer parents, believes world, pictures dont phone demonized, Some skeptical skeptical, reason believe tells true. old. believer, go seek paranormal, healthy BERNARD MOORE IF GO 239-945-0405 Tickets per person. 25 Renaissance Beauty DAVID ACEVEDO pening door safari glam, art couture, welcomes radiant smile characterizes beautiful multi-talented woman. powerhouse beauty, liberated self-expression style, Martinos impressive rsum encompasses entrepreneurships success. creative Martino, focused single project. idea, artist. However, knows. cocktail passion beauty arises produce, coordinate, arrange, rearrange, model, design projects. rest go-getter stood canvas 5. ton artwork clothing lucky clientele, showing paintings neatly stacked against walls studio August 2016, fashion-inspired exhibition collaborations artists love, notes depict popular subjects themes abstract aesthetics. Illinois native, arrived via Beverly Hills, California, modeling. locals notice commanding presence spirit, unknowingly demanding attention unexplainable poise. Attracted coasts, marvels Captiva, settle bask happiness becoming Floridian. painting exhibit York. 12, recalling selling feeling more. told paintbrush hands, spontaneous personality land Chanel 16. luxury Armani, Multi-talented artist inspired mostly surrounds her, studio. uses vintage buttons work. draws background style. sees pure heart, finding reflect life fashion. --Sandra Ward, CEO Miami-based Catwalk Pros Ralph Lauren Calvin Klein. forward, whirlwind performing runway United Europe producing exhibiting mentoring operating number venture called Dillon faux-finishing company. experiment forces shift another, order satisfy multiple life. truth manages all, timely flawlessly. commissioned portraits passed away, requires extensive research documentation accuracy. doing subjects, paintings. bed middle night paint, her. line altered jeans jewelry, Dillon. immediate modeled traveled together. talented designer, Sandra Pros. 27 Ward co-organizing not-yet announced Martino. Artists created. expose soul world. certainly forward genius. More information visual artist, curator, former gallery owner, manager Union Studios campus Alliance Arts. degree arts Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. Her Weathering rightleft allows nature result credits beloved son branding name designs. 29 Passion Island Fashion Peach Republic Open space especially, isolation shape unmistakably distinct. residents bohemian--pastel shorts, colorful tee, bangles flip-flops men casual. elegant--Naot Michele sandals Etienne Marcel jeans, PEACH REPUBLIC Unlike Naples, Boca Raton, apparel cleanly offbeat--and upbeat. Republics Sue Bobak boutique, laid else theres stoplight whole Clothes-wise, feet sand, wear cottons linens, upscalecasual Bella Isola Boutique Absolutes describe subtropical weather, sand sun lighter fabrics--certainly them--brighter colors nautical-beachy fit geography festive spirit Caribbean-style living Mexico. But, seems, deeper perhaps isolation, rules encroachment chain stores. regulations stop boutiques carrying Parisian fashion, shops lifestyle unique Sanibel-Captiva. Claudine Wells, describes shabby chic, sort hippie-beach look, store entering closet. --Bella Isolas Wells BELLA ISOLA BOUTIQUE RENE MIVILLE 31 928 originated distinct sensibility. Chicos Aqua Beachwear, correlate islands, important, Valentino, Pursuit. Beach-inspired typify living. relaxed coastal nautical, Valentino couture. Strong colors, too navy, white, reds yellow. Happy important. Of sunglasses, shorts pair culture--it defines wear. buying piece Pursuit culture-- --Michael 32 PURSUIT 33 Heading heres whats gear apparel. GINA BIRCH FINNIMORES CYCLE SHOP ElliptiGO replicate save joints impact. Rent excursion exercise. Call pricing POCKET BLANKET Matador Pocket Blanket lightweight material silky puncture-resistant. Made HyprLyte nylon sticks, stones, bugs through, literally type surface comfortable, lounging waterproof. 29.99 q GET MOVIN Garmin vivofit sends alerts long, set fitness goals. wrist monitor tracks heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, sleep patterns 99.99 Bunulu Coconut Point Mall, andor affiliates held responsible changes, writing mistakes stock. Are lipstick lover cream fanatic Then youre place. Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup between. Because laid-back surfer babe total junkie, thing feel. BETH LUBERECKI RED OUT Suffering dry, red, irritated winter skin Yes, Repchage Hydra Red-Out Calming Cleanser 49.50 Serum 85 calm skin-care micro silver forms invisible layer skin, acting anti-inflammatory reducing skin-irritating microbes. nutrient-rich seaweed hydrate moisturize supplies antioxidants, weather wont skin. Find locally MassageLuXe 239-332-5893, 239-254-5893 La-Te-Da Salon Spa 239337-1772, ONE DONE major manicure, Nails Inc.s Coat Gel 11. Available nine fullsized shades, polish dense color coverage glossy gel-like shine coat. formulation features biotin boost nail strength exclusive complex prevent chipping. wider brush application smooth easy. Pick bottle--or mini-kit five shades 25--at Ulta Bell Tower 239-3340659, 239-992-0361. TRANSFORMING TIRED EYES mornings exactly bright-eyed bushy-tailed, Bobbi Browns Intensive Skin Corrector 40 Concealer 40. company-described wakeup ingredients skinplumping Indian mukul myrrh tree extract energizing cordyceps mushroom extracts firm brighten conceal circles caused aging, pigmentation irritation. corrector concealer rested--even not. Give duo try Saks Fifth Avenue 239-489-0980, SUNSHINE STATE STILL IMPACTING AMERICAS AFTER SEASONS BRIAN WIERIMA 37 retiring helm Dolphins, champion coach steakhouses. led Baltimore Colts 1960s below. hen National Football square 7, mark history--the 50th anniversary Bowl. nations biggest showering host prestige, revenue. Bowls 1967 Kansas vs. Green Bay, greater impact annual tradition State hosted record NFL championships Tampa, Jacksonville. championships, Orange Miami. Tampa among four contending cities 2019 2020 Bowls. Only California Bowls, Levis Stadium Santa Clara, San Francisco 49ers. impacted human terms. Legends Deion Emmitt Smith Pensacola Ray Lewis Bartow football. Thousands past hailed State, players Nate Allen Carlos Hyde Sammy Watkins proportion signees, NFL, states comprehensive season, head Kramer practice jamboree. half fall. Miamis induction lore on, site II. Bay Packers repeated champs, walloping Oakland Raiders 33-14. III famous guarantee victory prediction Jets quarterback Broadway Joe Namath. indeed beat 16-7 Jan. 1969. stadium ended illustrious demolished May football, Shula, 1997, inducted Pro Hall Fame games winningest coach. 38 DON SHULA FROM WIKIMEDIA COMMONS SUBMITTED JAY BAKER coached Dolphins win backto-back Over enjoyed celebrate wonderful celebrating anniversary. trio MVPs Most Valuable Player won Ottis Anderson West Palm Beach XXV 1991 Giants linebacker XXXV 2001 Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes Belle Glade XLIII 2009. Clara golden theme, appearing throughout lining 50-yard marker. Arabic numerals replace Roman numerals. honoring schools produced players. 2,000 recognized Wilson gold footballs roster. Nearly 3,000 coaches roster, roots. ranks third overall 141 playing Bowl, tops 296 Texas second 223. break more, nice stable competed stage cornerback Neon Sanders, North 49ers XXIX Dallas Cowboys XXX. back-to-back titles different pounded Diego 49-26 1995 classic, 27-7 Steelers. Another graduate, defensive Jevon Kearse, loser Tennessee Titans XXXIV Philadelphia Eagles XXXIX. states, besides universities Miami, FLORIDIAN FORTUNATE TO SIGN AN CONTRACT, HIS ODDS ARE BETTER THAN MOST THAT TEAM MAKES IT BOWL, HE COULD BE PLAYING HOME AS WELL. 1971. Sun Life Gardens below 2010. 39 Florida-born stars 2007, analyst Raymond Vince Lombardi Trophy banner 2009 XLIII. JOHN TRAINOR MIDDLE KEITH ALLISON MICHAEL DE JESUS ZZYZX11 foot campus--and usually takes count. Players maximum sessions last whichever comes first. compete jamboree classic final week, counted sessions. restricted helmets introduce shoulder pads shorts. sixth practice, contact permitted pads. Spring fundamentals practices contact, firsthand kind 20-plus school. prodigy second-year Hyde, High. Ohio Kramers sons freshman. dunk ball ease. freak athlete, explains. although before, do. accumulated 2,594 rushing yards junior senior seasons averaged 92.6 game, touchdowns. gave call Buckeye Tressel Hyde. calling him, adds. rushers Currently, star main respects watching man melded field. great, husband, dad become, You caught hype produce. hoopla surrounding irrational. used instead potential Francisco, bevy prestigious en route blossoming smaller Immokalee, enrollment 1,407, players, brothers. Former Edgerrin decade 1999 drafted Indianapolis Colts, leagues rusher row 2000. Rookie rushed 1,500 2004 2005 seasons. Arizona Cardinals, lost 27-23 1, 2009, Bays Stadium. Jamess brother, Javarris James, 2010 2012 Rolle 2011 2012. Area Baas Riverview Sarasota, XLVI 21-17 England decorated wall Tampas Gramatica, kicker LaBelle, XXXVII, Greg Spires Mariner Defensive lineman Port Charlotte graduate Anthony Hargrove victorious Orleans Saints 31-17 XLIV. epitome Earnest Graham, level offers. records 5,710 touchdowns 86. Athletic Associations Greatest Years era. Graham Gators, finished fifth all-time yardage attempts 3,065 603 carries. tearing undrafted free Buccaneers 2003, fruitful nine-year career. numerous factors earns NFL. Playing increase odds, bit. Floridian fortunate contract, odds well. decades ice snow warm sunshine pursuit championship Trophy. stops Sunday, dreamed lives legends goats alike. Coralbased writer. 41 329 DAYNA HARPSTER ince famously said, Confidence contagious. lack confidence. willing guess applies sports--and life--as sense winning, stirring crowds bringing fans fold, confidence cooking gets also. athletic department family, captain Means. wins, energy well, boosts too. Recent bear out. 2014-2015. winners ranked second. Neither feat. competition courts notoriously fierce. heat hold, healthy. deliver talent, effort, dedication teamwork. Weve inherited athletes, Ken Kavanaugh, seven years. weve had. means futures bright. fall spring. Invitationals dominate calendar team-on-team matchups Fall leaf peeping Thats true branch matches count standings. Coaches doubles pairs combinations best. HEAT HARD athletes arrive climates adjust brutality summers. punishment summer hits acclimated athletes. Division NCAA schools, spend workouts, followed hour gym-based By Lucas Vaz, Sao Paulo, Brazil, adjusted outside. transferring U.S. Oklahoma Eagle sophomore struggled semester, Vaz humid. tough mentally. Even seasoned heat. girls cramp Courtney Vernon, stressed usual 20152016 care themselves. Vernon native Ohio, previously assistant Colgate University. 10, Wimbledon quite far, train standout sociology graduation, turned short USF FGCU, 2013 1024 LINWOOD FERGUSON Womens leads 43 shot FGCUs match Albany March RECOGNITION MOTIVATION underdog captured countrys attention. Now, everybody fun. airports, Words motivating is--to surrounded success, C.J. Weber, enjoying entire department. pose campus. Coach Weber watches action Septembers Bedford Cup invitational Tennis Complex right. 44 ATHLETICS unexpectedly landed Sweet Sixteen, upstart familiar Drizella Anastasia Tremaine, ESPN sportswriter, conjuring Cinderellas ugly stepsisters. ears frequency Atlantic Conference trip tournament sports noticed. noticed change recruits program. interesting, reports Weber. Winning awards hasnt hurt. Last Jordi Vives Year--again, AllConference stayed graduation December. A-Sun All-Conference picks arriving FGCU. succeed Vernons Watching fueled girls. hungry, goes, wears logos, ask questions, talk sports. tennis. popularity engenders vital teams. Part program grow relationship Kavanaugh praises synergy. Their supportive another. easy tennis, emphasis prowess individual player. individual, Encouraging Both emphatically importance character, sport academics. received, seems. scholarship achievements 3.5 grade average higher. Webers honors academically, also, amassing 3.49 2014-15 Brazilian captains COURT TIME On late September weekend Complex, differences Dunk territory clear. Friday afternoon three-day Mens invitational--in singles matches--there few, any, attendees Several sets bleachers scattered courts. sparsely populated densely watch quietly. spectators speak hushed tones. rousing fight songs, alma maters, chants cheers. fact renders audible unngh preceding thwock solidly hit volley. scoreboard column attached pole net side. balls placed vertical slots represent points has. News-Press. doesnt hoops, contended. Students soak juice enrolling Remember, Cinderella tale over, Henshon wrote. fresh peoples minds. flies eagle, TV, subject, succinct yet dates locations matches, Harpster GLANCE OVER SHOULDER impossible buy T-shirt bookstore all-about-basketball week instructor opinion RICK PAIVA 45 ideal activities hiking, biking paddling. May, dry temperatures pleasant--a improvement northern cold. summer, relative coolness morning later, precautions. recreational enthusiast, according Nicole Perino, Parks Recreation Department. flat ground attraction bikers, Darla Letourneau BikeWalkLee, coalition devoted safe convenient bicycling walking routes. ED BROTAK Recreations Mike Hammond, coordinator Great Calusa Blueway paddling trail, kayak jungle. sums areas everyone. Nature lovers exotic plants animals shorelines buffs fascinated Koreshan culture behind families protected waters. Hikers, bikers paddlers exercise incredible website details location, facilities, fees hours. BAREFOOT BEACH PRESERVE 340-acre Collier park Wiggins south Bay. undeveloped barrier coast. Alice Saylor mile Pass, another half-mile round itself. Guided tours available shaded path forest. Barefoot Preserve example ecosystems. includes gopher tortoises. beaches colliergov.netindex.aspxpage455preserve CREW BIRD ROOKERY SWAMP within Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed, located 1.4 miles east I-75 CR 846. 12-mile loop trail yearround hikers bicyclists. logging tramway close-up view cypress-maple swamp. crewtrust.org20130626bird-rookery-swamp-trail MARSH TRAILS Road northernmost section Marsh trails feature series wind 5.5 pine flatwoods, oak hammocks 5,000-acre marsh. observation tower birds-eye views CULLUMS TRAIL Imperial Place forests oak, palm cypress. Clear fish swimming river. Mostly packed shells boardwalks, partly submerged wet periods. Biking available. cityofbonitasprings.orgparksbonita-nature-place DELNOR-WIGGINS PASS PARK, 166-acre mainly easily accessible beach, contains trail. boardwalk far parking area. Dense vegetation cabbage palms mangroves. Pass Gulf. ground, walk. Walk longer excursion. floridastateparks.orgparkDelnor-Wiggins ESTERO BAY PARK comprised 10,000 acres. Included Aquatic shore Park. Mound Key Archaeological Park KAYAK TOURS DEPARTMENT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Adventures Kayaking eco-guided tours, kayaks provided. launch southeast corner Lovers Island. Park, River, CGT Kayaks Moonlight Bat Paddle. RENTALS Kayak rentals,, Outfitters floridastateparks.orgparkLovers-Key. 47 2216 1146 bordered exploring canoe, plenty mangrove wetlands. Winkler Trails Hell Peckney near parks tip interconnected loops 2.2mile Blue, 1.5-mile Yellow 1.1-mile Orange. Two decks overlook tidal ponds. forests, salt marshes marshes. low, swampy typically hike May. floridastateparks.orgparkestero-bay SCRUB, flatwoods flats. muddy Off-road cycling PADDLING nine-mile paddle considered challenging tides, wind, waves motor traffic. Sites hammocks, swamps birds. usgulfcoaststatesgeotourism.comcontentestero-river-statepaddling-trailgulCE0548603F1DDA7EC CALUSA BLUEWAY 190-mile marked waters occasionally inland waterways. southern runs River. Marine birds abound. fortmyers-sanibel.comcalusablueway SWAMPS BOARDWALK GOES THROUGH LARGEST REMAINING STAND OLD-GROWTH BALD CYPRESS NORTH AMERICA. Crew 48 STEVE GIGUERE WILEY IMPERIAL extends tree-lined developed areas. fish, turtles manatees. river shallow headwaters. floridarambler.comflorida-canoeing-kayaking-paddlingimperialriver-kayak-trail-bonita-springs KORESHAN religious colony 1800s historic structures landscaped grounds restored, guided boundary canoe Canoe offered. floridastateparks.orgparkKoreshan LOVERS KEY Comprised 1,600-acre lies equidistant 2.5-mile Black maritime hammocks. grass dirt negotiated. shared hikers, Trail. Bring bike rent one. kayakcanoe routes estuaries. Again, bird watching. floridastateparks.orgparkLovers-Key MOUND ARCHAEOLOGICAL boat. ceremonial Indians. Shell mounds water. three-quarter-mile spans width island, mangroves shell mounds. floridastateparks.orgparkmound-key Freelance Brotak retired meteorology professor stay-at-home dad. western Carolina vacation get. ADDITIONAL BICYCLISTS roads lanes paths BikeWalkLee increased 12.5 alone. BikeWalkLees maps information. HIKERS WALKERS CTG KAYAKS Hikers walkers malls general walking. USEFUL WEBSITES 49 notebook, paintbrushes materials Sketch drawn cartoonist environmentalist Ding Darling, titled Post Season Flirtation. Darling desk. Cartoonists highlighted February film restoring health Iowa. 9,600-acre Lake Darlings Back Restoration Thursday, 9, J.N. Refuge. creator, Sam Koltinsky, very, interesting man. honored legacy. fades. select relevant. legacy, newspaper cartoons biting opinion, protecting Refuge instance, intervened. Bureau Biological Survey, forerunner Fish Service, oversees 600 acres wetlands monuments. DarlingDing MARVO ENTERTAINMENT 51 Out seafood canned. canned friendships 1936, Federation. sell duck hunting stamps proceeds purchase protect Duck Stamp. widely, penciling beautifully illustrated diaries. winters, converted house icon Robert Rauschenberg purchased stands buzz curiosity motion--visiting Soviet leader Joseph Stalin capturing Mexican peasants observed, 1962, leaving trove drawings, diaries writings. displayed exhibits rawness Koltinsky. Koltinsky documented Story portrayed contraction name--Ding grandson, Christopher Koss. Koss donated grandfathers books, tools Brush Excellence stewards. Collin OMara, president Federation, stated Federation nursed ardent locals. premiering portrays Pulitzer winner 52 330 JO ELAND GARRY RHODES truly understand man, sketches, logs journals. book collection never-before-seen treasures. --Andrea Koss, widow Kip comprises 9,600 traveling famed environmentalist. gate 1950. JAROD ROGERS 1900, lampooning Midwestern sensibility abusing others. harsh What, 1919 essay, folks wake bursting impulse Hello somebody uncontrollable sociable write telephone, Tuesday avowed purpose delivering erstwhile outbursts greetings. bottle sparkling burgundy drink next. Koltinskys recounts restoration Brighton, Iowa, due City. oblique tribute Darling--its legacy cartoonist. visionary beyond times. public. 53 Game Changer trick-shot event--the Lucky Mi Noodle House, remodeled Paradise Limit Room, poker room 6,000 casino floor flooring 1,300 gaming tables. Expansion jobs, Gibson notes. enhancing guests. Hotel, March, upscale accommodations outside Naples. suites 80 deluxe rooms floors. traditional amenities wireless, minifridges, large-screen televisions coffee makers. rooms, elegantly lofty grays accents signature patterning heritage. Elbow frills larger suites, traditionally higher spenders. welcoming. pool huts, facility center. hotels high-stakes visitors, day-cationers shouldnt hotel, wa Laurance happily gushing Hotel. billiards broadcast ESPN. cue circle admirers producers filmed instructional slotted Jeanette Widow 25,000 pot. Other trickshot participated event. Lodged boasting stayed, husband like, seriously commenting class. expect. am. hotel. expansion 99-room renewal package million, Gibson, casinos marketing director. makeover 800-seat Center entertainment venue-- intimate forum House right, upgrades million. surprised... --Billiards Ewa Challenge Immokalee. December NICK ADAMS sharp uptick ticketholders concerts, celebrity holidays, balloon festival, tourneys competed. enthusiasts. Were receiving guest feedback, renovations. liking product. Seminoles themselves Unconquered People, descendants 300 Native Americans. tribe trace roots 12,000 expanding roadside tourist stands, groves cattle bingo tobacco Gaming 1979 Hollywood, operation country. workers employed tribes enterprises, ranching, citrus production management. Today reservations Cypress, Pierce Tampa. Gregg Hovey owns Billiards International, Tournament Champions Trick Shot Magic shown delighted stay, Linda Johnson, World Poker leave, said stay. spacious. feels totally 800-218-0007 55 Heightened Excitement rules. Visitors video, procedures latching harnesses. Knowing TreeUmph structured slowly climbers heights levels. Pitsas explains adult courses. demonstration ground. up, rising 10-foot increments courses advance. math, 60 air balancing wobbly bridges telling yourself but, anyway. tackle obstacle, capacity consideration, Lead Summit elevated park. couch potato climbing exercises driving interstate entry ramps. adventure-seekers above. strapped secure harness stand atop 14-acre rope trees, either zip-lining, platforms. incredibly fun exhilarating. easy--until facing air. Jason Pitsas, operations TreeUmph, zip-lining. scale elements bridges, hanging nets, bungee swings, swinging bridges. key navigating Jennifer Hargis visits finds motivation up. visited 3. visit, felt trips what, obstacles, accomplish today, proudly ringing Tarzan Mary Moora ensures sound. greatest mental guides difficulty on. Guides standard aid CPR certification, handle situation, advice descend needed, Treeumph Hernando Adventure Course Europe, France Germany. Zip-lining, centuries mail mountainous regions. concept crossed Atlantic, Canada, upstate aerial adventure difficult harnessed exhilarating zip-line ride camp rewards tenacity. Aaron Kathy Corr introducing couldnt happier decision. builders loved ourselves. rewarding hear fear gradual height progress consideration. Dress comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes dangling jewelry. Children, junior, options. Excellent team-building activity. Disabled Rain recreation. Waivers submitted. 855-322-2130, 57 Troupers CATHY CHESTNUT Danielle Brown Graziano Alex Harrisons Blue Hour. aking resounding acclaim Ballet jetd aplomb 25th season. premieres, staging Sir Frederick Ashtons Enigma Variations England. cast dancers, Marraccini gigantic. world-class culturally rich jewel two-hour Ashton Iain Webb wife, Margaret Barbieri, principal Sadlers Royal Ballet. dancers uniquely sublime art. results, accounts, dazzling. country, islander ballet-goer Lisa Heidrick. performances worth to. par, better, York, Chicago. Indeed, theyve heralded journeys D.C., Berkshires Massachusetts. debuted ice-skating themed Les Patineurs Kennedy Centers Across America, Washington critic Kaufman proclaimed theirs fresh, bighearted ensured festival. troupe Jacobs Pillow Becket, Mass. achievement choreography cause warmest congratulation British based perched Mexico extraordinary, noted Alastair Macaulay. audiences wide-ranging repertoire, choreographic masterpieces contemporary, George Balanchine, present. Agnes Mille, Dame Ninette Valois, Michel Fokine, Kenneth MacMillan, Twyla Tharp, Wheeldon revered figure genius influenced classical modern dance, opera. began choreographing 1931 Vic-Wells 1970. FRANK ATURA SARASOTA BALLET Balanchines Emeralds Valois Rakes Progress Grazianos Weightlessness FSU Performing Arts Presents Smuin April Stars Stripes Van Wezel Orchestra Wheeldons Jazz Calendar Wedding Bouquet Opera 941-359-0099, Ringlings Circus Nutcracker. Victoria Hulland title Marguerite Armand November. 59 ballets landmarks, Cinderella, continued contemporary stars, Mikhail Baryshnikov, 1988. touring renown reviving ballet, Marraccini. Webb, Englishman, taken tapped Barbieri. then, staged 124 divertissements, premieres. resident dancer Wagner Illuminations ballerina thrilled hadnt repertoire. Ryoko Sadoshima American. extraordinary. --New Macaulay done bit wary. blown away brilliant version Ashton, nuances him--they letter, Wagner, multi-stage career, Balanchine ballet. brilliantly done, difference choreographers vast. dynamics. December, innovative stages rendition holiday Nutcracker, Tchaikovskys timeless score Orchestra. magnificent is, integrating strongly about--our Heidrick fan Theatre Dreams, choreograph pieces choreographer Graziano. nearest company, encourage aficionados gems. close--closer think, Chestnut editor explores special. 61 Show Sell DOUG THOMPSON ou visit Boat circuses--to exotic, lions, tigers bears. Two-hundred-foot yachts sit chockablock Intracoastal, casting shadows mere 150-footers, nattily attired crew discerning eye, discreetly lowering passerelles buyers board. workout, thinking, adjusting Fitbit show, preparing Northern Star, 248-foot Lrssen yacht cool 114 Moored Bahia Mar Resort Yachting Center, headquarters Star 44-foot-wide transom largest yacht. deem amazing 137 display feet, setting percent fleet. follow--the a.m. day--and trickier invitation clearly buy. I, employ Secret Weapon. Sunset rare moments quiet Show. SCOTT MACFARLAND watercraft, accessories toys size. priced 100,000 looky-loos tire-kickers. admit straight high-net-worth hide plain sight--and shoes. Saudi prince, Silicon Valley tech start-up giant, candlemaker Kittredge Yankee Candle Company, 197-foot mega Paraffin Dutch shipyard Feadship. MANAGEMENT 63 docks, desperately discuss wit vaunted critic. Shes pleasing senses none seaworthy, overheard, Lauderdale, chattering millions. 200 Lauderdale--each Efrem Skip Zimbalist III, Management, produces throng boys here, shows, Lauderdale. Sweeping arms water, feet. impacts acutely benefits grab headlines, 3,500 occur Show, expensive high-performance center-console boats ones, Cigarettes, Nor-Techs, Fountains, generic go-fast nonstop weekends Grande. them, rode annoyed why visits--and show--to part, owner. Put fill Germain Arena hockey game. teeming multitude connected yachts--and Beach--is astounding. builders, crews, fuel-dock workers, salespeople, brokers, dutiful scribes ooh ahh graceful curve anchor. denoting existence pride stake. Weapon in. owner--whether 20-foot runabout 200-foot yacht-- LOVES Boats, yachts, dinghies, one, cool. Tell fails. Thompson executive ShowBoats magazine, currently yachting industry. Guests boarding Springtime dusk settles Intracoastal. 64 1025 yachtLOVES 65 Charm ts nearing electricity pitching Chanting cheering building, sold-out anticipate moment crescendo sprints mascot, grand entrance amidst roaring crowd. duck, badger, cowboy Viking, mascot lone symbol wearing antics enthusiasm pumped. arent games--Mickey Mouse Ronald McDonald big-league celebrities. mascots personal, representing heritage town. Think alligator Osceola Mascoting job, Crager mask off, crowd Knightro Central UCF, tall, UCFs Mark Schlueb, communications coordinator. party Knightro, wherever gather high-fives selfies. moves, Albert Alberta Gator ruled field UF. Life-size bobbleheads Marino pep Dolphins. TAMPA GATOR BASHAM WORD MASCOT ROOTED FRENCH, MEANING CHARM. rides Appaloosa Renegade midfield begin Local Stoney Stone Crabs Puddles Goose Swampee Everblades. BILL PEARCE JIM DONTEN WILDLIFE SOCIETY WIKIPEDIA UPLOADED TTHAAS UNIVERSITY CENTRAL puts shame--fans tall pyramid UCF cheerleaders. word rooted French, meaning charm. mascots, animals. used, carries Universitys midfield, larger-than-life, puppet-like entertainers sidelines, dugouts stands. references, icons Americans offend. controversy. true, longest Gainesville. best-recognized Gator. introduced 1908 Austin Miller, law Virginia. Phillip Austins Gainesville asking universitys mascot. Learning Millers return months alligator, designer Albert, appearance 1957. robotic 1970 given full-time vinyl suit. sidekick, Alberta, 1986. Team nicknames industry, minor league baseball club Stoney. crabs official resembling blue Major Baseball parent team, Rays. embody nicknames. life-size legends, 2014 favorites pregame festivities. puppet wandering furry louder raucous DID KNOW Bevo Longhorn Steer 1916. Sebastian Ibis created Biff Wolverine 1920s. Ralphie Buffalo Colorado 1930s. Oregons holds Knights 67 Having Ball ho knows, imaginary Kosher Dills Hubba Bubbas someday ribbons. Anything explosion niche bubble soccer pickleball. tournaments. Bubble soccer, shimmy suit demand parties functions. Pickleball trendy Pickleballers pack recreation Saturday games. waiting Anyone pickleball, Char Durand, Center. 80s 1960s. children boundaries. using wiffle giant ping-pong paddle. Soccer, zorb States. suits orbs offbash opponents chasing dodgeball. tourneys. hurt, Valorie Pari, SWFL Soccer USA boasts fastest sport, 400,000 nationally. sanctions rankings. inventors lazy 1965. lowered badminton parts courtlike spots foreground Bongiorno dive bubbles Alico Family Golf soccer. goalies. Running appears goal, bumper cars. schools. court twothirds size court. hand, newer Norway. donning legs. chief watched media. firm. Pari birthdays, corporate quizzing device. reaction wow, this, Sometimes vain help, relatively field, workout. Air-filled weigh 69 857 itself high. Serves underhanded. Points quickly. typical 2. Durand minutes less. activities, proper footwear case hard-surfaced necessary. Eye recommended. Warming stretching cooling afterward advised. pickleball competitors 60. slower, pace. If, nature, pick pace, term pickleball--legend inventors, Congressman Joel Pritchard, dog Pickles. Joan quashed speculation, disclosing Pickles pet devised. was, pounds, ventilation roll turtling position, bashing risk injury. teenagers equipment Like doubles. PICKLEBALL 239-472-0345, BUBBLE SOCCER 239-810-6286, --Valorie fuses badminton, ping-pong. Brothers Zach Golf. 70 ASSOCIATION 71 Looking Down MARSHA MCDONALD enough lifetime Numbers single. men, risk. financial strategies guaranteed fixed income, combined offset volatility portfolio. income critical. projected expenses shortfall, reduce significantly downscale longer. Question No. issues, email content purposes only. intended legal basis decisions. discussed detail advisor qualified representative Advantage Retirement pay long-term 9,000 math often. Individual policies specified health, assisted skilled nursing care. riders cover care, death heirs tax-free. Any LTC require medical exam restrictions. annuity additional chronic regardless health. financially concerned anything, bequeath families. permanent universal option. insurable conditions, fixed-income minimum guarantees substantially grows. options covered. forget updated wealth distributed intended. INCOME PLAN CRITICAL DETERMINING INVESTMENT STRATEGY. 73 Otters WILLIAM COX otter excavate den. Otter dens selected cavities ditch, creek, wetland bank, hollow stump log. pipes drainage canals. Dens birth cubs furred eyes teeth. other. den weeks. solid food weaned later. swim male sexually mature territories, otters distances crossing roadways, kills. vulnerable predation clumsy mph, coyotes, bobcats. eight captivity. observing dawn midmorning sunset. majority grooming sleeping. exception Keys. freshwater wetlands, lakes, ponds, streams canals ditches. During drier Six Mile Cypress Slough. saltwater environments bait wells Barnacles formerly Barnacle Phils Flash Waterfront Restaurant Braynerd Bayou northwest Buck Key. Cox photographer ecologist Visit online william Lontra canadensis weasel Mustelidae, Carnivora. semi-aquatic mammal tail, weighs pounds. female male. black brown fur, belly. legs webbed toes. narrow flattened head. tail one-third length body. features, excellent swimmer thrives streams, under prey, crayfish, snakes, turtles, crabs, alligators, fish. prey rabbits muskrats. whiskers detect nails slippery teeth catch chew prey. range. females accompanied approximately increases young. miles. feeding overlap females. males, mating estrus. April. Estrus lasts receptivity occurring days. releases estrus scents prominent latrines scent posts, rolling places. posts suitable delayed implantation fertilized egg cell develop implanted uterus Gestation litter. litter year. Basketball Hero FGCU- SPECIAL ADAPTIVE EVENTS ario accident forced again, feelings happened function everyday rebounding shock 1997 traffic accident. soon court, Today, Wheelchair availability involvement, chair disabilities Practices Tuesdays Sundays noting Barracudas difficulty, speaks frequently disability Shriners Hospitals Children. Showing kids goals, superhero talks hoopsters seated. Practice Rec Feeling Composed ERIK ENT WISTLE hile sporadic ubiquitous, accompanies journey. encounters intentional inadvertent, ways sometimes quantify appreciate. gains imagination. mind, consider reading searing melodramatics Mis might otherwise been. doubt Ill catharsis performance. image, entirely potent, grandmother sitting piano Hoagy Carmichaels Stardust. Eve improvise standards, Stardust tune. Twenty-five gone, melody emerges fingers, gilded improvised arpeggios cascading effortlessly keyboard. definitive Stardust, comforting strains inside Moving reluctantly longer, 2, wouldnt Bachs Prelude Gounod enhanced Ave Maria. instructor, profoundly apparent simplicity arpeggiated chords. unparalleled serenity revisit lifetime. without, reinforces musics promise continuous inexhaustible resource inquisitive invites plays, lives, society large. addressed future columns. meantime, enriched . Recall vivid memories. without--and Given enjoy, discovering answers sprang required thought, hopefully stimulated minds ear youll contemplate reveal present experiences. considering question, denying plays crucial inhabits memories, replay alive. images immediately daughter standing alone onstage ago Cosette Miserables. Broom hand dressed rags, singing Castle Cloud. ultimate proud-parent experience. Seeing susceptible ILLUSTRATION DAVE HORTON flowing. Whether happen serendipitously, awaits discovery, poised creation. Pianist, musicologist Entwistle received undergraduate Dartmouth College. earned post-graduate St. Louis. doctorate musicology Barbara. teaches reached toti.comcontactus. ENCOUNTERS MUSIC, WHETHER INTENTIONAL OR INADVERTENT, INFLUENCE LIVES WAYS SOMETIMES DIFFICULT QUANTIFY APPRECIATE. 77 Berry Good ANN MARIE OPHEL harlotte Rosenberg queen Plant City, festival strawberry 13. Half expected. Samantha crown worn 1930. Selection pageant Technically 81st b ecause halted WWII towns bread butter, relations McNair celebration, top-ranked Southeastern Citys Festival, two-mile gated radius, oriented midway carnival livestock Neighborhood Village baked goods crafts. vendors strawberry-related goodies shortcakes, cookies, pies, fried strawberries, milkshakes, pizza, hamburgers, lemonade, cheesecake, tarts, chocolate-dipped strawberries. shortcake contest gobble pounds less, unofficial Capital World. model agency. bona fide lover, strawberries dipped chocolate picking fresh-picked ones flavor, Suns duties included festivals ambassador, participating parades, appearances. imagined hometown way, royalty tenure, position crown, others, Fresh agricultural economy. Festival-goers 11-day run. 331 Midway friendly. attractions left, goodies. 140 STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL STRAWBERRIES average, seeds strawberry. Strawberries rose vitamin C, contain fiber folate. production, topped California. 11,000 acres, crop value 306 79 Lions Club harvest. queen. pride. --Lauren McNair, reigning Shortcake-eating contestants Robinsons Racing Pigs cookies. Sun, particularly interacting royal duties. harvested April, peak sample harvest, strawberry, immensely popular. farmers produce annually--30 production--and preceded banana, apple, watermelon grape. Festivals sheer numbers staff. About 2,500 individuals McNair. youth steer, beef breed, dairy cattle, swine, lambs, chickens rabbits, contests Future Farmers youth, welcoming 500,000 strawberry-loving pride, OPhelan loves state, 3-13, 813-752-9194, Gate admission Adults ages Children 6-12 Free 81 Bourbon Boom... f looked craft offerings bar, whiskey, specifically bourbon. midst so-called bourbon renaissance. 1964 Congress declared spirit. 170 1999, Kentucky Distillers Association, largely premium small-batch single-barrel brands. capital intriguing Barrels brainchild Reed. Reed grew freshman Canterbury finish Upon Canada whiskey. drinking 19, remembers, ordered drink-- whiskey sours. rye Canada. Indiana University, Discovering too, bourbon, primarily corn, sweeter flavor. taste desired, affordable. LIGHT SNOW PHOTOGRAPHY 83 Spirit distilled brand ties. laments, problem drink, afford regular basis. tasted gasoline. entrepreneurial brand. gun barrels, iconic ideals gritty has, capture packaging name. resembles shotgun shell, embossed rattlesnake wraps glass, military-style tag neck. distiller marry desired price. crafting recipe, drew Indiana. ryes bourbons synthesized two. malted barley, smells butterscotch wood grain forward. alcohol, oak. teammates enjoy. slow burn drinkable, attainable Myersbased Cigar Bar steadily expanded, athletics pursuing degree. hub drinkers distill Lenny Roberts, Bourbon. legendary developing spirits, behind, names Titos Vodka. Based elder copyright picked reasons, hottest category industry now. distills Indiana, climate similar Kentucky, wheat grown round. Wheat matures quicker distilling is. barley. stateside. mash profile rye, sweeter, smoother proof, vanilla spice. Going hatch smooth, cinnamon finish. released donates Hope Warriors, nonprofit aiding wounded Florida-connected distinctively taste, affordable, shelf exemplify Birch contributor, well-known 84 SPIRIT AMERICA Grouper Caprese GROUPER CAPRESE ounces grouper Recipes Easy Add onion cook, occasionally, softened, minutes. garlic stirring, fragrant, seconds. rice stir Stir cup broth splash wine rice. Cook, frequently, liquid absorbed. Continue medium-low, half-cup wine, addition, risotto creamy tender, total. Remove three-quarters cheese pepper taste. Serve sprinkled quarter-cup cheese. plate, caprese, drizzle balsamic glaze olive oil FRESH CATCH BISTRO 3040 Blvd., 239-463-2600, Topping tomatoes, diced basil leaves, julienned sliced mozzarella tablespoons extra virgin teaspoon chopped Risotto cups chicken cloves garlic, minced Arborio white finely shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Freshly Preparation baking dish, sprinkle aside. mixing bowl, add balsamic, oil, dash Mix evenly grouper. Layer bake 8-10 minutes, bubbly. simmer medium saucepan mediumhigh Reduce remains steaming, simmering. Heat oven medium-low KEYLIME BISTROSTYLE BOUILLABAISSE Soup onion, ribs celery, crushed basil, tablespoon Italian seasoning quarts optional pound 514 peel, 2-3 inches pith 6-8 sprigs parsley bay Thyme, Fennel bulb dried fennel seed optional, Saffron pinch teaspoons peppercorns carrots, salmon, tuna, grouper, cut inch squares shrimp scallops lobster tails mussels clams Garlic butter lime Worcestershire sauce French bread, toasted, pot oven, flame. listed soup shrimp, scallops, lobster. Very items rubbery overcooked. Saut onions wilted translucent. simmer. Simmer toasted bowl. types spoon all. TEDS MONTANA GRILL Karens Flying-D Bison Chili KARENS FLYING-D BISON CHILI bison yellow quart stock tomato paste oregano leaves cayenne sugar cumin chili powder tomatoes ranch-style beans pot, minute breaking pieces. meat halfway cooked, garlic. Cook tender. Combine separately. mixture boil. ingredients, tomatoes. minute. toppings. Point, 8017 Plaza Del Lago Dr., 239-947-9318, 11509 Andy Rosse Lane, 239-395-4000, Keylime Bistro-Style Bouillabaisse 87 DINING GUIDE B Breakfast Lunch Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Wine BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. sushi outrageous cocktails highlights menu, tasty diners prefer steak chicken. FIRESTONE Four levels Brick atmosphere, tires remind Firestone. filet mignon paella Grille Room tapas Sky Bar, Martini 13451 239-489-1500 10045 Drive, 239-334-BLU3, COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE SANIBEL HARBOUR RESORT Beefed Up. Refined wood, brass, leaded glass subtle steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed Angus steaks. Diners opt buffet aboard elegant Princess 2224 St., 239-334-3473, FORDS GARAGE dcor 1920s, walked parts, menu burgers Model Low Carb-uretor. arugula mouth beer Kona Wave 312. 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-466-2138, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern cuisine, Breakfast, served p.m., omelet variation eggs Benedict. noon, dishes bacon-wrapped meatloaf cedar plank plus salads sandwiches, hungry diners. brunch packs house, wait--but 2207 239-332-3673, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-from-scratch slaw decadently rich, crab dip full-on fruity, tropical complement freshest 12901 239-466-4663, Multiple 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 Beach, 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 2360 239-245-7049 10029 239-415-4040 5991 Silver King 33914, 239-540-7939 1200 Ave. South, 239-434-6616, EDISON RESTAURANT Illuminati. namesake genius, Edison, steeped tradition, pie raves 13451-16 239-489-2226, Head Class. lunch theatergoers dinner. atmosphere happy balance forgive anybody, relatives. --Oscar Wilde 7790 239-437-4377, 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried-and-true. Salads pasta palates 1982. salad accompany dinners, Early deals p.m.. booths, nautical seafaring vibe. 1719 Parkway East, 89 BEACHED WHALE Captain Ahabs Spot. Stop beachs barbecue, selection offerings, raw bar. Lookout Lounge, savor Mermaid Chicken Sandwich Square. Live nightly, covered Deck 1249 239-463-5505, DOC RUM BAR GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. fictional Randy Wayne White serves Matanzas banana snapper baby-back ribs. Enjoy Wednesday, nights afternoons. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, MATANZAS Bayside Bounty. Savor perfectly grilled gazing pizza upstairs Peteys Upper nightly sourced oysters, stone crab. Come join 1984. draw, Fridays showcases sounds performers. 416 Crescent 239-463-3838, NERVOUS NELLIES Neurotically Time. massive gator bites zesty Thai salad, salmon Oscar, crab, tender baby asparagus, please. Check Uglys Waterside upstairs, prettier, allday hour. 1131 239-463-8077, 90 1026 COW Bovine omelets pasta, joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, omelets. 2163 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-0606, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, spinach artichoke wood-fired pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal menu. 239-472-1998, PINOCCHIOS ICE CREAM GEPPETTOS FOODIES Institution. institution Pinocchios repertoire 130 homemade flavors daily, creams Krunch Dirty Sand Dollar. gelato, sorbets, sherbets yogurts portions. Geppettos Foodies gourmet shop, Pinocchios, surprises croissants, baguettes, souffls, pastries, breads, panini, focaccias 362 239-472-6566, STARFISH Beach. Grab overlooking tree-studded beach. mahi cherry pork chop lovers. Casual flame-grilled Burger aged cheddar. Holiday Inn, 1231 Middle 239-472-7827, SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Thing, Packages. Chef Talmage prepares entrees petite portions, option dishes, seared breast roasted cobia. 1625 239-472-1956, 91 THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. Creative cuisine oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack blackened yellowtail mojo allure trappings, glorious table. Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-3145, TIMBERS FISH MARKET Dine Yourself. Favorites calamari, platters cakes lump. door. 703 Tarpon Road, 239-472-2722, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders shopping emporium restaurant, Thursday evenings. believed food, eating unpasteurized Stilton, oysters organized crime associates, adventure. --Anthony Bourdain 92 gumbo, pan-seared macadamia-encrusted eat people. Julia Child 1551 239-472-7242, CANTINA CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. garden inside, serape piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style subtly suggest gone border. 14970 239-472-0248, HOUSE Old FloridaNew alwayschanging centers bounty Wines eclectic presentations, breath away. 15951 239-472-5161 4, 93 Continues. Building novelist Whites Seas Resort. Start Docs Bread Oriental panko crusted dry-rubbed ribeye. 5400 Plantation 239-312-4275, MUCKY DUCK Quack pint beers brewed pond. combination English pub grub. beachside patio sunset gazing. 11546 239-472-3434, La Mottas Pizzeria Est. OLD Just Home Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes freshly bananas Carbons Belgian waffles fresh-ground Colombian breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak hands 25091 Bernwood Parkway, 239-948-4123, made-fromscratch Pizza Pasta Desserts Kids Menu Dine-In Carry Delivery Let Cater gathering Monday-Thursday 11am pm 12pm 10pm 4pm 9pm 239463-2909 15660-225 Blvd. 33908 239.482.5505 94 diet cook. --Julia Bootlegger. Belgium Fat Tire. 10801 Suite 519, Estero, TARPON New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt Regency homage Old-Florida house. ceviche cooked marinades. entrees, crispy-fried snapper. 5001 239-390-4295, madefrom-scratch 95 NEWS Apps Mobile-device CILETTI excuse anymore cooped indoors, plopped bowl chips. technologydriven mobile-device application, app, everything, outside, green-lighting lifestyle. apps investigate Google free. explore. destinations. fingertips. app download refuge, allowing users check hours, sightseeing. component, refuge. real-time sightings supervisory ranger Toni Westland. photographer, sharing photos snapped smartphone tablet. posting, gives interfacing action. Lots people, Westland lots something, tips. Search App Store SkyView Field clouds-- phonetablet aimed sky identifies constellations, galaxies satellites frame. certain astronomical supermoon eclipses. grandeur sky. Guide. Acadia Zion, U.S.A. selecting heading. tab possibly encountered, species poisonous dangerous. lists endangered plants. limited mandatory internet connectivity. MyFitnessPal answered app. foods database, calories, protein, fat, bar-code scan labels. track Slacker Radio Hit note Mother Nature. implies, access songs hundreds stations. basic stations individualized SworkIt Billed personal trainer, workouts schedule. routines personal-trainer videos. Got SworkIts Users library 160 exercises. glutes biceps, Ciletti Media TV journalist ABC affiliate Phoenix. Previously, 97 Save Date WHERE WHAT DO LIVE Salute Vienna Concert 8pm Viennese 19th Concert. Strauss waltzes sweeping melodies Die Fledermaus Merry Widow, European singers orchestra. Danube waltz. Barbara B. Mann Hall, 13350 FSW 239481-4849, Bronx Wanderers Motortown All-Stars 3, 7pm powerful romp songbook today. oldies roll--from Dion Frankie Valli spine-tingling Queens Bohemian Rhapsody. assembled Capitols, Miracles Temptations. 239-481-4849, Cohn 6, 6pm 830pm Son tenor saxophonist Al vocalist Marilyn inventive jazz guitarist. ArtisNaples, 5833 Pelican 239-597-1900, Symphony-POPS Grand Night Rodgers Hammerstein 8-9, Pops Series composers. Theatrical storytelling Hammerstein, tunes contemporaries. Featuring soloist Vroman, conducted Daniel Meyer. Amernet String Quartet 8, Praised critics intelligence satisfying garnered recognition string quartets Ensemble-in-Residence Misha Vitenson, violin Tomas Cotik, Klotz, viola Calloway, cello. 7pm. sponsored Rob Ruth Diefenbach. Atrium, Sidney Berne Davis Art 2301 239-333-1933, Bluegrass 2pm Join fellow acoustic Foulds bands beyond. Presented partnership Acoustic Society SWFL. Doors 130. Seating first-come, first-served. 239-939-2787, Downtown dozen regional talent. 855732-3836, Ladybugs 15, vocal intricate harmonies experimental arrangements. Led Martina DaSilva, band sing ukulele, guitar, trombone, bass drums. 40s, infused old-school swing, country blues. 239333-1933, Chris MacDonalds Memories Elvis Rockin Birthday Bash 21, 730pm dynamic kings Symphony Masterworks II Thousand Nights 23, Blanc debuts Jean Claude Roge, restaurateur CafCaptiva, BrasseriesFort Kaitlin Whitaker, Blu Sushi Group, Starfish opens Located Oyster Shell, delicious transition Workshop Epicurean, looks integral tuned. Roge Symphonic Storybook Maestro Kabarettis selections literary component-- poetry, novels, scripts, fairy excerpts Wagners dramatic opera Meistersinger, RimskyKorsakovs ethereal Scheherazade fantastical percussion concerto Der Gerettete Alberich composer Rouse. Bruce T. Gora Davina Vagabonds 31, 5pm Highenergy sharp-dressed Sowerss presence. Arts, 10091 239-9392787, SanibelCaptiva Heart 1pm Non-competitive walk, Association. pet-friendly. Corner Inn roads, 239-495-4901, ArtFest 5-7, 10am-5pm juried fine festivals. admission, VIP upgrades. SymphonyPOPS Lights, Camera, Hollywoods Hits 5-6, screen Oscars, Dirk Brosse. 239-4814849, 99 900 Light parade 20, Parade all-day prime fireworks kick Fun, crafts SCA Tribute Band Rat Pack 530pm Dean--Were Back, Baby appetizers, 630 seated dinner, 730 dancing. Community celebration Sinatras 100th birthday. 2173 239-4722155, musician, architect longtime Gora. TBA. STAGE Showboat 2-Feb. 14, WednesdaysSundays, matinee Original masterpiece combines unforgettable dazzling moves humanity. Set 1890 1927, follows Mississippi riverboat performers, illuminating racial shaping Theatre, 1380 Colonial 239-2784422, Improv Tonight improv comedy. short- long-form suggestions Wine, beer, sodas light snacks Moe Auditorium, 10150 239-495-8989, Cocktail Hour A.R. Gurney 5-27, Tuesdays-Sundays, John, playwright, returns familys obtain proceed wealthy, cautious outset. evident closer admit. Historic Arcade Repertory 2267 1st 239-332-4488, Hammersteins 12-17, Music, directed Tony Awardwinning Jack OBrien. spirited, romantic Maria Von Trapp thrills audiences. Jeff Dunhams Perfectly Unbalanced 26, argued purer form ventriloquism, Dunham crop. entertained since, personas, voices outlets Arena, 11000 Everblades 239-9487825, VIEW 5th Weekend 2-3, 10am Fine fun-filled admission-free Stroll sculptures, spectacular 101 paintings, one-of-a-kind jewels, photography, ceramics 561-746-6615, Antique Car Winter Estates celebrates Edisons birthday 11, 1847 hosting Edison-Ford antique vehicles home. Owners questions. Special lecture owners, informal vendors. restorations Estates. 239-334-7419, Antonio Guerrero Exhibit 6-27 Opening reception 5pm, 10am. 10th 20-21, Meet artists, commission piece, techniques, works 23106 561746-6615, Walks Runway 25-27, collide. party, looks. haute artful creations designers. 5, 6-10 galleries invite selfguided Gardners galleries, live-art demonstrations. 239-337-5050, Market Saturdays, 9am grown, cultivated sampling purchase. gardening classes demos chefs. Taps Tunes Craft award-winning breweries. Purchase trucks bands, Johnnyswim, Angeles-based composed Amanda Sudano Donna Summer Abner Ramirez. Rotary Crafts Fair 13-14, presents premier arts-and-crafts fair Presidents Day weekend, lawn House. craftsmen wearable sculpture, working, painted furniture, jewelry Proceeds scholarships worldwide Way. 239-472-2155, ensure date. detailed attending events. Chasing Destiny GALLOGLY Jackie 509 PARKER m kid grade, Quenton Cassidy declares. loses firmly running, imagined. Long school, pick-up basketball, squirming church-- Cassidys Coast. Parker Jr. Scribner, dreams greatness, manage qualify Parkers prequel Runner. Trapper Nelson, draped shoulder. town, suggests indicate distance running. friendship develops, Nelson begins training. Following regimen Nelsons friend Archie Romani, miler, develops. Bickerson, stubbornly outdated methods, kidnapping judge arrest. Greatness chapter snapshot innocence after-school fierce basketball. Distance demands commitment, Jr.s runner page. 105 ELIZABETH JOYCE Mercury retrogrades 25. 9th moon Capricorn pause. anything Jupiter retrograde. good, most. 23rd Leo money. laughs horizon, secrets 8th Aquarius Chinese Monkey. start, begin. 22nd Virgo reminds worry misuse ARIES MARCH APRIL lovely admirer terrific accent, single, Expect end. luck gamble, conservative bet ranch. Leap 29th opportunity--truly opportunity. TAURUS MAY Personal Signs Year, Taurus, blue--an romance Youre forget. refusing. unbelievable luck. Possible scenes flowers, Champagne, overnight five-star hotel--with tub, course. finances problem, long. GEMINI JUNE rest, Gemini. Fortunately, yawning finances, guidance, off. tricky mixed improve profession. Computers involved, yourself. missing soon. CANCER JULY opens, looking. Dealing joint necessary readjustments. Someone dear better. matter, careful overspending. LEO AUGUST Leo, party. playful mood January. havent jingle send text. retrograde circumstances apart Valentines reconnect pal. 9. Communication confusion frustrated Calm perspective. VIRGO SEPTEMBER Around chance. Better hard. Is Have lottery ticket, use. Who 27. relax February, amused entertained. windfall doorstep 6th discussions happened. LIBRA OCTOBER turbulent Libras opens. 12th. Prepare mid-month, Libra. unusual sight. Finances confusing month, purchases binding. leap 29th. easier you, memorable. SCORPIO NOVEMBER battles actually argue, lively passionate. mad twice, after-venting stage. Watch money, pocketbook allows. escape somewhere. Water element soothed thinking enlarging redecorating SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER January, Sag, promises full. yes, probably negotiating loan trying inheritance, till complications. turn ultra-sexy, secret March. reach, CAPRICORN JANUARY Urgent family-oriented Cap. leave. debt, so. why. pictured schedule mid-month. facts, maam AQUARIUS FEBRUARY Aquarius. traveling, bags packed. lonely. surprising news 25th. surprises, fond unpredictable, attracted coast, fast. little, PISCES fun, far-away journey horizon. promoting Bonuses shines problematic late. likely, adventures. charge situation. Everything psychics Haitian Philippines earthquakes Twin Towers tragedy witnessed powers Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance Psychic Detectives, CNN News. radio across books online. services. appointment, 215-996-0646. Bark canine companions, arking frolicking bank pet-lovers four-legged buddies Veterinary Specialists hosts Riverside Equine Challenge. Jessica Mintz chosen handicapped adults horses riding, welcome dogs shapes sizes, sniffing expects pets Bark, creators reasoned alike dress matching outfit look-alike contest. greet adoptable rescue demonstration, demonstrations K-9 Rescue units. Besides animal participate. improves battling challenges, therapeutic horseback riding equine-related programs. Annual groups. Michelle assistants stricken pets. SOUTHWEST VETERINARY SPECIALISTS Grape Expectations o underprivileged at-risk charity auctions, world-renowned vintners chefs enthusiasts philanthropists gala Education Foundation, NCEF, Ritz-Carlton 31. associate statistics county poverty lowincome households. numbers. 135 awarded grants nonprofits 200,000 filled emotional joyful moments, improved previous Expectations, bid collections sought-after wines, limited-edition Rolls-Royce Dawn valued 400,000, unique, valuable Throughout sip wines wineries global wine-producing regions countries, meals restaurants States, Telepan Yorks Curtis Duffy Grace Chicago, Tramonto Revolution Orleans. 580 couple. 888-837-4919. LOUIS VENNE IASI PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, ROMANIA Gale Bennetts featured Gulfshore Nadler Operas Metropolitan benefiting obtainable Cello Bennett Afternoon Ms. Opera, supported Bennett, widow. associated spearhead locate region, glimpse works, shown. ArtStudy Giverny, Monets village. blends Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism Cubism, earning award Angels appreciation reviews, dividing France. Aside refreshments, gift, sale. Opera. surprise planned, favorites. companys artistic director, Steffanie joins Nadler, fans, Details 239-529-3925. --C.G. Juried Southern ne 16th artists. Friday, Sharon McAllister, Publix Run 5K carefully accepted. apply. Plan decorative ceramics. Price ranges vary, patron fits budget. attend. Take Under exhibit. Yard Youth Stage performances. dining opportunities. 110 ART FEST ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest Control ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 211 Quality Experience Appointment Mon-Fri RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481 .2949 8941 College Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Intercom Vac Much AirportsSeaports Fun ports Punta Gorda Make Reservations AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION 239.888.5282 MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Drive Thru Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Gown M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises 941 jackpot. casino. 12315 951 1043 REGIONAL LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOLUME VOL. NO. 4.95 FGCUS HANGING BRADENTONS TREEUMPH LASTING IMPACT ENTERING RSW_Cover_JF16.indd Published 12215 740

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