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Photo courtesy Red Door Studio. 2414 949 AM 5 519 Departments 60 66 26 12 22 38 10 16 20 Publishers Letter Making Waves Celebrating Floridians Profile Watching Weather Paradise Dollars Sense Risk Management 64 70 76 78 80 82 92 94 96 History Mound House Cheers Do Twist Cuisine Art Ceviche Epicurious A Guide Dining SW In Store Scoop Local Retailers Between Lines Labor Love Stargazing with Elizabeth Joyce Calendar Where Go What Community Services Professionals Parting Shot gift jetBlue customers See special offer. Our Next Issue Home is truly where heart is, so well pack MayJune issue ideas that will inspire express yourself your home, no matter happens be. From latest home dcor trends gardening landscaping tips creative ways spending time as family, guaranteed make feel good live. 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Then there my energy low drive certain tasks just floats away, Im like swimmer resting back placid Gulf drifting each gentle wave. explore magical effects wonderful things enjoy waterways. Some us love fish, battle tarpon Boca Grande Pass connection water. Others mariners island hopping Cabbage Key Cayo Costa leaves surrounded waters change color sun rises falls beautiful scenery connects And even prefer land, hike alongside winding rivers scrub-lined bays our parks wildlife refuges calming effect scour sky bald eagles. Yes, numerous opportunities connect encompass here, read page, sure youll come away new appreciation H2O. With Gulf, lakes around us, its only natural ecotourism abounds here. feature story explores commitment areas outfitters doing encounters flora fauna more meaningful. Society Ethical Ecotourism, nonprofit educational group incorporated 2001 establish maintain an ethical code local ecotourism, environment ecotourists Florida. After reading story, I hope propelled book spot ecotourim adventures mentioned story. Away water, theres plenty happening at year. At all cultural centers, find music, theater, dance art offerings galore. Whether attend concert Symphony, performance Broadway Palm Theatre Repertory Theatre, show Alliance Arts visit Barbara B. Mann Performing scene bursting energy, want it. Last all, sincere thanks many readers wrote me regarding publishers letter ran JanuaryFebruary issue. am always appreciative comments thank taking share thoughts Media team. countries. Sometimes if could surrounds us. When focused, concentrating project, kayaker mission, paddling across inky Pine Publisher, 934 TOP PHOTO BY NICK ADAMS BOTTOM LEFT COURTESY OF LEE COUNTY VISITOR CONVENTION BUREAU RIGHT DANIELA JAEGER 11 MAKING WAVES honor roll coast who, their everyday lives, community special. BETH LUBERECKI ROB DEGENNARO DOUG MIENTKIEWICZ MAN PLAN Rob DeGennaros popular Myers Beach restaurant might called Nervous Nellies. But his plans area surrounding business, nothing hesitant them. DeGennaro purchased Snug Harbor Marina, other nearby property, order transform into lively waterfront zone Old Seaport Beach. addition expanding marina, he continue bringing vessels Nao Victoria, replica first ship circumnavigate globe, which marina through March 17, Lynx, War 1812era tall ship, docked May 30. Both open tours events. Thats thrust Beach-- technically pleasing, cultural, says. really would tourist destination. sites grand opening October marked Spanish battleship True Galleon, appears pirate series Crossbones NBC fall. Shell docks episode hits TV, says DeGennaro. Nellies, 239-463-8077, LEADING THE FIELD have been Mientkiewicz s manager Miracle. hes stranger minor-league baseball team affiliated Minnesota Twins. He played Miracle himself years ago spent nearly decade baseman major-league teams Twins Boston Sox. leading winning season, was named Manager Year State League, several players made leagues All-Star Team. try get best guy, job help them better fulfill dreams. His own experiences arent far past 39-year-old manager. remember struggles had, Mientkiewicz. As player, everything top prospect organization 25th man roster. Though makeup changes year, has high hopes upcoming begins April. Theres reason why shouldnt able did last Miracle, 239-768-4210, 13 ARTWORK JONATHAN KANE ROBERT MACOMBER GREG LEBLANC STORIES SEA Macomber master multitasking. prolific Island-based author five novels works any given time. also conducts signings, reader meet-ups lectures world serves consultant Department Defense. My energize me, meeting watching learn themselves books. Macombers Honor Series follows fictional American naval officer Peter Wake Honors Rendered. centered confrontation between United States Imperial Germany South Pacific 1889. write little-known history actually were very important foundation now, This moments consequences rather far-reaching. next focuses failed assassination attempt 1892. fact target lived changed history, Macomber. gets travel world, happy Life here extremely laid-back calm, There pretentions Island. Macomber, PASSIONATE ABOUT PADDLING LeBlanc tried while working naturalist whats now Calusa Center bought kayak, then seven more, started giving tours. realized great tool kayak environmental education, two decades ago, Barb Renneke Captiva Kayak Co., operates McCarthys Marina Since theyve folks ages experience levels Kayaking such activity area, LeBlanc. go bays, rivers, creeks, mangroves, canals--whatever want. leads Sound side Buck Key. For alone, helps match paddler offers advice. We review paddle strokes, how boat works, over charts tell go, dont shove people say luck. they often say, Wow, great--and easy. well, see spectacular place conjunction. 239-395-2925, 14 CAPTIVA KAYAK CO. 15 PROFILE Anglers, boaters fishing guides turn guy forecast sea air, consummate professional providing weather information precise easy understand. Obviously, Winkle likes does. born raised distance Florida, Arizona exact. graduating school Prescott, college but decided option So 1976, joined Navy, offered wide choice fields, including meteorology. had interest weather, finishing classroom studies stateside, assigned aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, stationed Mediterranean, complete training. P ED BROTAK broadcasting. Nimitz onboard TV broadcast weatherman. sailors knew up ask, Cincinnati Id point mentioning Cincinnati. connecting audience, Finishing duty returned university. graduated Summa Cum Laude 1984 B.A. German business. pursue meteorology came ad weatherman KUSK-TV, small station Prescott. applied hired. stayed years, before heard another opportunity. WVIR-TV Charlottesville, retty cool senior chief Team, describes life. plan state. trademark glasses, closely cut gray hair slight athletic build, easily recognizable. welcomes smile quickly engages conversation. Senior Team tracks going air. OUTDOOR RECREATION BEING MAJOR REASON TO VISIT SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, ACCURATE WEATHER FORECASTS ARE ESSENTIAL. VAN WINKLE AND HIS TEAM TRUSTED SOURCE INFORMATION PART EVENING NEWSCAST. 1979 Iranian hostage crisis occurred, deployed Persian Gulf. Putting gear, finished training months took charge ships center. work, awarded prestigious Navy Achievement Medal. Besides making forecasts, got taste Va., looking became WVIR, position held 17 years. 2003, changing Winkles life, felt need move on. It happened WVIRs sister station, WBBH-TV Myers, meteorologist. so, RED DOOR STUDIO 521 wild tropical storms tracking Hurricane Charley, category 150 mph winds, hit 2004. IS CREDITED FIRST DETECT SUBTLE CHANGE IN CHARLEYS TRACK, WHICH WOULD BRING STORM CRASHING ASHORE JUST NORTH FORT MYERS. THIS ALERT GAVE RESIDENTS AN EXTRA FEW HOURS PREPARE. hadnt whole significant events ever occur Charley put use. credited being detect subtle Charleys track, bring storm crashing ashore north alert gave extra few hours prepare. About later 2005, once again helped viewers hurricane. air 24 straight Wilma crossed south Marco holds Seal Approval National Association, loves challenge forecasting. Different happen every day, says, never exactly same. NBC-2, heads staff six, includes Haley Webb, hurricane expert Reif meteorologists Jason Dunning, Kira Miner Heckard. They utilize technology provide accurate forecasts timely warnings. stations First Alert Doppler Zoom customized radar allows pinpoint locations give short-term movement. outdoor recreation major essential. source evening newscast. Audrey Stewart Adventures Paradise, 30-year-old touring business use Radar especially during summer. kind in, rain going, up-to-date manner, rely NBC-2. accurate. Before fishing, shelling, Chris Gillespie Bear Charters turns NBC2 well. terms severe Theyre Their bar none best. Not does to. Thunderstorm tricky, hurricanes, hardest forecast. trial fire, recalls. right favorite pastimes, collects old bird houses, cigar boxes items decorative accessories. One day shop, saw house newly painted decoration thought, that. creations sale Open Shoppes Hendry Street enjoying Sanibel. beach, Tarpon Bay, Bowman Beach, Lighthouse great. Sunshine State, sums up, Ive lucky. Things turned absolutely n Freelance writer Brotak retired professor stay-athome dad. family western North Carolina, vacation often. 18 PHOTOS WIKIPEDIA 19 DOLLARS SENSE real investment risk tolerance JAMES APPLEGATE t start advisory relationship, questions advisor typically ask How much willing take answer percent portfolio losses, dollar amounts loss initial capital. That information, combined concrete data until withdraw funds money saved date, used plan. objective allow need, Equally important, result hold markets bad. problem relative. answered question, number factors probably influenced response, current market conditions mood, prior investing experience, gender marital status, viewed level financial security. exception gender, else subject change. positive markets, risk, assuming losses recovered. down, tends decline. Behavioral finance proven greater emotional than gains distort individual, one, less incur additional or, two, lost value. Mood volatile media, personal perception whether country headed direction. Divorce, illness, death loved dissatisfaction ones work willingness risks. said, investing. Managing forms, assets diversification active management. Active management strives manage limit drawdowns repositioning response economic circumstances. Fixed allocations tend upon long-term upward trend recover losses. strategy loses value seems plateau. Although assurances future portfolio, these precisely abandon approach. question risk. locked mental risk-tolerance higher needs If sufficient savings fund low-risk assets, perhaps portfolio. To capacity, should contact update profile. she know life necessitate comfortable managed. Remember, communication key relationship. Applegate Certified PlannerTM regional director Advisory, fee-only firm offices Rockville, Maryland. reached 239-489-3346 via e-mail 857 21 COASTAL COMMERCE fish farm endangered beluga sturgeon S ANN MARIE OPHELAN ome describe buttery. claim nutty. Still others slightly salty hint sea. caviar described ways, cant argued Its expensive. delicacy currently retails Europe 10,000 15,000 per kilogram. Despite cost, lovers enough. Which led some unfortunate drawbacks, overfishing ban imports caviarproducing dating 2005. aquaculture formed prized forefront repopulation efforts Back 1800s recent bans, accounted 90 worlds caviar, mostly produced beluga, Russian stellate species. Because expensive commodity, degree Convention International Trade Endangered Species Wild Fauna Flora CITES Nations UN declared international fishing. illegal import U.S. since classified critically endangered, according fingerling Sturgeon AquaFarms SCIENTISTS FROM ALL OVER WORLD HAVE ATTENDED SYMPOSIUMS AT STURGEON AQUAFARMS LEARN HOW HELP PRESERVATION SPECIES. ON OPPOSITE PAGE 100,000 tanks pollutants threats found wild. Union Conservation IUCN List Threatened Species. Other sturgeon, sterlet, listed vulnerable. Overfishing problematic southern parts Sea, deeper large creatures--up 18-feetlong 600 pounds--reside. overfishing, pollution caused oil gas exploitation considered serious marine species Caspian. These days, however, population resides 100 situated 120 acres AquaFarms, located Bascom, company successfully breed farmed purpose harvest efforts. operations population, composed sevruga, sterlet smaller amount osetra. swim overfishing. Instead, freshness Floridian aquifer same drinking residents. hand-fed nutritionally balanced diet similar eat wild, free antibiotics, chemicals hormones. Robinson Zapata, biologist responsible livelihood sturgeon. monitor day. size fitness measured frequently, temperature oxygen saturation taken throughout Any deemed ill moved in-house infirmary, observed apart remaining healthy allowed return removed permanently due extenuating illnesses, Zapata. harvested highest quality still growth stage, meat sold yet. 23 reproduce annually, maturation process slow-paced. Once reach maturity, European markets. expected 2014. cofounded Mark Zaslavsky Gelman, immigrants Ukraine Markys, specialty food retailer based Miami. began quest produce importing juvenile raising harvesting top-notch facility 2005 declared. mission expanded include preservation protection commercialization locally thus decreasing pressure stocks reducing importation. continually testing gathering determine appropriate reintroduction survive said Christopher Hlubb, president Markys Group, COO AquaFarms. explains possesses agreements Russia Azerbaijan resources, methods, funding expertise focus stocks, aiding increasing effectiveness acceptance commercial consumers. worked Food Drug Administration, Fish Wildlife Service Geological Survey aid building assist partners process, adds scientists attended symposiums Today, known worldwide live, biological site. come, world-class farm--for tastes. OPhelan resident writes variety topics. FISH ALSO HAND-FED NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED DIET SIMILAR WHAT THEY EAT WILD, FREE ANTIBIOTICS, CHEMICALS HORMONES. 25 GETAWAYS Ernest Hemingways niece visits authors way join tour already licensed Treasury Department. embargo against Cuba, government restricted Americans 50 2001, researching book, Hemingway Cuba. husband, Jeff Lindsay, PBS documentary subject. highly after military terrorists base Guantanamo. January 2011, restrictions eased. 250 agents legal requirements lead Cuban Most universities religious non-profit organizations. tour, must follow itinerary visiting historical, sites. husband friends members. Scott Schwar, whos conduct programs. elegant restored Hotel Sevilla off Prado, pedestrian boulevard, Central Havana. checking walking Havana bus El Morro Castle, watched reenactment historic sunset cannon ceremony enjoyed breathtaking view lights Malecon, harbors famous promenade. days artists, students teachers. stopped ballet HILARY HEMINGWAY places seem trapped bubble. Havana, place. city skyline looks 1950s uncle writing novella, Man Sea. attracted fine coffee. colorful characters, diverse culture rich history. marvelous milieu. However today, Caribbean then. citizens license. Havanas capitol design Capitol Washington D.C., Cubans built theirs feet taller. CITY SKYLINE LOOKS MUCH AS IT DID 1950S WHEN MY UNCLE ERNEST WAS WRITING NOVELLA, OLD SEA. LINDSAY staged flamenco dancers interpretation Phantom Opera. toured Cubas Museum Fine Arts, lunch stop Jose Fuster Studio, three blocks covers neighbors homes walls. Using tiles, creates mosaics resemble Picasso-like images depicting Dr. Seuss visited Uncle Ernests estate outside hills San Francisco de Paulo Finca Vigia, literally translates Lookout Farm. three-story tower, Cojimar coastline deep blue Stream flows shore. vintage photo driving Vigia FINCA VIGIA MUSEUM 27 home-turned-museum, structure under renovation workmen fixing leaks roof. Now solid strong. Meticulous care paint walls furniture look Papa nickname July 1960. fellow traveler Wes Wheeler, grandson boatbuilder Pilar, Papas boat. Pilar crown jewel among artifacts preserved Vigia. unprecedented access measurements photos her hull engine room, inspired Wheeler Pilar. hard chine horse power, faster, maintains lines desirable. Everyone having gained insight past. advantages stepping bubble eyes. starters heritage. travel-licensed Schwar sschwar niece. She film Her screenplay, Fuentes, co-written starring Garcia, pre-production. cars populate roads, owning sign wealth kitchen dining room 28 MIDDLE FREUNDLICH 29 EXPLORER Tips finding perfect pooch, guilt-free holiday PATRICIA WILLMAN area. list kennels, considering decision. Here inquire tour. Ask pet kept clean. dogs exercise confined cage roomier suite. Also, dog social animals. Pet Resorts pet-boarding safe clean environment. newest available ts again, weeks planning dreaming, close vacation. airline reservations yourself, elation suddenly replaced panic realize forgot thing Little Mandy stay devoted Shih Tzu family. least pet, cat, pets safety happiness you. vacation, veterinarian boarding services check Internet Yellow Pages facilities Fresh keep play Bonita Boarding Kennel Camp. BONITA BOARDING KENNEL PET CAMP Preppy ample space cats stretch freely. week pick-up drop-off accommodate flight schedules, kennel manager, Iris Alvarenga. cage-free types suites deluxe extra-large suites. television, webcam telephone, spacious Suite. Hopefully, wont calls phone listen voice call. Deluxe Suite, webcam, television phone, common hot summer months, covered cooled fans custom misters comfort. animals receive clean, fresh bedding, gourmet meals daily playtime charge. daycare boarding, resort grooming, trim manicure youre gone. Camp Springs amenities. Imagine 5,000 square doggie heaven roof, conditioning heat comfortable. 4-, 6-, 8- 10-foot air-conditioned cabins little darling lounge in. Food, bedding provided regularly. plus, Debi Braendley, owners facility, recently location 9240 Brookwood Court, constructed. eight Kennel, exercised pool fee. pools doggies romp days. agility grooming. Pet, franchise Beverly Johnson Anderson Leesburg, Pets sleep off-thefloor canvas beds, open, ceiling feeling. facilitys cleanliness fresh-smelling impressive. Cats areas. seemed relaxed happy, Anderson, admits, world. PREPPY 31 Big house, dog. Chihuahua poses cute portrait. doesnt Often office, usually cages room. barking loudly jumping attention sound deafening. attendant barely above noise. ideal situation extended stay, vets office alternative overnight. let bodily functions, cost. leave pouch 32 various sizes small, medium dogs. weeks, go. Regardless choose lodge prepare advance. require rabies, Bordetella, distemper parvovirus vaccinations, proof flea tick prevention. required designated vaccinations. options, lets down costs board pet. Daily rates range 65, depending suite cage. basic tack fees playtime, Be all-inclusive charges services. certainly vacation--and wish longer. Willman freelance residing 33 OUTDOORS guidance, too predict studying clouds L DIANE YORK red lowering. Shakespeare repeated adage Venus Adonis. beginning anyone living saying surprised. Skinner Skinners child. Hes charter true, Skinner, agrees rhyme, night, delight, morning, sailor warning. Science backs up. morning . refers rising reflecting rain. night setting visible eastern passed. appear towers, earth refreshed frequent showers taller wider, watch thunderstorms piling afternoon, getting higher, rainstorm. Weathermen explain towering castlesin-the-sky formations strong updrafts moist condensing clouds. sustained long enough, full Rain-free wide, billowy cotton towers. halo moon iving Coast intimately connected spectacular, putting boil fantastic shapes reflect multiple colors sun. Veteran sailors, bible yes. warning best-known relates sky. maxim goes Christ. Bible Matthew 162-3, Jesus evening, ye fair red. foul today mixed means beachgoers. 858 CAN YOU FORECAST WATCHING SKY VETERAN SAILORS, SHAKESPEARE EVEN BIBLE SAY YES. OUR GOAL PROMOTE MARINE CONSERVATION, BEST WAY WE DO THAT ALLOW PEOPLE OPPORTUNITY FALL LOVE OCEAN. KIDS TEND OCEAN BASED INTELLECTUAL EXPLORATION. --BRUCE NEILL, EXECUTIVE SANIBEL SCHOOL Cumulonimbus vertically refuge indicates coming. night. Ring moon, soon frequently true light fog occurrence. Scientists thin layer cirrus ice crystals moons light. ahead approaching system. rain, increases possibility vivid halo, chance While sayings basis fact, captains observations 35 CLOUD PRIMER Clouds moisture invisible droplets. transparent, billions glass beads scatter sunlight gives illusion white. general movement heat, cold exchanges. cumulus lumpy, stratus layers icy, variations each. Cirrus white wispy indicate precede patterns within hours, precipitation. Altostratus grey andor cover future. Altocumulus grayish-white blanketing entire dense dark patterns. mean Stratocumulus low-lying lifts ground. Usually precipitation, fog, mist snow. Nimbostratus sheet cloud bit differentiation. almost raining Cumulus cotton-like present pile sky, grown vertically. winds lightening form anvil-like shape, anvil pointing direction moving. lower bottom sooner drop Low-lying clouds, background, hover Mexico front moving Causeway. predictions. Noah grew charter-boat service uses smartphone inaccurate. schedule trips constantly calculating winter black bank rolling wall, coming through. sucks warm bad Stewarts backed weathermen agree fronts seething wall McPhee sailing Cal-Ketch 2-46 light, cirrocumulus fast front, possibly depression, hours. barometer happening, McPhee. Eric Sloanes Book Hurricanes preceded filled By streaks pointed, sense So, wherever whatever doing, eye reliable, mind own. avid gardener, splits Richmond, Virginia, articles health, lifestyle periodicals Virginia. 36 37 WATER ESCAPES NO AIRPLANE REQUIRED Escaping CILETTI picture Bimini think jetted far-off Theyll white, powdery sand coats bare sugar backdrop palms flowers overlooking all. exist States, alone couldnt further truth believe tank anywhere Special Section 859 cruise course. true--its Bimini, islands nestled roughly miles Miami thats Bahamas. Port getaway morning--and mom rings dinner bell convenience lured Gaby Carabajal, boyfriend, couple board. Carabajal. weekend Carabajal along friend, surprise birthday. gorgeous scenery, entertainment board, delicious drinks view. obsessed this, points disappearing coastline. gorgeous. Even though cloudy breathtaking. foursome all-day quash late-night plans. Youre p.m., afterward youd like, Guests arrive promptly 730 a.m. clearance SuperFast. close, Bahamas, everyone carry passport sail. festivities step DJ blasting Top 40 deck dancing, karaoke trivia. gambling casino. World owns SuperFast island, A.M., YOURE CRUISING AWAY FLORIDA COAST. TYPICALLY REACH BIMINI LESS THAN THREE HOURS. Aboard left, casino entertainment, passengers Biminis lunchtime. 39 Visitors postcard sipping fruity drink below exploring heap conch shells right. GORGEOUS SCENERY, ENTERTAINMENT BOARD, DELICIOUS TROPICAL DRINKS MADE PERFECT DAY. restaurants bars continental breakfast buffet traditional, sitdown meal. guests grab multicourse meal casual burgers floor, seas. a.m., cruising coast. shore, catamarans spend Bimini. sand, oyster Trams waiting either town vendors, watering holes dip pristine, turquoise beach. Kara McKinney, clear, nice. beautiful. Just postcard. McKinney Aventura, resided shed trip heartbeat. pretty early worry traffic, McKinney. Or Friday accessible someone selling price. According companys website, cruises 99 person, oftentimes Buy One, Half Off specials. booked voyages Groupon 50. definitely recommend someone, Groupon. Prices compared lot cheaper. both offering Sunday. accommodations resort, head Ciletti contributor Media. During week, anchor reporter 41 ROLLING RIVER KITT WALSH catched talked, ... solemn, big river, laying stars, didnt talking loud --Huckleberry Finn Slow houseboat charter, demonstrate parallel park loose. optional 75, Boat USAs towing rescue errantly sandbar. speed ten knots twelve hour, miles. captain out, half changing, Pektas. bird-watching beach midnight stopping lunch, unique fun. boats kitchens baths, linens cookware provided. Bobs wife, Maria, provision 1,000 refundable fuel deposit required, minimum rental nights. cost approximately 420 plus discount percent. Diesel 3.60 gallon, weeklong consumes gallons. Bob Krueger Jan King Colorado rented 41-foot Vacations. W hile floating raft getaways, savvy travelers modern spin Twains escape. Instead plunge leaving bustle renting houseboat. Captain Pektas Vacations Houseboat Rentals rents houseboats Caloosahatchee River, barrier between. fleet 41-footers 37-footer, City Yacht Basin. license operate houseboat, personally oversees Gassed relax, reconnect. RENT ISLAND Unobstructed views perk requires pilot. manageable adventure, Krueger, isolation. wanted unplug. two-thirds Tween Inn and, windy, Seas Resort. fished catching trout, catfish barracuda, skiff Ding Darling Refuge, marveled An enormous ray completely boat, dolphins Krueger. around. 10-day trip, fuel, 4,000, believes spent. said. together. disconnected rest relaxed. civilization, rent private island. owner, Rainek, Charlies Marathon Except cabana shelter, grill, hammock tiki torches, Survivor. Fly Miami, West staffer meet acquaint systems. snorkeling, sunbathing sans suits avoiding tan lines. remains stationary, 17-foot center console PARADISE VACATIONST HOUSEBOAT RENTALS GET FURTHER CIVILIZATION, DOCKED YOUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND. escape, peace quiet. 43 44 WERE LOOKING MANAGEABLE ADVENTURE ONE OFFERED CERTAIN LEVEL ISOLATION. WANTED UNPLUG. --BOB KRUEGER, CUSTOMER VACATIONS Sleeping comforts furnished cozy rooms right, Keys hotel left. Writereditor Walsh web content Behind Blogs regular CNN Money, public speaker editor, writer, publications worldwide. KEYS People adventure Rainek. Families time, lovers, fathers sons, camp--its Swiss Family accommodations. two-bedroom two-bath sleeps eight, 2,795 five-minute ride civilization--though way. wants iconoclast, consider Gilberts Resort Largo. Laura DeGroot Bill Schramm, Rentals, escapees frozen Chicago corporate four boats, 220 season. Renting economical DeGroot. cook pool, paddleboard, jet skis sip listening entertainment. starts north, booking kicks rock little, Schramm downsize full-time looked beat, agree. 45 BEAUTY TRENDS Are lipstick lover face-cream fanatic Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have surfer babe total product junkie, feel. BUDGET Pampering break bank. philosophy Bath Body Collection 4.99 19.99 beauty guru Sonia Kashuk, loyal following affordable chic line. 24-item collection eau toilettes, shower gels, body hand creams oils done stylish packaging accented hand-illustrated floral Kashuk created fragrance options famed perfumer Jrme Epinette, innocent girly earthy sensual. Head Target collection, treat stick budget. SHOWER POWER Naples Soap Company, sudsing shower. Salt Scrubs shea butter, fruit extracts, vitamin E, antioxidant-rich grapeseed raspberry seed oils. Available scents coconut lime, orange blossom, almond lavender vanilla, exfoliating scrubs skin feeling smooth soft. benefits deep--the diabetics trying increase circulation healing wounds. Company stores 239-352-7627,, 239-226-9005 Punta Gorda 941-916-9260. 1042 gotten easier, Cliniques Cheek Pop blush 21. lightweight, silky powder natural-looking, sheer flush buildup traces blushes behind. sunny, just-right-for-springtime smiling powders placed clear compact embossed Gerbera daisy design. Want Visit Clinique counters retailers Saks Fifth Avenue Bell Tower Shops 239-489-0980,, Macys Edison Mall 239-477-3300, Belk Town 239-415-1015,, LITTLE CHEEKY Giving cheeks sun-kissed just-pinched glow INDULGENCE Maybe jaunt exotic Archipelago Botanicals Boticario bath collection. Utilizing ingredients coffee, jojoba, tobacco flower botanical extracts orange, cane pineapple, lotion 29, wash products antioxidants alpha hydroxyl acids hydrate reduce redness associated dry skin. sophisticated, citrusy scent proves appealing men women alike. Stop Bookshop 239-472-5223, Botanicals. create hair, Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics 2chic Ultra-Volume Amplifying Styling Gel 8.99 achieve tangerine butter papaya nourish strengthen gel finest, limpest strands oomph, control pretty, polished styles. Whole Foods Market TRESS TAMER Smooth sleek wavy FINGERTIPS appointment Make nails salon comfort Nails Inc.s Polish 14. shades St. red, Bond violet Porchester Square gray, polishes brush application self-leveling plumping formula professionallooking, long-lasting results. UV lamp pricy treatment involved end gel-look finish salon. Pick Sephora Coconut Point Estero 239-390-9889, inside JCPenney 239-936-8101. 47 C Loch Ness Monster Jaws Okay, maybe quite scary. some, sport synonymous region seashells, sands calm waters. 48, long, gills himself. caught age Pass, explains. accident grouper mainly radar, myself, hooked Hooked begin Boyettes sentiment toward sport, become Charter, spends solely charters. argue Wikipedia article acrobatics fighting ability, fishery mature spawning migration flood pre-spawn gorge April fall late longer, permitting. passionate isnt initially pictured guide citrus-harvesting simple choice--I popular. transition farming. crops oranges harvest, crop ripe, crop. mention bigger teenagers average 125 pounds, 200 pounds week. targeted schools splashing surfacing pods, numbering hundred, catching. Females length 350-plus pounds. Surprisingly male smaller. catch. Opposite fishermen powerful game 49 Catching simply hook, sinker. deal strength finesse wrangle beasts argues numbers theory counteract stubbornness main attainability themselves. sight shore yards stature sport-fishing vessel ocean travel. fishery. pick client dock minutes, sometimes landing minutes trip. simple. tarpons ability dislodge hook uncanny thrill excitement beating worthy adversary, Boyette. sometimes, encounter set scary frenzied bull shark, chasing hooked, jumped jaws snapping, slid scared. guys since, chuckle. chase soaking majesty peak host tens thousands feeding mode preparation offshore. visual aspect Geographic moment America renowned capital Grandes temperatures, waters, charming small-town stunning draw fisherman not. pint-size village, tip Gasparilla evolved playground famous--and folk Five beaches coast, bicycle paths traverse downtown, train depot sits shops, galleries restaurants. Within Club, stately columns porch rocking chairs golf course plays Charlotte Harbor. However, doubt largest migrations biggest lure visitors. demand, tells rarely short supply. Ever discovered 1900s, flocked action. crowds thing, shoulder to, out. season lasts October, Seeing commonplace. CAPT. ANDY BOYETTE seasoned captain, knows spots reeling beauty. 51 Commission FWC, world-record catches state--or country--for matter. netting billion angler expenditures. state rakes million sales alone. Thus booming. dedicates rightfully so. ventures capacity decade. catch-and-release debate continues released. released unharmed, humans injuring research University mortality attributed human occurs injuries incurred landed, gut hooking sharks advantage conscientious anglers release restraint, occasionally study reports flesh sought U.S., Panama Indies. relatively scared humans, run injury, thrash violently caught. scares keeps feisty dull person catch, father son daughter kid knowing forget seen exciting me. grin. excursion, 888-880-0006. noon Splish, Splash. Silver heights despite size. 52 Whoa, fella huge struggle 53 522 ALAN SMITH anything sitting quietly middle bayou, antics young dolphin. Or, equal, skinny mangrove tunnel watchful eyes heron. land-based walk quiet trails Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. simply, ecotourist. Week newspapers, Sunday editions, print ads inviting naturalist-guided Manatees, Dolphins Play Ride Airboat Alligator-filled Swamps. Prices, times, locales vary genuine experience. Sounds wonderful, Is hype Well, no. Ecotourism invented phrase dreamed marketer. coined mid-1960s Claus-Dieter Hetzer, California academic, ecotours Yucatan. Popularization ecotourist ecotour provider. individuals, fairly disruptive, memories photos, footprints. words, manatee, throw marshmallows alligator littered sandwich wrappers soda cans. providers beyond individual tourists safe, informative facilities. SEE concerned concept sustainability instance broad term. operators practices actively supporting groups Chamber Commerce, Kiwanis, Lions Fund contribute financially supplies equipment ocally hire And, strictly ecological level, minimize controls crowd. Full fascinating islands, waterway kayaking. term, 1980s Hector Caballos-Lascurain, Mexican Ministry Urban Development Ecology, using lobbying effort conserve northern Yucatan wetlands breeding habitat flamingo. Today organization, national ones. birth SEE, ecotourism. outgrowth 1998 workshop restructured itself statewide. officially SEE. name, course, begs obvious unethical asked John Kiseda, SEEs executive director, yes sort thing. told nature green washing untrue claims finally, trained informed certification program. Tour meet, standards apply certified. assumed not-yet-certified operator satisfactory questions. experienced guiding guarantee specific, dolphins, manatees particular because asking tries, elsewhere. whenever practical, quick 55 351 Co. Wildside mangroves. Now, fortune sit midst paradise, Tourism, knows, factor economy, rapidly growing segment lucky enough paddleboard then, paraphrase expression, oyster. infinite bayous, leisure. adventurous equipment, multitude operators. toward, choices endless. First, former types, words caution. starting likely interests tides. cases theyll difference you, but, others, entirely. Parts example, tidal. downstream outgoing tide river pleasant. But, tides returning upstream effortless. outfitter helpful. J.N. Refuge excellent example tidal awareness important. merely Bay--the shoreline Rookery Islands. If, Commodore Trail, well-marked path tunnels interior refuge, affect Wendy Schnapp, Bay Explorers, concessionaire kayakers trail Fortunately, predicted except changes, optimum anticipated accurately. forcing industry expand Many enthusiasts longer satisfied 56 Refuge. 57 Join Explorers Cruise, tram Drive marine-life touch tank. Gaea Guides adding outings Bat Tour--a two-hour bats hiding hunt. Of immerse Ten Thousand Islands Everglades Area Tours. guided exploration southwest portion nights camping wilderness. opt shorter combine swamp walks. endurance necessary another. LeBlanc, Adventures, solution underway. add larger powerboat complement, Boat. specially designed ferry kayaks eliminate time-consuming impractical paddles distant potential interest. Smith music-licensing executive, second career writerproducer. Writers Group. Matlacha Bay. 58 TARPON BAY EXPLORERS GAEA GUIDES latest, luxurious, Boats Mirage. Captained Keith Klingele wife Camille, Voyagers, 70-foot watercraft, sails week-long, all-meals-included cruises. Passengers launch less-populated Sound, waterfocused, activities, hiking preserves, bicycling scouring astonishing bounty Sanibels shores, equally rewarding. explore, guardianship responsibility visit, footprints memories. sightings egrets, herons, roseate spoonbills occasional 59 HISTORY TOM HALL sleeping loft. 1921, rum runner Jack DeLysle engrafted oversize tiled bathroom outrageous upstairs bedrooms wrapped east sides upper birds-eye Mantanzas Pass. scope DeLysles renovations intriguing owned property. 1,100 Indians section elevated mound chiefs, nobles, leaders priests. 1700s, fisher established ranchos site, drying salting drum, pompano, trout turtle export Spain. Safe surge, mounds elevation undoubtedly Cases induced permanent home. tremendous served epicenter different periods, notes archaeologist Theresa Schober, Houses director. acquisition 2000 communities site crunch crisply beneath designer sneakers, intently docents Susan Grace weave spellbinding tales plants, architecture archaeology House. oldest standing structure, rests ancient Indian treasured well-preserved link 1906 William Milia Case quaint Tudor-style wood needed cook. Three later, added brick fireplace second- MORE YEARS, CALUSA INDIANS THEIR HOME ESTERO ISLAND, BUILDING ELEVATED MOUND OUT OYSTER SHELLS PLACE HONOR CHIEFS, NOBLES, MILITARY LEADERS HIGH PRIESTS. overlooks picnic tables one-hour Docent stories escorts Subterranean Exhibit. Below Landscaping plants carefully selected concerted media. Schober settled interlocking disciplines. ethno-botanical landscaping. Sacks, phenomenal landscape architect planet, interns chose plantings. typical garden, name philological origin, House, Calusa, needles thread spiny margin heavy spike century plant mats baskets cabbage traps songbirds sticky sap gumbo limbo trees. Second, Exhibit created. removing houses swimming Florence 61 conditioning, second-story inhabitants cooling breezes TALES PAST historical figure Born Tasmania British veteran, 1920 Prohibition, brother arrested smuggling whiskey Acquitted mere foreseeing newfound build Seminole Sands Casino Connecticut boosters toll bridge mainland burned 1924, vanished, unpaid debt bankruptcies wake. re-emerged 1926 Carolina socialite whod convinced successful developer. there, transformed bungalow grandest residence restored. T.H. Long, 1958, swatch shell mound, 65 deep, exposed. Rather presenting unexplained strata earth, exhibit treats audio-visual light-synchronized 12-minute video. features mural. Artists studied memoirs Hernando Escalante Fontaneda, captivity shipwrecked 13. gleaned memoirs--what wore, structures, cooked, society constructed--is depicted Thirdly focused preservation. Division Historical Resources, garage 1921 configuration grandeur. completed 2014, museum- supporters, Judith Cassidy Peg Egan, co-curator ArtCalusa 62 exhibitions, learning lecture hall. fourth discipline centers charms, picturesque shallow estuaries Aquatic Preserve drawn 2,000 deep-water arrival taxi, completion Great Blueway Trail. Saturday, novice Julies Parke Lewis, resources coordinator infrastructure enthusiasm dedication network volunteer Sue Grace. fortunate cadre volunteers acknowledges Mayor Mandel. 451 St., 239-765-0865, Hall journalist Matlacha. downtown 63 CHEERS Ditch corkscrew favor twist-off wines ease Pinot Noir. smells plums, raspberries flavors combination fruits, mushrooms clove. Affordable pinot, 15. Vina Robles winery Paso Robles, California, secured tidy screw cap, 2010 RED4. blend syrah, petite sirah, grenache, mourvedre plums. oak wine spice juicy, ripe fruit. RED4 nice grilled meats, burger cheese steak kabobs. GINA BIRCH hen cork bottle. splash Bordeaux bow Twist-offs easy, helping spillage cap maligned purists hurling accusations bottle devalues inside. Scientific underway Davis, comparing integrity age, cap. Corks allure, class. expensive, seal causing wineries lose oxidation so-called taint. Oxygen enemy finds faulty closure, good. Screw caps met resistance--until 1990s, Australia Zealand more. Eventually, winemakers globally bandwagon, high-end Napa Valley cabernet makers. PlumpJack eyebrows 130-a-bottle 1997 Reserve Cabernet. Something Zork Cork, bottled Leese-Fitch label. unfurl flexible plastic sturdy topper underneath--a offensive anti twist-off. Looking pasta salads chicken 2012 Tasty twist-cap display vineyards Californias country. 900 SCREW CAPS BEEN USED DECADES BUT ALWAYS MET SOME RESISTANCE--UNTIL 1990S, WINERIES AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND STARTED USING THEM MORE. winemaker Kevin Willenborg lighter style consumed youth. continues, wines, blend. emphasize vibrancy freshness, magnificent preserving qualities. WHITE4 unusual viognier-based verdelho, vermentino sauvignon blanc. palate crisp finish. Try shrimp cocktail ring Another blend, cork, well-known Franciscan Estate. Director winemaking Janet Were excited screw-cap closure Equilibrium. provides package setting. fresh, delicate wines. Equilibrium blanc chardonnay muscat round Put nose breathe peach honeysuckle. tasting nectarine, citrus. waterside cookout range. twist 100-percent Justin Vineyards Robles. Sauvignon blancs suited cuisine outdoors. minerals citrus glass. Serve seafood tangy cheeses. Ros wrong Lair Africa fiftyfifty merlot grapes. strawberries. Dont fooled pink finishes lovely cherry. serving salads. Grog Shop, Cut Rate Liquor Wine Total Joint, Rum Runners, Bistro Grille. romantic ceremonial popping cork. Birch TVradio broadcaster musings 1111 dish flavor, edge seasonal ceviche pair generally mixes cilantro, onions, jalapenos juice suffice savory mouthful. Four sub-par Slabinski. freshest picks spices taste, safety. culinary delight art, illusion. trick entree cooked--as marinates, citric acid kills bacteria manipulates protein opaque prepared heat. although ingredient ceviche, Executive chef Wolff Thistle Lodge regularly whips varieties spicy tomato shrimp, lemonlime scallops, lobster Sangria. trio appetizer menu Lodge, Study Ceviche. Each bite delivers flavor texture last, commonality introduce Chefs signature interpretations Latin influences linger throughout. descent, cultures citrus, exact origin disputed. definite distinctions Peruvian, Colombian countries ceviches, influences, Wolff. picked knowledge MELANIE PAGAN item increasingly lists. restaurants, bestseller. marinated acidic fruit, commonly lasting impression palates globe. customize wine, seemingly endless possibilities creativity, resulting delectable masterpieces. anything, Slabinski, Starfish Grille Seafood versatile deconstruct sorts with. Slabinski Juan Martinez--also Grille--can kitchen, experimenting Chef plate speak itself. Grilles Day catches, Martinez tuna stronger flavor. 67 CEVICHE CREATE ALMOST ANYTHING. SEAFOOD VERY VERSATILE PROTEIN DECONSTRUCT SORTS THINGS WITH. --CHEF SLABINSKI STARFISH GRILLE SAVOR THESE AREA RESTAURANTS MYERS Gaucho Inca, 239-275-7504 Patio 239-278-3303 SPRINGS Hyatt Regency Spa, 239-390-4295 Casa Ybel, 239-472-9200 Traditions, 239-472-4559, 239-472-STAR del Inca--a seafood--is co-owner Mariano Maldonado. assignment editor media Follow Facebook, Twitter Pinterest pages, 68 EL GAUCHO INCA STAR RESTAURANT--THE BESTSELLER --ROCIO NAVARRETE preparations paired style. husband-and-wife heavily tradition creating restaurant. Peruvian Argentinian aromas greet entering eatery, promising authentic. Rocio Navarrete disappointed. star restaurant--the seller exclaims. dinner. native Peru, well-known, centuries countrys inhabitants. Incas pure raw state, lime salt, Navarrete. where, exactly, originated pairs with, chefs neednt skilled artist concoction. Following precautions preparing paint-by-numbers insists possible, manner. refrigerate components served. Wolff, non-citrus flavors. prep mixture marinate aspects tainted. creativity strikes impromptu party zest, ceviche. Picassos edible form, imaginations, buds, conceptual delicious. 69 917 1_TOTI_MA14.indd EPICURIOUS SWFL DINING GUIDE KEY B Breakfast Lunch D Dinner SB Brunch R Reservations Accepted Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer BISTRO Innovative Global Cuisine. Visually stimulating presentations stellar regulars first-time melt tomato-Parmesan bisque landscaping, Cristofs McGregor hotspot. rib-eye bouillabaisse, generous portions ingredients. Parrot Wings. buffalo wings bet. Shops, 13499 Cleveland Ave., 239-466-4141, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. incredible sushi cocktails highlights menu, tasty diners chicken. 10231 Blvd., 239-791-8473 DARUMA Wish traditional teppan-style, table prepares Classic Japanese favorites tempura offered, combinations Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 6520-C 239-472-5353 1036 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 16501-B Stringfellow Road, Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LOS CABOS CANTINA Come Eat, Stay Party tacos, burritos, enchiladas guacamole, dishes Arrachera Steak, topped homemade chimichurri. Youll stepped 100-year-old cantina, 13451 239-489-1500 10045 Drive, 239-334-BLU3, COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE HARBOUR RESORT Beefed Up. Refined wood, brass, leaded sports theme, steakhouse tastiest butchers Black Angus steaks. Diners aboard resorts Princess yacht. 239-344-0037, FORDS GARAGE details. 1920s, Henry Ford walked parts, Model Bootlegger. beef arugula fried egg mouth craft beer names Kona Wave Belgium Fat Tire. 2226 Street, 239-332-2226, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries madefrom-scratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab full-on fruity, complement 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-466-2138, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern cuisine, Breakfast, omelet variation eggs Benedict. noon, bacon-wrapped meatloaf jambalaya, sandwiches, attract hungry diners. brunch crowd packs wait--but worth 2207 239-332-3673, FIRESTONE Brick atmosphere, tires remind Firestone. paella Room tapas Sky Bar, music Martini Bar Saturday. Multiple 28580 Crossings Springs, 239-948-1313 18100 Carlos 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 15271 239-415-4009 10029 239-4154040 5501 Palmer Crossing Circle, Sarasota, 941-922-1515 1200 5th South, Naples, 239-434-6616, SUNSHINE Sunny Delight. wood-fired specialties seafood, duck breast roasted corn portobello mushroom relish, pan-seared snapper piccata. 12901 239-466-4663, CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. Designed delightful, Floridastyle 2224 239-334-3473, f LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. plumpest oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat incendiary Dead 8700 Gladiolus 239-489-2233, EDISON RESTAURANT Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Thomas Edison, photos. steeped tradition, pot pie receiving raves club atmosphere balance 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, 7790 Cypress Lake 239-437-4377, 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried-and-true. Salads pleasing 1982. Soup salad accompany dinners, Early deals 530 p.m. booths, nautical details seafaring vibe. CHLOS Raising Beachs finest experiences, Chlos views, depart standard fried-shrimp fare, stuffed flounder noopie. DiamondHead Resort, 239-765-0595, DOC BEACH RUM BAR Sequel. story--a sequel. novelist Randy Wayne Whites Matanzas banana leaf Texas baby ribs. Enjoy 239-415-4040 13451-16 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY GRILL Class. theatergoers Cape Coral DUBLIN ALE HOUSE PUB Pint Variety. rousing Irish pubs impressive styles disappoint. Shepherds 71 2614 chips fare. Slinte 1708 Parkway West, Coral, 239-541-2663, 1719 East, MARKER Nautically Nice. pizza oven Village located. flatbread pizzas breezy terrace. Westin 15951 239-541-5600, Like Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, French toast caramel pecans, Carbons malted Belgian waffles rice pudding accompanied fresh-ground coffee breakfast. Philly cheesesteak hands down. 25091 Bernwood Parkway, 239-948-4190, 941922-1515 72 901 73 ensure up-to-date. encourage call detailed establishments. homage old-Florida house. cooked marinades. entrees, crispy-fried snapper. 5001 Estero, 239-390-4295, 10801 Suite 519, PAGELLIS RUSTIC TUSCAN Bring Dancing Shoes Italian inspired, ambience. Dance lake patio cocktails. GORDONS Classy Club. idea revive classic supper club. Andrew McLaughlins draws gourmets sommelier Ian Ponsfords program, selections, treasure. ZIZI Cucina Toscana. Expect flair lounge. Mediterranean-American lunch. Zizi Bellasera Hotel, street. Point, 239-226-4242, New-Fashioned Classic. RegencyCoconut pay Harbour, 475 239213-1441, 221 Ninth 239-262-4835, 74 75 WHATS STORE hip decor wardrobe essentials, weve scoop retailers. p BABIES Babys Spring Float Activity 21.98 entertained. squirter, rattle, stacking teether. float positions grows learns swim. removable canopy babys tender octopus arms storage units, clean-up, bag included Toys Us store 239-275-7409 online TRASH TOSSERS fastest spoil peoples trash. Plan convenient, portable Trash-Ease. Attach brilliantly device flat surface trash ready. slim car. garbage secure ground, trash-free. TrashEase 13-gallon 14.95 33-gallon 17.95 Lowes 239-433-9255 239-494-9000 GROUNDED Finding sandals task. Groundals 49.99 improve health. shoes replicate energetic barefoot protecting feet. conductive foot bed Groundal electrical earth. Designers absorbing mother Birkenstock Decorate Edison. Light Bulb Terrariums, plants. candles bulbs illuminate patio. Channel inspiration inventor inexpensive terrariums, 9.99 Winter Estate 239-334-7419, Shoppe 239-437-3754 Contact toti.comwhatsinstore 77 BETWEEN LINES Joes Stone Crab GALLOGLY Joes, Deeny Kaplan Lorber 19.95, Seaside Publishing, servers unanimously co-workers employee old-timers tell, forward Larry King, diner Muhammad Ali, Jackie Gleason J. Edgar Hoover--each recalled fondly delves challenges employees faced past, legally jail. end, courage sacrifice modest 1913 beloved landmark today. industries. captures spirit servers. lives Jackie. movie stars Cruise Redford ate politicians Clinton Condoleezza Rice doors slew celebrity-status folks, monumental establishment. rank celeb, twoto-three-hour wait cares eclectic hustle stone crab claws parade famous-- not-so-famous--people rub elbows fans, brings restaurant, Waiting DEENY KAPLAN LORBER 79 STARGAZING ELIZABETH JOYCE 1st Pisces conflict. nine-week conflict Jupiter Uranus hanging dear normal, shift conventional pattern, erratic twists fate, sudden unexpected surprises. 30th Aries trouble project. beginning, 16th Virgo wind projects, activities conclusion. 15th eclipse Libra upheavals, transformation. spark explosions, protests outbursts weeks. 28th solar Taurus remember. gold mix. Passions hot, cooperate all-year low, relationships ARIES MARCH APRIL Youve restore can. congratulations. pulled inward, usual affairs. finalizing news 13th. reunion. conflict, settle reasonable No, compromise for, court. settlement fair. TAURUS MAY daring personally. youve platonically, surprised page. Surprise hides expect inner reflection sanctuary. argument responsibilities eclipse. surface, handled workload lightens. GEMINI JUNE revisit need. patient windfall 15th. instinct Gemini friends, kids playmates. month. amused tries up-and-up. Wait final decision relationship CANCER JULY month, opens psychic sensitivity. urges brand-new career. home-based passionate, highactivity Better double vitamins program blow steam. Sleepless tug-of-war home-related matters wonder cause turmoil. please, Cancer. decisions. LEO AUGUST angry Leo, graciously mad ego aside, receptive audience. intimacy, blessing curse. careful miss contracts overestimate position. jump car plane notice. Take systems success VIRGO SEPTEMBER Appearances physical condition highlighted opens, Virgo. others. trade jeans suit habits productive. Work brakes unhealthy behavior. helpful matters. 20th, energies simmer tensions friend odds lately. compassion talk. Personal Signs LIBRA OCTOBER busy March, overdo, strain investigate holistic medicine, yoga, meditation stress. Prepare romance, verge income, love. No. pleased. Good fasten seatbelt, off. unpredictable best, decide partner, appear. SCORPIO NOVEMBER Two over, Scorpio, lingering urged health spring romance fever. incentive surroundings one. money, restraint. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER children flame. unattached, admirers introduced son, siblings, neighbors. humor running way, now. Sag. Boredom surprising communication, calendar dates stone. shopping CAPRICORN JANUARY skills famous, instinctively passing ignore feelings. Cap. responsibilities. torn ultimatum issued. run. tightrope perks worthwhile. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY Aquarius, minute entrepreneurial ambitions highlighted, partner support group. magnet kinds. cautious, chance. opportunity promotion. enhance answer. prerequisite shared belief earn money. straight, divine PISCES Pisces, shows unexpectedly, resist. terms. battle, delayed favor. fussing fighting. last-minute surprises news. breaks action relax. Money issues struggling February 24th 25th. Judgments flow sets identical twins, birth. Named Worlds Greatest Psychics Citadel Press, 2004 spiritual healer readings astrologer, counselor, healer, clairvoyant interprets dreams teaches Dimension. appearances Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, Psychic Detectives cable Psyched. Joyces books--Psychic Attack Victim, Ascension Accessing Dimension, Dimension WORKBOOK Opening Intuition Sensitivity Books Two--are founded Bucks County Metaphysical benefit charities County, Pennsylvania. Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Mahwah, Jersey. Check appointment, 215-996-0646. 81 CALENDAR MARCHAPRIL LIVE Piano Concert Michigan Faculty 9, 4pm, piano faculty members massed pianos. Panayis Lyras, Deborah Moriarty, Derek Polischuk Minsoo Sohn performing. Moorings Presbyterian Church, Naples. 239-4349145, Jazz Orchestra Plays Tribute Woody Herman 10, 7pm, Musical Mike Brignola, Cambier Park Bandshell, 239207-8299, Carmen Bradford sings Ella Fitzgerald 23, Center, Grande. 239-207-8299, 24, WHERE GO Tommy Dorsey Voices 31, Masterwork Hayes, Conductor, Chancel Choir performing Gloria 6, 10am, 239-434-9145, Hayes pianist Lindsey Graham, soprano internationally keyboard choral churches, schools, stages. whose Christian vocalist fails bless listeners. Harry Debbie Orta, Vocalist 7, Audience Requests 14, Music Walk 18, District alive third dozen participating venues talent. 855-7323836, STAGE Symphony Masterworks IV 1, 8pm, Conductor Andreas Delfs OConor, Piano, perform Wagners Flying Dutchman Overture, Beethovens Concerto Brahms 4, 239-418-1500, Caloosa Gun 1-April 26, 630pm, Journey Ol cowboy-style murder Murder Mystery Train, Railway, 239-275-8487, SPY Sunday, 530pm Wednesday Thursday, Inspector Henri Dijon save Soviet spies 1960s Saxophone Quartet 3, widelyheard saxophone quartet performed recitals, informal concerts classes China, radio Grand Woodlands 239-454-2067, shellpoint.orgconcerts Pops Musicals screen, musicals Selections Music, Oklahoma, salute Rodgers Hammerstein movies. Sunset Davina Vagabonds 5pm, ranging Fats Domino Preservation Band Aretha Franklin Waits, band converting audiences Vancouver Europe. Lee 239-939-2787, Conspiracy Whale 14-29, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm 2pm, Morbidly obese 600-pound confines apartment eats oblivion. failing, becomes desperate reconnect estranged teenage daughter. love, Foulds Mendelssohn 25, 730pm, mini-marathon Felix Mendelssohns brilliant symphonic poem Fingals Cave evergreen Scotch Symphony. Mysterious sprites curses abound Fair Melusina Overture twilight 83 O ne Am Ameri erica cas Re Reper pertor tory FUN FU y Comp mp anies ies REPERTORY Co ATRE CACIOPPO, FOU WALL STREET JOU RNAL NDER PRODUCING ART ISTIC MAR 21-APR PREVIEWS 18-20 HISTORIC ARCADE THEATRE 2013-2014 APR 25-MAY 22-24 Midsummer Nights Dream. Performance Church BIG ARTS, Schein creations. Richard Naders Doo Wop Rock N Roll 28, all-star lineup legends stroll memory lane. 239-481-4849, V Dvorak 8, Fidelio Gershwins conducted Nir Kabaretti, artistic Santa earned reputation command vast operatic repertoire. Season 5, collaboration Pianist Young-ah Tak Praised passion, imagination Review thrilling fury Antonio Express-News, prizes competitions. Woodlands, Broadsides Poetry Shelf inaugural event unites poets artists literary arts printed pieces Broadsides. RIS ST PLAY E NOR INNING BE -W Y PULITZESPONSORED BRUCE JANET BUNCH BRUC WGCU PUBLIC MEDIA FLAMENCO WILL CALL YOU, REA DY, ANSWER SPONSORED BERNESE DAVIS GE FOUNDATION Ste ep ph en Sa ac ch hs Hamm ArtStage ersteins THRU Over songs Pacific, Th h e Sou ou o nd und un u d Mu M sic usi ic, iic c,, Ca rou ar aro ro sel se el, l, Ok lah kla k kl la aho ho hom ma a, mo re MAGICAL FILL HEART SOUND TH HE SO OUND MUSIC MU USIC TICKETS GOING FAST DISCOUNTED FINEMARK BANK TRUST GALLOWAY FAMILY DEALERSHIPS JACKSON HENDRY STREETS AMPLE PARKING DISTRICT 239.332.4488 4488 FLORIDAREP.ORG FLORIDAREP ORG 84 VIEW 13th Annual Downtown Venice 2, 10am-5pm, festival together longtime contemporary artwork buyers. Venice. 561-7466615, Burnett, Fithian, Ocasio 7-27, 9am, Gallery exhibition, 239939-2787, Reception Antique Show 16, antiques collectibles featuring dealers Rare tin toys, ephemera items, silver, porcelain, pottery jewelry sale. appraisal available. 239-472-2155, Club Craft 22, Clubs 31st Crafts Fair. 12th Sarasota Festival Held Main 561-746-6615, Hyde Set 85 amidst Parks charm tree-lined streets, Tampa showcase art. Affair 11am-6pm, Meet paintings, photography, jewelry, furniture, hand-woven Towers open-air courtyard. Later shopping-and-dining complex. 239-9392787, Future Student 2-13, annual juried exhibition drawings, digital computer 3D. 11th Pete Corey 10am5pm, Hosted bustling pottery, ceramics, painting clothing, handmade America, display. GreenMarket orchids, flora, soaps enjoyment. 36th Siesta Fiesta 27, street crafts Key, Sarasota. 561746-6615, EVENTS Studio artists. day-long 86 87 followed self-guided studios Seahorse Dream Project Gala Auction 6pm, entertaining silent auction, auction seahorse statues Golisano Childrens Hospital Marriott Spa, 239-481-3907, Amelia Earhart Luncheon Daring Janina Birtolo returns one-woman portraying aviation pioneer Earhart, woman fly solo Atlantic, earning Lady Lindy. celebrates flight. Evening Maureen McGovern 10acre campus vendors grown, cultivated foods sampling purchase. Live musicians, fun kids, cooking demos Guided Daily, 930-11am 130-3pm, communities. firsthand wildlife. Six Mile Slough, 239-694-0398, Walking Tours Wednesday, Saturday 1030am, Learn 88 90-minute district. 239-945-0405, Haunted 2nd 4th Friday, reveals darker Farmers 8am, goodies market. Riverside Park, Springs. 239992-2556, Oxbow Clinic basics class introduces techniques skills. Explore oxbow instructional Regional 239-533-7440, celebration world-renowned shelling 77th seashell displays crafts, food, raffle 8,000 prizes. 239-4722155, Garden 11, 11am, gardeners friendships grow. Creek slow-paced levels. binoculars, clothing wet. Hickeys Trip six-hour ends 89 campground. Paddlers 5-mile round-trip Creek. Clinic, Earth Event Upcycle cartoonist Jay Norwood Darling, venue marketplace showcasing high-quality recycled repurposed materials. aims educate recycling Visitor Education SPORTS Southern Extreme Ski performances Miromar Outlet Mall, Estero. 239-4942774, Yoga Monday 830am, clears develops body. levels, abilities. Zumba Tuesday Thursday fit Laughter instruction Lynn 239-590-9933, Outdoor Movie Night 830pm, chairs, blankets provisions Despicable Me stars. Green Expo 12, encourages families conscious positively impacts children, Discovery musicians interactive musical instruments sounds Rep Lunchbox Twain Storybook 19, Americas celebrated authors. Players banks Mississippi wacky, bluegrass journey Sawyer, Huck Inspired vaudeville banjo. Myers.239-939-2787, Please listings. attending 91 COMMUNITY Dreaming childrens hospital fundraiser gone swimmingly September, year-long, not-for-profit hoped raise Months deadline, goal 5-foot-tall 15-inch statues--previously members--to sponsors agreed gala March. decorated publicly unveiled Harborside November, recognition sponsor Steering Committee member outpour humbling, dream thought possible. generous, Sherman. tears understand importance hospital. help. Spa. Clockwise auctioned November Carmine Ballarino unveiling Mattress CFO Ginny Dickinson shell-encrusted Alicia Repuns statue reflects JIM SHERMAN OTHER GARTH FRANCIS Neighbors Residents lend residents, poverty concept. gated consists mansions, Harlem Heights--a neighborhood twice Countys rate--lies mile away. Driving nearby. Neighbor, Heights Foundation, inception 2008, opened fundraiser, benefited Foundations camp affair Tony Migliore. Helen Lance Rogers VIP beforehand, mingled amid bite-sized appetizers. Weve Lance, ultimately continued involvement Foundation. truth, guest back, acknowledging anothers charitable Foundation Kathryn prominent at-risk ones, generosity Kellys true. donors folks. Neighbor Kathy McKinlay Caroline Bloomhall Nancy Merriam NEIGHBOR Chuck Klucka Daniel Zeugin Hosts Migliore Cliff Williams, Kelly, Fred Elaine Hawkins 93 ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest Control MAJESTIC TRANSPORTATION SERVICES 239.489.4473 800.833.4473 Greater Quality Creates Demand Non-smoking Vehicles Featuring Limousines, Cars, Vans Airports, Restaurants, Golf Courses Points Interest RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac Much Locally Owned Friendly Faces Can Count Needs Order Business 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge Unit PHARMACY 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Shopping MINUTE CLEANERS Thru Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Done Premises 95 PARTING SHOT nature. bay, shortage paddle. Turn 13014 1052 97 22114 1229 REGIONAL FLORIDAS LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE VOLUME VOL. NO. 4.95 ANGLER SILVER KINGS COMING RSW_Cover_MA14.indd ECOTOURISM AFFAIR WEATHERMAN RAIN OR SHINE, HES GOT BACK Published 1048 1053

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