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Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those 6 12214 858 7 PUBLISHERS LETTER Not Limit I s it just me, did 2014 make an exit amazing speed Its hard imagine that already here have clean slate--12 months do as please--ahead us. Such wonderful opportunity fulfillment, excitement enrichment should taken lightly. Think blank canvas awaiting your creation. And remember, closing door followed new swinging open renewed vigor. Therefore, look back, even if briefly, past then forge forward. Here some ideas motivate you, ones always seem work me Set own goals year. Actually writing down can great motivator. Review any disappointments last year, see them chance better Become giver less taker. how good youll feel. Nurture closest personal relationships reach out people thought over real effort reconnect. Use every ounce talents, skills knowledge best person possibly use these gifts benefit others well. fact, habit day. Focus health eating better, sleeping thinking positive purpose. Learn language add word vocabulary, discover hobby take sport friends never imagined would hold interest One my memories when husband, Friedrich, took plunge--literally--out airplane. admit until second were gently prodded door, had wondered myself Just exactly what am doing But, clear plane, felt Publisher PHOTO SKYDIVE SEBASTIAN, FLORIDA almost surreal sense achievement, pride success. figurative literal leap faith, amazing. planning, anticipation, preparation apprehension skydiving adventure paid off huge dividends accomplishment, self-satisfaction exhilaration. knew could it, was done experience like only adds incredible jolt life, but motivates other whether professional. next time hesitate, whatever reason, remember faith go sky limit, beginning. think enjoy someone who has indeed reached beyond On 34, Living goes one-on-one 35-year career covering national network, he made way islands. Also highlight brand-new automobiles hitting roads 48. Whether its luxury vehicle BMW Mercedes-Benz something Volkswagens dynamic collection, local dealerships cars floor test drive might motivation need update wheels. closing, want challenge earlier adding vocabulary. hornswoggle. Can really hornswoggle success 9 MAKING WAVES salute residents, businesses organizations Floridas island coast community TAKE ME OUT TO BALL GAME Baseball fans recently purchased tickets Minnesota Twins spring training game will notice major modifications Lee County Complex, home Hammond Stadium team practices. starters, now been dubbed Century Link changes, including expanded concourses, improved concessions, renovated restrooms premium seating enhancements, begin February. name setting bit different, spectators likely continue know stadium grounds game. 800-33-TWINS, --Melanie TRAFFIC-STOPPING SHOW RIO DEARMOND N BUILDING SUPPORT amed director alumni relations SouthWestern State College July, Rio DeArmond runs department which she spent several years working. her focuses growing ranks colleges association, includes than 1,000 members. association fairly college, so weve re-engaging says DeArmond. neat get there realize many have. Former students lots ways involved, mentoring financial support. give back came from, says. place network. also serves board Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation, helps support 30 million master Regional Fort Myers. She grew going park takes 5-year-old daughter there, positions natural fit. If havent before, definitely lot bigger most realize, no matter interests, theres Alumni Association, 239-489-9015, fsw.eduwpfoundation 239-533-7575, --Beth Luberecki Hop head Park, because annual Hot Rod Nationals back--this two days. Jan. 17 18, check hundreds competing tricked whips, ranging flashy customs street rods sleek exotics giant trucks. Car enthusiasts types trade tips owners displayed vehicles. patrons showing coming various rides, parking fees donated Salvation Army Rotary clubs let everyone put their vehicles use. --M.P. ARTRUNNING TRADITION beginning each decade, downtown Myers waterfront come alive pieces art across country. While guests comfortable shoes ArtFest--a weekendlong event--others stretching legs hydrating themselves component. Publix Run Arts 5K race commence Feb. day festival. heart action, route travels Edison Bridge passing through works along way. LEFT TOP RIGHT BY RANDY KAMBIC MIDDLE WAYNE WILMOTH BOTTOM JEANNE SEEHAVER 11 ARTWORK JONATHAN KANE YOUR Cruising Keys turns surprising finds PATRICIA LETAKIS ply Belgian Congo filming classic movie 1951 still operates steam engine, whistle all. current Lance Suzanne Holmquist cut deal obtain boat 100,000 restore Capt. Huett, navigates African Queen hour cruises Port Largo canals Atlantic Ocean. Back road, turn into Kona Kai Resort, Gallery Botanic Gardens MM 97.8. entrance hidden junglelike trees, palms cycads thrive incredibly well subtropical climate. Be sure book ethnobotanical garden tour botanist Emily Magnaghi before arrive. Shell sensory walk sample freshly picked sugar apple, carambola Key limes smell exotic scents, Gongora atorpurpurea. This orchid looks female wasp, smells clove. pollinated specific type bee attracted fragrance, explains. From top Bonefishing Bay Islamorada driving first 18-mile stretch U.S. Highway connects mainland Overseas lanes 113-mile chain called Keys. Theres agenda behind two-lane design, road constructed 1938. Rather, making slow transition time. Once leave fast-paced Miami arrive island, Largo, mellow mood gets mellower mile. island-by-island stops motorists shift slower gear enjoy. KEY LARGO unusual feel nostalgic vintage mahogany vessel docked Marina Del Mar Mile Marker 100, especially youre buff. With painted side, Humphrey Bogart Katherine Hepburn used 1131 BOB KRISTFLORIDA KEYS NEWS BUREAU ANDY NEWMANFLORIDA oldest authentic tiki bars tropical drinks views Ocean Stephen left, son Lauren Bacall, aboard 100-year-old Largo. ONCE YOU LEAVE FAST-PACED MIAMI BEHIND ARRIVE FIRST ISLAND, LARGO, SHOULD BE IN MELLOW MOOD THAT GETS MELLOWER MILE. POSTCARD INN AT HOLIDAY ISLE Youll pineapple grows marvel pink frangipani. delves medicinal native saw palmetto, timing right, carnivorous pitcher plant slippery rim catch insect. resort, romantic hideaway 13 cottage-style rooms Bay, caters couples. ISLAMORADA Holiday Isle Tiki Bar lure thatched roofs god statues. Old salts packed bar though Postcard Inn Beach Resort 84, coolest Rum Runner. fact cocktail, banana liqueur, rum, brandy grenadine, creation manager 1972. Grab spot edge sip watch sailboats glide marina. MARATHON When stomach growls, 35th Street Marathon west. Tall stacks lobster traps mark Fisheries 49. open-air restaurant dock one islands working fisheries. Stone crabs, shrimp spiny among fresh brought fleets menu market. seller Lobster Reuben, sandwich cooked lobster, instead corned beef, ingredients--kraut, Thousand dressing, rye toast melted Swiss cheese. Find picnic table share one. Farther Seven-Mile Historic 46. Before newer paved Bridge, right fascinating old relic parallel. Industrialist Henry Flagler bridge tiny deer. However, dusk follow signs Name Pub en spy few deer roadside foliage. stop icon dining room covered signed dollar bills, baskets spicy conch fritters, pizza ice-cold beer. SUGARLOAF everyones travel itinerary, bat tower quirky wonder trip. Turn highway Gulf side. Standing tall roundabout shingled wooden built 1929 Richter Perky. resort owner wanted house bats theyd eat mosquitoes pestering guests. Although failure, intricately earned National Register Places. WEST At very end line 0, popular island. Rather traveling tourist pack, Lloyd Mager call join Lloyds Tropical Bike Tours. Outside Town district hell show another side West. Playing shell, guide leads curious gardens cockatoos iguanas, fruit trees flowering plants provide experience. Spend night Lighthouse Court, assemblage cozy cottages tin joined footpaths draped blooming bougainvillea, set blocks away cacophony hub. n Editor-in-chief traveled country extensively years. East Coast Railway 1912. Today pedestrians fishermen here, taking sunsets catching glimpse manta rays water below. You rent bicycles Outfitters pedal 2.2-mile bridge. It dead ends Pigeon Key, spit land museum photos document bridges construction. BIG PINE Big Pine main venture Deer Refuge near 31, observation platform overlooking hardwood hammock offers deer, size Great Dane, indigenous Lower left photo extends once served camp workers during 14 ROADSIDE STOPS getting wheel, visit websites prepare Canal Cruise 305-451-8080 305-852-7200 305-664-2321 305-743-4353 305-289-1670 305-872-2239 fws.govnationalkeydeer 305-872-9115 Bat Tower Tours 305-304-4700 Court Hotel 305-294-5229 Visitor Information 15 POLITICAL POINTS COLE PEACOCK doesnt include meeting actual voters wise man told politics local, seems changed late. Vast sums money, early voting absentee ballots, given extended periods mailers slick TV ads, too often replaced in-depth discussion issues. Many issues platforms regulated political parties candidates beliefs talking points. politicians. Democrat Republican stood front crowd party faithful said issue, families communities Well, mind. Both qualified respected business leaders, unsuccessful bids. Insert last-minute money same opposing parties, PACs against candidate combined partys anointed candidate, usually successful outcome party--though, people. professional life corporate executive Fortune 500 companies, strategist managed races. distinction running office. witnessed firsthand meet elected official. unfortunate happens handshake eye contact while asking votes. tell 100-percent conviction, humbling personally learned true moments. Early weeks Election Day Day, created lower voter turnout Florida. recent elections path flood attack ads mailboxes, radio social media, series pro-self using party-sanctioned branding. hear tired they politicians everyday families. Voters must engaged demand answers, respond negativity half-truths. proved above points expensive negative governor anything election campaigns win, process, politician party, proven Amendments receiving votes governor. Voting carries responsibility, creates change shows younger generations importance voice. guest contributor president Consulting Group Manufacturing. TECHNOLOGY Now relive favorite moments HD O DOUG GALLOGLY ur lives experiences, exciting, terrifying simply mundane. finished however, cannot relived, remembered, inevitably fade passage But keep GoPro emphatically Yes earliest days photography, urge capture singular moment driven improve images recorded. fragile glass plates mid-1800s ubiquitous digital technology granted, seen advances ease save image. camera phone hand, miss far important Enter Hero4, wearable thats tough enough handle nearly attempt recording adventures high definition. released 2004, springing imagination Woodman, avid surfer intense desire caught perfect wave. His disposable camera, attached wrist rubber bands broken surfboard tether. He enlisted help close friend Brad Schmidt, GoPros creative director, create production-worthy model. Choosing abuse surfers routinely dish out, designed licensed plastic case strap. Then began, surf shops country, trying convince shopkeepers worth putting shelves. Their passion obviously off, today 37 old, Woodman billionaire. As advanced, GoPro, todays Hero4 quality smaller package, topof-the-line edition boasting cutting-edge 4K video. indicator Hollywood embraced it. Mark Burnett, five-time Emmy award-winning producer, said, cameras biggest productions, Survivor Bible. allowed us perspectives previously werent possible costly, makes storytelling. glowing recommendation knows hes about. Woodmans original vision extremesports crowd, become others. choose mount purpose, basic chest, helmet motorcycle scuba mask attachments. dogs harness. limit imagination. 1039 EVANGELIA GANOSELLIS accompany water-based excursion, under-the-sea snorkeling paddleboarding. GOPRO WAS RELEASED SPRINGING FROM IMAGINATION NICK WOODMAN, AN AVID SURFER INTENSE DESIRE CAPTURE MOMENT WHEN HE CAUGHT PERFECT WAVE. Holbrook, aspiring musician, uses pursuits. says, audio quality. recorded playing pianoguitar pretty useful concerts, noting, Most footage pole concert. Sounds idea. Another user Dennis Gingerich, founding pastor Cape Coral Christian Fellowship photographer. Europe. hang gliding Switzerland, reports. mounted glider. Havent edited yet all, flight landing. Continuing journey Europe, Gingerich riding high-powered car famous Nrburgring track Germany bicycle Salzburg, Austria. able exciting friends. EVAGELIA LERON SARIG availability grown popularity, find companys recognizable displays Target Best Buy Bass Pro Shops Ron Jon Surf Shop. Several models available, priced 129.99 entry level 499.99 GoPro4 Black. Each model waterproof meters capable high-definition video, features such wireless networking convenient touch screen added increases. foresees future dreamed surfing becomes, words, camera. demonstrated idea wearing chest births children. Given quickly usage grown, away. longtime fan technical understanding wife, Jackie. MARYGLENN MCCOMBS Pensacola, Fla., residents Leron Sarig Patrick Manderfield beach skies suns. 19 859 COASTAL COMMERCE Unbelievable true--a botanic G ANN MARIE OPHELAN amount rainfall, provided, part, well-fed sprinkler system. rainforest United States. Joyner, founder graduate University represented Extension Service extension agent extraordinaire 35 taught gardener program retiring 2008. These stays busy tending garden, manning airwaves gardening shows, listeners questions. stumped, horticultural consultant suggesting solutions troubleshooting problems. Joyners mother prompted initial gardening, coffee roasted beans brewing. ongoing him trips abroad, Costa Ricas rainforests, order conduct research, surroundings. 1970, decided gained. intent educate public ene Acres that. named Unbelievable, reactionary muttered entered Joyner stands massive, two-footlong sausage fruits dangling nearby tree. 1970 -acre site started empty cow pasture pine grew. Using cuttings starts larger feet tall, 2,000 plants. There 160 varieties citrus, plantain carambola, lesser-known jaboticaba black sapote. houses largest private collections trees. nursery, operated volunteers, purchased. meandering mile-long pathway reveals truly rainforest. is, there--all shade lovers-- Orchids found trail Gardens. Gene 2-acre ago pasture. filled dozens animals, box turtles upper left. REAL WORKING RAINFOREST IT IS, BECAUSE TYPES PLANTS GROWING THERE--ALL SHADE LOVERS--AND AMOUNT RAINFALL, PROVIDED, PART, WELL-FED SPRINKLER SYSTEM. IS ONLY UNITED STATES. rainforests and, course, located outside doorstep. drafted blueprint this, plotted head, starting canopy groundcover Some 100 feet, below lie gingers, heliconias, ferns, vines more. provides shelter animals raccoons, opossums, lizards turtles. turtle tucked under dense leaves spotted walks by. hiding, pulls explains after rain. Birds screech owls, woodpeckers hummingbirds home. Rainforests cover percent earths total surface vital planet essential component reducing 21 large elephant ear leaf sufficient shade-loving grow here. WHERE WOULD WE WITHOUT RAINFORESTS Loss means mitigation effects climate change, resulting increased levels greenhouse gases, rising temperatures, higher sea levels. impact rainfall patterns food production, portion worlds whose homes livelihoods depend ecosystems. -- Rick Burnette, agriculture, ECHO, North Myers, agricultural agency world OPhelan writes variety topics enjoys boating, tropical. 22 being caused human activity, agriculture ECHO CO2, gas, processed plants, which, turn, remove carbon atmosphere. half animal species. earth interconnected, survival species well-being humans, dwellers not, products conditions, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate plantderived medicines. Those unbelievable wont educational education. IF GO 470 63rd Trail N, Beach, 561-242-1686, Saturday month tours 130 p.m. Reservations required. Leave telephone number answering machine. 23 GETAWAYS Adventures abound Pacific Northwest forest abundant evergreen towered sight, seeming ability bask heights Id see. nature, man, inferior, fool tranquil sounds flowing waterfalls, koi swimming gracefully ponds swaying cool breeze. Every often, childs laughter click snap Mother Nature couldnt upset, knowing guarantee witness beauty again. detoured International Rose Test Garden. Built 1917, patch 10,000 roses, hues dramatic reds send lover, gentle lavenders youd wish family member careful sniff, pick, flowers, hefty fine so. following met friends, Ashley Kim. So, else planned Kim asked. wed haunted distant mountain ever since spotting hotel window. Lets Mount Hood tomorrow beamed. explained surrounding Trillium Lake ideal nature gazing. away, added. didnt scenic view, teasingly revealing itself approached, playful child hide-and-go-seek. MELANIE PAGAN ll lengthy, morning flight, different. That destination, feelings fatigue tantalizing, foreign views. reality, Im cursing midflight squirm around airplane seat position nap. Always unsuccessful, waste entire afternoon snoozing bed. time, partner, Jared, arrived Portland, Oregon, went straight curtains promising fifth floor, room. peeled sheer-white drapes, McCall Waterfront Willamette River below, army looked landscape. shoes. hopped light rail Portlands methods transportation Washington Park. bounty museums, attractions trails easy spend day, hearts Japanese Garden, kind visited tail September, parks shrubbery began autumn wear. striking year-round, deep fall winter, all-green hues, nothing majestic. twinkling lights Portland pave majestic background. TIMBERLINE LODGE Garden official testing All-America Selections organization. regarded stopped Timberline Lodge way--a attraction exterior Overlook 1980 thriller Shining. eerie now, operating ski lodge, top-level boasted breathtaking ultimate greeted shimmering waters, presence Hood, luminous full moon. sail raft icy lake. kept afloat, Kim, near-native Floridian, joked swim worry alligators. dipped in, wiggling toes tease absence predators, ripples hand. combination warm sun hugging face peaceful lullaby, sleep then, in. brave shore. hung shirts, soaking dip, window retreated civilization. shirttails sounded faint danced breeze, mostly drowned Led Zeppelin 25 ARRIVED OUR ULTIMATE DESTINATION, TRILLIUM LAKE GREETED SHIMMERING WATERS, CLOSE PRESENCE MOUNT HOOD, AS STOOD LUMINOUS FULL MOON. songs, playing, all-American trip needed fitting playlist. Ive relived remembering They say problem nostalgia reminisce, tend recall were. was. Clear weather, together dreamlike harmony amid flawless having skimmed air Had Columbia Gorge, marveling lavender field, alpacas sleepy Coast, sand dunes, cliffs ancient forests. truth live area unrivaled conservation efforts allow balance city unspoiled hideaways solace. assignment editor media Follow Facebook, Twitter Pinterest pages, resources Oregon. STAY 866-866-7977, Bonus Bicycles available charge. PLAY 503-823-7529, portlandoregon.govparks Forest 503-223-1321, 503-272-3311, Travel 877-678-5263, 800-547-7842, PORTLAND MTHOODTERRITORY.COM PLAN Like mirror, boasts spectacular view sought-out playground fishing, canoeing swimming. Above gathering spot, sits alongside River, Portland. 26 27 OUTDOORS Let assets, Naples ou probably dont list outdoors moving weather delicious. youve procrastinating comfy armchair, heres whole bunch reasons step soak sunshine. Y KALYN BROOKE GREATER NAPLES CHAMBER MICHAEL IVINSBOSTON RED SOX WATER Put sailors hat enroll Offshore Sailing School offshoresailing .com certification courses attract boaters skill novices experienced guided Country Fishing Charters Rent kayak Estero all-florida.comsw estero.htm waterway gator two. SALT LIFE snorkel emerald waters WaveRunner quick spin. Get wildlife hike Matanzas Pass preserve leeparks .org, 60-acre sanctuary waiting explored. Princess frolicking dolphins cocktails full-service bar. PUTTING GREEN After fun-filled beach, mini-golf love. Take swing alligators Smugglers Cove, search lost treasure Jungle Golf enchanted Castle course holes expert. READY, SET, SCORE Ditch remote control stars action backyard. Jet Blue, venue Boston Red Sox, buzzes late February, does out. Stop hot dog evening fireworks Miracle baseball milb. com, League champions, season April. SWING Book tee Stonybrook Course stoneybrookgolfestero .com--the longest wide fairways newly landscaping, practice 29 Hibiscus Club, 18-hole clubhouse daily lunch specials brunch. BEACHES walking seashore Vanderbilt, relax umbrella book. Settle secluded DelnorWiggins reefs. End magical sunset perch Pier GREAT Explore backcountry campground fit both primitive accommodations. Pop tent NaplesMarco KOA, cabin pool tub. Dont forget smores stock firewood chilly night. SPOT STAR seaside mansions celebrity Gordon Drive. Saunter access upscale backyard, cruise Pure luxurious Bay. Notables Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Judge Judy Larry Bird, year-round periodically holiday getaway. RECREATIONAL FUN brisk Golden Gate pass teams friendly softball bocce. Participate league schedule lesson on-site Aquatics Facility. Picnic Collier-Seminal mangrove swamps world. Bicycle historic 3.5 Marco peek diverse marsh. Brooke writer blogger living 31 WHATS STORE hip decor wardrobe essentials, got scoop whats retailers GINA BIRCH p THESE SHOES WERE MADE SPLASHING Gentlemen smart outdoor fashionable option, thanks SWIMS Collection. collection lagoon, mandarin pink. colors, classics black, navy brown, Loafer Luca Sneaker styles 135-169 little weighing down. outing ditch boring deck shoes, Collection Nordstrom Waterside Naples. 239-325-6100, q WIRELESS WORKOUT Free workouts cords irritating heart-rate monitors innovative Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds--yes, earbuds. pump Dolby sound earbuds offer voice coaching integrated monitor. withstand sweat inclement system via Bluetooth, volume microphone allows calls. tool 199, download Life app smartphone moving. 239-278-1298,, COLLAPSIBLE CARRYALL Instead randomly tossing equipment car, consider Clever Crates. smelly cardboard boxes, bulky tubs wimpy bags lightweight organizers instead. use, crates collapse, storage easy. America, European pop-and-pack designs range 22- 132-pound capacity. moving, shopping camping, containers transporting items Prices 11.99 19.99 Home Depot, solid-wall construction colors. 239-437-6333, PICNIC POWER basket comes handy. Torrains Handbag 42 light, durable compact essentials. design zipper closures interior pockets addition, water-resistant storing sensitive electronics valuables. Torrain handmade although lightweight, carry heavy load. stylish metal ring strap attachment colorful online. Want Contact toti.comwhatsinstore 33 BETH LUBERECKI JOE FARAONI IMAGES Berman, Ray Lewis, Mike Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson, Cris Carter Jackson Countdown. 132 C hris Berman legendary athletes covers ESPN. Part network essentially inception, reported everything golf career. known football coverage. seasons, studio award-winning, pre-game post-game highlights twice SanibelCaptiva 1980s, eventually buying property 90s. spoke sportscaster, trademark humor loves 1979, No, Because 24, thought, interesting thing. certainly say, know, 1989, cable now. Maybe things. answer way, wasnt complete surprise worked. secrets longevity popularity fortunate faking won why, seeing Bermans 1980s. SPORTS FANS COME ALL SHAPES SIZES COLORS. BEAUTY SPORTS, WHAT APPRECIATE MOST, KNOWS NONE SOCIOECONOMIC BOUNDARIES. --CHRIS BERMAN convey information am, humorous tongue-in-cheek maybe some. Nowhere tried actor. cant act fake point. nicknames athletes, predictions Swami--why sports, brain surgery. Were fun mean joke else. everybody wasnt, this. that, failed, discerning viewer forced. Why resonate shapes sizes appreciate most, none socioeconomic boundaries. conversation San Francisco Giants airport shining millionaire. conversation, white male, young, rich poor. 36 TOM FORD RICH ARDEN 917 MY PASSION ITS BEEN BLOOD SINCE OR 9. REALLY HANG HAT PROFESSIONAL TOMBSTONE. Youve report blood tombstone. alarm morning, weekly Christmas. football, golf, play hockey well-publicized challenges lately. overcome Nobody saying happening--and adjust forward aware. NFL. disappointing if, offseason, marked improvements fronts. disappointing. Are bright spots gloss questions, excited folks dedicated craft be. coach, GM players 30s much 25, Quarterbacks 30s-- theyre guys 20s think. Peyton Manning, Brady--they five buoyed dedication week care. How 80s wife there. causeway. pull halfway causeway minutes sit tree line. quiet. beaches pristine. guy, sunrise guy. Weve owned 1994, South Seas property. like. secret, Tuesday-to-Friday-night, dont-tell-anyone-Im-here trips. nine-hole Seas, good. places Timbers--Matt Asen friend. Sunshine Seafood Caf gone changes thing Sunset Grill gem. golfer, Resorts redesigned Hurricane Charley par-three nine 90 yards, wedge putter. 200, 175 yards. Youre 38 ALLEN KEE Roger Goodell, commissioner Football League, draft Radio Music Hall. shots minutes. tip Captiva, hit bad shot golfers relate four par threes hole-in-one. anticipate either. nine-hole, chances Thats hole-in-one shot. fringe blowing big peace anywhere. city. off-island unless airport. retire. glad Venice, Floridabased freelance whos frequent Media. 39 Esperanza railcar presented 100th birthday Centennial Committee. viewed Museum History, monument generations. SOUTHWEST MUSEUM HISTORY 41 hugga-chugga-choo-choo ears. brings train sets children, listening members talk railroad, rides faraway places. clackity-clack rolling tracks distance triggers fond memories. Trains played role development tourism industry. residential commercial expansion, moved goods state. accessible ferry 20th century, Jim Powers, research historian History. 1904, accessibility Line Railroad ACL crossed Caloosahatchee Beautiful passenger depot Monroe 1924. Mediterranean-style built, 1971, Powers. location preserves railroad maintaining structure presenting exhibition artifacts. Esperanza, 83-foot Pullman railcar, toured. outfitted brass fixtures Cuban mahogany. lounge, three staterooms, room, galley kitchen servants quarters. By 1926, longer town. archrival Seaboard Air SAL crossing river establishing freight depots eastern railroads common. companies headquartered Richmond, Va. 5,000-plus miles track. locations, yards apart serving towns, cities, industrial sites. Additionally, subsidiary primarily sight length run, merged 1967, formed SCL. interesting, connection trains. Chaika, CFO Hammer Construction lover young child. Train Chaika brothers, railcars, spin miniature small-scale orange juice factory Village. BILL CHAIKA photo, dating between 1904 1924, era terminal Peck Lingo Over years, terms describe locomotive iron horse, pot rust pile. rattler refrigerator riff. caboose, referred bouncer, buggy chariot. Passenger cushions, steel gunboats, tank nicknamed cans. names bestowed conductor Brass Buttons Brains. 43 Seminole hosts murder mystery dinner events five-course meals onboard. directors visitors 18-scale 15-minute ride. sometimes conductor. joy children train, villages tunnel. well, train-loving William Paul Brown Matlacha lovers family, Brown, train-themed playground, adults models. Browns age. child, rode overnight sleeper Chicago, collecting N-scale father, Thomas. locomotives, collected together. relatives worked Northwest, Northern Burlington Railroad. engineers, ridden States, L, elevated, Chicago subways York. throughout Asia Australia. 1996, Kuranda Scenic west Far Queensland. experience, recalls Brown. impressed power, precision class travel, feels comfort dignity Chaikas 150 My great, grandfather engineers honor Lincoln D.C. Springfield funeral Chaika. Pennsylvania employers Railroading fabric depots, roundhouses town, passed clan. father trains, even, occasions, cabs engines operate switches towers, teenager, building layouts homes. O-Gauge club Jersey transferred met, Railroads crack fast Broadway Limited, Midwest Philadelphia. Years later, lived hub Americas railroading, regular basis. western suburbs Loop ontime performance, Turns later became involved museum, 44 SEMINOLE GULF RAILWAY Aboard Discover Americans parks, clubs, rides. Saturday, May Join locations nationaltrainday.coms Amtrak 800-872-7245, View exhibitions railroads, 239-553-7575, Village Ride park. Scale Rails interested railroading. dinner. 239-275-8487, History Tour 239-321-7430, swflmuseum former volunteers actually engineer Chicago. small world, emphasizes senior logistics roles British Petroleum BP Safety Kleen. BP, 17,000 manage, surpassing fathers tradition continues industry nephew Norfolk Southern Conrail Of modeling group Florida, beginners modelers, constantly HO, HOn3 scale layouts, looking Large small, fascination reasons. romance youth, thrill element danger, enthusiastic smile twinkle totally understand. sets. 45 jetBlue DESTINATIONS Special Section FORT MYERS ... Rock District, golden sands LINWOOD FERGUSON LEE COUNTY VISITOR CONVENTION seamless mix sprinkled Located flows Mexico, spotlight revamped District. dirt cattle 1860s downtowns street. Orange, yellow green exteriors restored masonry brick buildings 1905 1925 restaurants, beer bars, French bakeries, indie shops, galleries, offices old-fashioned barbershop. weekends, music held. stroll Historical Museum, guides explain Cs cattle, citrus cane. Head towards bronze sculpture Uncommon Friends, representation Thomas Edison, Ford Harvey Firestone sitting campfire. winter Estates gardens, laboratories seasonal residents. Mantanzas puts barrier sunseekers plenty quench thirst Sand sculpturing pastime shore, Sculpting Championships. south Lovers quiet viewing, bald eagles bottlenose appearances. Thanks wilderness inner waterways, explore kayak. roadways lead destinations Naples, offering unique slice paradise. WASHINGTON, Delve history, chill neighborhoods locals nations capital town foot imagine. lately pedaling numerous bike sharing stations easily pick rental bicycle. hop wheels foot, explore. First-time destination monuments, obelisk Monument visible corner, World War II Memorial, 2004 400,000 died supported war effort. buzz Capitol Hill, domed Capitol, Supreme Library Congress clustered tours. popping Smithsonians Space museums Smithsonian Institution, Newseum, journalism evolved newspapers high-tech reporting. Washingtons path. Stroll Mall population bench action. scene exploding trendy eateries evolving chefs redefining philosophy. offerings Georgetown, restaurants chefs--and campus Georgetown University. Or Adams Morgan, hotspot professionals carved neighborhood. Described urban lifestyle small-town feel, welcoming international cuisine pulsing nightlife scene. 47 SLEEK SPORTY again sophistication CILETTI midsize coupe. coupe seamless, elegant. version roomier. cue coupe, Series Gran Coupe combines silhouette additional functionality spaciousness rear compartment, Won Kyu Kang, designer automaker. two-door version, roofline inches slopes back. inch higher, headroom Speaking inside, drivers modern wheel. Complete THIS OPPOSITE PAGE NORTH AMERICA LLC all-new Convertible mesmerized, stock, Irpino, general response overwhelming. why. style luxury, coupled sporty exterior. gives sedan. Perhaps noticeable feature doors. easier passengers start comfortably final destination. doors frameless staple equipped fully retractable roof opens closes seconds. 1132 rounded hardware, paneling freestanding flat-screen iDrive monitor, functional visually pleasing eye. Drivers feeling disappointed. engine choices Coupe, 300 hp TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter inline cylinder. zip 0 60 mph cross Causeway Punta Rassa breeze sweep hair, suitable choice. stem stern, isnt average convertible. convertibles theyll quickly. Despite 428i 2.0-liter, four-cylinder pickup acclimate Interstate-75 Upper Captiva. fuel economy pocket. four-wheel capabilities, featuring BMWs xDrive. Oyster Dakota leather brushed aluminum trim available. Also, Bluetooth streaming standard. whod assistance, Active Blind Spot Detection conjunction M ZMM. notice, ahead. hardtop Did mention electric heated steering wheel confirmation message neck warmers drives dip 50s January luggage compartment stylish, sensible Ciletti anchorreporter ABC15 Phoenix, Ariz. Clockwise roomy inside key hardware monitor backseat elegant spacious. 49 LUXURY REDEFINED sacrifice sex appeal edginess versatility S SUVs streamlined curves. Silence SUV. multi-level door-sealing concept decreases wind noise outside. reduced low A-pillar mirrors connected body stem. GLA appealing. turbo charging direct injection capabilities. ECO startstop seven seconds, skimping speed. Athleticism meets opulence S-Class Coupe. touchpad MERCEDES-BENZ USA UV treat, GLA, Mercedes SUV generation all-wheel 4MATIC. variable torque distribution. go--but luxury. transitions smoothly spending weekend getaway zipping Island. believe brand, Steve Peine, flexible shape. Engineers out-dated shape Top bottom partnered German automaker Maybach lavish sub-brand Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. 50 standard design. equip headlamps Swarovski crystals. Hows over-the-top Designers infuse elegance boldness unparalleled. contoured, smooth surface. hood wheels, inches, distinct profile road. inside. dashboard divided sections layer wrap-around described floating. redesign airbag spot. wants everything, seats. backseats individual Techies car. optional heads-up display windscreen minimize distractions. tells going, directions messages ensure smooth, uninterrupted perhaps talked fusion high-end 4MATIC contoured enhances Coupes dashboard. automaker, Maybach. auto giants pure Peine halfway. And, automotive hybrid, right. roomier array designs. V12 biturbo 523 hp, ways, elements S-Class, dome-shaped roof. difference chomping 2.6 shorter look. 8.1 extra space passengers. adorned chrome trim. S-class dealership States 2015. 51 FRESH CLASSIC Volkswagen perfected exception direct-injection TSI packs power seats five. 210 horsepower, Even stronger, fuelefficient six-speed manual transmission, mpg highways. dispelling myth bulkier. GTI size, pounds lighter previous weight, lacking upgrades. versatile MQB, modular transverse matrix, VOLKSWAGEN AMERICA, INC. realizes TBT Throwback Thursday Instagram classic, unveiling brand-new, re-designed Golfs. providing paying tribute hatch movement defined focused hatchback turning heads. honoring predecessors, upgrades, powerful engine. EA888 2.0-liter turbocharged seats, Carbon Touch Rs interior. 52 900 America. staying roots. perks cargo capacity, meaning junk trunk. SportWagen R umph gas R. sophisticated fastest sold 290 siblings, fuel-efficient First, bumper inlets. upgraded grille logo, LED daytime enhance spacious surfaces. dash trims lighting panels, addition R, attention. larger, exact. According Volkswagen, compact. volume, allowing pack camping trails, load exhausting retail therapy. 0.7 wider predecessor, ground. purpose increase aerodynamic performance level. headroom. Good news VW People arrived, Josh Casco, sales Theyre different lifestyles. sleeker ground bears emblem 53 901 sporting MEL ANIE wine dine rather cold food, season. days, cheer jersey foam hand ready--its CATS MEOW Daniels Parkway Interstate-75, Fat Katz Bistro anywhere Televisions indoors root 918 WATERFRONT GRILL patio. dilemma, deciding menu. Specials traditional beer-battered cod dogs, burgers chicken waffle club--fried breast, applewood bacon bourbon mayo candied pecan waffle. Wash home-cooked goodness beers tap. 239-768-3541, ONE PRETTY PUB Few babes, Tilted Kilt Eatery prides both. Newly opened infamous castle-like Tamiami Trail, Celtic-themed stocked taps televisions, staffed women thigh-high kilts. Catch latest baseball, basketball, boxing attention-grabbing setting. building, upstairs Belushis comedy laughter. 239-433-5458, 239-433-JAZZ, HANGING TEN Ten headquarters Beach. Memorabilia NCAAF adorn walls, TVs tuned Network. Other televised, particular themed specials. 239-4633043, JUST DOC ORDERED Doc Fords Grille novelist White, celebrate lively style. During Super Bowl, alter menus depending playing. incorporating Indiana Colts, specialty cheeses Green Packers. stick HDTV screens. Kick Bowl signature bloody mary--you regret 239-472-8311, 239-312-4275, 239-765-9660, PIE PARTY partial Midwest, Stevie Tomatos Page Blackhawks, donning instantly receive bills locations. Blackhawks arent welcome rotating game-day entertainment two-for-one drinks, cent wings free kegs tapped kickoffs. Try thin-crust keeping score, colors advantage promos. 239-573-7877, 239-939-7211, 239352-4233 55 GETTING HOOKED Rustys Raw laidback maintained popularity. college kids happy-hour chilled-out grill buckets, fireball wings. Big-screen walls house, count interactive bartenders playfully loses. 239-437-1870, 239390-0123, 239-263-WING air. lengthy happy weekday afternoon, Bos Steak Egg 239-992-7611, 239-431-7611 coordinator 56 FORDS RUM BAR GRILLE EATERY TRUE BLUE overall, Bokampers aficionados State. Dolphins linebacker broadcaster Bo Bokamper, Dolphins. Tons plasma optimum viewing event BIRDS Since 1998 flocked Pelican Larrys fix. Immokalee Alico Road, tennis, MMA mixed martial arts fights televised matches. Lively shuck ordered oysters open, degrees. arcades, ping pong, tables darts, halftimes. Ridge 239-649-0800, Davis Boulevard 239-793-2004 57 1133 SWFL DINING GUIDE B Breakfast L Lunch D Dinner SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer BISTRO Innovative Global Cuisine. Visually stimulating presentations stellar service paired keeps regulars first-time grilled melt tomato-Parmesan bisque lunchtime. Bell Shops, 13499 Cleveland Ave., 239-466-4141, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. sushi outrageous menu, tasty diners prefer steak chicken. CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. Designed resemble delightful, Floridastyle surrounded Cristofs McGregor hotspot. rib-eye southern bouillabaisse, generous portions ingredients. 2207 First Street, 239-332-3673, LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Bar. Come try plumpest raw oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat shrimp, grouper incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. buffalo bet. 10231 Blvd., 239-791-8473 DARUMA Make Wish teppan-style, chef prepares Classic favorites tempura offered, combinations Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 13451 239-489-1500 10045 Drive, 239-334-BLU3, COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE SANIBEL HARBOUR RESORT Beefed Up. Refined wood, brass, leaded subtle theme, steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed Black Angus steaks. Diners opt buffet resorts yacht. Four 6520-C 239-472-5353 1036 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-fromscratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab full-on fruity, complement freshest seafood coast. 239-344-0037, FIRESTONE fun. Brick wood atmosphere, tires remind Firestone. paella Room tapas Bar, dance Martini Friday Saturday. 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-466-2138, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern cuisine, prepared Breakfast, p.m., choice omelet variation eggs Benedict. noon, dishes bacon-wrapped meatloaf jambalaya, salads sandwiches, hungry diners. brunch wait--but 2224 239-334-3473, f GARAGE taste details. dcor 1920s, walked parts, Model Bootlegger. Fresh beef topped arugula fried egg mouth water, Wave Belgium Tire. Multiple 28580 Bonita Crossings Springs, 239-948-1313 18100 Carlos 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 15271 239-415-4009 10029 Center 239-4154040 5501 Palmer Crossing Circle, Sarasota, 941-922-1515 1200 5th Avenue South, 239-434-6616, SUNSHINE Sunny Delight. wood-fired specialties seafood, duck breast corn portobello mushroom relish, pan-seared red snapper piccata. 12901 239-466-4663, 8700 Gladiolus 239-489-2233, EDISON RESTAURANT Illuminati. honors namesake genius, photos. steeped culinary tradition, pie raves 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried-and-true. Salads fish, pasta palates 1982. Soup salad dinners, deals 530pm. booths, fish nautical details seafaring vibe. BEACHED WHALE Captain Ahabs Favorite Spot. beachs barbecue, selection offerings, Lookout Lounge, savor Mermaid Chicken Sandwich watching Times Square. Live performed nightly, Deck team. Peteys nightly music. locally sourced grouper, stone crab. 1984. Happy draw, Fridays Jazz showcases performers. 416 Crescent St., 239-463-3838, NERVOUS NELLIES Neurotically Time. massive bites Thai dynamite salad, salmon Oscar, crab, wild tender baby asparagus, please. Check Uglys upstairs, prettier, allday hour. 1249 239-463-5505, BEACH Sequel. story--a sequel. Whites Texas ribs. Enjoy nights. 13451-16 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY Class. beautiful theatergoers atmosphere 1st 239-463-8077, 708 Fishermans Wharf, MATANZAS BAY Bayside Bounty. Savor perfectly gazing 7790 Cypress 239-437-4377, DUBLIN ALE HOUSE Pint Full Variety. rousing Irish pubs impressive flavors disappoint. Shepherds 59 dined chips fare. Slinte reason breakfast. Philly cheesesteak hands --Virginia Woolf 1708 West, Coral, 239-541-2663, 25091 Bernwood Parkway, 239-948-4190, Novel band folk White develop restaurant, best-seller entrees. skip mojito. 1719 East, 975 Rabbit DUNES Member Problem inspired twist. lump crab bisque, Eastern, Western Burger, crisp empanadas pulled seared cowboy steak. Springs OLD Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, caramel pecans, Carbons malted waffles rice pudding accompanied fresh-ground Colombian 949 239-472-3355, ISLAND COW Bovine omelets pasta, joint, despite references. dinners choice, breakfast, omelets. 2163 239-472-0606, PIZZA Slice Paradise. Pizza crust options. Pasta, calzone popular. calamari bruschetta appetizer, 1619 239-472-1581, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, intimate relaxed, energetic nightspot Food ranges splendid sandwiches nightly. 1223 239-472-1771, 239-2835959, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, spinach artichoke pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal round 239-472-1998, SANDBAR Welcoming. stone-crab claws, 61 unsurpassed. steaks perfection please palates. velvet cake creme brulee dessert. 2761 239-472-0305, Color. typical pub fare--juicy burgers, crusty pizza--and seasoned often-sought-but-neverfound neighborhood 703 Tarpon 239-472-4453, STARFISH palm tree-studded beach. citrusgrilled mahi braised believed risk. unpasteurized Stilton, organized crime associates, adventure. --Anthony Bourdain 62 63 ribs meat lovers. Casual fare flame-grilled Burger aged cheddar. Inn, 1231 Middle 239-472-7827, starf SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Thing, Small Packages. Chef Melissa Talmage appetizer half-portions, giving option multiple dishes, cured yellowtail. TIMBERS FISH MARKET Dine Yourself. Favorites vegetables, platters cakes lump. market, door. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders emporium Tuesday evenings. gumbo, macadamia-encrusted grouper. 10801 Corkscrew Suite 519, Estero, PAGELLIS RUSTIC TUSCAN Bring Dancing Shoes Italian inspired, ambience. Dance lake patio cocktails. 1625 239-472-1956, THISTLE Victorian Rendezvous. Creative crab-crusted scallops mojo allure trappings, glorious table. 1551 239-472-7242, Coconut Point, 239-226-4242, up-to-date. encourage readers ahead detailed andor reservations visiting establishments. Casa Ybel 2255 239-472-3145, 64 65 DO EVENTS Famous Author Lecture w Deborah Crombie 19, 12pm lecture Crombie, bestselling author Texan England Scotland. Duncan KincaidGemma James Kingdom. Sidney Berne Art Center, 2301 239-333-1933, Martin February 16, Martin, novels, PBS documentary, reviews, magazine articles cult-classic horror movie. Weekly storyteller smoothness matches ambition. currently 11th novel, Lode, Gold Rush. Cooking Sea Salt RADICCHIO STRAWBERRY SALAD GORGONZOLAPISTACHIO TRUFFLES Serves Radicchio bitter tastes, strawberries bitterness, truffles flavor bomb cheesy goodness. Gorgonzola Truffles ounces dolce mascarpone pitted dates, diced cup pistachio flour dust Balsamic Orange Reduction fresh-squeezed balsamic vinegar tablespoons Salad heads radicchio pint reduction extra-virgin olive oil Pinch salt pepper truffles. stand mixer, paddle attachment, combine dates. Shape -inch diameter balls roll dust. dust, processing whole, unsalted pistachios processor consistency. clumps, tablespoon flour. reduction. Strain pulp. sauce pan medium-high heat, juice, sugar. Watch closely, stirring occasionally, prevent boiling over. Reduce liquid. Chill refrigerator. salad. Cut lengthwise strawberries. mixing bowl. Add oil, reduction, toss gently. Divide onto plates. Garnish plate gorgonzola Drizzle Salt, 1186 Third 239-434-7258, LIVE MacDonalds Memories Elvis Rockin Birthday Bash 15, 730pm longing charisma King Roll Bash, fullproduction shy, humble boy Roll. Highlights iconic movies, 68 comeback 70 Vegas concerts. Barbara B. Mann Performing Hall, 13350 239481-4849, Walk 20, 7pm District third month. More dozen participating venues regional talent. 855-732-3836, Pops 4, Thrill present, jazz pop, rock band, film songbook classical, incomparable Pops. Germain Arena, 11000 Everblades Estero. 239948-7825, SEA Bluegrass Theatre 8, 2pm fellow acoustic Foulds hours beyond. Presented partnership Acoustic Society Doors Seating come, serve. Alliance Arts, 10091 239939-2787, Aaron Neville 13, 8pm Nevilles move seamlessly solo Orleans music, Brothers. single landmark Tell Is, held No. RB charts 1967. Grammy nominations Grammy-Award wins, Performance consecutive collaborations Linda Ronstadt smash singles, Know Much. Artis--Naples, 5833 239597-1900, Virtuosi Concert 27, Chamber returns season, masters talent leading concert artists. violinists Peter Winograd Caterina Szepes, cellist Andres Diaz, violist Griffith pianist Wendy Chen. Tickets advance, 239333-1933, STAGE Crazy 2-February 14, Tuesday-Sunday matinee serious soon-to-be-ex-fiance, Bobby achieves dream. highenergy mistaken identities, plot twists, fabulous costumes magnificent dancing musical 67 theater classic. Memorable Gershwin tunes Cant Bothered Now, Got Rhythm, Away Me, Embraceable Someone Me. Theatre, 1380 Colonial 239-2784422, Bible Word God abridged 3-24, ThursdaySaturday, Sunday, affectionate, irreverent roller coaster fig Final Judgment Conspiracy tackles theological questions Adam Eve navels Moses Charlton Heston phonetic spelled Catholic atheist, Muslim Jew, Save Date CHAIRS CHARITY auction Relay Thursday, March 26, Robb Stucky celebrating anniversary chairs March, store. return auction, proceeds benefiting Cancer Society. rare purchase furniture supporting cause. information, 239-415-6088 902 Protestant Purple Eater, tickled romp religion. 239-939-2787, Mormon 6-11, Tuesday-Thursday, Friday, follows missionaries sent Uganda convert citizens go-getter strong partner socially awkward well-meaning nerd. Africa, society plagued AIDS, poverty violence, mission expected. Composed creators Q, old-style sensibility. 239-481-4849, Murder Quite Undiplomatic 6-28, 630pm unravel accords uncovered train. guilty pay attention write clues discover. Clue sheets act, discovers block plans peace. prize awarded super sleuth Price scrumptious dinner, Railway, 2805 239275-8487, Garrison Keillor Acclaimed storyteller, humorist radios Prairie Companion, applied wit intelligence decades. 69 reaches stations, books, fiction, poetry novels. 239-5971900, VIEW Myra Roberts Ancient Angels Earth 2-23, 9am 6pm retrospective 1975 Retro paintings Endangered Species collection. Pinups Project Tolerance, Prelude 1940s transport era. Antique Show 7, 10am Winter celebration Edisons hosting Show. antique exhibit Clubs showcase pioneer automobile Owners programs staff owners, informal Clara Ford. 2350 239-334-7419, calendar attending events. 71 STARGAZING ELIZABETH JOYCE 4th moon responsibilities desires reality. Pluto moon, reminded tools heal wounds, transform sorrows Year courage determination. Aquarius supermoon earth. Time situation. coolness, calmness rationale community. 3rd Leo Jupiter. alignment peasy unresolved completion weeks. detached egotistical position. 18th Pisces supermoon, dangerous. Pisces, sign. flash flooding, snow ice, tides. ushers Chinese 19th, Wood Sheep. luck, prosperity. ARIES MARCH APRIL Pleasant surprises due opens, Aries. sweetheart weeks, appreciated, tackle settle matters front. romance, single. playmates better. end. TAURUS MAY Expect kinds sudden nearest dearest, Taurus, uplifting. comforting how, soothing quieting nerves assuring Odd admirers around, usual dressed-up kind. Money, security flow forbidden relationship secret. sign legally financially binding midmonth GEMINI JUNE fidgety mind education Gemini. Traveling learning brand new. home-based business, marking Year. talking, communication skills. asked charge Personal Signs leader dropped ball. emotional, ruffle feathers. CANCER JULY Joint finances partners focus 2015, Cancer. needs happen. are, necessary Finances promise unstable month, necessary. expenses. carrying load, harm help. sweetly. LEO AUGUST Leo--2015 rebellious Either significant inspires changes. injustice done, fires concerning decision. simple. answer. appearance. VIRGO SEPTEMBER willingness entirely. drop bad, addictive habits. dive regimen, 73 quit job. options do. universe introduce amends odds with. calmer willing listen persons story. sides negotiation. passionate end, war. Virgo. LIBRA OCTOBER higher-ups, authority figures elders, missing someone, call. Reach Facebook media. unsettled financially, homebased personal. odd unexpected, loving closeness. smiling easy-going, mid-month vent. Assert yourself SCORPIO NOVEMBER because, uncharacteristically, throw caution wind. thinks angles moves, Scorpio, antennae thousands home, move. Trust Same one, toward commitment. Trial unacceptable. sight. 74 tying knot SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER C, Sag, merrier. speak regrets, bluntness. intellectual involves computer classes, fine. considering move, involved. introduces anxiety relationships. ready announce commit. Seeking certain dilemma crucial, CAPRICORN JANUARY break routine, delegate attend seriousness enjoying yourself, Cap. spontaneous summer vacation. decide down, do, prowl, job improvement jeweler. Valentines elegance. candlelight doctor ordered, while. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY along, Aquarius, except sudden, Whatever 75 decision absolutely apologies anyone entirely responsible brings. beginnings ways. order, clearing freshening neighbors throwing gettogether party. hard-earned PISCES anyone, are. magnet. pursuit. allocating watch. binges overspending. Refuse impulse shopper, furry pet. dear, struggle housebreaking. Born identical twins, psychic birth. Named Worlds Greatest Psychics Citadel Press, 2014, spiritual healer readings worldwide. astrologer, counselor, energy healer, medium clairvoyant interprets dreams teaches energies Fifth Dimension. Her appearances Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, Psychic Detectives Psyched. new-visions rates services. appointment, 215-996-0646. 76 COMMUNITY celebrates half-century charitable W Colgate win awards. barbecue random drawing determine participants celeb partners. registered sailboats. package three-night accommodations Pinks Marina. Patrons reserve ocean-friendly adventures. sailing participators, partaking LLS tremendous curing helping cure leukemia lymphoma, Colgate. Almost research. used. 800-221-4326 offshore hen School, checkmark bucket list. 10, fulfill dream developing To commemorate 50th anniversary, Celebrity Pro-Am Regatta Pink Marina, Leukemia Lymphoma LLS. school, divisions remained sponsor similar organization past. celebrities gotten sailors, Colgate, chairman. Olympic medals backgrounds incredible. Nationally acclaimed sailor, author, lymphoma survivor Gary Jobson competition OFFSHORE SAILING SCHOOL 320 WINE WHISPERER Pinot noir grapes cool, rainy JERRY GREENFIELD terroir come. expect scents wet leaves, spices herbs. wines fabled Domaine de la Romane-Conti Burgundy cost bottle release, bargains found, sensational shelf 50. moderately pinots Van Duzer, Valley strawberry cherry aromas violets roses. selections Serene, Valley. vineyard bottlings estate blends range. Cheers Sample widely. Greenfield Whisperer. Florida-based advertising Festival. regon grapes. rain--and frost. Fortunately, pinot weather. 1979. exposition France, 600 noirs tasted judged blind. Oregons Eyrie Vineyards third. Sacre bleu, French. America grade Somethings wrong. rematch. blind tasting. second. hurry, prestigious Burgundian producers bought land, planted grapes, grape sexy silkiness, noir. Sonoma region California forward, strawberry, blackberry plum. Burgundies HURRY, SOME MOST PRESTIGIOUS BURGUNDIAN PRODUCERS FLOCKED OREGON, BOUGHT LAND, PLANTED GRAPES, THEYRE HAPPY CAN HOW THEIR WINES ARE TURNING OUT. ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Termite Treatment Pest Control 239.437.7482 16681 Blvd, 206 ALTERATIONS RITA Quality Experience Call Appointment Mon-Fri RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Intercom System Central Vac Much Locally Owned Friendly Faces Count Needs Order Business 239.472.6188 2330 Unit PHARMACY MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Drive Thru Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises PARTING SHOT considered nickname Swami predictions. booming wore crazy ego appearing QA resident, ADDITIONAL SAVINGS ONLINE SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN CROSSWORD GET FAVORITE MAGAZINE COMING YEARS. Hidden Reading Pleasure SELECT NAME ADDRESS Visit Web CITY STATE ZIP PHONE Online apply Internet orders only. Enclosed Credit Card Please Me TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions online Subscribe enter promo field SEE REVERSE MAILING INSTRUCTIONS ACROSS Deep inlet Team trainers birds Cascade Band appearance Stat Hobby Greek cheese ferns AWD __ Rowed whales Canoe Type turkey DOWN target Night bird Quick Signal Noted photographer, ____ Flying plane words Distress ___ carte Firma Running backs, Luxury High flying placed horses Marshy stream Photography imaging Piece sunlight Busy insect arrival airport, abbr. Source planetary heat 121314 1_TOTI_JF15.indd PLACE STAMP HERE FO 136 REGIONAL FLORIDAS LIFESTYLE VOLUME VOL. NO. 4.95 AMERICAS LOVE AFFAIR TRAINS SECRET SPOTS ROAD HIS ESPN, WHY ENJOYS CHRIS RSW_Cover_JF15.indd Published 12114 1235 12514 245

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